July 01, 2018

EMT 07/01/18
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All rise for the honorable EMT.

Or sit. Or just keep sleeping. It's all good.

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June 30, 2018

Bonus ONT
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Guess what chillins? You got me again tonight. Mis Hum asked me to cover for him, but I forgot that tonight was my friend's annual 4th of July party. Guy lives out in the country, and not only does he put out a mean spread, but he spends thousands of dollars on a great fireworks show. I hope I A) remember and B) am not too drunk to post this at 10. Why don't we start with a bitchin' van?


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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 06-29-2018 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]
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To Be or Not To Be

68. Shakespeare Adaptations 01.jpg

Filmmakers have been making adaptations of Shakespeare for the silver screen pretty much since the advent of the medium. There are adaptations of King Lear, Richard III, The Tempest, and many others that date back to the silent era. It's ripe ground for storytelling because the stories themselves are so good, have stood the test of time, and require little financial investment to get the rights since they're all in the public domain.

Some great filmmakers have taken a stab at some kind of adaptation. Kurosawa famously made Macbeth into Throne of Blood and King Lear into Ran, but in looking back over some of the adaptations I've seen (brought on by a recent viewing of one of the two below films), I've come back some of the basic questions around adaptations. Namely: Is it better to strive for faithfulness or to use the original work as a springboard for another artist's creativity?

With so many adaptations of Shakespeare's work out there, I've focused my thoughts on two films. One of these (Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet) is slavishly faithful to the source material, and the other (Orson Welles' Othello) is not.

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Gardening/Open Thread
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Happy Weekend before Independence Day!

It has been a roller coaster week here. My thinker is not working real well. Fortunately, we have some great photos and commentary by members of The Horde. CBD suggests that they may attract some new people to the "voodoo magic of gardening".

Our first contribution for today is photo above, which, if you use your imagination, might remind you of fireworks.

I'm a lurker, currently living behind enemy lines in the San Francisco Bay Area. I bought some Asiatic lilies five or so years ago, planted them in a large pot, and this is what I've got now. Evidently they multiply! (I love to grow vegetables but choose flowers for their ability to thrive without much more from me than water so this is a perfect flower for me!)


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EMT 06/30/18
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Welcome to your official mid-year EMT.

I know time doesn't stop for anyone, but it'd be nice if it would just slow down a bit.

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June 29, 2018

Relax! This ONT is in the Bag
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Another Friday night. Time to kick back, pop the top on a cold one (and soon you can be in the bag too!) and ponder the mysteries of life.

dog pants.jpg

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July 01, 2018

Sunday Overnight Open Thread (7/1/18 )
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The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“It’s a weird case, right. He allegedly stole a bridge. I’m fascinated by it.” Judge Philip Simon

Quote II

"God forbid, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies, or [Anthony] Kennedy retires or [Stephen] Breyer has a stroke or is no longer able to serve. Then we're not talking about Scalia for Scalia, which is what Gorsuch is, we're talking about Scalia for somebody on the Court who shares our values. And then all of a sudden the things I fought for with scars on my back to show for it in this state are in jeopardy." Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Scars? More like hemorrhoids.

Quote III

Where is the politician who has not promised to fight to the death for lower taxes- and who has not proceeded to vote for the very spending projects that make tax cuts impossible? Barry Goldwater


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June 29, 2018

Presumed Left-Wing California Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Children of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Over Net Neutrality
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Another avid Rachel Maddow watcher, I presume.

A 33-year-old California man who told the FBI he was upset about the repeal of net neutrality regulations has been arrested on charges of threatening to kill the family of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

According to court documents cited by the Justice Department, 33-year-old Markara Man of Norwalk, Calif., allegedly sent three emails to Pai in December 2017. The first email accused the FCC chairman of being responsible for a child who allegedly committed suicide over net neutrality repeal. The next email listed three locations near Washington, D.C., and threatened to kill Pai's family members. And the third email, the DOJ says, simply showed an impact of Pai and a framed photo of him with his family.

