November 28, 2008

SMH columnist: Global warming a "fundamentalist religion"
— Purple Avenger

I think the Sydney Morning Herald will get some over this.

...the real fear driving climate alarmists wild is that a more rational approach to the fundamentalist religion of global warming may be in the ascendancy...
Disciples, heretics, thought criminals, saints, banishment, and high priests. Yea, they do pretty much got the religion angle covered quite well it would seem. I'm just saying...

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Democrats May Let Bush Tax Cuts Expire in 2010 Rather Than Affirmatively Raise Them Now
— Ace

Not a good idea to raise taxes during a recession (or anytime, really). Who knew?

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Open Blog
— Ace

If you can set aside the turkey sandwiches.

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Pakistan, Likely Behind Mumbai Attacks, Sends Its Top Spymaster To Help "Investigate" the Attacks
— Ace

Is he going to help India find the culprits, or simply to find out how much India knows about the true genesis of the crime? I suspect the latter.

Ed Morrissey offers the sanguine take that perhaps this cat is going there to get the proof ISI was behind it, so as to purge that state-sponsored terrorist organization once and for all. That would be nice, but I doubt it. The ISI has been doing this forever -- death seems to be Pakistan's most popular export.

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Top Headline Comments 11-28-08
— Gabriel Malor

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November 27, 2008

Brilliant: Thanksgiving Parade Surprise
— Ace

Incongruous to follow another Mumbai update with this, but heck, laughing is good. more...

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India Terror Attacks...Government Forces Launch Counter Attack At Residential Building
— DrewM

I haven't been following it all day and will try to put up and update shortly but Indian TV is covering the helicopter-borne commando attack at the Nariman House (streaming video link).

They seem to think all the hostages are out of there but there are still two or three terrorists inside. (Eh, now they are saying they don't know who is in there. This is a building where a number of Israeli citizens live.)

Supposedly the government has approved this coverage but that seems odd.

30+ hours into this attack there are 125 dead (including 14 police officers and 6 non-Indian nationals), 320+ injured.

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Alert: Police Patrolling NY-DC Amtrak Axis Armed with M-16s
— Ace

As Dick Cheney (I think) said, just because you've forgotten about terrorism doesn't mean terrorists have forgotten about you.

The world's economic fears were violently pushed aside on Wednesday by another global threat -- terrorism.

A massive coordinated attack was launched in Mumbai, India just hours after the FBI warned that Al Qaeda may be targeting New York's subways and railroads.

If Al Qaeda terrorists have their way there will be chaos and mayhem here this holiday season, a mass transit bomb plot that would probably affect all the subway and train lines at Penn and Grand Central stations.

"The threat is serious, the threat is significant, and it is plausible," said Congressman Peter King, R-Long Island, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Uniformed officers, including this NYPD Counter Terrorism Squad members and Amtrak cops with M-16s, flooded Penn Station Wednesday after the FBI said it had received a "plausible but unsubstantiated" report that Al Qaeda operatives discussed a plan two months ago to bomb New York City's mass transit system.

The report said: "These discussions reportedly involved the use of suicide bombers or explosives placed on subway/passenger rail systems."

Sources told CBS 2 HD the plot involved the Long Island Rail Road. If the explosion went off in Penn Station, the source said, it would affect transportation of Amtrak's northeast corridor between Boston and Washington, LIRR service and New York City subway service.

"This is definitely linked to Al Qaeda and they had very significant details about exactly how they would carry out the attack, where they would carry it out -- that's what makes it sound so plausible," Rep. King said.

Remember the days of "I question the timing" after every quite-plausible terror alert was announced?

I give thanks for the Lightworker. Now that he's President, the world is safe for vigilance against terrorism once more. It turns out it's no longer such a "fictitious threat."

Thanks to WilliamA.

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Don Surber: I Give Thanks for President George W. Bush
— Ace

Mistakes notwithstanding, he will be missed.

I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner today. Well, I made the stuffing. It was a first.

I give my thanks to you morons, for reading, and donating, and generally keeping me off the street, at least until I get my certification in home stereo installation.

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On Being Thankful
— Dave in Texas

If you are fortunate enough to be able to spend this day with those you love, as I am, remember those who serve us, halfway around the world, who miss the ones they care about.


U.S. Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Multinational Force Iraq commander, talks with Task Force Baghdad soldiers during the evening Thanksgiving meal at the Rock of the Marne Sports Oasis Dining Facility at Forward Operating Base Prosperity, Iraq, Nov. 24, 2005. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Andrew Miller

Now might be a good time to consider that donation to the 2008 Valour-IT Project too. DrewM reminded us today is the last day.

All the best to you and yours, morons.

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Highlights Of Today's Macy's Parade
— DrewM

Below the fold in order to avoid slowing the site down. more...

