June 22, 2018

Manager of Mexican Restaurant Where Socialists Mobbed Kristjen Nielson: We're Happy It Happened and Wouldn't Even Be Bothered if One Of Our Employees Tipped Off The Harassers
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Good to know.

The Mexican restaurant where Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was swarmed by protesters Tuesday in Washington, D.C., took no action to quell the protesters or ensure Nielsen’s safety, a manager told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday.

"We are not upset the protesters came here and we are not upset even if it was any of our staffers [who tipped off] the protesters," the MXDC Cocina Mexicana manager, who refused to give his name, told TheDCNF. "We are happy about what happened."

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Michael Anton: Here's a Question No One Ever Asks-- Why Does a Nation of 320 Million Need Millions of More Immigrants?
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Not a Cuck. Trump made an error in letting this cat go, and should rehire him in a more important position if he ever becomes available again, and if he's even willing to take a job again with Trump.

As Capitol Hill Republicans attempt for -- what, the eighth? ninth? -- time in the past two decades to jam through an amnesty that their voters have explicitly, loudly and repeatedly said they do not want, it’s worth asking a question that is rarely raised:

Does the United States -- population 320 million and rising --need more people? If so, why?

To most ears, the question sounds blasphemous, which illustrates the rottenness of our immigration debate. Actually, "debate" is far too generous. One side has made sure that there is no debate. Good people want more immigration, and bad people object or raise questions. An inherently political issue has been effectively rendered religious, with the righteous on one side, sinners on the other.

The basic question remains. The pat answer over the past 20 years 0-- "to do the jobs Americans just won’t do" -- may seem to have some salience with a 3.9 percent unemployment rate. But that only further begs the question. After at least two decades of wage stagnation and even decline, now that we've finally reached the nirvana of full employment (and who knows how long it will last), why not take advantage of this tight labor market to raise wages across the board? Especially for the working and middle classes that got nowhere or even lost ground during the housing, finance and tech booms of recent years?

Just about everyone knows the answer: because the business community does not like tight labor markets and the concomitant necessity to raise wages. That's bad for the bottom line. The solution? More workers! And so the Chamber of Commerce Annex -- a.k.a. Capitol Hill Republicans -- dutifully attempt to do their donors' bidding at the expense of their voters’ interests.

Economists in league with big business got good at torturing data to "show" that immigration benefits the economy. But as demonstrated by Harvard University’s George Borjas, one of the nation’s leading economists on the topic, immigration is a net economic benefit to immigrants and to their employers. To workers already here, not so much.


We know how more immigration benefits big business and the Democratic Party. No one has yet to convincingly explain how it benefits the American people as a whole. That's the foremost consideration that should drive our immigration debate, and that’s what should determine our immigration policy.

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June 21, 2018

Nation's Largest Supplier of Hobo Toilets, Starbucks, to Close 150 Hobo Toilet Outlets
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They say they'll be closing their Hobo Toilet outlets in the "densest-penetrated" markets.

Does that refer to cities, where there's a lot of foot-traffic and hobos and therefore the highest need of Hobo Toilet Outlets?

Or does "penetrated" refer to its heroin shooting gallery side-business?

We'll have to see.

Americans' long-running joke about a Starbucks on every corner may be nearing its end.

The coffee behemoth is retrenching in its home market as it contends with sales growth that Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson acknowledges isn't fast enough. The cafe chain said Tuesday it expects comparable sales to rise just 1 percent globally for the current quarter--the worst performance in about nine years. That's well below the 2.9 percent analysts were expecting, according to Consensus Metrix.

Starbucks also plans to close about 150 company-operated stores in densely penetrated U.S. markets next fiscal year, three times the number it historically shuts down annually. Shares slid as much as 5.1 percent in early trading on Wednesday.

"Our growth has slowed a bit," Johnson said in an interview. "I expect better, I think our shareholders deserve better, and we're committed to address that.”

A few weeks ago some friends and I plunked ourselves down at an outside Starbucks patio table and sat there for hours without ordering anything.

Well, one weak Cuck did order a small tea. But there were four of us. I was drinking something I'd bought elsewhere!

Anyway, it was my right as a Transient and I enjoyed it to the hilt.

True to Starbucks' policy, we were permitted to do this. So, hey, at least they're providing free tables for people like me who want to sit down and enjoy my Big Gulp.

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June 22, 2018

Leaked Memo Reveals that ACLU No Longer Supports Free Speech
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Surprise -- the hard left begins agitating against free speech in order to champion "social justice," which is racial supremacy approved by polite liberal society, and the ACLU harkens to its master's command.