When the FBI traced the emails and confronted him in May 2018, Man admitted he made the threats because he was "angry" about net neutrality repeal and wanted to "scare" the FCC chairman, the DOJ said.

Man has been charged with threatening to murder a U.S. official's immediate family member with the intent to intimidate or interfere with the official's official duties. If he is convicted, the California man faces up to 10 years behind bars. The case against Man is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander P. Berrang.

Meanwhile, the media keeps portraying Trump voters as Nazis and calling for Democrats to "play by street rules" to intimidate Republicans -- with #FakeRepublican Niccole Wallace not even batting an eye at this call for violence -- and declaring, quote, "This is going to get more extreme. And it should."

And then just later that week (or even that very day), claiming that Republicans and/or Trump are "attacking the media" and inciting violence.

Is anyone in the media going to call out Niccole Wallace for hosting someone who called, explicitly, for "street rules" to intimidate/threaten Republicans?

Or do leftists believe that they should have a natural right to a Monopoly on Violence?

I don't want any violence on either side.

But I'm all done hopping-to when the left demands I denounce this or that, while the leftists and their media PR agents actively solicit violence while nigh-simultaneously whining that they feel "threatened" by Trump's twitter account.

The rules of engagement you choose for your enemies are also the rules of engagement you choose for yourselves.

If you want more civility and less inciting rhetoric, start offering the same.

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Democrat Billionaire Donor Tom Steyer: Maybe We Need a Nuclear War to Push the Country Towards the Leftist Politics I Prefer
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Extremism and eliminationism are charming little indulgences, so long as you're left wing.

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Professor Calls for Title IX Investigation Into Fellow Professor Who Called Openly for Hatred of Men, Calling it "Logical"
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You're gonna hate the new rules, Part 1.

In another story, cops arrested a black man, who then called the cops Nazis. He's now had a Hate Crime rap added to his charges.

You're gonna hate the new rules, Part 2.

The left only pushes these rules because of the secret, unwritten caveat to them, which everyone knows: these harrassments and penalties are only to be imposed on conservatives, or at least non-members of the leftist tribe.

This is obviously unconstitutional and unamerican and also, in the words of the writers of the Declaration of Independence, Intolerable.

It's time to start pushing this stuff to the brink to get the left to admit their secret unwritten caveats, and to admit they do in fact believe we live in a caste society in which certain citizens have more rights and other citizens have less.

Then we will either change the laws, or we will change our affiliation with the government imposing this intolerable castes system.

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July 02, 2018

The Morning Rant
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talking ape.jpg
"So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her primary and the brain-damaged wing of the Democratic Party is giddy with delight. Finally, they're exulting, here is a real working class hero who bring back the disaffected blue-collar voters who have walked away. Only (a) her upbringing was definitely not working class, (b) she's a full-bore socialist and (c) she hates Israel mightily, like a good prog should. And is not afraid to say so. Probably wants to abolish the ICE and impeach President Trump, too. The Democrats haven't figured out that their ideas don't smell any better just because you put them in a younger, prettier package."

And Now, A Public Service Announcement:

cortez PSA.jpg

talking ape  03.jpg
"Hmmm... Probably not an Econ
major, then." more...

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June 29, 2018

Jim Jordan: Peter Strzok Says That, On the Advice of Counsel, He Cannot Answer If He's Ever Talked to Fusion Head Glenn Simpson. But He Freely Discloses He Spoke to Bruce Ohr Three Times. Why?
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A friend guesses at the answer: Because Glenn Simpson, he speculates, is officially designated as an FBI informant, and so the FBI lawyer is telling him he can't answer.

