May 31, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (5-31-2015)
— Maetenloch

Quote of the Day I

Privilege is not the same thing as "entitlement." Entitlement means taking one's advantages in life for granted, as if they are part of the normal order of things, and not realizing where they came from or what made them possible. Which usually means frittering away all of those advantages by failing to take the initiative to accomplish anything of your own.

In fact, one of the most important advantages you can give your kids is a lack of entitlement, the ethos of knowing that he has to work for what he wants in life. One of the great secrets of the middle class strivers is that they realize lack of entitlement is a "privilege" that will give their children a leg up on the spoiled rich kids.

-- Robert Tracinski in Privilege Comes Dressed in Overalls and Looks Like Work

Quote of the Day II

Look, many have been angry at me because I refuse to be angry, bitter, or full of grievances, and some will be angry at you for not becoming agents in their most recent cynical causes. Don't worry about it. No monuments are ever built to cynics. Associate with people who add to your lives, not subtract; people you are comfortable introducing to the best people in your lives-your parents, your family, your friends, your mentors, your ministers.

-- Justice Clarence Thomas to the 2008 graduating class of the University of Georgia

Rand Paul: 'ISIS Exists Because of the Hawks in Our Party'

And so Rand manages to disqualify himself from the nomination nearly a year before the first vote is ever cast. This is from his Wednesday appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

"I would say it's exactly the opposite. ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS," said Paul. "These hawks also wanted to bomb Assad, which would have made ISIS's job even easier. They created these people."

Why is this disqualifying?

1. He's simply wrong. The US did not create ISIS. At worst you could point to certain opposition groups and their US-arranged arms falling under the control of ISIS but that is NOT creation in any sense. And whatever blame for the marginal impact this might have had on ISIS's strength falls on the Obama administration rather than the GOP members of congress that Rand disagrees with.

2. It's a revealing sign that Rand does buy into the world-view of his father - which has always been my concern about him. Here I'll note that his comment reveals a 'Blame America First' attitude that you'd expect to see coming from another party's candidate. This is also why when it comes to foreign foreign policy the Left and the Libertarian party's point of view are functionally equivalent. It's the narcissism of seeing America as first causes of everything bad in the world.

3. He handed a sound-bite weapon to the Democrats for no good reason. Part of being a qualified candidate is discipline and the ability to keep from being trolled by the media, the opposition, and even by your own self. Rand failed.

I've allowed Rand and his campaign a few days to 'correct' these statements or just admit he goofed and retract them but so far nothing. Plus you also have the fact that his PAC just released a Birther attack on Ted Cruz.

So I'm done with Rand Paul for president. That doesn't mean that there's not a place for him in the GOP and politics - but clearly that place should not be the White House.

Feminist Pundit: Why I Make Men Pay For Dates

Could it be because she accepts heteronormative  gender roles of courtship or perhaps just wants a man who can treat her nice? Nope - you see it's all a form of reparations for male privilege.

In other words, a man who pays for a date is merely compensating for society's imbalance and inequality. He is restoring equality. This is especially true in dating White or Asian men who - statistically speaking - has a weekly median income of nearly 2-3 times that of women of color.

I have a feeling that paying for dates would only be the first of many, many reparations that a boyfriend of Ms. Drayton would be on the hook for.


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Open Thread: Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act Debate
— Ace

It's been on since four, on CSPAN 2.

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Food Thread: Bourbon, and thoughts on drinking [CBD]
— Open Blogger

Photo courtesy of

Yesterday's bourbon post evolved into an informative longbow vs. crossbow discussion....but it made abundantly clear what I have thought for years: it doesn't matter what you drink, as long as you like it.

There were a fair number of comments mocking one of my favorite drinks (Laphroaig) as nothing more than bourbon with added cigarette ashes and charcoal briquettes. There were Morons in good standing who like stuff I find vile.

Worst Scotch whisky: The Laphroaig. It took two days, and I am not exaggerating, to get the taste of smoke, charred filth, and burnt tar out of my mouth. It took weeks to forget that taste as it lingered in my nightmares.
-- Pastafarian

The point is that no matter what the reviewers say or the bottle proclaims, as long as you like what is inside, you are drinking the good stuff. And if that stuff is $15/1.75 liter bottle? Then you are very lucky! more...

