January 31, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (31 Jan 2015)

You know, I seem to recall a lot, and I mean a lot of attention from Democrats and their faithful tools known as the MSM hounding the Bush administration about an exit strategy in Iraq. Now that it is a Democrat in the Oval Office, they go radio silent. And we don't even have an entry plan let alone and exit plan for the war against ISIS or IS or Daesh or whatever they're calling themselves now. Absence of White House strategy makes ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan wars unwinnable.
I can understand why we don't have a strategy when you see this Michael Ramirez cartoon.


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Obama, The Secret Muslim [OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

We're all familiar with this Obama quote, right? I see it repeated a lot on conservative blogs, usually offered up as evidence that Obama is either secretly a Muslim, or, at the very least, bowing the knee to Islamic supremacy.

After seeing this a few times, I found the speech where he said it, and read the whole thing. Given the context of the speech, I believe the assertion that the statement in question constitutes some sort of endorsement or acknowledgement of Islamic exceptionalism is incorrect.

I am not by any means defending or endorsing Obama's speech. It is a dumb speech packed full of dumb. But it doesn't say what some think it does.

I never could quite see Obama seeing a secret Muslim. What he is, I believe, is a "transnational progressive" (Steven Den Beste's legendary USS Clueless blog had an excellent essay about what transnational progressivism is and what it aims to achieve).

I believe it is quite out of the question for a thorough-going transnational progressive like Obama to be an adherent of any major religion. TPism only concerns itself with this world, never the next. Therefore, the greatest, most powerful entity known to TPism is the state, and in fact, Mussolini's vision, "all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state" fits in very nicely with TP goals and aspirations. Which is ironic, given the propensity of TPists to label their critics "fascists" at the drop of a hat.

So this lame speech is one given at the U.N. by Obama in the wake of the Benghazi terrorist attack that claimed the life of the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. At the time of this speech, the Obama administration was still pushing the lie that the rioting was caused by an inflammatory YouTube video. During the speech, Obama said all sorts of things about who the future does and does not belong to, including:

Today, we must reaffirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by his killers.

The future must not belong to those who target Coptic Christians in Egypt

The future must not belong to those who bully women

The future must not belong to those corrupt few who steal a country’s resources

And then, working in the bogus "inflammatory video" angle, Obama said:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

But then he adds:

But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.

From this, it should be obvious that he's not holding up Islam as superior, he's saying that all religions should be treated with equal respect, by all. In other words, in the aftermath of murderous violence of obvious Islamoterrorist origin, Obama can do no better than to offer up weak platitudes, essentially a rehash of Rodney King's "can't we all just get along?" speech. In a venue filled with representatives of hostile Islamic countries that regularly harass, oppress and maybe even murder their Christian minorities, Obama is asking them to "condemn hate".


How dumb is that?

How completely, stupifyingly, mind-bogglingly, jaw-droppingly, gobsmackingly dumb is that?

So the reason Obama says crap like that is not because he's a secret Muslim. No, Obama says these things because he's a dumbass. A world-class dumbass. A transnational dumbass. Compared to him, Jimmy Carter was a freaking genius. Obama is not a secret Muslim because he's not smart enough to be a secret Muslim. If he ever tried to be a Muslim, he'd probably do all sorts of dumb stuff like holding the Quran upside down or praying in the opposite direction so he'd be mooning Mecca.

I admit it'd be pretty funny to watch.

Here is John Bolton's reaction to the speech, and he doesn't say anything about Obama's alleged endorsement of Islamic exceptionalism. And all of us here know that if the 'Stache ever heard anything like that, he'd be the first to call it for what it is. His take on it is pretty much "So Obama comes out in favor of tolerance. This is news?"

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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A Baseball Thread: Winter is...Almost Over!!! [BCochran]
— Open Blogger

Welcome back Baseball Rons and Ettes. It's been awhile since we last talked baseball and that just can't stand. So toss in a lip and grab a beer, let's do this thing.

Holy crap Spring Training is only 2 1/2 weeks away!Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

RIP Ernie Banks

Last time we recapped some of the big splashes that took place over the course of the Winter Meetings. I'm going to take this post and one more to hit every other club and what they did during the off-season. This week we're looking at the National League. (You know, where they play actual baseball.)


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Steve Kroft's Cheat-Texts Reveal He Was Paranoid about "Right-Wing Zealots" Finding Out About His Affair, Didn't Want to be Seen Publicly With His Black Mistress, and Learned Obama "Hated" Eric Holder
— Ace

Several things.