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The Morning Report 6/29/18
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Good morning kids. The weekend is here and with it the penultimate day of June and the halfway point of 2018. What a year it's been so far, underscored by what has happened this week, both the good and the evil. That said, in the lead this morning is the horrific shooting at an Annapolis, Maryland newspaper yesterday afternoon that has left five people dead and several others wounded. First and foremost, we send our prayers and condolences for the victims, families and friends (more here on the victims). Each one was someone's father, mother, husband, wife, brother or sister and a vital human being. It is beyond loathsome that almost within minutes of the news breaking, the already unhinged, unstable left defecated on the memories of the barely deceased victims to blood-libel the President, the NRA and the millions of decent law-abiding citizens in this nation who are only guilty of loving their country, their families and neighbors and the inalienable G-d-given right enshrined in the Constitution to defend them.

What is worse than that and personally hateful to me and all of you I suspect is that they are forcing us to have to defend ourselves against these kinds of vicious, politically motivated agitprop-like rhetoric, the only purpose of which is to be used for political advantage. And in the wake of a string of incredibly significant victories at the SCOTUS, the deciding vote in every one cast by Justice Gorsuch, and the announcement of Anthony Kennedy's retirement, I suspect that the rhetoric will be ramped up that much higher if it's even possible.

That said, the narrative that the gunman was fueled by the President's constant and harsh criticism of the American media - thoroughly justifiable and absolutely none of it violent - is already falling apart. He evidently had a long-standing grudge against the paper that went back at least six years. But then again, the President's consensual affair from a dozen or more years ago as well as surreptitiously-taped private trash talk from 20 years ago disqualifies him from picking justices to the court, let alone his nose according to the Left.

Not that I am making it, but a better case of incitement could be brought against Maxine Waters (as Sean Hannity has done [see the link below]) who along with Barack Obama has beat a constant drum of "getting in peoples' faces," "bringing a gun(!) to a knife fight" and not giving them a moment's peace, calling political opponents Hitler and Nazis, and equating the proper enforcement of just and long-standing laws the equivalent of sending innocent children to the gas chamber. I don't really know the details of the feud between the shooter and the paper, but if I wanted to play the game of the Left, the overall climate of fear and hatred that they alone are responsible for can be legitimately said to have created the atmosphere that perhaps was the straw that broke the camel's back, even in this instance which may or may not have had a political component to it. That's a lot closer to actually accurate than "fake but accurate" IMHO. Lastly, please make sure you bring in Camera Hogg to hit the campaign trail with Ocasio-Cortez and call for the total abolition of the Second Amendment - and put it on ICE.

Let's move along to the Mueller Flea Circus where yesterday Rod Rosenscum endured a brutal grilling by Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy and Ron Desantis, who actually asked the seminal question of the hack traitor (paraphrasing) how is it you're conducting an investigation based on the firing of James Comey that you yourself recommended and the IG report confirmed as warranted? And, as is always the case, these haughty stooges who fancy themselves as dictators had to make themselves out to be bumbling fumbling Sgt. Schultz-types who know nothing about anything and anybody despite being their bosses. Laughable if it were not so rage inducing. Click here for Rush's take and parsing of the testimony as well as the links below. And Christopher Wray, what a jerk. That said, the House has now ordered them to hand over all Russia-related documents by July 6th, AND a judge has ordered the DoJ to abide by a FOIA request from Judicial Watch regarding Fusion-GPS communications of Nellie Ohr, wife of FBI agent Bruce Ohr.

Moving on to the retirement of Anthony Kennedy, Mitch McCoCbrother and others in the GOP are stating their intention to seat his replacement by October, before the start of the next term and, of course, the November midterms. The Dems are going ape (but I and they repeat ourselves) and for obvious reasons, and vowing to block any nominee (but they repeat themselves). That said, I saw a piece yesterday that mass-assassin-linked Dick Durbin is freely admitting that they can do noting to stop the President. But as Mark Levin warns, and justifiably so given the nature of who and what is Republican, only the GOP can aid and abet the Dems in sabotaging any SCOTUS pick. PDT is reportedly in a full-court press with the red state Dem senators who voted to confirm Gorsuch and who are now facing defeat in November. Stay tuned. In any case, the Left can thank Harry Reid for nuking the filibuster in his desire to pack the DC Circuit. He did it, in between bites of his catamite sammich, either as an insurance policy if Hillary lost or out of hubris thinking she'd win and the Dems would seal the fate of the judiciary - and the nation - forever afterwards. How'd that work out, Harry?

