January 30, 2013

PPP(D)- MA Senate Brown Up over Markley, Lynch

A new Public Policy Polling release shows a much closer race in Massachusetts, as to be expected, than the MassInc released before Lynch made his intentions more clear, giving former U.S. Senator Scott Brown a three point edge (48-45) over Congressman Ed Markey and a nine point lead (48-39) over Congressman Stephen Lynch.

The open race for Secretary of State Kerry's seat will be tight but should favor the Republican, as Brown has proven his ease in a special election before and will be facing a far less Democrat-heavy electorate in June (PPP's sample is only +24 D/R for this race, which looks more like a repeat of the 2010 turnout). On the Democratic primary Markey holds a sizable lead over Lynch, but that may be because he had formerly declared way ahead of him. Former Senator Brown enjoys a +7 approval rating (50/43), better than either of his Democratic rivals.

PPP also asked voters about a Brown v D matchup in the upcoming open race for Governor, indicating he has a much more solid lead if he were to wait. I find that question a bit screwy since the focus has been on Kerry's seat and it may be an attempt to "trial balloon" a race, but there ya go. The election is June 25th.

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"Women for Menendez" Event Honored Senator Bob Menendez For "Empowering" Women on an International Scale
— Ace

Also, "every young person within reach."

How right they were.

Bob Menendez is “committed to ensuring that every young person is able to reach their full potential,” read a 2012 fundraising solicitation for an October campaign event with the New Jersey Democratic senator, hosted by a political committee called “Women for Menendez.”

Menendez is now facing allegations that he slept with underage prostitutes during a series of alcohol-fueled sex parties in the Dominican Republic.

In case you had any doubt -- total embargo on the story from the liberal media.

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Israel Strikes Convoy Inside Syria?
— Ace

The convoy was carrying Russian missiles.

Beyond that, there's some confusion.

Western officials say that Israel did indeed strike the trucks carrying SA-17 missiles. The Syrians are denying it... well, they're denying Israel hit trucks containing SA-17s. They claim instead Israel hit some sort of Peaceful Scientific Installation for the Benefit of Adorable Beagles.

Honestly I have no idea what they're saying.

Syria denied news reports that a convoy was hit in Syrian territory.

"Israeli warplanes violated our airspace at dawn today and directly struck one of the scientific research centers responsible for elevating resistance and self-defense capabilities in the area of Jamraya in the Damascus countryside," Syria's military said in a statement carried by the official Sana news agency. It said the attack killed two workers and injured five others, and "caused significant material damage and the destruction of the complex."

Hezbollah also denied that Israel had attacked a convoy of Hezbollah weapons in Syria. "We have no information about this issue. We are not concerned at all," said Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi.

Thanks to Monty.

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NBC Rules on Its Third Deceptive Edit In a Year: Some Say There Was No Heckling. Three People, David Frum and Our Own Martin Bashir and Lawrence O'Donnell, Disagree. You Be the Judge.
— Ace

Wow, a media organization giving itself a clean bill of health on a hoax!

Well I never!

NBC, by the way, deceptively changes the terms of question from "was this yet another deceptive, political edit?" to "is it okay for people to characterize the situation in different ways?"

Of course the ignore the tough question and pretend the only controversy is about that.

What about the edit, NBC? You sure seem to be doing this a lot lately.

By the way: It's NBC, not MSNBC. We must no longer observe their preference that we pretend MSNBC is an independent news company nor pretend it's not really just NBC.

Anytime you guys want to boycott the entire network, stem to stern, I'm up for it.

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The Worst Thing I've Ever Linked*

* But I Have To, Because It's a Thing

— Ace

Before linking this, let me supply content warnings for the actual link. And in fact I'm going to bury the rest of this post, describing what you'll see only below the break, if you're inclined.


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CNN "Clarifies" The Too Ethnic Canning of Soledad O'Brien
— JohnE.

CNN is scrambling into damage control mode now.

To clarify, Feder’s issue with “Starting Point” was that the audience was too small and happened to be predominately African American. A source close to the show insists that the ethnicity of the audience was never the issue, it was the size. Feder in no way meant to imply that the audience was too ethnic.
Hmm, where have I heard that before?

"Just happens to be black"..... Wait, I know! more...

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Pushback: Conservatives Unite to Oppose Marco Rubio's Amnesty
— Ace

Thank goodness.

This whole play makes sense in only one scenario: That Marco Rubio is our candidate for President in 2016 and we need to give this to him to make him viable.

I'm not there yet. I'm not thinking like that. So I don't see the reason for it.

