June 28, 2006

Human Genome Pioneer Finds God, Expresses Belief In "Theistic Evolution"
— Ace

Which seems to be evolution (Darwinism!) but according to God's preconceived plan.

Among Collins’s most controversial beliefs is that of “theistic evolution”, which claims natural selection is the tool that God chose to create man. In his version of the theory, he argues that man will not evolve further.

“I see God’s hand at work through the mechanism of evolution. If God chose to create human beings in his image and decided that the mechanism of evolution was an elegant way to accomplish that goal, who are we to say that is not the way,” he says.

I don't buy it, but this sort of theory at least doesn't contradict the evidence at hand.

Collins believes that science cannot be used to refute the existence of God because it is confined to the “natural” world. In this light he believes miracles are a real possibility. “If one is willing to accept the existence of God or some supernatural force outside nature then it is not a logical problem to admit that, occasionally, a supernatural force might stage an invasion,” he says.

It seems to me that, if one is going to believe in a faith-based theory of speciation, this one is least objectionable in terms of science. It's not really falsifiable, nor does it impose any dogma on scientific research, which is how I prefer my religious beliefs.

But that's just my humble opinion, of course.

Thanks to JackStraw.

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Direct Action: Hostile Takeover Of The New York Times?
— Ace

Cold Water: Commenters are telling me, so far, that only family members have Class A stocks, which control the company. Only Class B stocks can be bought, and they're nonvoting.

I wonder if there are any other big papers or wire services which are open to a hostile takeover.

Another Update: Professor Bainbridge on the Times' dual-share system and Morgan Stanley's efforts to fight it.

Thanks to Abe, I think, for that.


A commenter noted that the Times has an odd arrangement whereby the Sulzberger family retains control, somehow, despite not having the bulk of voting stocks.

Does anyone know how this arrangement works, exactly? And, more importantly, how it can be undone?

Suppose there are one to three million angry, blog-reading conservatives in total.

Suppose further that each would be willing to buy 5-100 shares, depending on one's resources, if we knew we could, were we to amass a big enough pile of stock between us...

* fire the Sulzberger family

* fire Bill Keller

* and fire Risen and Lichtblau

* and furthermore shitcan them with NO SEVERENCE PACKAGES WHATSOEVER.

Is this possible?

Can we simply cash these fuckers out?

Bear in mind -- the money fronted for this would most likely be lost. We'd immediately alienate the liberal readership of the Times and destroy its reputation by tainting it with conservative ownership. But it might be money well-spent anyway.

First Things First: If anyone knows, please let me know if there's anyway to override the Sulzberger family's control over the company.

And how much stock would it take to take over? Just need a ballpark here.

Hope Springs Eternal? Andy the Squirrel concludes "you can't do anything," but...

Works like this- A shares 4 seats on the board. B shares get 13.

The Och Sulzberger family holds the B's. The B's represent a teeny tiny piece of the equity of the NYT. Basically, they got their cake and ate it too- They retained control, but got the cashola from going public.

Some investors, notably Morgan Stanley, are fighting about this, and withheld their votes for the last board election, along with 23% of the total A-share float.

This whole deal seems pretty hinky. If Morgan Stanley is "fighting it," well...

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Boycott NYT Advertisers
— Ace

At the end of this post, Michelle names a bunch of them.

The post also recounts how Times reporters tipped off the terrorist-linked Holy Land Foundation to an imminent federal raid. Having been tipped off, they immediately began destroying and evacuating evidence from their offices.

The Paper of Treason (TM).


I'm sure Michelle won't mind too much if I reprint the list right here. Let the advertisers know you'll be boycotting them and dumping their stock if they continue supporting terrorism.

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Huge: 11 "Insurgent" Groups Offer Ceasefire In Exchange For Two-Year Timetable For US Withdrawal
— Ace

I've got news for these idiots. If they weren't attacking US troops and Iraqi citizens, we'd have been out of there a year and a half ago. Their attacks and terrorism aren't driving us out of Iraq; they're keeping us there.

So I don't see a downside, assuming this is a legitimate offer and they can and will stop attacks. And give up the remaining Al Qaedaists in their midst.

Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered to halt attacks on the U.S.-led military if the Iraqi government and President Bush set a two-year timetable for withdrawing all foreign troops from the country, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The demand is part of a broad offer from the groups, who operate north of Baghdad in the heavily Sunni Arab provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala. Although much of the fighting has been to the west, those provinces have become increasingly violent and the attacks there have regularly crippled oil and commerce routes.

Unfortunately, the groups do not represent all insurgents:

The groups do not include the powerful Islamic Army in Iraq, Muhammad Army and the Mujahedeen Shura Council, the umbrella label for eight militant groups including al-Qaida in Iraq. But the new offer comes at a time when Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government is reaching out to militant Sunnis, including a new amnesty plan for insurgent fighters.

Al-Maliki, in remarks broadcast on national television Wednesday, did not issue an outright rejection of the timetable demand but said it was unrealistic because he could not be certain when the Iraqi army and police would be strong enough to assume full responsibility for the country's security.

Bush's "lack of a plan" seems to be working.

Thanks to Brett.

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Gray Lady Down
— Ace

Via Prof. Shackleford.

The Long View:

Thanks to Slubby for the reminder.

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40 Fun Facts About Superman
— Ace

Recounts Kevin Smith's notorious rips on hairdresser/producer Jon Peters. But fails to mention's Peters' demand that Braniac (the villain in earlier scripts) have some kind of a cute alien dog-creature who Braniac would hate but would be forced, for some reason, to care for rather than kill.

Peters insisted on this because he felt he needed a cute toy for merchandising deals with McDonalds or Burger King. "I need my Wookie," he would say over and over.

Thanks to The Corner.

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Bleg: Super Duper Pooper Video?
— Ace

Anyone have this? It's damned weird and funny, and I can't believe it's not somewhere on the Internet.

This is in the same weird ballpark.

From Greg Gutfeld's new blog, the Daily Gut. I'd like to link his article about this, but damned if I can see how to link an individual entry. Just scroll down until you see the adorable new plushy kid's toys, "Pee" and "Poo."

Coming soon: "Cheesy," the cheesy urogenital discharge plushy, and "Smegmee."

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Howard Dean: America About To Enter 60's Again
— Ace

And he thinks that's a good thing.

Dean said he is looking for "the age of enlightenment led by religious figures who want to greet Americans with a moral, uplifting vision."

"The problem is when we hit that '60s spot again, which I am optimistic we're about to hit, we have to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes," Dean added.

He then goes on to admit actual liberal mistakes-- government housing which created ghettos for blacks, giving away stuff "for free," and the like.

But then this erudite analysis of the minimum wage's effect on marginal job creation:

As one method of accomplishing that goal, the DNC chairman called on Congress "to raise the minimum wage until we have a living wage in this country." He dismissed criticism of a minimum wage hike as "economists' mumbo-jumbo."

Strong. Scientifically-minded.

Gee, I don't know where people get the idea that the Democratic Party is stuck in the 60's, the party of pot, pacifism, and pwife swapping.

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Warlike Israelis Versus Peaceful Palestinians
— Ace

What, they couldn't find a Palestinian flying a kite? Actually... that flag looks pretty kite-like, no?


Strong. Subtle.

LGF, which is on a roll with pictures demonstrating reporters' solidarity with terrorists.

In Further Black-Is-White, Up-Is-Down News... Andrew Sullivan accuses Instapundit of being "passive-aggressive."

Projection, Andy. It's not just a river in Egypt.

He then goes on, yet again, to spout off about how, unlike Reynolds and Goldstein, he's on no one's team but Team Truth. He tells us once again that his stance requires "thinking," which no one who supports Bush (post-FMA, of course) is capable of.

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June 27, 2006

Spiderman 3 Trailer
— Ace

Meh. He does wear the black suit -- or a black suit; it's just the normal costume in black and white, rather than the differently-styled black suit of the comics -- and he does bond with the alien symbiote Venom.

And Sandman's in it, as well as Hobgoblin, though they seem to just be calling him Green Goblin. Which they're probably doing because Gwen Stacey is in this movie, if you know what I'm getting at.

Strangely, they introduce the alien symbiote by actually doing a very quick version of the whole Marvel Secret Wars story line and they briefly introduce every major character in the Marvel Universe, including four or five of the X-Men from the current franchise (plus Gambit and a black mutant that might be Bishop).