The American Civil Liberties Union has explicitly endorsed the view that free speech can harm "marginalized" groups by undermining their civil rights. "Speech that denigrates such groups can inflict serious harms and is intended to and often will impede progress toward equality," the ACLU declares in new guidelines governing case selection and "Conflicts Between Competing Values or Priorities."

This is presented as an explanation rather than a change of policy, and free-speech advocates know the ACLU has already lost its zeal for vigorously defending the speech it hates. ACLU leaders previously avoided acknowledging that retreat, however, in the apparent hope of preserving its reputation as the nation's premier champion of the First Amendment.

But traditional free-speech values do not appeal to the ACLU's increasingly partisan progressive constituency--especially after the 2017 white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville. The Virginia ACLU affiliate rightly represented the rally's organizers when the city attempted to deny them a permit to assemble. Responding to intense post-Charlottesville criticism, last year the ACLU reconsidered its obligation to represent white-supremacist protesters.

The 2018 guidelines claim that "the ACLU is committed to defending speech rights without regard to whether the views expressed are consistent with or opposed to the ACLU's core values, priorities and goals." But directly contradicting that assertion, they also cite as a reason to decline taking a free-speech case "the extent to which the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values."

In selecting speech cases to defend, the ACLU will now balance the "impact of the proposed speech and the impact of its suppression." Factors like the potential effect of the speech on "marginalized communities" and even on "the ACLU's credibility" could militate against taking a case. Fundraising and communications officials helped formulate the new guidelines.


The speech-case guidelines reflect a demotion of free speech in the ACLU's hierarchy of values. Their vague references to the "serious harm" to "marginalized" people occasioned by speech can easily include the presumed psychological effects of racist or otherwise hateful speech, which is constitutionally protected but contrary to ACLU values. Faced with perceived conflicts between freedom of speech and "progress toward equality," the ACLU is likely to choose equality. If the Supreme Court adopted the ACLU’s balancing test, it would greatly expand government power to restrict speech.

Although they're citing "white nationalists" as the reason for this balancing test, #MuhNazis is always the first reason offered for censorship -- and within a week, they're staging police-tolerated riots over Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter.

The ACLU knows this, of course -- and the ACLU approves.

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June 21, 2018

Federal District Court: Elizabeth Warren's Creation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Is Unconstitutional
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Courts have found the law creating the CFPB unconstitutional in that it creates a "Director" running it, who is, in theory, a member of the Executive Branch, but then puts that Director unconstitutionally beyond the reach of the actual Executive, the President, stating that he can only be fired for cause.

One court reviewing this en banc chose to say that part is unconstitutional, but it can be "severed" from the rest of the law, and the law just rewritten by judge's fiat to say the Director can be fired by the president, like any other executive officer, for any reason.

Actually, a clarification: I think the rule is that members of a committee exercising executive power can be made fire-proof (or fireable only for cause), but you can't vest that kind of unfireable power in a singular head, as a Director is.

But one district judge says, "Nah, bro," and finds that that the can-only-be-fired-for-cause provision is part of the heart of the CFPB, and therefore cannot simply be severed/written out of the bill.

As that part is unconstitutional, and cannot be severed from the bill creating the CFPB, the whole law is unconstitutional, and the CFPB is unconstitutional and null and void itself. It strikes the CFPB as a party from the suit (against various defendants, including the NFL), finding it simply has no authority to act at all, in any capacity.

In reaching the question of the constitutionality of Title
X of Dodd-Frank, which established the CFPB as an "independent
bureau" within the Federal Reserve System, 12 U.S.C. § 5491(a),
the Court acknowledges the en banc holding of the Court of
Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in PHH Corp. v.
CFPB, 881 F.3d 75 (D.C. Cir. 201 , upholding the statute. Of
course, that decision is not binding on this Court.7

Respectfully, the Court disagrees with the holding of the en
banc court and instead adopts Sections I-IV of Judge Brett
Kavanaugh's dissent (joined in by Senior Circuit Judge A.
Raymond Randolph), where, based on considerations of history,
liberty, and presidential authority, Judge Kavanaugh concluded
that the CFPB "is unconstitutionally structured because it is an
independent agency that exercises substantial executive power
and is headed by a single Director." Id. at 198.

Also most respectfully, the Court disagrees with Section V
of Judge Kavanaugh’s opinion wherein he determined the remedy to
be to "invalidate and sever the for-cause removal provision and
hold that the Director of the CFPB may be supervised, directed,
and removed at will by the President." Id. at 200. Instead,
the Court adopts Section II of Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson's
dissent wherein she opined that "the presumption of severability
is rebutted here. A severability clause 'does not give the
court power to amend' a statute. Nor is it a license to cut out
the 'heart' of a statute. Because section 5491(c)(3) is at the
heart of Title X [Dodd Frank], I would strike Title X in its
entirety." Id. at 163-64 (citations omitted).

