May 30, 2012

Red-Faced Sack of Stupid Ed Schultz Panics: If Romney is Elected, There Will Never Again Be Another Democratic President In Our Lifetimes
— Ace

Your offer is accepted.

Now, when I saw this, I wanted to change it from "Romney" to "Walker" because Walker is currently the key to everything.

But the Red-Faced Rage-Ape actually makes this point for me.

I guess I'm talking to lefties right now. Not that the rest of you can't listen and we love it when you do.

But it's pretty clear to me what's happening here. They are trying to set it up that if Mitt Romney gets elected, if Mitt Romney gets elected, there will never be a Democratic president again in the history of the United States. The future is just, this is the way it's going to be. There'll never be a Democratic president in our lifetime again. And when I say in our lifetime, I'm talking about long, long, long, long, long time.

This is why Wisconsin's so important. The people of the country need to know that you can defeat it.

I enjoyed when he said he "guesses" he's talking to lefties, but other people can listen, too.

Who else would be listening? Apart from people paid to listen, like Newsbusters.

I don't know what non-Wisconites can do to help this weekend. If anyone knows, please let me know.

If you're a Wisconsinite, listen to Ed Schultz. The Revolution starts now, and the opening battle is Wisconsin.

Desperation: MSNBC now devoting entire segments to non-mainstream Mormon Mannichean prophecy.

Um, but I'm not allowed to bring up Obama being listed as "Religion: Islam" in his Indonesian school application? Or Reverend Wright?


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Feds: Walker's Job Figures Are, Indeed, Accurate
— Ace

Walker released some job figures early, leading to claims they were fake.



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Obama's New Attack on Romney: Romney's Policies Were An Economic Failure Because Massachusetts' Unemployment Rate Was 4.7%
— Ace


Romney's policies did not produce enough jobs.

Merely full employment (5% is usually considered full employment).

Don't vote for the guy whose unemployment rate, while Governor, was 4.7%.

Vote for the guy who's had a 8+% unemployment record for three and a half years. The guy with the worst 30 months of employment in 25 years.

See, that's the guy you should trust on job creation.

The 8+% guy.

And, by the way, the unemployment rate is not 8%. It's really 11%.

So vote for 11% unemployment guy. This 4.7% unemployment guy is obviously some kind of incompetent parvenu.

More: I was going to say, "Is there any doubt that if Obama's record was close to 4.7%, he'd have it in every single ad?"

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said the same thing, in response to a query (I guess) from NR:

“This is another desperate attack from President Obama because he has no positive record to run on. Mitt Romney created more jobs in the state of Massachusetts than President Obama has for the entire nation. President Obama has failed to meet his own goal of 6 percent unemployment and has a net negative record on job creation. We’re happy to compare the 4.7 percent unemployment rate Mitt Romney was able to accomplish. If President Obama had even half the job creation record of Mitt Romney, then he would be running on it.”

On the other hand, Obama has promised Julia she'd grow up to be a web designer, or some other job held by heroines in romantic comedy films.

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Caution & Optimism on Wisconsin, and a Thank You

Now, after all the public polling has consistently shown Walker up, there is this tiny voice in the back of my head saying, "they could be wrong."

It has been there the whole time, especially after weeks of positive data for Walker. Hell, the Democrats took THIS long to push out a tied poll that oversampled Madison and Milwaukee. They waited until Wednesday before. Which I had predicted would happen in previous threads.

But no matter. Incorporating all the Democratic push polls on a trend line, Pollster finds the race a close one, with Walker up less than a point. When these push polls are removed, as Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight thinks they should (and he's not exactly sympathetic to Walker), Walker's lead explodes.

So what if they are actually somewhat right?