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Joe Biden - Father [Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

As most of you know, Beau Biden , son of VP Joe Biden, died last night from brain cancer. He was 46 years old. This post isn't about Beau, who leaves behind a wife and two children who are no doubt devastated by his loss. Beau served honorably in Iraq where he was awarded The Bronze Star, and as such we as a country are poorer for the loss of such a man. No, this post is about Beau's father, Joe, Vice President of the United States. more...

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America's Law-Enforcement Problem [CBD]
— Open Blogger

Yes....we have a big problem. But it isn't the one our media has assumed, with help from the professional race-baiters in our current federal government, and of course the private enterprise version (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.).

I tweeted to @DrewMTips a few weeks ago that, "The so-called "good" cops almost always turn a blind eye to the crimes of the bad cops. Therefore they too are criminals."

Here is a perfect example of that. It is ridiculous to assume that every Orange County prosecutor or deputy sheriff is a crook, but the ones who are crooked are being protected -- actively or passively, it doesn't matter -- by the ones who aren't.

In Kevin Williamson's latest NRO article he eviscerates the Orange County CA prosecutorial apparatus for their systematic law-breaking and abuse of power. But look who he holds responsible for fixing the broken system!

This is how the Fourth Estate is supposed to work: When District Attorneys Attack

The Democrats have long been acculturated to the climate of corruption that attends government agencies that are largely free of ordinary accountability, where a carefully cultivated lack of transparency shields operatives from scrutiny and normal oversight. Republicans can rouse themselves to action, if only barely, when this involves the federal Internal Revenue Service or Environmental Protection Agency. But deference to police agencies and prosecutors is so habitual among the members of the law-and-order party that they instinctively look for excuses when presented with obvious examples of police misconduct, and twiddle their thumbs in the 99 percent of cases of prosecutorial misconduct that do not involve a Republican elected official.

Read the whole is a gem.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 05-31-2015: The Patriarchy Strikes Back [OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger

The Inklings: C.S Lewis (left) and J.R.R. Tolkien
Not shown: Charles Williams and Owen Barfield

Good morning to all of you morons and moronettes and bartenders everywhere and all the ships at sea. Welcome to AoSHQ's stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread. The only AoSHQ thread that is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Or kilts. Kilts are OK, too. But not tutus. Unless you're a girl.

Book Quote

The book you don’t read won’t help.
–Jim Rohn

Another Bastion of Cisnormative Oppression Identified

I really loathe the Marxist obsession with race, gender, and class. And I hate how this obsession has seeped into pretty much everything. Get a load of this crap:

In a pub in Oxford there lived some writers. Not nasty, dirty decadent writers, whose books were filled with intimations of sex and an oozy smell, nor yet dry, bare Modernists with a horror of heroics or fantastical things: These Oxford writers were Inklings, and that means heterosexual white male Christians who created some of the most enduring works of 20th century fantasy.

Yes, be sure and point out that these guys were "heterosexual white male Christians", because it's just so, so super-important that everyone absolutely has to know this.

And then there's the progressive appeal to butthurt:

Their scholarly machismo made it possible for Lewis to do a very public volte-face from heartfelt atheism back to Christianity but never entertain the thought of a female Inkling.

Yeah, because it's a well-known fact that the Inklings group was formally organized as a He-Man Woman Haters Club that routinely rejected highly-qualified female applicants in order to preserve and protect their white male privilege.

But what did you expect from a bunch of machismo-laden white guys?

Christian faith was indisputably one strand of the Inklings' creative DNA, but what then to make of all those elves and heraldic creatures and otherworldly voyages, the underlying obsessive strangeness of so much of their fiction?...One is left with the impression that within each of those hearty, laughing, church-going writers, there beat a pagan heart.

Apparently, the only way the reviewer can come to bring herself to admit that she very much enjoys the writings of these cisnormative white guys (whom she has undoubtedly been taught to think of as class enemies and bad people) is to pretend that they're something entirely different than who they actually were.