Let me digest the next bits: The CFPB argues that because Mick Mulvaney is now the director, but was appointed as a vacancy appointment and therefore can be fired by the President for any reason, that the CFPB is acting constitutionally if only for this brief bit of time, having a constitutional, fireable executive in charge.

The Court points out that Mulvaney can only serve until 2018, at which point the law calls for another unconstitutionally, not-fireable-except-for-cause director to be appointed, which therefore keeps the CFPB in violation of the Constitution.

The CFPB argues that Mulvaney, by currently being the head of the CFPB and not choosing to end this action (which was begun before he assumed the directorship), effectively "ratifies" the actions taken by his predecessor. The argument is that while the previous Director might have been unconstitutional, the current temporary one is, and his presence retroactively fixes the constitutional defects of the CFPB.

Nah, brah, says the Court again. A temporary and temporarily-fireable director does not fix the fundamental unconstitutionality of the Dodd-Frank law which created this unconstitutional agency.

Here, the constitutional issues presented by the structure
of the CFPB are not cured by the appointment of Mr. Mulvaney.
As Defendants point out, the relevant provisions of the Dodd-Frank
Act that render the CFPB's structure unconstitutional
remain intact. (Ratification 4.)

Furthermore, Mr. Mulvaney cannot serve past June 22, 2018 (210 days after the vacancy arose), unless the President nominates a new Director, and then
only until the new Director is appointed. Thus, there will
likely be a new Director appointed in the coming months who will
be subject to the for-cause removal provision. Therefore, the
Ratification does not cure the constitutional deficiencies with
the CFPB's structure as the CFPB argues. Accordingly, the Court
rejects the Notice of Ratification (ECF No. 7 to the extent
the CFPB argues that the Ratification renders Defendants'
constitutional arguments moot.

Accordingly, the Court finds that the CFPB "lacks authority
to bring this enforcement action because its composition
violates the Constitution’s separation of powers," and thus the
CFPB's claims are dismissed. Fed. Election Comm’n v. NRA
Political Victory Fund, 6 F.3d 821, 822 (D.C. Cir. 1993).

d. Conclusion

For the foregoing reasons, Defendants' motion (ECF No. 39)
is DENIED. Because Plaintiff Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau is unconstitutionally structured and lacks authority to
bring claims under the CFPA, the Clerk of Court shall terminate
Plaintiff Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as a party to
this action.

Baller move, bruv.

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Revealed: The "Stanford Prison Study" We've Been Hearing About for 50 Years as a Progressive Cautionary Tale Was, Get This, a Scripted Pageant From the Beginning, Designed for the Admitted Purposes of Leftist Activism
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Wow. Another leftwing "study" exposed as a lie.

How many does that make, now?

Oh, right: All of them.

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Media Misreports Trump's "Elite" Put-Down... Because Of Course They Do
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Trump is being widely misreported as having attacked "the elite" for being elite.

In fact, of course, he denied that they were elite at all.

Which is what upsets these self-proclaimed non-elites so much. So they -- unconsciously, I could imagine, just as a defense reaction -- rewrite his remarks as acknowledging their eliteness and then attacking them for their eliteness.

No. He's calling them non-elite. People who lack actual achievements and true status-markers and for whom, therefore, pseudo-status-markers, such as vociferous agreement with the progressive dogma of the day, serves as their only badge of "eliteness."

By the way: In addition to denigrating the non-elites calling themselves elite, he also goes the extra mile of insult and says that "The Deplorables" are actually smarter and better than the alleged "elite."

Oh, and he also taunted a man-bun wearing protester as "darling," wondering if xe was a man or a woman.

I'm sure that bothers the sexually-confused pseudo-elite, too.

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Jordan Peterson Files $1.5 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Wilfrid Laurier, The Canadian University That Called Him an Incompetent Nazi While Intimidating Lindsey Shephard
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Yes. Finally.

Let the "Nazis" start suing their enemies into the poor-house. Just like they did in WW2 (obviously).

University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson has launched a $1.5-million defamation suit against Wilfrid Laurier University, two of its professors and a former gender and equity manager for suggesting he was “analogous to Adolf Hitler.”

The statement of claim, prepared by lawyer Howard Levitt and filed Monday, says Peterson was falsely labelled as incompetent, sexist, misogynist, dangerous and racist in a now infamous disciplinary meeting with Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd.


"So I think this is a warning, let's say, to other careless administrators and professors who allow their ideological presuppositions to get the best of them to be a bit more careful with what they say and do," he said.

