July 31, 2007

Sweet Beatdown
— Rich "Psycho" Giamboni

This other blogging feller thinks it's me here, dropping the shitthammer on this squirmy punk acting like a clown in a convenience store. A very Ken Shamrock-like shithammer, if I do say so myself.

Wish I could take credit, bro. But you know, my dickhead PO doesn't let me leave the state, so of course I never do. Never. I sure want to be in full compliance with the terms of my parole. Nothin' makes me happier than doing exactly what my fucknutted PO wants me to do.

And I sure wouldn't stop at a convenience store on my way back from an out-of-state Indian casino for some Luckys, Suzy-Qs, and face-kicks.

And that's the name of that tune.

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Zippo's 75th Anniversary
— Dave In Texas

The American "windproof" lighter, the Zippo lighter was created by George G. Blaisdell in a garage in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932.


He learned about the little chimney thingy from a friend's clumsy Austrian model that required two hands, and designed the lighter that has remained substantially unchanged since.

Except for the Jim Beam logos and such.

Anybody who's ever tried to light a Marlboro on the front nine knows what I'm talkin about.. you can't get it done with a Bic.

I hate golf. Have I mentioned that before?

Anyway you can find out more about Zippos here.

I'll bet James "Scotty" Doohan was carrying a Zippo on D-Day. That's what I'll bet.

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Quote of the Day
— Ace


This is truly obscene. For years now the Lefties have been insulting Pat Tillman in the most poisonous ways possible -- just look at some of Ted Rall's syphilitic scrawlings for examples.

But now -- now they've seized upon his corpse and are waving it about in their filthy hands like a rag doll, in order to blacken the name of the Army he was proud to serve in.

I'm beyond being angry about this. It's disgusting and depressing. The Left are truly abandoning their last shreds of decency, honesty, and respect for anything.

And note that of course our troops can only fulfill two roles in the leftist narrative:

1) Jingoistic, stupid, white-trash/ghetto-trapped uneducated baby-killing monster and propaganda tool of the Bush administration; or

2) Victim of the Bush Administration, either by the military's state-of-the-art teratogenesis (creation of monsters) or by simple murder.

In Tillman's case, he went from 1 to 2 in quite a hurry as soon as the left realized he'd been murdered by his fellow soldiers on Dick Cheney's orders.

You know, murdered in cold blood by the troops that they support so goddamn much it hurts.

Note there is no option 3) here: Hero doing a hard job that needs to be done for little pay and only the outside shot at non-pecuniary benefits like respect and honor... benefits the left is determined to deny them.

The baby-killers are back, it seems, after five years of the left vowing it would never, ever, ever resort to such slanders again.

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Ask Max Blumenthal Which Unit He's Serving With In Afghanistan
— Ace

Apparently Chickenhawk Slanderer Max Blumenthal is so busy conducting special-ops hunt-and-kill missions he keeps missing my emails.

So maybe if there were more emails he wouldn't miss them? They're probably getting lost in all of his top-secret briefings from UNCLE or whatever.

maxblumenthal3000@yahoo.com is the email Drew dug up, but I guess that's not the military email he uses most frequently, alas. So just keep trying, and congratulate him on his fine heroic service on the front lines of freedom in Afghanistan.

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Ken Layne Needs To Drum Up Weak Traffic At Wonkette, So He Endorses Strong-Form of Tillman Assassination Theory
— Ace

And of course the hits are flying in.

So annoying that a sissyblog like Wonkette can get all the traffic from the left any day they choose simply by deciding to be insane.

Don't bother going to Wonkette. It's what Ken Layne and his buddies want.

Here's the full post, below.

Wonkette's previous scoops concerned Michelle Malkin's photoshopped bikini, and also a strange campaign of anti-semitic exposes including the exclusive reports that Jews have (and I quote) "big noses" and are money-grubbing.

That Jew-baiting didn't get them quite the hits they wanted (despite suckering LGF into linking all the various anti-semitic posts, as well as getting lots of links from the bigger-nosed, more money-grubbing Heebosphere, as they might call it), so now there's this.

Thanks to Double Plus Undead, who should quote the last half of the post, and then I'll just quote the first half, and shoot him a link for the rest of it.

I'm not traffic whoring per say so much as traffic denying when I suggest anyone who wants to link this bullshit should link here or another conservative blog and not Ken Layne. Why give him the anti-semitic conspiracy-theorist schizophrenic the fruits of his fruitcakedness?

So, Kenny-Boy: Who looks good this year? LaRouche or Paul?


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More Science: Nerds May Be Found Nearly Everywhere
— Ace

And what makes them nerds? They're "hyperwhite," it seems.