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Thanksgiving 2008
— DrewM

Happy Thanksgiving to Moron Nation.

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to donate to the 2008 Valour-IT Fundraiser.

In case you aren't familiar with the project, here's a rundown on how it helps directly from one of our wounded heroes.

I don't know where to start. I was thrilled and truly appreciative of the laptop donation that Soldiers Angels sent. My neurology team is ecstatic with the progress that I have made, yet we all temper our excitement as I still have a long recovery ahead. Due to the great hearts (sponsors, donors, volunteers and others too numerous to mention) within Soldiers Angels I have become more mobile in my rehabilitation and the laptop is absolutely one of the tools that I have in my recovery toolbox. I use it to keep current on my schedule and have several applications that assist with recovery.

I know that my recovery has been aided by the cards, letters, and notes sent by your Angels. I love to read them and have started to send Thank You's to many of them. I just want you and everyone to know that your organization is a Godsend to Soldiers. Please send this note of Thanks to the appropriate personnel, and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

Lieutenant Colonel X

So you know, hit up the link.

As a thank you, please enjoy this moment of Thanksgiving joy.... more...

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Happy Thanksgiving and NFL Picks Reminder
— Dave in Texas

Morning everybody. Time to fire up the smokers, light the burners, doink the microwave buttons and open up that 1.75 liter jug of John Daniels before the in-laws show up.

He may be Jack to you son, but when you've known him as long as I have...

Three T-Giving Day games for you morons. The pissed off Titans at Detroit (+11), Seattle (+12.5) at Dallas, and Arizona (+3) at Philly tonight, which might be the more interesting game today but I won't be watching that one cause I'm ready for some payback in Austin.


Vote early and often you goofballs. The fun starts in just over an hour. Unless you already took my advice on the bourbon, in which case the fun starts around 4:30 when your dad decides the goddamned turkey is overcooked again this year, your mom retorts with a casserole dish to the back of the head, grammy finds your vicodin stash, you decide your cousin has squeezed your wife's ass in the kitchen one too many times and there's a smoke plume coming out of the garage.

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India Terror Attacks Still Underway
— DrewM

20+ hours and troops are still working to clear hotels of terrorists. Fresh fighting and fires are being reported.

A fierce gunbattle between terrorists and paramilitary forces is on at the Hotel Oberoi Trident in Mumbai, in what seems to be the endgame in the near 24-hour hostage and terror drama unfolding in the country’s financial hub.

The fourth floor of the five-star hotel is on fire and according to some reports, at least 30 are still trapped inside, most of them held hostage by armed gunmen.

The Army, the Navy, the National Security Guard and Rapid Action Force are involved in the raging encounter with unspecified number of heavily-armed terrorists.

For those interested in keeping up to date, here are a few Indian media sources.

IBN TV news site and streaming video.


And The Times of India.

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November 26, 2008

Overnight/Thanksgiving Eve Thread (genghis)
— Open Blog

A little something to relieve the tension. Comment at will.

File photo of a traditional Thanksgiving meal

Enough bad news for one day. Please have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Added note: When slaying your drunken cousin at the table over some trivial argument, try using the battery-operated carving gizmo that Dad bought back in '73 rather than the standard carving knife. I suspect it's much more efficient and leaves fewer blood spatters on the turkey and side dishes. It's all about ettiquette. However the hell that word is spelled.

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BREAKING: U.S. Embassy in Kabul Attacked by Suicide Car Bomber
— Gabriel Malor

The attack was directed against an American convoy of Westerners gathering at the embassy for Thanksgiving.

Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayub Salangi said one person was killed and six wounded in the attack, about 200 yards from the entrance.

Police officer Abdul Manan said the attack appeared to have been with a suicide car bomb.

The U.S. Embassy was hosting a Thanksgiving Day footrace, and Americans and other Westerners were entering the embassy compound at the time of the explosion.

There's no reason to believe this is connected to the events in India, but, along with the alerts in the UK and New York, is a reminder that the War on Terror is far from over.

Drew's earlier warning about initial reports of terror attacks stands. In fact, there are already conflicting reports about how many were killed. Unlike the Mumbai attack, this seems to be a single incident.

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India Terror Attacks...Not Over Yet
— DrewM

UPDATE @ 12:40 Eastern

3 people have escaped from the Nariman House. One is an Indian who worked for the international families and 2 Israelis, one of which was a young child. The Indian commandos are still working to clear the building.

UPDATE @ 12:04 Eastern

The situation is still underway.

101 dead, commando hostage rescue operations are underway and several bombs have been found and disarmed.

The Taj hotel is still burning in places and networks have been asked by officials to discontinue live coverage at sites where 'encounters' (tactical operations) are underway.