He wasn't afraid of left-wing bloggers finding out about his affair? Why not? Could it be that Kroft, 60 Minutes, and the press generally is left wing, and thus generally counts on left-wingers to keep their secrets?

Answer: Yes.

Kroft seems to have had an issue with his paramour's race, instructing her in one text to "not dress like Béyonce." Oh right because she's black.

Gee I hope racist right-wingers don't find out about this.

Story at JWF.

Via @missEBL.

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A Little of This...A Little of That [CBD]
— Open Blogger

Yes, you want one. We all want one.


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Saturday Gardening Thread: Minimalist Edition [Y-not, Weirddave, KT]
— Open Blogger

Good morning, gardeners!

Today's thread is brought to you by Wolffia, the world's smallest flowering plant:


Candy sprinkles compared with a thimble filled with wolffia plants (mostly Wolffia columbiana). The average diameter of a globose wolffia plant body is about 1/25th of an inch (1 mm). To appreciate their minute size, wolffia plants are comparable in size to the multicolored candy sprinkles used for decorating cakes and cookies.


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Fundamental Concepts - Winning at War [Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

Can the US ever win another war? It's a question that everyone should face up to, and facing up to it isn't easy. It isn't easy because the answer is hard and brutal, and we as a culture don't like to face hard and brutal truths if we can help it. I pray that if the time ever comes (and if history is any indication it will, sooner or later) we in the West are able to gaze into the abyss with unflinching eyes and do what needs to be done. more...

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My SMOD, My SMOD, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? [CBD]
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Your labor is not your own...it is the Leviathan's....

A man owned a small farm in Vermont. The Vermont Labor Board claimed he was underpaying his help, so they sent an agent down to interview him.

"I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them," demanded the agent.

"Well," replied the farmer, "there's my farm hand -- I pay him $200 per week plus free room and board.

The cook has been here a bit more than a year and I pay her $150 every week plus free room and board.

Then there's the half-wit who works about 18 hours per day and does about 90% of the work.

He makes $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of bourbon every Saturday night.

And, once in a while, he's pretty sociable with my wife."

"That's the guy I want to talk to -- the half-wit," says the agent.

"You're talking to him," replied the farmer.

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Early Morning Thread, 1/31/15 - Early Morning Thread. [krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

This thread. It's up in the early morning.

I like starting off the day with something productive. Makes going back to sleep feel that much easier to rationalize.

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January 30, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (30 Jan 2015)

Ah, just in time for the Super Bowl. Arizona facing major measles outbreak as up to 1,000 may have been possibly exposed. The number of confirmed measles cases in the US this year has already surpassed what they normally see in a year. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that there will be other diseases this year that will rise far above normal. more...

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Oh Here's That Charlotte McKinney/Carls Jr Commercial
— Ace

This is filth.

We call this "trashy" where I come from. more...

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So, Transgendered Illegal Aliens Are Now Being Given Hormone Therapy by ICE, Because the Constitution Says So
— Ace

Did I say trannies? I mean those with Undocumented Genitals.

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Evening Open Thread
— JohnE.


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#Science Proves Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick Are Innocent
— Ace

Science, this is why people hate your guts.

Meanwhile, there is some Real Political Slow-News Day Controversy over a Super Bowl ad which some people are calling "too hot." So hot, in fact, that the ad will only be playing on the West Coast.

Wait what?

They appear to be at the proper 12.5-13.5 psi

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AoSHQ Podcast: Guest, @verumserum
— andy


John Sexton joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John on this week's episode.

Discussed: "Trial By Fury: Internet Savagery and the Amanda Knox Case", Douglas Preston

"The Primitive Roots of Political Correctness," by John Sexton, at Breitbart.com

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Outro: Guitar Town - Steve Earle

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Don't forget to submit your Ask the Blog questions for next week's episode.

Open thread in the comments

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Reporters Pretty Much Letting Democrats Masturbate All Over Them At Will Now
— Ace

Reporters seem to understand that they exist to serve Democrat interests.

At a Democrat retreat, Democratic operatives are shadowing reporters everywhere -- even into the bathrooms.

Reporters are being escorted to and from the restroom and lobby and are being barred from entering the hotel outside of scheduled events, even if they've been invited by a member of Congress.

During Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks at the retreat Friday, reporters were required to have a staff member, usually a junior member of the press team, escort them when going to the bathroom or to the lobby....