There may be something to that -- if a black student who's somewhat bookish is described by his peers as "acting white," then I guess full-out nerdism could be said to be "hyperwhite." But one element that makes a nerd a nerd is technical prowess and mad skillz, and I wouldn't be as giddy as this researcher is to term such a thing "hyperwhite" as if it's an insult. There may indeed be an insult there, but not the one this researcher thinks.

The researcher, who has spent twelve years studying nerds, by the way, says nerds are "hyperwhite" partly due to their rejection of hip-hop and black culture, which non-nerd "pseudowhites" are, it seems, into.

She's spent twelve years studying nerds and hasn't come across any nerds that are into rap? Really? Because from my more limited and less-rigorous experience, nerds tend to be big into that as well as metal. And nerds, being sort of obsessive, get really into anything they're into at all.

But apparently all those nerds walking around with stinky NWA t-shirts were exlcuded from the category of "nerd," simply because by embracing black pop culture they were no longer "hyperwhite" and hence no longer nerds at all.

The entire mostly white staff at Rolling Stone is ga-ga over rap. Nerds? Well, I've seen pictures. My preliminary conclusion is "Hells yeah."

Twelve years to conclude that white is kinda nerdy and black is kinda cool. I question the funding.

Via Instapundit who has more.

Nerds Just Don't Dig On Rap: Embrace the hyperwhiteness.

Hyperwhite Or Hyperyellow? someone questions how this researcher overlooked the Asian Nerd Hordes at UC.

On a related note: sweaty Chinese feller electrocuted by his computer.

Apparently he didn't bother to turn it off before opening the case.

If I were to guess why he did such an insane thing, my guesses would run towards things like "not wanting to interrupt a download of either porn or the movie Stargate in progress" and "not wanting to logout of WoW, where he only had six minutes left on an auction for the Sword of Misfortune."

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Murtha Believes Apparent Surge Success Due To Magical Trickery And Sorcerous Confoundments
— Ace

Reality- based.

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Losing By Winning: US Troop Deaths Lowest In Eight Months, And AP Says That's A Bad Thing. Somehow.
— Ace


"Slow progress" may be "emboldening our enemies."

I don't seem to remember any AP articles spinning months of high troop deaths as somehow a good thing.

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Pointy-Heads Who Never Kissed A Girl Solve Riddle of Love: "For years, scientists have known that attraction is more likely to happen when people are aroused"
— Ace


That quote is completely taken out of context -- they're referring to the old saw about people being more likely to hook up after being excited by fear or the like. Horror movies, roller coasters, lurking menacingly outside windows wearing nothing but clown makeup and a butcher's apron. Classic courtship ploys like that.

But it's characteristic of the piece as a whole, which tells us that science has concluded that love is a mystery, makes people do silly things, creates addiction-like symptoms, and may not be based entirely upon reason.

First comes initial attraction, the spark. If someone's going to pick one person out of the billions of opposite-sex humans out there, it's this step that starts things rolling.

Next comes the wild, dizzying infatuation of romance -- a unique magic between two people who can't stop thinking about each other. The brain uses its chemical arsenal to focus our attention on one person, forsaking all others.

"Everyone knows what that feels like. This is one of the great mysteries. It's the love potion No. 9, the click factor, interpersonal chemistry," says Gian Gonzaga, senior research scientist at eHarmony Labs.

Wow, thanks, Professor Science! Tell me more about this "spark" phenomenon. Is it electrostatic in nature? Piezoelectric? Something else? Spill, man! I'm on the edge of my seat here.

The forces of attraction are in many ways mysterious, but scientists know certain things. Studies have shown that women prefer men with symmetrical faces and that men like a certain waist-to-hip ratio in their mates. One study even found that women, when they sniffed men's T-shirts, were attracted to certain kinds of body odors.

A study even found that. Why, the next thing they'll be telling me is that a heartbroken man might cradle a pillow sniffing the perfume and body odor of his departed lover.

People in the early throes of passionate love, she says, can think of little else. They describe sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feelings of euphoria, and they're willing to take exceptional risks for the loved one.

Brain areas governing reward, craving, obsession, recklessness and habit all play their part in the trickery.

The deuce you say.

Clearly, in the matters of love, the stars were aligned for the [a couple discussed in the story]. When they met, they were ready for each other. But they were also attracted to each other. The chemistry was there. Most relationship researchers think it has to be.

Chemistry? First I've heard of this.

It also turns out that science shows that while love can strike at any age, older people, if you can believe such a thing, tend to be wiser and more in-control due to their experience in such matters.

