May 31, 2008

At The Movies With Dave in Texas
— Dave in Texas

SO! Ace ain't the only guy around here that can give you a decent review of the flicks and stuff. I actually went out tonight and saw this thing and had dinner afterward so there.

Ok, actually he is the only one between the two of us that can give you a decent review. This one is worth a quarter or so.

Indiana Jones and the uh, Something Skull.

Yeah, it makes that kind of impression on you.

Some a lot of (sorry), complete spoilers, so, you know... more...

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What Barry Hath Wrought [someone]
— Open Blog

OK, it looks like Ace is too busy having a life to post this, so I'll put it up myself. Via Marc Ambinder, a video of pure awesome hilarity from outside the Florida/Michigan rules dispute:

The real good stuff starts halfway in.

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Obama's Stupid Speech Thread
— Ace

He'll be speaking soon. Once again, he'll explain to us how something he defended as an essential part of his family is now no longer so, and all his previous defenses are retracted, and you shouldn't ask about it anymore, and we really should begin having that Great National Discussion on Race, specifically, Won't It Be Great To Elect a Black Guy?, and etc.

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Florida And Michigan Democratic Delegate Deals
— DrewM


The Democrats have apparently cut some deals on these two delegations.

The deal reached, NBC NEWS has learned, is a 69-59 split with half votes in Michigan. Obama will be guaranteed the two add-on superdelegates. NBC NEWS has not confirmed if the superdelegates will get half or full votes.

Florida will be split by the primary vote and votes will count for half.

This doesn’t give Clinton anything near enough delegates to matter. The real question is if they only give Michigan half votes, will she or Sen. Levin take the fight to the credentials committee in Denver? Or will enough superdelegates announce for Obama to make it moot?

Either way, it just shows that the Democrats can’t even keep their own party in order, yet they think they can run the government.

Amusing note...after a motion to seat the full Florida delegation failed a bunch in the crowd, presumably Clinton supporters, started changing "Denver! Denver! Denver! and booed the mention of Obama's name.


Update: The Florida plan for a full delegation with half votes passed unanimously and that will be the media storyline. The reality is the full delegation with full votes failed 12 in favor and 15 opposed. Don't buy the united party spin.

Update Part II: Ickes is going off on the Michigan plan. He says they are 'hijacking' four Clinton delegates and that it is an anti-democratic decision and that they are 'overturning' the election and will of the Democrats of Michigan.

More Ickes, taking 4 delegates from Clinton is no way to start down the road to party unity.

I think they are going to take it to Denver. Please let them do it.


My guess is the shouting at the meeting actually helps Obama. I think a lot of supers will want to avoid an even bigger spectacle at the national convention. To make sure that doesn't happen, they'll push him over the top ASAP.

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Obama Resigns His Church Membership
— DrewM

Update: Confirmed by Obama spokesman.

Breaking on CNN from Obama shill Roland Martin.

Remember, "I could no more distance myself from Pastor Wright than I could from my white grandmother"?

I guess grandma is on notice.

Below the fold is the Pfleger spiel on Hillary that Obama denounced. Will he be asked if he felt out of place among people who laughed and cheered something he denounced? How could he spend 20 years worshiping in an environment like that? more...

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Open Blog
— Ace


I've been dealing with some dude who claims the "context" of Wright's full speech rescues it from being offensively anti-American, and that the snippets usually played are "propaganda." He also claims to be a "right wing nutjob."

I'll omit his name and blog but give you exchange. more...

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A First Principle of Conservatism? Not Really.
— Gabriel Malor

Yesterday, Ed Morrissey wrote about returning to the first principle of conservatism: limited government. Click over to read it all, if you haven't already; I just excerpt a little bit to explain why I don't think that focusing on limited government to the exclusion of "a broad agenda of issues" will help:

With so many people writing about what ails conservatism, and so much disagreement, the basic tenets of conservatism seem to be overlooked. In attaching an ever-broader policy base to the first principles of conservatism, we have not added to our base but have increased our opposition. In fighting on the flanks, we have ignored the center, and as a result, have lost momentum through poor definition and irresponsible governance.