Because, you see, only pagans can write good stuff. Not those icky Christians!

It's kind of like she's an ardent feminist who keeps a stash of bodice-ripping romance novels underneath her bed that she reads on the down low, when she thinks no one else is looking.

The book she's talking about, by the way, is this one, The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams. I'm not sure what this new book offers that's any different than earlier efforts (fo example, this one, that one, and this one here), not that I was able to find out much about it from this review. However, I did learn much about the author's inability to see anything other than through the Marxist categories of race, gender, and class, the holy trinity of a godless faith.

And thus we see yet another example of how progressivism poisons everything it touches.

Are You Worth $3.4 Million Dollars?

You are if you're science-fiction writer John Scalzi:

John Scalzi, a best-selling author of science fiction, has signed a $3.4 million, 10-year deal with the publisher Tor Books that will cover his next 13 books.

Yeah, I know he's quite the SJW, but I like this:

Mr. Scalzi...said his wife, Kristine, had kept his ego from going supernova.

“My celebration, personally, has just been standing around,” exclaiming with profane expressions of delight, he said. “And my wife saying, ‘Yes, now go take out the trash.’ ”

We all of us, even SJWs, need someone in our lives who is able to tell us that we're (a) full of crap, (b) bughouse crazy or (c) both. It's one of the keys to remaining sane. If you get powerful enough, or rich enough, or isolated enough, you get closer and closer to the point where you will longer know what normal is any more. $3.4 million probably isn't enough to get him there, but it's good to hear he has some perspective on it.


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EMT 5/31/15 [krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

Good morning.

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May 30, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (30 May 2015)

Behold the genius of House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.). House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance.

"We require insurance to own a car, but no such requirement exists for guns," Maloney said in a statement. "The results are clear: car fatalities have declined by 25 percent in the last decade, but gun fatalities continue to rise."

Liability insurance had nothing to do with a decrease in car fatalities and her statement that by having to carry liability insurance, it motivates drivers to be better is BS. Fear of dying in a car crash or shooting your own foot is what motivates safe behavior.

Criminals won't give a rats ass about insurance just like how uninsured drivers don't. Does she really think an insurance requirement would've stopped ANY of the shootings that have made the news?? I'm sure the Aurora, CO movie theater shooter is cursing in his cell right now wishing he had liability insurance. more...

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It's Time We embraced Alinsky's Tactics [CBD]
— Open Blogger

Obamacare Overhead Will Cost $273,000,000,000

Barack Obama and his Democrat minions are costing you money!

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Who cares if it is true. It doesn't matter.

Rules For Rightists!

Open Thread.....

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Saturday evening open thread [Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

The ONT should be along before too long. Until then, chatter amongst yourselves. more...

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Weathering the Weather [KT and Y-not]
— Open Blogger


Weathering the Weather

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.


I hope they got these horses out of the river.

Back on Wednesday, Andy reminded us that, unlike certain "Scientists" (and news people), we should not be terribly surprised by floods like the recent Texas/Oklahoma floods. As he noted, there is even a song to remind us that floods happen.

Last weekend, I was involved in a discussion concerning local disaster preparedness. We set up a rudimentary plan for a mock disaster-response drill, aimed primarily at assessing if people were in trouble. One topic that came up was finding a safe meeting place for the people assigned to locate those who might have been affected by the disaster.

Sometimes after a disaster, a recognizable local meeting place is hard to find. Whilst preparing for the Saturday Gardening Thread, I ran across the video below. It describes Amish building techniques intended to increase the likelihood that a beach house in Texas would survive a hurricane. An intact building could help a lot of people following such a weather-related disaster. more...

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End Income Inequality In America: Cut Media CEO Compensation [CBD]
— Open Blogger

The next time the media complains about high CEO pay, it may be projection.

Here are the culprits:

10 highest paid.jpg

Six of the top 10 highest-paid CEO's run media companies.

[addendum] And look how many women run those media companies!

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Texas-sized Fun [Y-not, KT, and Weirddave]
— Open Blogger


Good afternoon, gardening morons and moronettes!