The free fall of love's first rush can happen at any age, whether people are 20 or 70, says Elaine Hatfield, psychology professor at the University of Hawaii and relationship researcher.

What differs is that the older people get, the more memories they harbor of joy and trust, rejection and disappointment. And as people learn from experience, the front brain, with its logic and reason, probably gets a greater say.

"When you are young, passion and hope are so strong that's it's almost impossible to stop loving someone," Hatfield says. "After you've been kicked around by life, however, you start to have a dual response to handsome con men: 'Wow!' and 'Arrrrrrgh!'

"It takes not will power but painful experience to make us wise."

Dumb, but smart. Because the reporter writing this knew she wasn't telling anyone anything they didn't already know but that her editors would snap it up and people would link it and read it.

Because science has also demonstrated that people have some sort of strange interest in the subjects of love, attraction, and sex.

Thought that is yet only a tentative theory. Further research is required to conclusively establish this proposition.

The LA Times know this exact same story runs every single month in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc., right?

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Growth Rebounds To Perky 3.4% With Tame Inflation; Consumer Confidence Highest In Six Years
— Ace

What's worse in Rep. Clyburn's opinion, I wonder? A healthy US economy or a victory in Iraq?

The economy had its best quarter in a year but sluggish consumer activity raised concerns about the second-half of the year.

In the second quarter, U.S. gross domestic product rose at a 3.4% annual rate, the Commerce Department said Friday.

That's a bit faster than the 3.2% forecast by Wall Street and a nice rebound from meager first-quarter growth of just 0.6%.

Gains were driven by growth in exports, higher government spending and improved spending on infrastructure.

But there was more evidence that shoppers are tiring. Consumer spending, by far the most important piece of the economy, rose at a 1.3% rate in the second quarter, down from a 3.7% in the first.


Meanwhile, price pressures continued to ease. The GDP report's core consumer price index rose at a 1.4% rate in the second quarter, a four-year low.

That puts inflation solidly in the Fed's unofficial "comfort zone" of a 1%-2% inflation rate.

The media's relentless poor-mouthing of the economy isn't as effective lately as it has been previously.

onsumer confidence hit a six-year high in July, a widely watched gauge of sentiment showed on Tuesday, as Americans shrugged off falling home prices to focus on a healthy jobs market, instead.

The New York-based Conference Board said that its Consumer Confidence Index, rebounded to 112.6, its highest level since August 2001 when it recorded a 114.0 reading. That compared to a revised 105.3 in June. The July 24 cutoff for the preliminary survey of 5,000 U.S. households was before last week's stock market tumble, however.

"An improvement in business conditions and the job market has lifted consumers' spirits in July," said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center. "Looking ahead, consumers are more upbeat about short-term economic prospects, mainly the result of a decline in the number of pessimists, not an increase in the number of optimists. This rebound in confidence suggests economic activity may gather a little momentum in the coming months."

The Present Situation index, which measures how shoppers feel now about economic conditions, increased to 139.2 from 129.9 in June. That was the highest level since August 2001's 144.5 reading. The Expectations Index, which measures shoppers' outlook for the next six months, rose to 94.8 from 88.8.

Economists closely monitor confidence since consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of all U.S. economic activity.

I guess that hoped-for recession isn't quite here yet.

Meanwhile, the global economy is doing gangbusters business, so, sadly, no help for Harry Reid from his foreign friends.

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Roberts Doing Fine, But Likely Epileptic
— Ace

I have to think he's either got a very mild case of it or, due to his good lifestyle (little drinking, moderate use of stimulants like coffee, good sleeping schedule) he just barely ever tugs at the seizure trip-wire.

"The chief justice assured him that he was doing fine," White House press secretary Tony Snow said. "The president was reassured."

Roberts "sounded like he was in great spirits," Snow said, relaying details of the phone call.

Doctors who examined Roberts after his seizure said they found no tumor, stroke or any other explanation for the episode.

Roberts, 52, had a similar, unexplained attack in 1993.


By definition, someone who has had more than one seizure without any other cause is determined to have epilepsy, said Dr. Marc Schlosberg, a Washington Hospital Center neurologist who is not involved in the Roberts case.

Whether Roberts will need anti-seizure medications to prevent another is something he and his doctor will have to decide. But after two seizures, the likelihood of another at some point is greater than 60 percent.

Epilepsy is merely a term for a seizure disorder, but it is a loaded term because it makes people think of lots of seizures, cautioned Dr. Edward Mkrdichian, a neurosurgeon at the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch.

Still, Mkrdichian said anyone who has had two otherwise unexplained seizures is at high risk for a third, and that he puts such patients on anti-seizure medications.