Quoting from National Review's editorial:

[B]roader reform measures must wait until credible enforcement mechanisms are in place. Those mechanisms include, at a minimum, a physically secured border and mandatory universal use of the E-Verify system, which confirms the legal status of new hires. We agree with Senator Rubio’s view that “we can’t be the only nation in the world that does not enforce its immigration laws. . . . Modernization of the legal immigration system is impossible unless we first secure the border and implement an E-Verify system.” We very much doubt that Senator Rubio will achieve meaningful border security in cooperation with Senators Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, and Bennet. The less-of-the-same version being developed in the House with the support of John Boehner and Paul Ryan almost certainly will suffer from similar defects, since it appears to be based on the same premises…

Senator Rubio, an exemplary conservative leader, is correct that our immigration system is broken. And he is correct that, at some point, we are going to have to do something about the millions of illegals already here. But he is wrong about how to go about repairing our immigration system, and wrong to think that an amnesty-and-enforcement bill at this time will end up being anything other than the unbuttered side of a half-a-loaf deal. And there is no reason to make a bad deal for fear of losing a Latino vote Republicans never had.

Marco Rubio has the right take as far as process: He's actually trying to persuade conservatives rather than delivering unto them an ex cathedra declaration cooked up between John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

And that's nice. No, really.

But the substance is still unacceptable.

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Soledad O'Brien Just Heard Over Her Earpiece that Wikipedia Defines "Termination" as "a cessation, a stoppage; with respect to employment, a firing"
— Ace

There is a mystery here:

How the hell did Soledad O'Brien manage to alienate millions and millions of people who never even heard of her?

Also, puffy face.

CNN Fired Her For Being "Too Ethnic?" Or rather, her audience.

Many staffers were stunned when [CNN VP Bart] Feder constantly complained that the viewership of “Early Start” and “Starting Point” was “too ethnic,” based on the high concentration of minority viewers. This common complaint worked itself up through the company, to CNN’s Diversity Committee, and to other staffers, who were mortified that a CNN executive was squabbling over attracting minority viewers.

Now, Soledad O'Brien had crap ratings and so does Piers Morgan; but they're keeping the portly white guy, eh?

Via @johnekdahl

Funny: I should have kept this one for the blog, but it's their first day, so I'm throwing them some decent stuff.

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Jay Carney: Despite Economy's Contraction, We're "Still Poised" for Growth
— Ace

I'm "still poised" to win the special lottery they secretly enter you in every time you masturbate.

I've got like sixty thousand secret Masturbation Lottery tickets. One of them smells like a winner.

Others... Well, I keep them in a crawlspace.

Economic Status Update: Poised.

Secret Masturbation Lottery Status Update: Lock of the week.

So it's going to be this all month, "best looking contraction you've ever seen" and "we're totally open to the prospect of a recovery."

All month? Laugh. The press won't ask about this past 3PM.

Via @lilmissrightie

What I Meant To Say Was... Now this link to The Conversation should work.

I had to just clean a few things up for you.

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Funcession Hits Time, Inc.; 500 Layoffs Announced
— Ace

Khan, I'm laughing at the superior intellect.

By the way, the decrepit "tough guy" Lawrence O'Donnell grinned and glinted last night, as it was his time to shine: Someone had to defend NBC's indefensible lie, and O'Donnell eagerly enlisted for that duty.

I discussed that at Breitbart.

Oh: If you can't find "The Conversation," it's actually just at the top of the page right next to all the "Big This, Big That" clickers.

If you can't see it it's because your computer is using a cached version of the top of the page -- it actually is there. But not in your older cached version.

Until you clear that, or it clears automatically, you can click on this.

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Well Blow Me Over with a F'n' Feather: Study Says Occupy Movement Was Largely Rich & Overwhelmingly White
— Ace

But they got the Just Like You treatment.

Non-Hispanic whites constituted 62 percent of all respondents, though they make up only 33 percent of New York City residents. While only about a third of Americans hold bachelors’ degrees, 76 percent of respondents who had completed their education had a four-year college degree and 39 percent had graduate degrees. Among college graduates, more than a quarter went to top-ranked schools, which might help explain why the majority of graduates under 30 had some student debt. While 10 percent of participants were unemployed, 71 percent were employed in professional occupations. Eight percent were “blue collar.”

I wish I had a joke here, but I'm angry.

I'm sick of being lied to. The media is Orwellian, and voluntarily so.

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Nation Shocked To Learn There's a Gay Angle in That Dude Who Impersonated Burt Mantis' Girlfriend
— Ace

Burt Mantis, or whatever his name is. Manatee, whatever.

This is part of the reason I don't want to cover this story.

The other part is that it bores me to tears.

But the first part is that it seemed clear that, whatever the genesis of the story, it would ultimately turn into Hunt the Gay. Just seemed Doomed to End Nastily from the start.

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Rick Santelli: "We Are Now Europe"
— Ace

"When you act like Europe, you get growth rates like Europe."

Bestest recession ever!!!

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Obama's Recession
— Ace

As the media will obviously not be calling this Obama's Recession, or even a recession, what alternate names can we suggest for them?