On the Amnesty front, Federal agents liberated the Portland ICE offices from the thugs and scum who "occupied" it and arrested nine of them, a new poll reveals that a large majority of Dems do not want ICE abolished; tell that to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and especially Chubby Kirsten Gillibrand, who blows with the wind on this issue among other things. Along with several good links on the issue is one that many here in the Moron Horde have suggested; a tax on remittances to pay for the wall and more crucially to de-incentivize jumping the border in the first place. Well if these dreamy DREAMers are the flag-waving, upstanding, law-abiding Yankees that they and the Left claim to be, then they should be ready, willing and eager to pay their fair share in taxes, right Fauxcahontas and Sandersnista? /sarc.

On to the political front which dovetails nicely with Immigration and Amnesty since the shocking victory of a glib, attractive albeit completely clueless and anti-semite-linked Commie over a machine Democrat stalwart. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is open borders Reconquista all the way and is championing the abolition of ICE. As noted, Schemer's ventriloquist dummy Gillibrand is now mouthing that line, perhaps independently of her puppet master, as she is sensing the political shitstorm that is whipping through the Democrat Party. It turns out that the official Democrat Socialist Party is starting to draw new members, no doubt disaffected by the Democrat Party and infected by the latter's constant drumbeat of identity politics. On the one hand, this is something that I had hoped for as it will split the vote going forward unless and until one or the other entity absorbs its rival. The bad news is too many young people as exemplified by Ocasio-Cortez are all to eager to follow the Pied Piper of Brattleboro straight off a cliff and into a gulag - after pushing all of us off first. The indoctrination machine of academia has got to be addressed. That's the real war that must be won. But in the short term, the successes of PDT, the roaring economy, the knowledge that we need to confirm the next Gorsuch and perhaps one or two others, and the disintegration of the Democrats means they are in deep doo-doo this November. Still, take nothing for granted.

The big news on the international scene is that mass protests are breaking out again all over Iran, this time affecting drawing in more of the affluent, intellectual citizenry (such as it is) along with the long-time disaffected blue collar types. And the other factor that could really tip the scales and topple the regime is the effects of the US withdrawal from the Obama Nuke Deal Sellout and the reimposition of sanctions. In Israel, Sara Netanyahu, wife of Bibi, has been indicted on some sort of corruption charge but so far it won't have an effect on the ruling Likud majority.

Finally, as we look closer to home, another indicator of a strong Trump economy is the breaking ground of a new Foxcon factory in Wisconsin. Union people, especially the much-cited and long-forgotten blue dog Democrats are taking notice an are appreciative. As we had noted, the Janus decision is going to wipe out the Democrat shakedown machine and perhaps dry it up for good, despite the efforts of bloodsuckers like Cuomo and others to try and get around the ruling and shake down the citizenry to prop up the unions, and launder donations to the Democrat Party.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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June 28, 2018

Thursday Night's ONT is Making Me Hungry
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Welcome to Thursday night. How's tricks out there in Moronville? Looks to me like the job market is heating up:

hand job.jpg

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So much for the Left's latest Right Wing shooter fantasy.
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Jarrod Ramos had a specific grudge against the Capital Gazette newspaper, having sued them for defamation years earlier before a Judge said, essentially, "Dude, they quoted from a public court record."

2011 was just slightly before President Trump got on the scene. more...

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June 29, 2018

— Open Blogger

MZ Hemingway collects up all the #FakeNews hot-takes, including one from Tater. Of course.

In case you don't know -- this had nothing to do with Trump, or any politics. The paper had reported on this lunatic's criminal harassment arrest in 2011, and then he began harassing and stalking the newspaper -- for seven years. Including threats.