There are a few things that can happen that can cost Walker the race at this point. I'll refute most of them, but the "sleepless nights" biggie is number 4:

1) ALL the data available is wrong.
Every single professional pollster is totally off the mark and Barrett wins this hands down. Very, very, very unlikely, as the on-the-ground evidence of enthusiasm doesn't back this up. Through Tuesday, only 21,600 votes were cast early in Madison and Milwaukee. 133,000 asbsentees (including these early votes) were issued through yesterday. The Republican party sent out 500,000 forms for absentees for voters to help counter any early ground ops by the Democrats and to avoid discouragement of voters by long lines. If we were looking at 50, 60, 70,000 vote totals out of the largest areas after over a solid week and a half of early voting, I would be saying the numbers are wrong, but I just don't see it. Republicans are showing up for early voting. Milwaukee and Dane have a total population 25 times larger than Brookfield, Wisconsin (in Waukesha), but Brookfield has already issued 3500 absentees and received 2550 back. There is solid logic in thinking a lot of these early votes/absentees being reported are pro-Walker.

2) The Republican GOTV does not materialize in the Milwaukee burbs, Green Bay, and the western upper third of the state. Again, hardly likely. These areas have the largest victory offices for Walker, have had tremendous requests for absentee ballots, and may match or beat Dane County turnout levels (see the Brookfield statistics above).

3) Analysis of margin victories per region are way off.
This could be likely, especially if there is a shockingly enormous turnout in the largest Democratic regions NOT matched by the rest of the state, but again from the numbers we actually have, that is not materializing. To win the state, Barrett needs to build upon his 160,000 vote margin gained from Dane and Milwaukee in 2010 by about another 65,000 and maintain his 2010 levels in the rest of the state. The polling by Marquette finds him drowning in the enormous Milwaukee Metro area and getting pulverized everywhere west and northward outside of Madison. Fraud accusations aside, had Bush won the same counties and margins Walker did, or even Prosser, in much of Northern and Western Wisconsin, he would have beaten Gore and Kerry. On the ground volunteer efforts may help Barrett in SW/W Wisconsin to keep "BlueWis" solid, but even in the primary, several of these Kerry/Gore/Obama counties went more for Walker than all the Democrats combined.

Barrett has a very, very narrow path that involves explosive turnout OUTSIDE of his base cities and depressed Republican turnout. The recent push polls showing a closer race may backfire on Democratic plans to psyche out Republicans- by convincing them that the race is actually closer, you give the right an even stronger reason to turn out and save their guy.

4. Overconfidence amongst the Republicans.
More and more analysts are calling the race for Walker. Intrade has him sky high. I don't put the Governor's odds anywhere near the 94% level that trading site is giving him, but he has a solid shot, somewhere in the high 70s, of beating this thing. Overconfidence worries me, so always go into an election thinking your candidate is losing. If the line is long and you need to get to work, tell your boss you came down with ebola and you'll be running late. Take nothing for granted here.
Above anything else, my love of data and numbers makes me want to be right, even if it pains me. I was prepared for some polls showing tightening today (not the silly Dem poll, but the serious Marquette Law), because of the noise the left keeps saying about "the right has no idea its totally the opposite!". Well, Marquette confirmed what I already sensed- the race is in the mid-single digits for Walker and the left is on red alert to stop that. The question is, are we on red alert to keep him there?

I get a lot of you are pissed that we keep talking about Wisconsin. Every day, another poll, or news article, or map. We are almost through on this. After recall night coverage Tuesday, I will be taking a short hiatus from co-blogging here. I'll be dropping by to update the daily tracker, maybe shoot Ace an email, but constantly watching all the info trickling in wears you down, and I need to be ready to help out when the general election heats up. My fiancee has been incredibly supportive, loading me with coffee to stay awake to get the jump on the latest bit down the pipe. I want to thank all of you in Wisconsin and elsewhere for posting various reports, tweeting over polling and commentary, and emailing me some good leads on this race. I also want to thank Ace publicly for giving me the opportunity to share all of this data ripping through my brain.

After weeks of effort, the guest bloggers, morons, moronettes, and lurkers who are collectively working on bringing full coverage Tuesday night will, with a little luck, cap off what I hope has been a helpful and accurate resource for you. We won't spin the results and will make the call, even if its the one we loathe the most. I thank all of you for taking the news shared here productively, and hopefully the fruit of the efforts of millions involved in this fight will be victory for Walker in six short days. Thanks for following along, and remember: this fight is far from over. Do your part.

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Time: Listen Up, Young Voters! Living At Home With Your Parents Into Your 30s Is Freakin' Awesome!!!!
— Ace

You're welcome. And vote Obama.