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The Morning Report 6/21/18
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Good morning kids. The first day of summer has arrived, and so I guess it's fitting that the longest day of the year brings with it the longest Morning Report ever! 61, count 'em, 61 glorious links guaranteed to depress, enrage, or even give you a boost. Remember, we're not happy til you're not happy, so let's get on with it, shall we?

The big story continues to be the completely manufactured border crisis, the intention of which is to attempt to cleave the President from his supporters by forcing him to concede on the key policy issue that got him elected, with the secondary aim of deflecting attention away from the biggest political scandal in US history that strikes at the very heart of the rule of law and that essentially implicates the Democrat-Left's two biggest personalities - the ex-president and his presumptive successor.

Because this section alone contains fully a third of today's links, let me unpack it as succinctly as I can in order that I can get to an overarching theme that is coming into sharp focus and that is scaring the hell out of me (I'm sure you can all guess what that is, but hang on for a tic). On the tactical/granular level, PDT signed an executive order that overrides the existing law calling for the separation of border-jumping adults and children while still keeping them all detained and not letting them loose on our soil. The Democrat-Left Media complex went ape, since they were expecting the President to cave and just let them into the country free as a bird, thereby enraging the conservative base with an eye towards the Midterms. Meanwhile, the Amnesty bills, both the shit sammich Ryno variety and the marginally more palatable "moderate" one are likely to be torpedoed in the House by the conservative members (here's hoping). And with every effort to try and solve this issue, which as sane, rational people like the ICE director have pointed out IS THE FAULT OF THE ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS THEMSELVES, the Dems have exposed themselves as the liars we have aways known them to be. Cuck Schemer yesterday said any legislative fix was dead on arrival and now Nancy Palsi is calling for a complete halt on all border enforcement. When you put that all in context, I can't see how this President can even begin to even consider these people as ones that can be dealt with in good faith on any level. And that is a win.

Now, pulling back, we have the abuse of DHS Secretary Nielsen by thugs led by a current DoJ employee (someone wake up Sooper Secret Sleeper AG Lemmon 714) and welcomed by the restaurant's manager, the violent rhetoric aimed at the President's son by Petered-Out Fonda, as well as the death threat aimed at Brian Mast's son. Then, there's the foul, classless ravings of Kathy Griffin, Samantha Bee, Robert DeNiro hurled at the President and his family coupled with someone you'd think a bit more intelligent and informed like a former Air Force general equating the President's following of our immigration laws to the letter to that of the ramp at Birkenau. Now, we have Antifa goons doxing ICE agents' personal info culled from LinkedIn, the doxing of Stephen Miller by a website owned by a so-called legitimate TV network (Univision). All of this has been fueled by a Media that are nothing more than propaganda organs for the anti-American socialist enterprise, shameless, brazen and totally open without even the fig leaf of a pretext of a sham of a pretense of being impartial now that their monopoly to control what you see and hear has been shattered and worse, that you rejected their attempt to control you in November of 2016. That sin is unforgivable in their eyes.

And with the complete disregard for the oath they swore to uphold the law and protect our nation, our national law enforcement and intelligence officials have actively sought to sabotage a political campaign of an opponent who they also saw as a mortal nemesis, and when that failed to overthrow his Presidency by using their offices to engineer a coup with the approval and direction of the previous president and his ordained successor. Remember, it was he who publicly told his supporters and voters to "get in our faces." And that leads to the big fat cherry on top - the Dick Durbin-linked thwarted mass assassin James Hodgkinson.

All of this is connected and it's aimed right at President Trump, which means it's aimed right at We the People. These people are playing with fire. They want to don their little Guy Fawkes maskies and smash some windows and maybe the occasional head or two. And then there's Hodgkinson. And in a sense worse than him - Strzok, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper et al. I cannot predict the future. I can only look at history and day by day we are being forced to imagine the unimaginable. They invoke Fawkes and now I will invoke Oliver Cromwell:

"I Beseech You, in the Bowels of Christ, Think it Possible You May Be Mistaken"

Let's move on to the aforementioned Deep State coup attempt against President Trump. The big news here is that Obama's own cyber security czar has revealed Susan Rice gave a "stand down" order when it came to investigating Russian election meddling, not a smidgen of bias as 3 out of 5 FBI officials dinged for anti-Trump animus went from the Clinton investigation to the Mueller probe, PDT totally destroyed Strzok and Page and Michael Cohen has quit his job at the RNC and is now on the anti-zero tolerance bandwagon. I guess Mueller used the rubber truncheon on his where it doesn't show, eh?