So far 5 terrorists are reported dead and 9 captured. Dead terrorists are good but a couple of live ones for intel purposes is good too. Then kill them.

UPDATE @ 10:52 Eastern

The Indian Army has asked the networks to stop broadcasting live images from the hostage scenes. It seems they are moving in. The networks have apparently agreed. Discuss amongst yourselves how a similar request would be greeted in the US.

UPDATE @ 9:50 Eastern

The hostage situation at Nariman House, where some Israeli and other forigeners live is still going on. Apparently the terrorists are just shooting randomly from the building. The IBN reporter just said 3 people have been killed in nearby buildings...a couple and a 16 year old kid who were just walking around their apartment.

While she was reporting another shot rang out.

The cops are overwhelmed and are simply waiting for the NSG commandos.

UPDATE @ 9:28

IBN says the terrorists have been removed from the Cama Hospital. No word on casualties or captures but apparently that's one hostage location cleared.

UPDATE @ 8:50 eastern:

It looks like most of the terrorists came by boat and attacked 10 locations.

According to IBN, there seems to be 3 or 4 hostage locations...The Taj and Oberoi hotels, a local hospital and residential building that houses foreigners (Israelis were named as possible residents).

This is still an active attack and details are sketchy and subject to change.

Original Post: more...

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Something to Give Thanks For: STAR WARS!
— Jack M.

As envisioned by Donny and Marie Osmond, Red Foxx, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Lynde and a cast of dozens upon dozens of people who were really f'n desperate for attention.

Behold in all it's wondrous glory: Part 1 of the Donny and Marie Star Wars Special.

Yes, the sound and the picture are annoyingly out of sync. But there is a good reason for that.

I hate you. I hate you all.

Anyway, watch it and give thanks that I didn't post part 2 of this extravaganza on the main page as well.

Although if you are one of those obsessive types who absolutely must see the whole damn thing, part 2 is beneath the jump.

As always, you're welcome. Happy Thanksgiving morons.


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Top Ten FAIL Videos
— Ace

These are pretty good.

Here are the most painful ones. First, the most physically painful. Watch the replay because you might miss the awfulness at full speed. more...

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Even LAT Annoyed By Latest PC Posturing Over Kindergarener's Thankgiving Pageant
— Ace

As Shatner said, "Get a life."

The Shat is wise in all things.

Conservative commentators are no doubt blowing kisses in the direction of UC Riverside professor Michelle Raheja, whose odd interpretation of oppression has given them endless fodder for discussion and mockery. Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School in Claremont, was outraged at the school's traditional Thanksgiving pageant, in which kids from Condit and kids from nearby Mountain View Elementary dress up as either Indians or Pilgrims and visit the other school for a feast. After Raheja wrote a letter to her daughter's teacher likening the event to "asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis)," the school board held a hearing on the issue and decided to hold the event without the costumes. On Tuesday, the day of the feast, the exchanges at Condit between parents supporting and opposing the costumes grew so heated that the parents had to be separated by police.

These people do outrage like gorillas do hostility displays. Hoot a lot, punch the ground, puff out your chest, bare your fangs. Dance about like a retarded monkey.

Although there are many annoying things about this monkey-like behavior, three of the top ones must be:

1) The ostentatious manner of displaying one's putative greater morality and enlightenment, never passing on a single opportunity to make a preening spectacle of oneself. Meanwhile, the rest of us just want to get through the day without being bothered, and without being forced to pay attention to the political equivalent of a flasher.

2) The eternal presumption of being an instructor in a neverending series of "teachable moments." Usually the deal is that if one wishes to be taught, one signs up for classes and chooses a teacher. Not with these people. They choose their classroom -- that would be you -- and sign themselves up as your moral and political instructor.

3) And of course the thuggish determination, arising from that ugly, worst-of-all-worlds mixture of overweening vanity and contradictory feelings of inadequacy which can only be mollified by even greater displays of egotism, to impose their will on others. And, as always, one strongly suspects the pretext for the imposition of their will, their control, is irrelevant; they would be just as happy bullying people to accept the sky is pink, so long as at the end of the day they had people knuckling under them.

Fuck them all.

And Happy Thanksgiving.

More Like This: A Canadian student association has voted to drop cystic fibrosis research as a charity. On the grounds that the disease isn't "inclusive" enough, as it mainly affects whites, and men.

Which, by the way, they're wrong about.

But let's assume it was true: Shall non-gay non-minorities stop donating for AIDS causes? And go a step further and start demanding the government stop funding such research? After all, doesn't help us.

This is truly vile -- deciding some victims of serious diseases are better off being left to their fates because of their unfortunate skin color or gender.

Posted by: Ace at 11:03 AM | Comments (68)
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