First we had "Funemployment," which the media informed us was the exhilarating liberation from regular wages, and the freedom to explore all those hobbies you never had the time to when you had a job, so long as those hobbies are free.

And now -- adults forced by the Obama Depression to live with their parents until their thirty are, well, Lucky Duckies indeed!

The Great Recession has brought with it a reevaluation of the American Dream, and even whether a college degree is worth the money. Now, the idea of living at home with your parents isn’t associated with failure or a lack of achievement. More likely, young adults living with their parents are thought of as victims of unfortunate circumstances, with plenty of good company.

They may also be considered to be pretty smart customers: At the very least, they weren’t foolish enough to buy a home that they couldn’t afford—and that promptly declined in value by 50%. That’s what so many adults, young and old alike, did five or so years back. To homeowners who are deeply underwater or facing foreclosure, living debt-free in your parents’ home must sound like a nice possibility.

Other recently published columns—penned by older writers, it must be noted—have suggested that young Americans who stay at home lack a sense of independence, adventure, and ambition. The New Yorker‘s James Surowiecki speculated that “all the young adult Americans who have spent the past few years living with their parents” represent enormous “pent-up demand,” and that as soon as this group manages to leave the nest, they’ll help lead an economic boom through their spending related to all of the new households they form.

The only problem with this theory, besides the still-stagnant jobs market, is that many young adults don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to leave their parents’ warm, comfortable nests.

Wait, let me see if I have this right. A columnist opined that adults still living with their parents lack independence and ambition, and your rebuttal is that they don't "seem to be in much of a hurry to leave their parents' warm, comfortable nests"?

Were you absent the day they taught the meaning of "independence" and "ambition" in school?

I don't blame young people for the Obama catastrophe -- well, sort of I do, as they voted for him. But they didn't vote for this.

But this writer seems determined to cast their lot as just wonderful, so I have to call him on this absurd spinning.

Yes, if you are living at your parents', and do not have an ambition to be independent, then you do in fact lack ambition and a sense of independence. It's sort of right there in the predicate, isn't it?

Thank you, @ben84. This is my favorite story of the week.

Flashback: The LA Times, June 2009. Here's their opening hed, subhed, and picture.

For the 'funemployed,' unemployment is welcome

These jobless folks, usually singles in their 20s and 30s, find that life without work agrees with them. Instead of punching the clock, they're hitting the beach.

In case you've forgotten (and I doubt you have), none of that is parody. That is lifted directly from the LA Times. Check if you don't believe me.

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Obama: I Know More About Judaism Than Any Other President Because I Read About It
— Ace

Other presidents don't read, and probably had no top Jewish advisors and cabinet secretaries.

Or friends.

At a meeting with Jewish leaders, according to Haaretz's reporting:

"Obama ... stressed he probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it," Haaretz reports. "[He] wondered how come no one asks Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner or Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel [sic] about their support to Israel."

Similarly, he said to the group, "I [am] not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why [are] we still talking about it?"

Of course I love you, My Wife. Why must you keep making me say so?!?! Don't you know how it burns my throat to say I love you, even though I totally, totally do?

He then suggested that he should not be questioned about his commitment to the Jewish state because "all his friends in Chicago were Jewish - and at the beginning of his political career he was accused of being a puppet of the Israel lobby," Haaretz reports.

Well, at the beginning of his political career, he was being introduced to voters in the home of archleftist terrorist bombers William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, and himself feted Israel hater and PLO sympathizer Rashid Khalidi, so I guess it's quite possible he was called a pawn of the Jews at the beginning of his career.

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Mama Winger Explains Romney's Improving Favorability With Women, and Obama's Falling Favorability With Women
— Ace

I like successful men. Most women do. Obama is increasingly showing himself to be not that.

I was going to post something like this, then decided I didn't feel like it, then Mama Winger wrote this so I guess I should.

I think 80% of real-life thinking isn't precisely thinking. It's a sort of muscle memory/reflex. I call it "pre-rational." It's not irrational or illogical, because it's based on experience and intuition and not delusion, but neither is it strictly, formally logical.