On to politics where PDT was in his element up at a rally in Minnesota's iron range region. He stood firm on immigration as well as dealt with a heckler to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd. Meanwhile, as the RNC is setting new fundraising records, the Dems are getting big money but from singular sources such as Planned Mengelehood and Doomberg, both boosting gubernatorial candidates in CO and PA respectively.

1A news saw a giant abortion mill was defeated in their lawsuit to get church e-mails and in 2A news, American citizens reportedly now own close to 400 million weapons. Something the Left needs to think long and hard about considering my opening commentary. At the foreign desk, while Colombia has rejected the "shining path" to socialism, Mexico's upcoming elections do not bode well in that regard and that is sure to have implications both in terms of trade and especially immigration and border policy.

Domestically, prepare for our BP to spike: Fake Flake is sabotaging PDT's appeals court nominees in a really hideous way, Susan "Tom" Collins and Richard "Butt" Burr gave the Dems a win in defeating a PDT's spending cuts in the Senate. And Claire McAssKill isn't a hypocrite at all, no-sirree.

From hither and yon, Ted Cruz is wants to bring some heat on the global warming advocacy swindle, the bromide that blacks are disproportionately more the victims of police shootings than whites is shown to be a myth while lastly, the SPLC keeps lying about the overwhelming numbers of black-on-white violence as opposed to vice versa.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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June 24, 2018

Sunday Overnight Open Thread
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(I'm hungry now, how about you?)


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

I am indeed rich, since my income is superior to my expenses, and my expense is equal to my wishes. Edward Gibbon

Quote II

Women's Studies, Queer Studies, African-American Studies, and Chicano Studies all produce culturally acceptable separatist and supremacy mind-sets and countenance movements that resemble those of white supremacists. Andrew Breitbart

Quote III

I was a Great Society liberal on domestic issues. People ask me, 'How do you go from Walter Mondale to Fox News?' The answer is, 'I was young once.' End of answer. Charles Krauthammer


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June 20, 2018

Evening Briefing
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Trump signs Executive Order asking judge to modify consent decree (which Obama apparently agreed to) that forbids holding children for more than 20 days. The judge almost certainly won't do that, which means we're back to catch-and-release.

Even though a modification of that decree to permit holding families as a unit seems to command a plurality of support:

This is the point in the script where the NeverTrumpers start howling about Trump being soft on immigration, ignoring the part where they've joined the liberal mob for a week in agitating for just that outcome.

Four things the media won't tell you about the border crisis.

The Obama administration responded to these rulings with a combination of deportation raids targeting criminals and a "catch-and-release" policy for families apprehended at the border, who would usually be issued notices to appear at an immigration hearing at some later date. This "catch-and-release" policy is what the Trump administration is trying to end.

To that end, Trump has invoked Flores as the reason for separating parents and children, saying the settlement limits what federal agencies can do with children brought here illegally and apprehended at the border. He blames congressional Democrats for failing to negotiate on an immigration bill that would solve the problem--although saddling Democrats with all the blame is disingenuous. Republicans have also failed to act on immigration (although now they say they're ready to pass a bill to keep families together).

The media have been nearly unanimous in contradicting Trump, arguing that Flores does not force the federal government to separate parents and children, and that the administration has discretion in how it treats these families.

Both sides have a point. Flores does indeed limit how long, and under what circumstances, federal immigration authorities can detain children. But it only "forces" the separation of families if the parents are detained and prosecuted for illegal entry. In that case, families are separated because children can't stay with their parents if the parents are in criminal custody.

Before Trump's "zero tolerance" policy, families caught crossing illegally were often released within a few days and the parents fitted with an electronic ankle monitor to reduce the likelihood of them absconding. Back in March, when I was reporting on the border in McAllen, Texas, I met a number of people from Central America who were wearing an ankle monitor. Most planned to cut it off and throw it away when they got to where they were going.

I'm having a Bush flashback: It shouldn't be up to The Federalist to explain these things. Trump should do a primetime address explaining them.

Do Republican Presidents just not do communications?

"Reporter" admits he's a Democrat seeking to "inflict" damage on Trump, then pretends he didn't mean that.

"You can't inflict this kind of policy on Americans, and not pay a political price," Heilemann told MSNBC's Nicole Wallace, referring to Trump’s recent executive order to stop separating families who entered the United States illegally. "We have a great chance to inflict [a political price on Trump] and his party on November. We, I mean the Democratic Party."

Heilemann quickly tried to cover his tracks. "I'm not part of the Democratic party, but people who object to this policy, which I think is a lot of people."

Christopher Steele visited the State Department just before the 2016 election to brief people there on the Steele Dossier Sid Blumenthal and Cody Shearer Dossier with the Words "Totally by Christopher Steele" Added at the Top.