This week's gardening thread is brought to you by Spring flowers:


Last weekend we had a request for an archive of the Saturday Gardening Threads. Although the sidebar provides links to HQ archives by month, that's not much help if you are looking for a specific thread and don't happen to remember the date!

It took some work, but I've assembled a Gardening Thread Archive by hand. That's right, your lowly cob spent last week doing the work that even illegal aliens don't want to do!

Here's a link to the Gardening Thread Archives. I will update it from time to time, but bookmark it for future reference.

KT was inspired by all of the news out of Texas (and Oklahoma), so her contribution this week will feature two plants generally associated with the Lone Star state: tumbleweeds and roses (perhaps yellow ones, let's find out!).

To kick things off, how about a song? more...

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Archive of the Saturday Gardening Thread [Y-not]
— Open Blogger

May 24, 2015
Yesterday we had a request for a link to past Gardening Threads. As far as I know, there's no archiving system by subject in Pixy's hamster wheel, so I've assembled it by hand. I'm sure I am missing some, but I hope this is of some help. I will try to keep this updated and re-post it periodically.
-- Your devoted servant, Y-not

REMINDER: Do not comment on this thread after May 31st or you risk accidental banning.

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That Special Small-Batch Bourbon With The Great History? Maybe Not......[CBD]
— Open Blogger

What counts is what is in the bottle, so if your favorite bourbon is made at a giant distillery in Minnesota....does it really matter? if it tastes good...drink it!

The counter-argument is that the consumer has the right to know what is in the bottle, and bourbon labels are rich with obfuscation and misdirection. And that bourbons vs. distilleries is a telling bit of data. 200 bourbons and only 14 distilleries? Hmmmm......

So, Is your special bourbon this?



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Fundamental Concepts - Seven deadly sins? I only need two to run the world.[Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

The so- called “cardinal sins”, more colloquially know as the Seven Deadly Sins, have been used in a Christian setting as a cautionary tale for millenia now. These sins are Anger, Denial, Bargaining Depression and Acceptance. No wait, those are the stages of death from All That Jazz. The sins are Sh**, Piss, F***, See You Next Tuesday, Co******er, Mf-er and Tits. No, my mistake, those are the seven words you can't say on TV. I've got it: Umoja, Kujichagulia,Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani. Darn it, those are the principles of Kwanza. Hmm. Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage? Nope, those would be the Pillars of Islam. Dag nab it, I've got look these up. Sins....sins...of commission...of omission....of the fathers....ah! Here we are: seven deadly. Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath and Pride. Gosh, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with those. more...

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Saturday Politics Thread: And On We Slog [Y-not]
— Open Blogger

Actually, I lie. I'm not going to do much of a slog on the immigration issue this weekend. Between the short week and some family obligations, I didn't make much headway on further analysis of the candidates' positions on illegal immigration, amnesty, and work permits.

Fear not! There's still some political news for us to chew on today.

Via the New York Times, here's a handy tool to help you track Who Is Running for President:


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EMT 5/30/15 Soccer is Ridiculous edition... [krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

Not saying other sports don't have their problems. But can't think of any other major sport run by a governing body that watched a few Bond flicks and thought SPECTRE was the model to emulate.

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May 29, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (29 May 2015)

Standby for the Taliban Five world tour.


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Politico: "Phoenix Braces for Anti-Islam Rally"
— Ace

Pushback to the blowback.

Less than a month after a shooting at a similar event in Texas, an anti-Islam rally in Phoenix has scheduled its own Muhammad cartoon-drawing contest.

The competition is set to take place Friday outside the Islamic Community Center in the Arizona city where Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi -- the perpetrators of that attack -- used to worship.

In a Facebook event for the contest, titled "Freedom of Speech Rally Round II," organizer Jon Ritzheimer wrote, "This is in response to the recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorist, with ties to ISIS, attempted Jihad."

Ritzheimer, a former Marine, also wrote that protesters should come armed, expecting a confrontation.

Riot enthusiast and occasional racial-murder booster (he was a fan of that black California cop who went on a white-people-killin' spree) Marc Lamont Hill just can't even.

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