It's your gut and your instincts, and a whole mess of other stuff, like foundational assumptions about what you value more and what you value less (or not at all).

Lefties rally to Chris Hayes because the pre-rational bits of their brains tell them that Intellectuals and Writers are Inherently Good (Joan Vollmer is unavailable for comment), and men who actually do things, like protect them from harm, are sort of dirty and bad.

You can't argue them out of such things -- you can't argue someone out of something they were never argued into in the first place. They will always claim that the military is unnecessary, largely out of ego (if this virtue called physical courage is good, and yet I am deficient in it, then I am not perfect; therefore, this virtue called physical courage must not be good, because I'm pretty darned sure I'm perfect, or at least as near to perfect as a non-Obama human is capable).

Now while I'm picking on liberals' more irrational thought patterns, we all have this sort of pre-rational system operating in our brains, making decisions before we're even aware that our brains have made a decision at all.

During the primaries, I kept stressing Romney's devotion to his wife and his five apparently outstanding children.

My reason for that was my idea of the pre-rational. On a rational level, you might object to this and say, correctly enough as a matter of strict logic, "Romney's personal values and family life do not say a great deal about his hypothetical performance as president."

As a formal matter of strict syllogistic logic, I'd agree with you, but then I'd point out: People make decisions on a pre-rational basis, most of the time, anyway.

Does Romney hold any appeal for women? (Note that I insist that men have their own series of pre-rational notions, but I'm concentrating on women's simply because this is the part I want to write about.)

Well, let's see. He's handsome. Not in a sexually-charged way, of course, but that's a plus for some (but not all) women.

He was fantastically successful in business and seems competent at whatever he sets his mind to. He's a hard worker who makes sure all the boxes are checked and doesn't leave much to chance and whim.

He's not, then, some kind of shiftless dreamer who thinks about doing big things but never gets around to doing any of them. He actually does them.

He's devoted to his one wife of, what, 40 years? Whatever the number is. During that time he's been, apparently, faithful as a saint, and has sired five children who appear to be devoted to him (which in turn suggests he was devoted to them).

Now, we're choosing a president, here, and not a potential spouse, but such things probably don't escape women's notice. Even if some women don't notice they notice.

Hey, they don't escape my notice, and I'm a dude. If I had to marry a dude....

Selecting a president is not just about ideology. It's about personal characteristics, too. It's about the sort of person we'd like to call our president -- and that sort of evaluation is very much like the process of choosing who we'd like to have as friends, or a spouse, or, if we could choose such things, a family member.

Mitt Romney has been astonishingly successful in his career.

Barack Obama has, too, but it's a curious sort of success: A constant "social promotion" based only on his purported potential, never upon anything he actually achieved.

Mitt Romney has achieved, and he's received the natural fruits of achievement -- money, fame, influence.

Barack Obama has received the natural fruits of achievement, without bothering with that difficult "achievement" business in the first instance.

Mitt Romney seems like a Man.

Obama seems like a Boy who's been spoiled since birth.

Mitt Romney seems like a Man who got everything he wanted because he had talent and dedication and focus and worked for everything he wanted.

Barack Obama seems like a Boy who got everything the way many (myself included) secretly wish they could get them -- by having them mostly just given to him.

Some of us might pine for that sort of Charmed Life of Reilly, but comparing the two pathways to success, I don't think there's much doubt about which road we find more evincing of character and competence.

Obama seems weak and out of his depth, while Romney appears strong and in command.

Yes, I think women will notice these things, and so will men. I have trouble imagining how anyone could miss them.

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Barrett: Which School Districts Have Been Hurt By Scott Walker's Reforms...? Hmm. Hm. Hey, You Know What, I'll Run An Analysis And Get Back To You About That
— Ace

I'm not making that up. He cannot name any school districts harmed by the Act 10 reforms, and appears to agree with the proposition that it's helped many (in as much as he does not dispute this part of the question).

He then says he'll "run an analysis" to find some schools he think were hurt, and get back to the reporter at some point before the election (which is six days off).

This is the central issue in this election -- Tom Barrett's failure to identify any schools harmed by Act 10 is therefore a concession that none have.