"Having two seizures so many years apart without any known culprit is going to be very difficult to figure out," agreed Dr. Max Lee of the Milwaukee Neurological Institute.

He was on a boat before the attack. Maybe the sun, heat, and a little dehydration just pushed him over the seizure threshold. A lot of epileptics have their symptoms triggered by bright rapidly-flashing lights, usually strobe type. Maybe some others can get it by less intense flashing, like the sun glancing off the water and windshield for a few hours. I know when they do testing for this they try different flashing light cycles, some of them relatively slow.

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Surprise: ARG Poll Shows Rudy Ahead In NH, Iowa
— Ace

J-Pod mentioning it in a "highly conditional tone" given some people's skepticism about ARG.

Assuming it's true -- or at least mostly true, i.e., Rudy is either tied or nearly tied with Romney for the lead and may overtake him any day now -- that would pretty much seal the deal for Rudy, given his popularity in Florida. Thompson would have to work mighty hard indeed to displace the guy who's ahead in the national polls as well as the important early primary states.

I think Thompson could do it, but it wouldn't be the old math of Thompson stepping in and becoming the front-runner. He'd merely be a second-placer with a good chance.

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Al Gore III Pleads Guilty To Pot, Pill Possession
— Ace

Of course he can avoid all jailtime if he completes a stint in rehab.

I don't think this is a very important story -- wow, prosecutors and judge roll over for Al Gore's son, film at 11 -- but DB points out something interesting: Al Gore III's lawyer is Allen Stokke.

Who is Allison Stokke's dad.

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So You Think You Can Propagandize?
— Ace

So You Think You Can Dance? subjects viewers to synchronized defeatism. It has a good beat I can surrender to it.

“So You Think You Can Dance” took its audience for granted, tried to force feed it pirouette propaganda, and it paid a price.

There was a time when such shows were tailor-made for men fighting overseas, not made for bringing them down. Glenn Miller did his radio show three times a week between 1938 and 1942 before joining the Army himself and forming the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band.

Miller insisted the band be as close to the troops in theater as possible and had them shipped to England in 1943. While there, the band did over 800 performances in less than a year.

A General reportedly once told Miller, "Next to a letter from home, Capt. Miller, your organization is the greatest morale builder in the ETO.” His art made a statement.

In December of ’44, Miller flew ahead of his band from England to France to entertain troops who had liberated Paris. His plane disappeared over the English Channel. Neither the wreckage nor any signs of Miller were ever found. His death remains a mystery, Miller a casualty of the war he went so far to support.

My, these days are different, aren’t they?

The producers and choreographers defend their decision by saying no one could be pro-war, so what's the harm? Well, no one is pro-war as an optimum choice, but sometimes the pro-war position is the best of a bad lot.

Furthermore, during WWII, few actually liked the war either. What precisely was there to like? A world burning with darkness on the march? Soldiers being killed by the thousands? The deprivations and rationing on the home front?

No one was exactly dancing with joy at the fact that history had compelled them to fight a great evil at tremendous personal cost.

And yet they did it anyway. Without mounting absurd pageants about fantasy worlds in which Hitler could be negotiated with by simply appealing to his sense of compassion and his sense of equality.

Okay, I think I'm stopping the Rich "Psycho" Giamboni schtick. It's tedious.

In case you didn't notice, Dave in Texas is going to throw some posts up every once in a while. Glad to have him posting.

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How the hell did you get this job anyway?
— Dave In Texas

I just filled out an application, and brought it to the interview (click on images to enlarge).



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Proposed California Balloting Change Could "Guarantee" Republican Victory In 2008
— Rich "Psycho" Giamboni

Awarding electrical college votes by district. The Republicans would probably wind up winning the equivalent of Ohio out of California's electrical college votes (I think the article said California had like seven hundred and fifty votes; I don't know, read it yourself).

I don't really care too much about politics, to be honest. I got interested when Jesse Ventura ran, but unless Royce Gracie is the Vice President I guess I just don't care.

It would be cool knowing I could kick the Vice President's ass.

Royce Gracie is a fag. You guys all know that, right?

I hear things. I hear things.

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Pointy-Head Geeks Discuss What Some Other Pointy-Heads Wrote In The New York Times Newspaper
— Rich "Psycho" Giamboni

Look at them. Not a one of them has anything better to do than type type type all the doo-dah day like secretaries.