"It was a police state. It was absurd how heavy handed the capitol police and Democratic staff were in trying to control everywhere the press went," New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said in an interview.


Peters said he was told by a staffer they were being escorted to prevent them from talking to members of Congress.


The incident is reminiscent of the Clinton Global Initiative conference in September, where reporters were being escorted by staff right up to the bathroom stall.


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There's No Such Thing As Political Correctness, Declares Vox;
CUNY Grad Center Forbids Saluting People by "Mr." or "Ms." Because It's Illegal to Offend People or Something

— Ace

Via Hot Air's Headlines, Vox and reality are in, as they so often are, a spot of disagreement; I wonder who shall be proven right?

[O]f all the bad responses to Jonathan Chait's recent New York magazine feature about the pernicious policing of language on the far left, none was as flatly wrong as Vox's, which claimed that "the truth about political correctness' is that it doesn't actually exist."


On that note, let's dig into a prime example of something that supposedly doesn't exist.

CUNY's Graduate Center now believes the use of gendered salutations like "Mr." and "Mrs." might offend some students. What's more, administrators think federal non-discrimination law requires the university to prevent its faculty from inadvertently giving offense. Therefore, professors have been instructed to wipe the contentious words from their memories and cease using them in any and all forms of communication.

It is now illegal to refer to ourselves as "Morons" and "Moronettes."

Henceforth, we must only refer to ourselves or each other by the nongendered, future-friendly "Citizen Moron."

Hail, Citizen Moron! And good tidings.

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Big Data Can Figure Out Who's Buying What, Even With Names and Numbers Withheld from Credit Card Information
— Ace

Well, sort of. The idea is that given three months of shopping history, with no names or numbers attached, Big Data techniques can figure out who you are anyway, or at least can match your records to your name (if given your name on a list).

When I read that, I thought: Assuming Big Data has you offering information under your name, such as your location on FourSquare, or saying things like "I just bought an aquarium" on social media.

And that is in fact what they mean.

But so many people dribble out so much of that sort of information... Pretty much, for most people, if you exist online at all, they know who you are and they know what you're buying or just browsing.

Your shopping habits can expose who you are even when you are just one of a million nameless customers in a database of anonymous credit-card records, according to a new study that shows how so-called metadata can be used to circumvent privacy protections in commercial and government databases.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writing Thursday in the journal Science, analyzed anonymous credit-card transactions by 1.1 million people. Using a new analytic formula, they needed only four bits of secondary information--metadata such as location or timing--to identify the unique individual purchasing patterns of 90% of the people involved, even when the data were scrubbed of any names, account numbers or other obvious identifiers.


Researchers drew on records of purchases over a period of three months by shoppers at 10,000 stores, provided by an unnamed bank in an undisclosed country. Each transaction was time-stamped with the day of purchase and linked to a shop.


After isolating a purchasing pattern, researchers said, an analyst could find the name of the person in question by matching their activity against other publicly available information such as profiles on Linkedin and Facebook , Twitter messages that contain time and location information, and social-media "check-in" apps such as Foursquare.

So, like, Be More Paranoid.

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BREAKING: Like Chicago, Romney Is Out. Romney Is Out.
— DrewM

We won't have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore.

After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee.

Let me give you some of my thinking. First, I am convinced that with the help of the people on this call, we could win the nomination. Our finance calls made it clear that we would have enough funding to be more than competitive. With few exceptions, our field political leadership is ready and enthusiastic about a new race. And the reaction of Republican voters across the country was both surprising and heartening. I know that early poll numbers move up and down a great deal during a campaign, but we would have no doubt started in a strong position. One poll out just today shows me gaining support and leading the next closest contender by nearly two to one. I also am leading in all of the four early states. So I am convinced that we could win the nomination, but fully realize it would have been difficult test and a hard fight.

Full statement here.

Heartache. Just heartache.

The drinking starts early today my friends.

Added: Allow me to the be the first to congratulate Jeb Bush on his ascendancy to the GOP presidential nomination.

[Bonus content: BenK] Nice call Daily Beast. Well, it appears the Daily Beast completely scrubbed their original article claiming that their inside sources told them Mitt Romney was running. It appears that they didn't note the change either.

[Extra, Extra Bonus Content: Drew]

Oh, by the way, Mitt is having dinner tonight with.....Chris Christie.

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Open Thread
— rdbrewer

Kawase Hasui, "Nigatsudo Temple, Nara" (1934)

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