Because if some had been hurt, you can be damn sure he'd have the school's names at the ready. Instead, he ducks the question (shifting to corrections workers' concern) and then expresses bafflement.

Or, he might just be a moron. Which is not out of the question. Politicians are generally not particularly smart.

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Romney: It Saddens My Heart That Vampire Socialist Barack Obama Lost A Half Billion of Taxpayer Money on a Jackass Investment With His Rich Friends and 1,100 Hardworking Americans Lost Their Jobs
— Ace

What's worse than Vampire Capitalism? Vampire Socialism.

Mitt Romney and a super PAC supporting him are giving Solyndra a try on the trail, unveiling ads that wield the $535 million energy loan scandal as a double-whammy: an indictment of big government spending and the answer to Romney’s private equity problem.


The Romney campaign’s ad uses the bankrupt California solar manufacturer as a launching pad to go after the Energy Department's entire clean energy initiative — ticking off a series of green companies that ran into financial trouble, and implying that the program amounted to the president “giving taxpayer money to big donors, and then watching them lose it.”


The argument: Solyndra is the best example of President Barack Obama's stimulus at its worst, complete with a cozy donor in deep with a company that got taxpayer money only to file for bankruptcy and lay off 1,100 workers. Forget Romney's record at the private equity firm Bain Capital — look at Obama's public investment failure.


“If Romney’s record in private equity is fair game, then so is Obama’s record in public equity — and that record is not pretty,” Marc Thiessen wrote in The Washington Post last week, in a column that ran through a number of the same clean energy companies as the new Romney ad. He added: “Now the man who made Solyndra a household name says Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital 'is what this campaign is going to be about.' Good luck with that, Mr. President.”

Politico tries for a Neutral Angle here (nice that at least it's neutral), pointing out that both men's attacks leave out context -- Bain had a great many more successes, and Obama's energy plan was predicated on the idea that some attempts might fail, and others might succeed.

Here's a problem with that-- notice how my language suddenly shifted when talking about "successes"? Politico's article did too. You can speak of Bain having had provable, real-world successes -- 80% of its investments resulted in strong companies, and some of them, like Sports Authority, became huge -- but you actually cannot speak of any successes in Obama's Green Energy Socialist Investment Portfolio.

You can only speak of failures, bankruptcies, and some companies that haven't defaulted or gone bankrupt-- yet. Not a one of them is actually any kind of success.

So Politico's attempt at Neutral Reporting is itself biased-- they have to overlook the little fact that while Romney's successes at Bain are cash-money documented facts, Obama's "successes" are hypothetical and still lay in the future -- if they lay anywhere at all.

Speaking of Vampire Socialism... Spain pulls the plug on green energy boondoggles.

Not completely-- they of course are still paying rents to nonproductive companies. That's the European way.

But they've substantially slashed their crazy subsidies:

Investment in solar photovoltaic alone is headed to skid to as little as $107 million in 2013 from $879 million this year and $1.5 billion last year, New Energy Finance estimated. For new wind projects, investment should plunge to $963 million in 2013 and $244 million in 2014 from $2 billion this year.

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Romney Gaining in Favorability Among Women; Obama's Favorability Slips
— Ace

Don't these women know there's a war on them?

A sharp advance among women has boosted Mitt Romney to his highest favorability rating of the presidential campaign – albeit still an unusually weak one – while Barack Obama’s personal popularity has slipped in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Obama still beats Romney in favorable ratings overall, by an 11-point margin, 52 vs. 41 percent. But that’s down from 21 points last month, giving Romney the better trajectory.


All Romney’s gains have come among women – up by 13 percentage points in personal popularity from last month, while Obama’s lost 7 points among women. (Views among men have been more stable.) Obama’s rating among women, 51 percent favorable, still beats Romney’s 40 percent – but again that margin is far smaller than what it was six weeks ago.

By the way, Obama's lead in favorability seems to be partly due to the fact that while this poll asks registered voters about their actual vote preference, it asks all adults about favorability. Registered voters skews Democratic, and "all adults" skews even further Democratic.

Sorry I'm up so late. I've got insomnia again, dammit.