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100 Taliban Killed By Bush's Negligent Handling of Hurricane Katrina and Coalition Troops, But Mostly Coalition Troops
Plus: Al Qaeda Challenged by... Feminist Terrorists?

— Ace

Bush hates swarthy people.

AFGHAN authorities said more than 100 Taliban-linked militants have been killed in an operation to retake a remote district from the rebels in south-western Afghanistan

The rebels were killed during two days of operations by Afghan security forces and their international allies in Bakwa, a remote district in the south-western province of Farah, the interior ministry said.

"During two days of operations more than 100 enemies of peace and stability were killed,'' ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said.

Also at JWF: Hamas torture of suspected Israeli collaborators ignored by our delicate anti-torture activists; and then there's this:

Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida's refusal to include — or at least acknowledge — women in its ranks, in an emotional debate that gives rare insight into the gender conflicts lurking beneath one of the strictest strains of Islam.

In response to a female questioner, al-Qaida No. 2 leader Ayman Al-Zawahri said in April that the terrorist group does not have women. A woman's role, he said on the Internet audio recording, is limited to caring for the homes and children of al-Qaida fighters.

His remarks have since prompted an outcry from fundamentalist women, who are fighting or pleading for the right to be terrorists. The statements have also created some confusion, because in fact suicide bombings by women seem to be on the rise, at least within the Iraq branch of al-Qaida.

Women always gotta fuck up our thing, huh?

This could be the end of Al Qaeda as we know it. Once women get uppity, everything falls apart.

Then again their impact will be limited to a fifteen to twenty foot radius.

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Scandi Sports: The Masturbate-A-Thon
— DrewM

I’m not sure if this is more proof of the Scandi menace or are they simply on the cutting edge of the Ace of Spades Liefstyle?

Organizers of Denmark's first "Masturbate-a-thon," set to be held at a suburban Ishoj nightclub, say more than 60 men and women are registered to compete.

The organizers said participants will masturbate in front of the assembled crowd and will then be judged in several categories -- including farthest ejaculation and longest orgasm -- the Copenhagen Post reported Friday.

We all know that early morning posting is not Ace’s thing. It's not because he is usually sleeping off a Valu-Rite hangover or skinning a hobo. Mornings are simply his 'training' time.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

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This post accidentally hosed by a moron. [krakatoa]
— Open Blog

That moron would be me. Luckily it was my post, so no harm done, right?

Basically I over-wrote it with another post by accident.

I blame Bush.


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Obama: Like Dan Quayle Only Dumber
— DrewM

It’s a good thing Obama is The Chosen One or he’d be a laughing stock.

Yesterday’s “Potatoe" moment came during a visit the Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

He did express curiosity about the filming of a chase scene in "North by Northwest," Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 classic starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint that included a death-defying scramble over Rushmore's presidential faces.

"How did they get up there in the first place?" he asked ranger Wesley Jensen.

"They didn't. It was a movie set," Jensen told him.

If you haven’t seen “North by Northwest”, now you know what you are doing this weekend. It’s great. That said, it was made in 1959 and the special effects weren’t really fooling anyone. Except apparently Obama. The Mount Rushmore sequence is about 1:52 in.

Obviously this isn’t anything other than a mildly amusing goof. We’ve all said and done stupid stuff and most of us would look like retarded fools if we had cameras following us around like Obama, Clinton and McCain. The issue is, when Republicans do stuff like this it's proof they are drooling imbeciles. When Obama repeatedly does it? Just more filler for the memory hole.

h/t The Corner

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“Snowball Earth” (genghis)
— Open Blog

Uh, I don’t even know where to begin:, but let’s start at the top.

” The rapid release of methane into the earth's atmosphere 635 million years ago caused runaway global warming, and may happen again in the near future, a new study reports.”

“The study, which appears in this week's edition of ‘Nature’ provides an insight into what may happen to the earth's atmosphere if today's frozen methane deposits in Canada, Siberia and Alaska begin to thaw.”