Former British spy Christopher Steele visited the State Department in October 2016 and briefed officials there about his work on the infamous anti-Trump dossier, it was revealed on Wednesday.

"Based upon our review of the visitor logs at the State Department, Mr. Steele visited the State Department, briefing officials on the dossier in October 2016," Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr said during a hearing held to review the U.S. government's response to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Steele's visit to Foggy Bottom in Washington, D.C., prior to the election has not been previously reported.

Burr revealed Steele's visit during an exchange with Victoria Nuland, who served as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs in former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Sounds like Hillary's Minions were frantic to get this reported as a story -- "Steele briefs State Department" was their last effort before the election to get this sham printed up.

But it would take Clapper and Comey staging a false briefing with Trump -- which did not brief him at all -- to get CNN the "news hook" they told Comey they needed.

Finally -- Instapundit apparently isn't as submissive to the whims of Jake Tapper as Tapper's Fanbois are.

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Claim: Future Soy Wars Movies on Hold as LucasFilm Tries to Navigate the SJW Asteroid Field It's Created
— Open Blogger

I don't know if I buy this -- this hot scoop is from "Collider," whatever that is -- but it made me smile.

t may be a while before we see any more movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story out of Lucasfilm. Sources with knowledge of the situation tell Collider that Lucasfilm has decided to put plans for more A Star Wars Story spinoff movies on hold, instead opting to focus their attention on Star Wars: Episode IX and what the next trilogy of Star Wars films will be after that film. Sources tell us that the previously rumored Obi-Wan movie was in active development, but those who were working on the film are no longer involved. It was recently reported that Logan filmmaker James Mangold was in early talks to write and direct the Boba Fett film, but that was before Solo's release.

This news comes in the wake of the disappointing launch of Solo, which was only Lucasfilm's second A Star Wars Story spinoff, but which received mixed-positive reviews and fell short of box office expectations.

Disney is terrible and deserves to have its nose bloodied.

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Chill-Out Thread
— Open Blogger

A friend expressed to me that he was depressed and angry due to the news (and Twitter -- which he took off his phone, wisely), and I'm feeling that too, and I figured you guys are also feeling that.

So, here's a completely politics and bummer-free thread.

No politics -- consider the post below a "live" thread for political chatter. It's only about 20 minutes old, anyway.

If something breaks and you *have* to get it to my attention, email me. Or just say "I posted something in the thread below."

Also, no shit-stirring. Leave ongoing arguments to another thread.

Just say hello to each other, check in, and talk about cool stuff you're doing or reading.


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The US Department of Antifa: One of the "Activists" That Stalked and Harassed DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen Is... a Department of Justice Employee
— Open Blogger

We are coming to the point of actual violence.

She's also a socialist.

One of the activists who chased Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant Tuesday night over the Trump administration's immigration policies is an employee of the Department of Justice, The Daily Caller News Foundation has confirmed.

Members of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America crashed Nielsen’s meal with a demonstration full of chants and other outbursts.

One of those participants, Allison Hrabar, actually works for the Trump administration -- as a paralegal in the DOJ...

An employee within the Trump administration initially tipped TheDCNF off about Hrabar's presence at the protest.

The Washington Examiner spoke with Hrabar Wednesday and she defended her behavior as off government time and a use of her First Amendment rights.

"If you see these people in public, you should remind them that they shouldn’t have peace," she told The Examiner. "We aren't the only ones who can do this. Anyone who sees Kirstjen Nielsen at dinner, anyone who sees anyone who works at DHS and ICE at dinner can confront them like this, and that’s what we hope this will inspire people to do."

Despite Hrabar's claims of keeping her personal politics outside of her time as an employee of the federal government, a look at her Twitter account, @allisongeroi, features tweets during the workday openly celebrating her behavior Tuesday night.

No, you're not, in fact, the only people who can do this. You should keep that in mind yourself, if you socialists also want "peace" in your lives.

When the social compact is torn up, it's torn up for one and all.

Erick Erickson's I'm-Safe-For-CNN claim that there is no Deep State is looking even weaker than when he first farted it out.

Of course, this notion of a single grand conspiracy is overblown, but it leads to counter-arguments, like Erick Erickson's recent tweet about the FBI inspector general's report:

There is no coup. There is no sinister deep state. There is no dark conspiratorial force. It’s incompetence, idiocy, bureaucratic self-aggrandizement, and partisan hackery all the way down.

Since there are no risible meetings of a Secret Cabal, it follows (for people like Erickson) that there's no Deep State at all. This is a fallacy that is so widespread it's endemic, part of the popular wisdom: a complicated system has to have a Boss, someone to wave the baton and a bureaucracy to follow the Boss's orders, or it won't work at all.