But the #FakeNews media's stock in trade is #FakeNews, so they're pumping that out.

Maggie Haberman, who, as Chris Plante says, does not believe in Western hygiene practices and is covered by a greasy film, weighed in:

Noah Pollack called out the media for making the story all about them, as usual. Obviously, no one else in the media was on the radar of this local offender, but they're all pretending they were/are also under threat here.

Strangely, as the media castigates Trump for "inciting" violence against them, they ignore the fact that hours before this shooting, they were themselves inciting violence against Republicans and Republican elected officials, calling for Democrats to "play by street rules" and for the "street to rise up" against Republicans, to intimidate them away from voting for a conservative justice.

I don't know how else to read this except that they really think that only #ProgressiveLivesMatter and that therefore they can incite people to murder Republicans -- like Rachel Maddow fan James Hodgkinson -- and none of that matters, because only progressives (and journalists, of course) have lives worth protecting.

Maybe that's because Republican lives aren't human lives.

Someone should start asking them about this. Every day, until they answer.

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June 28, 2018

— Open Blogger

As Doc_0 notes, the retirement of justices isn't a black swan event that just snuck up on the NeverTrump Super-Cons. Not only do actuarial tables combined with a basic understanding of How Time Works suggest that 3-4 justices will retire over the course of Trump's two (or more...?) terms, but we knew for a fact the next president would appoint at least one justice, given that Antonin Scalia died months before the election.

And yet: This seems to have completely blindsided the very important people who tweet on twitter all day long about how fucking smart they all are.

Should these "influencers" continue to influence?

Steve Hayward continues. Twitter formatting stripped out for your reading convenience.

I'm not saying it was tantamount to an endorsement of Hillary, although hardcore NeverTrumpers did do that, and they're currently rooting for Dems to take over Congress. But if you'll indulge me for a few tweets, this is the thing about conservatives and 2016 that still bugs me.

I'm all in favor of vigorously contested primaries. I didn't vote for Trump myself, and he wasn't in my top 3. I got some angry feedback when I wrote highly of other candidates. I'd have no inherent problem with people supporting a primary challenger to him in 2020.

But at some point the primary is over, and the election absolutely does become a binary choice, with gigantic stakes given the size of government, power of SCOTUS, etc. I deeply wish the stakes were lower and elections were less important, but they're not.

When Trump secured the nomination, Republicans - especially politicians, writers, pundits - either decided the stakes were high enough to support him despite his flaws as the underdog in a tough and important election, or they decided opposing him was worth President Hillary.

There is a fantasy about the "third option" of staying home that needs to be put to bed forever. That's not how it works. You stay home and the Democrat gets half a step closer to winning.

Now, if you thought the stakes were low enough that either actively helping Clinton win or passively allowing it were acceptable courses of action, then fair enough... but it's disingenuous to change your mind now and say, "Wow, SCOTUS is really important."

We knew that in 2016, and it was pretty clear several SCOTUS nominations were on the table, one of them PROMINENTLY so. We knew what would happen if Clinton locked in a far-left SCOTUS for a generation.

This is important because we're talking about the judgment of prominent pundits and politicians, people who (at least in theory) hold significant sway over public opinion. They told us to trust them last time as they took a position that would have put Clinton in the White House.

I'm glad if they've seen the light, but I'm sorry, I just can't cut that much slack for seeing a light that should have been as obvious as the rising sun in 2016. The retirement of aging SCOTUS judges is not a black swan event.

When it really mattered, when the chips were down and the Republican nominee needed all the help he could get to win the longest long-shot victory in recent memory, there are people who went AWOL or actively supported the Democrat.

No, I don't want to "dump" on them and I don't spend time needling them. (The clowns who are still trying to give Congress to the Dems are another matter.) But a higher standard must be set for the political judgment of influential people.

And for what it's worth, I felt the same way about those who judged it preferable to toss 2008 to Obama instead of supporting squishy McCain, or bailed on Romney in 2012. How did that work out for you, guys? Still think giving Obama the White House was a small price to pay?

