September 29, 2013

Islamist militants wipe out college dorm in Nigeria while strudents slept.
— Purple Avenger

Education is bad for your health.

How hard would it be to do that here in the US? Not very.

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Spaced-Out Challenge: Delightful Doubles & Pegasus


Pegasus from Johann Bayer's Uranometria (1603)

Two gorgeous double stars and the "Oats of Pegasus" await us in this week's edition of the Spaced-Out Challenge, building off last week's introduction of the Fall sky. We will also discuss a great app that is helping to create a more accurate map of sky darkness across the world. Let's dive in, shall we? more...

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D'OH. Gun Thread
— Dave in Texas

Dangit.. I forgot.

Ok, gun pic name this firearm.

sten_pic1 (448x20<img src= .jpg" src=" (448x20 .jpg" width="448" height="208" border="0" />

No answer below the fold because you all know what it is. Despite their current assholery, Brits made some pretty awesome firearms back in the day.

There was a time when we made the M1A1 Thompson submachine gun. There was also a time when we needed to make a cheap easy to break down version that still fired .45 rounds but was less complex. The M3 grease gun was made for this purpose. And it delivered.

OH okay, below the fold. more...

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Democrats' Smart, Nuanced, Civil Messaging: If You Disagree With Us About Spending, You're Terrorists You Guys
— Ace

We've come a long way, haven't we?

"What we're not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest—we're not going to do that," White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer recently told CNN's Jake Tapper. "I believe the House Republicans are entirely responsible."

“One hundred percent?” Tapper asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Pfeiffer responded. “Absolutely.”


With suicide bombs going off daily around the world and funerals for the Washington Navy Yard victims still taking place, one might expect a modicum of rhetorical restraint from inside the White House. No such luck. For five years now, such metaphors have been the cudgel of choice for administration officials, along with their fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill and journalistic fellow travelers.

It all starts with President Obama, who routinely accuses Republicans trying to thwart his spending plans by putting “party ahead of country.” Last January, when talking—as Dan Pfeiffer was this week—about GOP insistence on trading spending cuts for agreeing to raise the nation’s debt limit—the president said he wouldn’t negotiate with those holding “a gun at the head of the American people.”

Joe Biden asserts Republicans are holding the country “hostage” with their spending stance, and in a 2011 meeting with congressional Democrats the vice president agreed with the suggestion that Tea Party groups were “terrorists.”

Among Democrats on Capitol Hill, it starts at the top, too.


On the House side, such talk has long been a staple for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, whose default argument on fiscal or economic policy is to impugn conservatives’ patriotism. In 2008, she said it was “very unpatriotic” for Republicans to balk at a big bank bailout. Two years later, she lashed out at those resisting raising the debt ceiling: “Are these people not patriotic?”

Fen's Law: "Progressives" believe in exactly none of the things they claim to believe.

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How the world works
— Purple Avenger

I'm not sure this is what they had in mind with the ADA and making things handicapped accessible.

Got Expectations? Lower them... more...

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Sunday Football Thread
— Dave in Texas

Football. Yay boobs!


Somebody left this one in the college post yesterday and I snagged it LIKE A BOSS!

Thank you somebody!

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Sunday Morning Open Thread
— andy

Minimalist edition.

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Gaming Thread 9-29-13
— Gang of Gaming Morons!


Either not a lot of news came out this past week or Valve and AMD sucked all the air out of the room. There's a lot of videos this week.

More below more...

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September 28, 2013

Dude Might Conceivably Be a Spazz
— Ace


Via @unklefabio.

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Fresh Hell: The Stuff of Nightmares
— Open Blogger

In local news...

I have lived in Florida my entire life and have accepted that, in Jacksonville, you can't get anywhere without crossing one bridge or another. This particular bridge, the Matthews, has been trouble since the beginning.

The bridge, until just a couple of years ago, had a very slick grating which, with the slightest rain, would send cars spinning out of control. More than one friend has totaled a car at the top of it. Worse, it is situated atop a shipyard, meaning that ships of all size pass underneath it on a regular basis. There are some, such as myself, who avoid it at all costs because we recollect, with frightening clarity, this particular nightmare...

On a rainy day in May, some 33 years ago, a ship lost her way and thirty-five men and women lost their lives.

I won't say much because the horror speaks for itself. It is indelibly etched into my mind and, although the bridge has been rebuilt with numerous safety mechanisms in place, the few times I have crossed it have left me white knuckled and at a loss for breath.

Here in Jax, it has been reported that the Matthews Bridge will now be monitored for future signs of collapse resulting from this recent impact. That will come as little comfort to the thousands of commuters who cross the bridge on a daily basis.

To those who remember the Sunshine Skyway disaster, a few extra miles in the commute will prove well worth it.