As such, the O’Hanlon-Pollack report makes plain one other truth: Those who persist in denying that General David Petraeus’s counterinsurgency strategy is having the desired, salutary effect and who insist that our defeat is inevitable are promoting a self-fulfilling prophesy. They are so determined to score domestic political points by unilaterally ending the conflict in Iraq that they are prepared to surrender the country to al Qaeda and various Shiite militias and their respective Saudi, Iranian and Syrian enablers.

Public-opinion polling and anecdotal evidence suggests that Americans are beginning to appreciate the true nature — and potentially enormous costs — of the surrender in Iraq being advocated by many Democrats and a few Republicans.

That's from some secretary named Frank Gaffney. This one is from some other guy named Michael Yon.

I have had the feeling for more than a month that top U.S. leadership in Iraq has been being cautious not to show too much optimism at this time. However, I have seen changes with my own eyes in Nineveh, Anbar, and Diyala that are more fundamental than just winning battles. In Nineveh, the enemies of a united Iraq are still strong and vibrant, but the Iraqi army and police in Nineveh clearly are improving faster than the enemy is improving. In other words, the Iraqi Security Forces are winning that particular race. Out in Anbar, the shift actually began to occur last year while Special Forces and other less-than-visible operators, along with conventional forces such as the Marines, began harnessing the mood-shift of the tribes. Whereas in Nineveh the fight has been more like a race and test of endurance, in Anbar the outcome was more like an avalanche. Parts of Diyala, such as Baqubah, witnessed avalanche-like positive changes beginning on June 19 with Operation Arrowhead Ripper. I witnessed the operation and was given full access.

I don't see what the problem is. If the terrorists start acting up, you suplex 'em. Iraqi parliament? Suplex 'em. Harry Reid? Suplex 'im, then face-stomp him, then climb up the walls of the Octogon and power-slam him with an elbow from about twelve foot yay high.

Then again, I'm a man of action. I've got better things to do than write in a journal like a twelve-year-old girl.

Like clean up all this filthy ferret musk off me. The little horny bastards are all rutting and they're spraying their weasel-smegma everywhere. The whole joint stinks of rodent balls and feet.

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Phony Marine Gets Merciful Sentence
— LauraW.

500 Hours of community service, tending military graves.

Buddle posed as a Marine Corps captain in 2005 and 2006, wearing a uniform with medals intended as awards for extraordinary contribution to national defense and heroism in combat. He even gave the opening prayer for the Washington state Senate in 2006 and posed as a chaplain and reverend, including officiating at weddings and funerals of servicemen.

Be sure to read the article to find out where he got the medals from. This guy is a real piece of work.

Old related blog entry; most of the links there are still good.

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Worst Boss Ever
— Slublog

Here's a story that comes just in time for my annual evaluation.

EAST POINT, Georgia (AP) -- The owner of a car dealership has been accused of killing two employees because they kept asking for pay raises.

Rolandas Milinavicius has been charged with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of Inga Contreras, 25, and Martynas Simokaitis, 28.

All three are from the eastern European nation of Lithuania but had been living in Atlanta, Georgia, authorities said.

Milinavicius, who was having financial problems, told police he shot the two Thursday after they kept asking for more pay, said police in East Point, which is just outside Atlanta.

"He told us that he was under a lot of stress," East Point police Capt. Russell Popham said. "Unfortunately, he decided to take his anger out with violence."

Actually, this really isn't that much different than working at the HQ.

None of you really bought the story about AndrewR leaving because he was "busy," do you?

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A New Age in AOSHQ
— LauraW.

An age without Ace. Weird.

At the HQ right now, the vodka is just about gone, and Slublog and Dave are kickin' back, watching deviant porn on what Ace used to call 'the super-mini widescreen,' which is a 21 inch Magnavox manufactured in 1974. It renders all the flesh tones an angry red-purple color. Ace liked it that way.

Jack M. and Johnny Coldcuts are just getting done having some kind of a meeting in the bathroom, as usual. Coldcuts looks pleased. I'm starting to think that may not be mayo under Jack's lip.

But I have to do something about Giamboni. He dragged his desk right up next to mine on his first day back.

Every time I go to sit down he's got his hand waiting palm-up on the cushion. And I'm not crazy about his little pet names for me, such as 'Miss Pussycat,' 'Sugarbuns,' 'Hump buddy,' or simply, 'Cootch.'

Like this morning. He strolled up to me as soon as I came in, stirring some Monitor Lizard saliva into his coffee. "Top o' the mornin', Cootch!" he roared. Dave and Slublog giggled like little schoolboys, eyes pinned to bouncing purple midget flesh.

"Stop calling me 'cootch,' you fucking psychotic retard," I reasoned. "If Ace were here, he-"

I had to stop there.
It's not really all that different around this place, to tell the truth.

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