The fact is that the stakes are so high, we're so close to crossing so many lines, the Democrats are so aggressive about using power, that I don't think any presidential or congressional term can be sacrificed even for sincere long-term plans to improve the GOP.

I understood all of that in 2016. I'm pleased to see conservatives who didn't coming around. I welcome them one and all. But if they're prominent and influential, it still matters that they made different calculations in 2016, and will ask their audience to trust them again. /end

And then there's Maude:

Notice the hedging: He wants to deliver a scorching-hot hot-take announcing his opposition to any Trump nominee, but he doesn't have the stones to fully take off the mask.

This guy's such a coward he can't even suck a dick without being mealy-mouthed about it.

Though Cap'n Bill does begin scheming about how to block a conservative justice:

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Shooter Opens Fire in Annapolis, MD News Room; Shooter Captured, But News Room Source Says "It's Bad"
— Open Blogger

Fatalities reported.

A suspect was apprehended following reports of shots fired and multiple fatalities in Annapolis, Maryland, Thursday afternoon outside the Capital Gazette newsroom, Anne Arundel Sheriff Ron Bateman told Fox News.

If you're thinking, "I guess they'll blame this on Trump now," collect your winnings:

Strange we don't hear so much about the media inciting hatred of Republicans. Steve Scalise would like to have a word with them about that.

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Shocker: Jeff Flake Skips Out on Senate Votes to Meet with the Heads of (Get This) CNN and MSNBC
— Open Blogger

Gee, wonder what this cuck is talking with them about.

Question: Should a senator be negotiating with would-be left-wing employers just as he's about to cast a vote concerning a very consequential Supreme Court nominee?

Do you think Jeff Flake's would-be employers want him to vote for the pick or against it? Do you think his value as a Polite Company Fake Conservative maybe depends on the goodwill he'll have with left-wing audiences?

Do you think this loathsome cuck has the "integrity" to resist renting out his mouth for money?

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New York Times: Say, Let's "Fix" the Janus Decision By Empowering the Government to Directly Thieve Money Away from Public Sector Employees' Checks, and Send That Stolen Money Straight to Unions
— Open Blogger

Yes! Let's have the government turn to straight-up theft to take citizens' money to deliver it to their clients!

Let's get this Revolution started!

How many public sector employees will stop paying dues now that they're free to do so? It could be a lot. The Wisconsin NEA had a 70 percent decline in membership, once that state got rid of compulsory union dues.

This might be part of why people are bailing on unions, unless they're forced to belong: While union leadership looting member funds for their own benefit is as old as the Democrat Party itself, there's actually an epidemic of it recently.

But what is happening to the declining sums of money the unions are taking in as their membership shrinks? Aside from sizable political contributions, it appears there is a national epidemic of embezzlement by union leadership grifters. Let's take a closer look at what’s been going on around the country.

First stop is New York. Meet Aaron Collington: he's the former president of the Troy, New York Police Union. Collington was accused of stealing $6,200 from the union bank account to pay his rent and was charged with third-degree grand larceny. The money he allegedly stole came from the Troy Police Benevolent Association’s bank account. Collington has pled not guilty.

Moving over to Massachusetts, we find Henry Clay Green, Sr. who was the former secretary treasurer of Unite Here Local 26 between 2011 to 2016. Mr. Green has pled guilty to embezzling more than $170,000 from his union...

Perhaps you have loftier aspirations of grift. In that case, Raymond Ventrone of Pennsylvania might be your guy. Ventrone, a business manager for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 154, was charged with embezzling almost $1.5 million of union funds....

Raiding union assets is not only an East Coast phenomenon. Say hello to Edward Padilla, former secretary-treasurer and business manager for the Bakersfield, California, office of a construction workers union. Padilla, who also served as president of his union, embezzled more than $160,000 according the federal court documents....

And on, and on, and on.

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