“During the Cryogenian period (850-630 million years), earth was completely frozen over, with glaciers that crept down into the tropics and possibly even reached the equator.”

We had a Cryogenian period? (For educational purposes, a period can mean any of the following: (1) A long time, (2) A little dot at the end of a sentence, and/or (3) Why you’re sleeping on the couch tonight, you insensitive bastard .)

“But after 155 million years of being in a deep freeze the earth warmed dramatically.

How this happened has been fiercely disputed, although all agree that the event changed the planet's climate system and ocean chemistry forever.

Scientists now point the finger at methane clathrates. These methane-rich ice deposits form under ice sheets at specific temperatures and pressures.”

Spell-check helpfully informs me that “clathrates” is not an actual word, so I’m guessing that the authors of the study misspelled it and were actually referring to this, which would make a lot more sense.

“As the clathrates began to evaporate, they released methane, which helped trap more solar heat and warmed the planet.
This thawed more clathrates, fuelling further warming and so on, creating a vicious circle.

Methane is considered a prodigious greenhouse gas, being 30 times more efficient than CO2 in trapping solar heat.”

Efficient. Now that’s what I like to see in a greenhouse gas.

Artist’s depiction of a herd of Cryogenian period Mastodons. Sadly extinct as a result of their own flatulence.

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May 30, 2008

Obama's Jesuit Buddy Praises Farrakhan, Peddles Goverment-Put-Drugs-Into-Black-Community Conspiracy
— Ace

Pflaming Pfleger. He says he's been "lied on" a lot. I imagine that's true.

The drug conspiracy bit occurs within thirty seconds (we only had a drug problem once the drugs got out of the places they were supposed to be, i.e., moved into the white community out of the black community where the government planted them), the defense of Farrakhan occurs from 2:00 to 3:00.

This clip is a bit old but has recently been getting attention.

Check him out doing his best Homeboy Accent. It's unbelievably condescending. It's one step away from a blackface minstrel show, for God's sakes.

Oh, and here's the motherfucker talking about America needing to "pay the price" for "raping people of color." This is from the same "sermon" where he cried about "white entitlement."

Interestingly, his point seems to be that America needs to pay the price for raping blacks -- and that horrible price is the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the office of President.

Not exactly reassuring when even Obama's buddy and fellow Farrakhan-loving supporter thinks that Obama does not represent change and hope, but rather payback and punishment, at least for most Americans.

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Hope and Change: Top Obama Strategist Changes Obama's Previous Position on the Surge, and Hopes You Won't Notice
— Ace

Old position: The surge won't work

New (old) position: The surge may or may not work, I just meant it wouldn't work-work, you know, how you can like a person but not like-like that person, you know?

More from Allah, including a quote from Col. McMaster on the political progress the military progress has created.

Judgment. Bear in mind, Obama never actually analyzed the surge's chances of working. It was pure politics that drove him to declare it was futile to attempt the surge, because only that predicate -- futility -- justifies his policy of Unconditional Surrender (surrender in the wrong direction, of course).

If there were any hope of success in Iraq, he couldn't argue that we must Unconditionally Surrender post-haste no matter what the circumstances. So pure political expediency and not his vaunted "judgment" led him to declare defeat before our troops had their say about it.

And now he looks somewhat, shall we say, inexperienced and reckless for having done so.

So the record must therefore change.

He always believed the surge could work, apparently. And so he chose to oppose a chance at victory for... um, what reason now?

Obama lied, people died.

They said there was no hope of military progress.

But there was military progress. So they claimed that military progress was irrelevant (in a war -- ?), and what they always meant was there was no hope of political progress, which is the only thing that matters (again -- in a war -- ?).

Now there is political progress emerging, quite predictably, from military progress.

There next claim will be that military and political progress are irrelevant, but what really counts is cinematic progress, so if the Baghdad film community doesn't pony up an Arabic language Raging Bull or at least a Bull Durham, the situation is hopeless.

Sweeeeeet! Another great proposal from a Barack Hussein Obama adviser -- I expect Obama will soon express his "disappointment" with this adviser, too, and we'll soon be told he was merely an "unofficial adviser" Obama barely even met.