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Final poll before the recall: 52-45

I will link once the results are posted, just pulling off MULaw's feed.

Last poll had Walker up by 6, 50-44, and Romney-Obama tied amongst likely voters. They also had a slightly wider lead for Walker (+8 ) amongst registered voters last time.

Current absentee totals (including early in-person) statewide is now 130,000 with just a few days to go. Over 230,000 were issued in 2010 and 633,000 in 2008. The GAB of Wisconsin is boosting estimated turnout to 2.6 to 2.8 million, based on existing data I think it will be a bit smaller than that but higher than 2010.

It is crunch time now for Republicans if they hope to save Walker. I still give him an edge, but it will take a sustained GOTV over the next 6 days to keep him on top. Democrats released yet another internal today, the first one now showing a tie between Barrett and Walker, 49% to 49%. They're saying the race is tightening, this poll refutes that showing Walker's lead growing.

Lt Gov Kleefich leads Mitchell just 46%-41%

Walker lead Barrett by 6 months ago, that tightened as the race progressed, now right back to Walker leading.

"Perceptions on WI jobs have shifted to more people thinking we've gained jobs" per the poll.

BIG ONE-- Who is better at creating jobs? WALKER 50% Barrett 43% (So even some of Barrett's supporters don't think he's better at this)

Walker 51%/46% Barrett down to 41%/46%

FIRST time in MULAW polling Walker cracks the 50% ceiling.

Walker's Job?
Like what he has done 39%
Don't like what he has done 38%
Like what he did, just not how he did it 21%

Increases in employee share of cost for health and retirement: favor 75% oppose 22%

All of this, with Walker up 7, in a poll per MuLaw where the electorate is 4% MORE Democratic leaning than 2 weeks ago.

Are you ABSOLUTELY going to vote? 2 weeks ago: Republicans 91%. Now: 92%
Are you ABSOLUTELY going to vote? 2 weeks ago: Democrats 83%. Now? 77%.

Regional breakdown remains a massacre outside of Dane/Milwaukee. Barrett leads in Madison Metro by about 13 points, Milwaukee city an incredible 51 pts, but in the rest of the state being crushed. Loses GB/Appleton by 13, MilwaukeeMet by 23, rest of state by nearly same.

Don't screw this up. Don't celebrate or boast until we at #AOSHQDD call the race for Walker on Tuesday. Until that moment happens, don't let up.

And do not, under any circumstances, violate the golden rule about elections:

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Name That Party
— LauraW

Episode #8,451: The Case Of The Site-Hacking Mayor

Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York, NJ, along with his son, were arrested for allegedly hacking into a site dedicated to his recall. The mayor also allegedly threatened the site's contributors.

...the mayor allegedly called another site contributor to tell him that the site had been kicked offline by "highly placed government officials" and that "everyone would pay" for getting involved with the recall push.

A couple hours later, the mayor then allegedly wrote to "Victim 5" and threatened to sic the Internal Revenue Service, along with a nice tax audit, on him or her.

i- Phrase not found

i- Phrase not found

Ooo. I love a good mystery!

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We Can't Allow This Tactic To Succeed
— LauraW

Not just the denigration of success, but the virtual criminalization of supporting your preferred political party. By the Commander in Chief himself.
This is insane. Unprecedented, indeed.

Great video from The Heritage Foundation, with some observations and pushback from one of the evil badguy moguls on Obama's openly posted enemies list.

"The government can't hire everybody." Oh, pshh. Of course they can!

It just hasn't been tried by the smartest people yet. They'll get it right, one of these days. Then everything will be perfect.

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Hope For The Future
— DrewM

The summer dog days of news are here so let's go with some feel good stuff and bit of break from the daily cesspool that is politics.

A 9 year old boy gets his hands on a free trip to 9 year old paradise, Disney World, and then gave it away.

Brendan Haas created the "Soldier for a Soldier" Facebook page in February. Inspired by the story of the guy who, through a series of trades, turned a paper clip into a house, Haas started with a toy soldier and eventually traded up to $900 worth of Disney gift certificates, airfare and hotel credits.