What do you guys think of "Boehner's Boner"?

Wake Up, America

Ya been had three times now.

"Best-Looking Contraction in US GDP You'll Ever See:" The Democrats really said this, and White House shill Brad Woodhouse tweeted it out.

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BOOM! GDP Shrank 0.1% In Q4
— andy

Say it with me now, "Unexpectedly ..."

Economists expected the first reading on gross domestic product to show growth of 1 percent, down from the third quarter's reading of 3.1 percent.

Let the blamecasting begin as the media flacks for TFG.

Drew probably hit the nail on the head here, though:

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Top Headline Comments 1-30-12
— Gabriel Malor

Happy Wednesday.

Kurt Schlichter writes over at Breitbart that conservatives ignore Lena Dunham's 'Girls' at their own peril. His point is a good one: you can't retake culture if you can't discuss it. My related point: even if conservatives don't like current state of culture, setting ourselves up as nothing other than unengaged critics is unlikely to win any friends (or voters). We don't have to like Hollywood, but we should recognize that most other people do and they're not going to be very receptive to conservatives or conservative ideas if all they hear from conservatives is knee-jerk opposition. This is the second time this issue has come up in the context of 'Girls' and both Ace's and NakedDC's takes on the 'Nazi Republican' issue illustrate it well. It's okay to come at these things sideways.

Washington Post says the sequester cuts are probably going to happen and that's making Sen. Graham a sad panda. I'm down with it.

If you didn't get to hear Sen. Rubio on Rush Limbaugh yesterday, here's the transcript. El Rushbo was much less critical of the proposed bipartisan plan than he was the day before.

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January 29, 2013

overnight open thread (1-29-whatever)
— Maetenloch

Given recent feedback we've decided to go with a new format for the ont.

Like it makes a difference.



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Piers Morgan: Fine, No One Heckled That Man -- But They Shamed Themselves Through Their Non-Heckling!!!
— Ace


Damn, spellcheck is working against me.

Meanwhile, even though liberal Slate has admitted the story is false, and even though leftist unfunny comedian Patton Oswalt admitted it, "conservative" David Frum has tripled down on the lie, and, in fact, that Twitchy entry could be updated-- he's quadrupled down on it now.

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Mali Citizens Attack French and National Troops Jihadists
— Ace

Well this is a nice story.

Malian troops bundled the men into an army truck, their hands bound behind their backs. For the better part of a year, the al-Qaida-linked extremists had banned music, insisted women cover themselves and began carrying out public executions and amputations in the towns of northern Mali that they controlled…

Most fled as French and Malian troops advanced, but some stayed behind. Local militias began hunting them down, to turn them over to the troops.

In further Give The People What They Want (Until They Rebel and Begin Beheading Jihadists) news, some cock-eyed optimist thinks that Egypt may be heading for a counter-revolution.

Paul Rivlin, an economist and senior research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University, says Egypt is a wreck and that insight can be drawn from the two consecutive revolutions in Russia.

The February Revolution of 1917 toppled the Russian monarchy and established a provisional government which was overthrown in October 1917 by the Bolshevik revolution led by Vladimir Lenin.

And Egypt is a horrible wreck, so.

This is actually a neat insight (one of those insights that's extremely obvious... once you point it out). While a great many revolutions manage to grab up all power and thus establish stable (if dreadful) tyrannies, there are a lot of revolutions which are followed, lightning-quick, but counter-revolutions.

This chiefly seems to happen to intensely anti-human, fervently ideological movements which don't really care about what people want; they just want to make people behave the way they think people ought to behave.

And that leads to another bit of optimism: How enthusiastic will Obama's Zombie Mobs be for more of the same in 2 or 4 years?

One thing I've come to realize about a basic point of Ron Paul's foreign policy -- he was right about this, and I was wrong -- is that populations really do need to make their own mistakes. Our foreign policy is often geared to attempting to ensure that foreign populations don't do anything foolish or terrible... and, as with teenagers resentful of the authority of adults, that seems to make them just want to do foolish and terrible things even more.

Sometimes it might just be better (assuming no direct threat to ourselves) to let them massacre each other, and spasm from one authoritarian tyranny to the next, until they're so badly beaten up they actually seek outside counsel.

That doesn't mean I buy into the doctrinaire Strong Form version of his stuck-in-the-60s flower-child peacenik spiel.

But I thought this during Iraq, and I'm sure many of you thought this as well: We seem to be losing a lot of good American lives in order to make sure that one barbaric group in Iraq doesn't massacre another barbaric group in Iraq.

If they're keen on a bloodletting, maybe it's counterproductive to keep trying to prevent it. Maybe they need to learn, through the vicious school of experience, that bloodletting is something to be avoided.

You can explain something to someone but you can't understand it for him.

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