The idea? Well, gee -- if you want to get Iran to give up its nukes, shouldn't we start by demanding that Israel give up its nukes first?

Hey, why not give up our own, too? I'm sure we'll see some of that vaunted "goodwill of the Iranians" shortly thereafter.

The naivete here is astounding.

They're really not interested in disarming our enemies. They're interested only in disarming the real enemies, Israel and the United States.

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Conservatives Move to Investigate "Abusive, Corrupt Practises" of Canadian "Human Rights" Commission
— Ace

Ghost of a Flea borrows the flaming skull for this one. Ezra Levant (linked at above) breaks out the triple Drudge siren.

I don't think the CHRC is going to be a pleasant place to work for the next year or so -- longer if criminal charges are laid.

These official investigations are on top of the nearly-unanimous public outrage at the CHRC's behaviour, which has drawn criticism from across the ideological spectrum. Groups ranging from PEN Canada, to the Canadian Association of Journalists, to the former executive director of EGALE, to the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, to every newspaper in the country from right to left, have united in opposition to the CHRC.

This is not the end of our campaign, of course. As Winston Churchill said after the breakthrough British victory at El Alamein, "this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Back in January, I outlined a two-phase plan:

1. Denormalize the commissions; and
2. Press legislators to act.

It's time to emphasize point two, but we should still keep up on point one. Point one is the easy part; frankly, Canada's HRCs undo themselves on nearly a daily basis.


The second step is to make sure that whoever is conducting the inquiry into the CHRC's misconduct conducts a wide-ranging investigation, looking into all aspects of the CHRC's corruption. Just off the top of my head, that includes everything from the CHRC's habits of posting bigoted comments online; to their illegal use of police search warrants; to their refusal to disclose records to respondents as required by law; to their corrupt investigative practises and their inherent conflicts of interest; to their clear anti-speech animus; not to mention the obvious issues of Internet hacking.

No doubt, Canada's grievance industry -- the race hustlers, the second-rate lawyers, everyone who makes a buck off the system -- will be at any inquiry in spades, arguing desperately, maybe even in tears, for the retention of their meal ticket. They have to be countered; this can't become another convention of complainers-for-hire like the Canadian Race Relations farce I attended. It's got to represent not only the aforementioned pro-free-speech groups, but plenty of "severely normal" people, too. I think witnesses ought to include Canadian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, to ask them what they think of the importance of freedom and the price we should pay to defend it.

Good stuff. Maybe Canada's last, best chance to avoid voluntarily giving up democracy for fascism.

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Battlestar Galactica: Sine Qua Non Discussion Thread
— Gabriel Malor

Will Gaeta keep singing? Is Hera going to keep creeping me out? How stupid was it to plug in the hybrid, President Mudda-chuh-chuh? Most importantly, when is Three coming back?

Something to stimulate the imagination under the fold. more...

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More Pics of that Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe
— Ace


More pics at Monkey Tennis Centre.

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Caught on Video: Space Alien Peers Through Window, Pleasures Himself onto Gardenias
— Ace

Finally: proof of intelligent, sexy life beyond earth.

This is that "smoking gun proof" of a "living, breathing alien" as mentioned on Drudge.

The alien was quoted as saying Klaatu Niktu Baratu, which translates into "Did Megyn Kelly's bra come off at any point during her fight? How about any nipple-tweaking?"

The photoshops and audio-dubs are going to flow like wine with this one.

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Megyn Kelly Describes a Girl-Fight She Had While Wearing a Cheerleader's Outfit
— Ace

"We were down on the ground and we were rolling around... in the girl's locker room."

I think I just got my news off, if you know what I'm sayin', and I think you do.

Coming soon: Laurie Dhue tells of a comparing young budding breasts with a friend and trying on each other's bras. Just to, you know, compare.

Thanks to Ken.

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Rebecca Walker, Daughter of Sainted Feminist Author Alice Walker: "How My Mother's Fanatical Views Tore Us Apart"
— Ace

Hmmm... here's a "turncoat" who's offering new facts about a public figure, and not mere speculation and interpretation.