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Open Thread Elbow IN YOUR FACE
— Dave in Texas

oregon-cheerleaders-ABOO0284-630x350 (448x249).jpg

Watch your eyes.

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September 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Book Thread 09-29-2013: The Next Action Hero [OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger


Good morning morons and moronettes and welcome to AoSHQ's prestigious Sunday Morning Book Thread.

Ripped From The Sidebar!

OK, so I've always been intrigued by England's preeminent scientist Isaac Newton being commissioned by the crown to track down counterfeiters. earlier this week, this story was linked in the sidebar that gives a brief overview of how Newton accomplished this task. One counterfeiter in particular, William Chaloner, was not easy to stop:

By September 1697, Newton had enough evidence to lock Chaloner up—but not for long. Working through intermediaries inside the prison and out, Chaloner bribed the prosecution’s star witness into fleeing to Scotland. Chaloner was released and accused Newton of framing an innocent man.

So, when the going gets tough, the tough amp it up to 11:

Acting more the grizzled sheriff than an esteemed scientist, Newton bribed crooks for information. He started making threats. He leaned on the wives and mistresses of Chaloner’s crooked associates. In short, he became the Dirty Harry of 17th-century London.

This may be a bit of overreach: I don't think Sir Isaac went around shooting bad guys right and left, but I think the movie version would have him busting into the boudoir of some underworld punk's mistress and slapping her around a bit. But he wouldn't sex her up. The reason for this is because, as far as history can tell, Isaac Newton never sexed anybody up. He remained celibate for all of his life until the day he got laid in his grave.

The upshot of all of this is that someone did write a novel about Newton's adventures as a bad-ass enforcer for the Exchequer: Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist by Thomas Levenson.

Here is a snipped of an interview of the author where he describes some of his research:

But of all the wellsprings of this book, none were more important than the file it took me over a year to find. I knew that some of the records Isaac Newton's criminal interrogations survived, because I found reference to them in a couple of the older biographies and other secondary sources. But in the reorganization of British official records that took place in the decades after World War II, the cataloguing systems for Mint files had undergone enough changes that this crucial set of documents had slipped out of sight of the contemporary Newton scholarly community. I managed to track it down to its current location in the Public Records Office, and then I had writer's gold: more than four hundred separate documents, most countersigned by Newton himself, that allowed me to retrace his steps as a criminal investigator informer by informer. Most fortunately--Newton’s nephew-in-law reported that he helped his wife's uncle burn many of his Mint interrogation records. But the entire Chaloner case remained in the one surviving folder, and it made for fascinating, gripping reading. Once Newton realized how formidable an opponent he had in Chaloner, he proved relentless in reconstructing not just particular crimes, but the whole architecture of counterfeiting and coining as it was practiced in London in the 1690s. You get to see, smell, hear how the bad guys worked, in their own words, as elicited by a man who (surprise!) proved to be exceptionally good at extracting the evidence he needed to solve a problem.

All movies are now action movies, pretty much, right? So I'd like to see Sir Isaac jumping out of a window a split-second ahead of a massive explosion, breakneck chases through the back streets of London, bullets ricocheting all over the place, and maybe throw in some Matrix-style martial arts. Totally ridiculous, but I'd watch it.

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September 28, 2013

Overnight Open Thread (28 Sep 2013)

Well, according to whoever is in charge of the National (Insert Word) Day thingy, today is National Drink Beer Day. I'm pretty sure that's like every day for us morons. So drink up. Here are some more pics from Oktoberfest 2013. more...

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House GOP Will Return CR To The Senate With A One-Year Obamacare Delay
— Gabriel Malor

The House GOP is united this afternoon on a plan to send the CR back to the Senate with a one-year Obamacare delay. It unites the caucus and has the benefit of being popular with a majority of the public, including even a majority of Democrats.

As I have mentioned before, defunding does not get rid of the most troublesome portions of Obamacare, including its taxes, tax credits, plan mandates, and the individual mandate. If we want to hold that stuff off (and I really want to hold off the tax credits aka the subsidies), the delay plan is superior to the defund plan.

The House will separately pass a bill to fund the military, since this move makes a shutdown all but certain.

The vote's supposed to come this afternoon. Then it's back in Sen. Reid's hands.

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Decision Day For House Leadership On Continuing Resolution
— DrewM

To defund and face a shutdown or not? That's the question facing Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the House GOP caucus now that the Senate has returned the Continuing Resolution, minus the ObamaCare defunding language.