But this is a fallacy. There are plenty of systems we look at every day that have no boss: there is no tree sprite telling each tree how to grow, no homunculus in our head tripping switches and turning knobs with wild abandon trying to keep our bodies working. Instead, there are complicated feedbacks that respond to changing conditions more or less automatically.

Per Erickson's illogic, there must also be no Liberal Media, as there is no firm hierarchy of Generals of Liberal Bias giving orders to their lesser officers of Liberal Bias.

But who knows, given his frequent flattery of CNN, maybe he doesn't think there's such a thing as liberal bias any longer -- at least not at would-be employer CNN.

PS: #MuhPrinciples.

Sean's mentions of other progressive agitations towards open blood-in-the-streets civil war include Antifa doxxing ICE agents, in case any radicals want to look them up, and former Gawker employee turned HuffPo employee Ashley Feinberg spreading the doxxing information about Stephen Miller's cellphone number:

That, of course, comes on the heels of HuffPo doxxing Twitter agitator @AmyMek a couple of weeks ago -- and then crying when people threatened to dox them in turn.

And cable news is of course calling everyone that disagrees with them Nazis, and you know, of course, that progressives declared that it's okay to physically brutalize anyone any progressive anywhere has declared to be a Nazi.

See Instapundit's post for more, including CNN's Ana Navaro's apparent endorsement of the stalking of public figures.

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United Airlines, American Airlines Say They Won't Transport Illegal Immigrant Children Back To Their Homes
— Open Blogger

Yes let's do All the Corporate Favors for the Chamber of Commerce.

United Airlines joined American Airlines in telling the federal government to "immediately refrain" from using its planes to transport children who have been separated from their families who crossed the US-Mexico border.

Like many other US airlines, American has contracts with the federal government that allow authorities to use its planes to provide for certain travel. For example, the company said it has "carried refugees for non-profits and the government."

"We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it," the company said in a statement Wednesday. "We have every expectation the government will comply with our request and we thank them for doing so."

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Womp, Womp: Despite Twitter Rage from Progressives and Their Allies the Terminally Outraged Never Trump Liberal Republicans, It Turns Out the Child with Downs Syndrome was Rescued from Criminal Traffickers
— Open Blogger


So you mean the 12 hour freak-out over Corey Lewandowski expressing skepticism over a Democrat Talking Point Machine's half-remembered (and apparently false) anecdote was just another case of butthurt people raging over the results of an election now more than 18 months in the past?

It's not just "the media" -- it's also the perpetually aggrieved Never Trump atheist-evangelist liberal Republicans.

Here's AllahPundit, covering himself:

Seeing the usual mix of online reaction to this today between "fake news/he was misunderstood/he was taken out of context" and "hell yeah!" Plus a new one: "The little girl mentioned in the clip wasn’t separated under Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy" Right, but Corey didn’t know that, did he? His intent is clear.

I read his intent as scoffing at a typical attack on the concept of border enforcement via a sketchy human-shield tug-the-heartstrings anecdote by a Democrat Party talking points machine.

How do you read it, Allah? Oh yes: That he hates children with Downs Syndrome.

Because Cult of Trump or something.

Incidentally, given any large population -- and I'd say years and years of people flooding across the border with children who are sometimes not their own, just Loaner Children to cross the border with, because they know the previous policy was to largely let such illegal migrants into the country so long as they were accompanied by an Underaged Pawn-- I'd expect that there would occasionally be a child with Downs Syndrome, as well as children with epilepsy, children with palsy, mentally retarded children, blind children, children missing a limb, etc.

The law of large numbers tells you it's guaranteed you'll have all sorts of Heartbreaking Tales given the millions streaming across our borders.

Does this mean we should go back to catch-and-release? I guess according to our Super-Conservative Truth Warriors, as well as (coincidentally enough!) the Democratic Media Complex they take as unimpeachable sources of information, that's exactly what it means.

None of this pull-the-heartstring human-shield stuff changes the fact that Obama incentivized illegal immigrants to bring a kid (not necessarily their own) with them to get on the catch-and-release gravy train, an incentive that must be ended.

Apparently these children are hardy enough for a dangerous migration from central America and trekking across inhospitable deserts, but can't possibly survive a month of separation from their parents (or... travelling companions) while the latter are prosecuted.

Allah says he doesn't even know why people vote for any party any longer:

So. On the one hand we have the party of baby jails. And on the other we have the party of open borders, of abortion up to the moment of crowning, of campus mobs and "anti"-fascists...

I don't know why anyone votes in American elections anymore.

Well good. That's moving another step closer to abandoning the impolite fiction that the NeverTrumpers are anything other than Democrat-leaning independents.