Think Rebecca Walker will get the sort of media feting that Scottie McClellan is getting?

Worth reading in its entirety. I'll just quote the choicest bits, but it's really an embarrassment of riches here.

[Intro:]She's revered as a trail-blazing feminist and author Alice Walker touched the lives of a generation of women. A champion of women's rights, she has always argued that motherhood is a form of servitude. But one woman didn't buy in to Alice's beliefs - her daughter, Rebecca, 38.

Here the writer describes what it was like to grow up as the daughter of a cultural icon, and why she feels so blessed to be the sort of woman 64-year-old Alice despises - a mother.

[Rebecca Walker's narrative:][My]y mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale.


As the child of divorced parents, I know only too well the painful consequences of being brought up in those circumstances. Feminism has much to answer for denigrating men and encouraging women to seek independence whatever the cost to their families.

My mother's feminist principles coloured every aspect of my life. As a little girl, I wasn't even allowed to play with dolls or stuffed toys in case they brought out a maternal instinct. It was drummed into me that being a mother, raising children and running a home were a form of slavery. Having a career, travelling the world and being independent were what really mattered according to her.

I love my mother very much, but I haven't seen her or spoken to her since I became pregnant. She has never seen my son - her only grandchild. My crime? Daring to question her ideology.

Well, so be it. My mother may be revered by women around the world - goodness knows, many even have shrines to her. But I honestly believe it's time to puncture the myth and to reveal what life was really like to grow up as a child of the feminist revolution.


[W]hile she has taken care of daughters all over the world and is hugely revered for her public work and service, my childhood tells a very different story. I came very low down in her priorities - after work, political integrity, self-fulfilment, friendships, spiritual life, fame and travel.

My mother would always do what she wanted - for example taking off to Greece for two months in the summer, leaving me with relatives when I was a teenager. Is that independent, or just plain selfish?


But the truth was I was very lonely and, with my mother's knowledge, started having sex at 13. I guess it was a relief for my mother as it meant I was less demanding. And she felt that being sexually active was empowering for me because it meant I was in control of my body.

Now I simply cannot understand how she could have been so permissive. I barely want my son to leave the house on a play-date, let alone start sleeping around while barely out of junior school.

A good mother is attentive, sets boundaries and makes the world safe for her child. But my mother did none of those things.

Although I was on the Pill - something I had arranged at 13, visiting the doctor with my best friend - I fell pregnant at 14. I organised an abortion myself. Now I shudder at the memory. I was only a little girl. I don't remember my mother being shocked or upset. She tried to be supportive, accompanying me with her boyfriend.

Although I believe that an abortion was the right decision for me then, the aftermath haunted me for decades. It ate away at my self-confidence and, until I had Tenzin, I was terrified that I'd never be able to have a baby because of what I had done to the child I had destroyed. For feminists to say that abortion carries no consequences is simply wrong.


Although I knew what my mother felt about babies, I still hoped that when I told her I was pregnant, she would be excited for me.

Instead, when I called her one morning in the spring of 2004, while I was at one of her homes housesitting, and told her my news and that I'd never been happier, she went very quiet. All she could say was that she was shocked. Then she asked if I could check on her garden. I put the phone down and sobbed - she had deliberately withheld her approval with the intention of hurting me. What loving mother would do that?

Worse was to follow. My mother took umbrage at an interview in which I'd mentioned that my parents didn't protect or look out for me. She sent me an e-mail, threatening to undermine my reputation as a writer. I couldn't believe she could be so hurtful - particularly when I was pregnant.

Devastated, I asked her to apologise and acknowledge how much she'd hurt me over the years with neglect, withholding affection and resenting me for things I had no control over - the fact that I am mixed-race, that I have a wealthy, white, professional father and that I was born at all.

But she wouldn't back down. Instead, she wrote me a letter saying that our relationship had been inconsequential for years and that she was no longer interested in being my mother. She even signed the letter with her first name, rather than 'Mom'.

An excerpt of her summation at Dr. Helen's, where I swiped this from.

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