On Memorial Day, Haas gave the trip to the family of U.S. Army Lt. Timothy Steele, a 25-year-old soldier killed in Afghanistan last year. According to NBC's WHDH-TV affiliate, Haas pulled the name of Liberty Hope Steele, the fallen soldier's now 2-year-old daughter, out of a hat, and surprised the Steele family at their Duxbury, Mass., home.

I'm thinking as soon as word of this gets to the Disney folks, young Mr. Haas will be going to Disney as well.

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Open Thread for Wednesday 05-30-12: 0/32nd Edition[OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger


Elizabeth Warren has more Cherokee ancestors than this thread has content.

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Top Headline Comments 5-30-12
— Gabriel Malor

Happy Wednesday.

I got nothing. Enjoy your day.

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May 29, 2012

Overnight Open Thread (5-29-2012)
— Maetenloch

Was Trayvon Martin High on 'Lean'?

Apparently 'lean' AKA DXM is the street term for using dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in OTC Robotussin) mixed with sweet drinks to make it more palatable:

One of the recipes for "lean" calls for using Arizona Iced Tea Co.watermelon fruit juice cocktail as the beverage of choice, and Skittles candy. the items found on Trayvon Martin's body the night he was shot by George Zimmerman.

The Conservative Treehouse has a lengthy post about the recreational drug, it's effects and side effects, and alleged screen captures of Trayvon Martin's social media sites discussing his fondness for the concoction.

I remember hearing about 'Robo-ing' in college but based on my experiences with DM-based cough syrups while sick I figured that it would just make you super sleepy and dopey - which didn't sound all that appealing.

But apparently at higher dosages dextromethorphan begins to act more like PCP or ketamine. And there seems to be some pretty good evidence from Facebook posts that Trayvon was a regular user of 'lean' which could explain a lot about his behavior and actions that night.




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Our Genius President Offends Polish Allies By Terming Nazi Death Camps In Poland "Polish Death Camps"
— Ace


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Well, someone asked, so here you go, a thread tracking the battle of Dewhurst and Cruz.

Results here

Announcement about WISCONSIN RECALL coverage for next Tuesday:

Pending the completion of some things behind the scenes, we have something quite special planned out next Tuesday: a live, interactive map showing real-time results county-by-county that, if all goes right, will report faster than the AP; results of the Lt. Governor recall race, and live results on all four State Senate recall races. A team of over a dozen morons, moronettes, and guest bloggers will be helping me behind the scenes so that AOSHQ is your go-to spot for numbers and official calls. Why go any place else?

US SENATE TEXAS: Dewhurst leads Cruz 45%-34% with 91% of precincts in.
Not that it matters any more, but Mitt Romney is now officially the Republican candidate. Texas pushed him over the line.

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Ed Rogers: Democrats Have To Choose Between Obama The Lightbringer and Obama the President
— Ace

Via Hot Air, a newish (?) blogger for the Washington Post, handling politics from the rightward perspective, asks if the Democrats plan to run on the idea that Obama is a good president or Obama is an earthbound god.

He quotes the NYT's Frank Bruni -- arguing for the "Lightbringer" side of things -- then writes:

Like other liberals, Bruni credits Obama's charmed life so far as being "his journey." ... Bruni and the Obama disciples can't see — or they just choose to ignore — any understated grace or humility in Romney. They can't appreciate the example of his exemplary family and his earnest desire to repay part of what he has earned through hard work and good fortune by entering public service. Romney is not good at boasting and the left would hammer him if he tried.

Many on the left have lost any insight into their own bias; nothing Obama says is over the top, and nothing he has done lacks significance or inspiration. Likewise, nothing Romney says or has done amounts to much. By forcing a halo upon Obama, suggesting dark hearts among any who don't see it and follow, and ignoring the virtues of a decent man like Romney, does not serve the president well. It stirs resentment among voters who chafe at being told to love him or else.

I think that last sentence is insightful. It is one thing that the media instructs us that Democrats are better presidents. We're used to that.

It's another thing entirely for the media to urge that Barack Obama is a better, higher form of life, quite literally a Jesus-figure or a "Lightbringer."

The first proposition I can disagree with. The second proposition I take visceral offense at.


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