Speaking of which, Allah has some company in his own migration: His fellow super True Conservative, MSNBC fixture Steve Schmidt, had dramatically announced (or re-announced, who knows) that he's not a Republican any longer.

Cucks Gonna Cuck: Apparently, Lewandowsky's scoffing response is disgusting even though subsequent reporting proved that scoffing was the correct response:

I am just marveling now at how AllahPundit took a meme whose meaning is almost completely unknown -- "womp, womp" -- and sagely pronounced: "His intent was clear."

Oh? "Womp womp" has an agreed-upon definition by which intent may be clearly inferred?

Seems to me that the most one can say it "clearly" means is a generalized calling of "bullshit."

Which... turns out to have been accurate.

But, for our liberal Republican (?) friends: Facts don't really matter any more. It's all feelings.

Which puts them on record as supporting yet another foundational assumption of their close cousins, the progressive Left.

The only guy I've ever heard say "womp womp" is Diversity and Comics, though I have no idea specifically what it means, or how he intends it to be taken.

He seems to use it in two situations:

1. When yet another Marvel Comics book depicts school bullies as white men, he'll say "womp womp," which I take to mean "Bet you didn't see that coming!"

2. When a Marvel Comics book fails in a predictable, cliched way. Which is pretty much just point 1 again, though I guess this usage has a more expansive, vaguer meaning.

I don't know how the fuck these Twitter Geniuses are claiming that "womp womp" means anything other than a derisive sort of "I don't believe you/bullshit/Oh of course, as usual," but apparently it now means "Ha-ha, Downs children are stupid!!!"

I think it's just Outrageously Outrageous because their Twitter Palz in their Twitter Bubble said so last night when they were doin' their nightly drinkin' and weren't really thinking all that much.

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June 22, 2018

The Morning Rant
— Open Blogger

talking ape.jpg
"So the zoo sends Sam the vet around once a month to check me out. He's a great guy. 'How's it going, GP?', he'll say, 'Oh, you know, same old same old, Dr. Sam', I'll tell him. Or, 'Hey Doc, I've got this scaly patch on my right butt you might want too look at.' But if I run into him at a cocktail party, I'll say, 'Hey, Sammy, how's it going?' Sam's a low-key guy, he doesn't stand on ceremony. He's 'Dr. Sam' when he's exercising his professional capacity as my vetinarian, and 'Sammy' when we're pounding down brewskis at a local tavern. And everything's cool. Sammy can tell the difference between the personal and the professional. So I don't get these elitist ass clowns who insist on being called "Doctor" no matter who they're talking to or what the situation is. Do they think that graduating from med school confers some kind of title of nobility? And not only the medical doctors, then there's the Ph.D graduates who prance around wearing their 'Dr' diploma like an Easter hat, insisting that everyone call them 'Doctor'. You know, you WILL respect my authority! Give me a break. If Julius Erving went around insisting that everyone call him 'Dr. J', that would be more credible than most of these smug pr*cks who think that writing words on a piece of paper is an awesome achievement."

"...Then They Walk Around In Its Skin And Demand Respect":


I glanced at her Twitter profile, not sure what she is a "Dr" of. But it's usually the least accomplished who make the biggest fuss over titles, degrees, and diplomas.

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June 20, 2018

Confused Elderly Man Calls for Violence Against Women, Children
— Open Blogger

Former actor Peter Fonda.

I don't think Twitter is going to suspend him for this.

Here's Fox's write-up.

Actor Peter Fonda is facing backlash and the Secret Service has been notified of the star's tweets Wednesday that called a mob to "rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles." The brother of Jane Fonda also called for violence against Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and called White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a "c---."
A rep for Fonda told Fox News the actor "wanted to make sure that Melania and Ivanka communicate with the president the dire circumstances of separating mothers and young children." The rep added on behalf of Fonda, "My response is the move was evil same as the Pope."

fonda barron tweet

Donald Trump Jr. stood up for his younger brother calling Fonda's since-deleted tweet "sick" and asking for Sony Pictures to drop the actor from "Boundaries" which is due on Friday. Trump Jr. also called on his followers to go after Fonda on Twitter.

"As an FYI @SonyPictures has a movie with him dropping in a few days. I wonder if they will apply the same rules to @iamfonda that they did to @therealroseanne. I have a strange suspicion that they wont do anything. Please RT, we deserve an answer!," Trump Jr. tweeted on Wednesday.

Sony Pictures did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment.

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Mark Meadows: There Is "Growing Evidence" That FBI Interview Record Form 302s Were Altered in Clinton Email "Matter"
— Open Blogger

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June 23, 2018

Weird News Dump
— Open Blogger


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