House members in the conservative faction say they have about 80 votes to support their position [put the defund language back in and push the Senate into shutting down the government]. But there are 233 Republicans in the House. What about the other 153? It could be that most of them would like to see some sort of Obamacare measure attached to the new continuing resolution -- either the one-year delay/defund measure or one of the smaller proposals -- but they are more concerned about the possibility of a government shutdown. "I definitely don't want a clean CR," says a House conservative. "But you very well could have a majority of our conference who say, 'Look, let's just get the CR off the table.' There is a lot of fear of a shutdown. The further we try to push the leadership, if they don't think that's realistic, it makes them more likely to do a clean CR."

I'm in favor of a shut down to get the defunding language put back in (and contra Gabe, I think the language that was in the House CR does what ObamaCare opponents want it to do). If that isn't going to happen, it is imperative that the House not pass a clean CR. They have to get something out of this fight before moving on to the debt ceiling/delay fight. If they walk away with nothing from the last two weeks they have already lost the next fight. The GOP has to set a marker that these fights lead to Democratic concessions. Once you beat someone for the first time, you set a pattern and develop momentum.

Assuming we aren't going to get a shut down and a fight to the end from the GOP, what should we want? The Vitter Amendment. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) has an amendment that would force the Obama administration to follow the law and subject Congress, staffers and some members of the executive branch to be subject to the ObamaCare exchanges and pay for their own damn insurance. If the Senate and Obama want to shut down the government to protect their personal insurance programs, that's a fight every Republican and conservative should relish.

Other options are including the repeal of the medical device tax in ObamaCare. That would be disasterous. The idea isn't to make ObamaCare more palatable it's to make it more painful. Yes, the tax is destructive but removing it from the larger program removes a leverage point for the delay/repeal fights.

The big benefit of focusing on the Vitter amendment is that if there's just one demand, and it's one that makes Democrats look bad for opposing, then the politics of a shut down are clear and on the GOP's side. If Reid and the Democrats cave, then it will make life miserable for the people who imposed this horror on the nation.

Either way, it's a win. Not the win we really need but a win. Team Delay will have been forced to stand and fight on the CR and having drawn some blood will make it harder for them to cave on the plan they've been selling all along.

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Wine Writers: The Gold Standard of Pomposity and Opaqueness [CBD]
— Open Blogger

It's easy to mock the vernacular of reviewers of anything. Movies, theater, cars, vacuum cleaners -- they all have silliness just waiting to emerge.

But wine reviewers are a special breed. more...

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College Football Post
— Dave in Texas

Last weekend in September y'all. Top ten actions pending, all times EDT:

Wake Forest at (3) Clemson, 3:30pm
(6) LSU at (9) Georgia, 3:30pm
( Florida State at Boston College, 3:30pm
(21) Ole Miss at (1) Alabama, 6:30pm
(10) Texas A&M at Arkansas, 7:00pm
(23) Wisconsin at (4) Ohio State, 8:00pm
(5) Stanford at Washington State, 10:00pm
California at (2) Oregon, 10:30pm

This Weeks College Pick Em Picker Standings, courtesy @MikeTalley73

Knightbrigade - 48
BigBoy - 45
Boyz in da Hoodies - 45
MikeTalley73 - 43
BQ Football - 43
Gator Nation - 43
Syrias You Guys - 42
tiger23 - 42
Murph - 41
Wvhokie - 41

Have a great weekend morons. Don't forget your NFL picks.

Sept 28.jpg

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Saturday Morning Open Thread
— andy

Content? Who needs it?

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September 27, 2013

AoSHQ Podcast: Special Guest, Iowahawk
— andy

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Iowahawk to discuss Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the clusterf*** known as Washington DC, and then we discuss cars of the world's most infamous dictators. Or something.

There’s about a whole ‘nother podcast’s worth of material that’s tucked safely in the vault for use in a remix and/or as blackmail material.

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Because Bush Open Thread
— Ace

An organization calling itself Mother wants you to send it pictures of your pubic area. Because Feminism.

There is not a single minor intimate choice you can make about your life or body which cannot be crudely politicized by someone being paid by the Leftist Shadow Government to do so.

Vanity Fair has an article about how social media is acting as a megaphone for pressurizing girls into naked selfies, validation hook-ups, and all sorts of things which you already knew but it's good that someone on the left bothers to notice.

By the way, "feminist" blog Gawker goofed on this article Because Feminism. How dare they question whether a girl's sexual choices are anything but worthy of celebration, even if the whole point is that they're not really a girl's freely-made sexual choices.

Because the more young girls get abused enough to become embittered spinsters at age 26, the better for The Sisterhood.

Also noticed by someone on the left: The numbers the White House is advertising for ObamaCare are pure "flimflam."

A lot of people have already noticed that Luke Russert is a douchebag, but now maybe the Science is Settled.

This professor is now probably going to be fired. Guess why. Were you close?

I'm loving living in this World of Freedom of Thought and Action the left has made for us.

Thank you, Stalin!

And here's how you can make Star Wars sequel not suck:


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