Don't pop a chubby, nerds. No they don't. I'm lying. Come on, how could they do that?

They just say the alien symbiote came back with J. Jonah Jameson Jr. after one of his space missions.

I don't know if the Venom storyline is a good idea. It's so oooolllld now. No one even looks back and thinks, "Cool!"

Oh, and Venom is played by... Topher F'n' Grace from That Seventies Show. So this will not be the hulking Venom you remember from the comics.

They shoulda gone with a Sinister Six storyline. Would have loved to have seen the Scorpion, the Rhino, Shocker, and Mysterio all fighting Spidey.

Thanks to steve_in_hb.

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Jerome Armstrong Moonlighted As "Star Swami" Vis Numar?
— Ace

Although Mark Warner campaign strategist Jerome Armstrong claims he gave up his (impliedly) brief dalliance with star-sign-prognostication in 2001, Dan Riehl thinks he kept it up through 2005 under the nom de etoiles "Vis Numar."

So, Mark Warner is paying for political consulting about the GOP's obsession "with 'gonad politics' which manifestated the plutonic sexual tensions that exist in the Republican Party."


The Republican Party does well when it deals with Neptunian issues ... but when it comes to issues surrounding Pluto, the sexual and the bodily emerge from shadows, and they go toward excess.

Ah, yes. The parties diverge on freedom from want versus freedom of opportunity, security versus civil liberties, and, of course, Neptunian versus Plutonian issues.

Pluto is sexual?

To some, I guess.

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Don't Forget This
— Ace

The notorious discussion in which Mike Wallace declared that a true reporter could not warn a group of troops he was embedded with of a coming attack on them that they would otherwise be surprised (and killed) by.

Because there is not only no higher status than "reporter," but not even other obligations that compete with it (such as patriotism or even mere respect for human life).

As Football Fans For Truth concludes in disgust:

They actually believe this shit. Life is just another episode of Lou Grant.

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Flag-Burning Amendment Fails By One Vote
— Ace

Only garnered 66 votes, rather than required 67.

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Another Gaza Bridge Blown
— Ace

More interestingly to me-- Palestinian militants are said to be "massing" in northern Gaza.

I don't want to be a little New York Times fink, so I'll write the following in secret invisible ink. Llorcs-revo ot daer.

Got news for you: It's not smart for terrorists, who typically hide amidst civilian populations, to "mass" anywhere when the Israelis have F-16's in the air.

A Possible Third Bridge... mentioned on Fox.

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Senate Asks Intelligence Czar For Leak-Damage Investigation
— Ace

Good. Let's get started with this already.

As I Was Saying... Belgium probing legality of SWIFT subpoenas.

Thanks, NYT! Thanks so much for serving as a hostile intelligence service providing damaging information to our enemies as well as our very-reluctant allies.

Pat Roberts, writer of the letter cited above, says that the next attack on the US may very well be laid at the feet of the NYT.

Peter King wants to throw the reporters in jail until they reveal their sources to a grand jury.

Some Congressmen calling for a tightening, toughening of espionage laws.

These updates from Brit Hume's show, on now.

Bump the Jail-O-Meter to...


They're making all the right moves to gain the political support they need to throw these sonofabitches in jail for a year or five.

A Treasonous Bridge Too Far... Patterico dreams the impossible dream and ponders if the NYT and LAT realize they committed treason that the American public will not forgive.

The "treason" part they didn't mind, of course. They always understood that.

But it is possible it's dawning on them that this is all very, very close to publishing submarine positions as they're about to attack a target, and that the public may have had just about enough of their arrogance and hostility to American security.

The American public has a reflexive instict against prosecuting journalists. But that's all it is at this point-- reflexive. The more the public considers precisely what the NYT has done, the more they'll realize their reflexive support for press freedom should not apply in such a disgraceful case.

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Israel Attacks?
— Ace

So far it seems like they've just blown up a bridge, to prevent easy transport of the kidnapped Israeli soldier.

Seems like vigorous saber rattling. Blowing up a bridge gets someone's attention but it's not quite a full-fledged attack.


Thanks to shawn.

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No Cowbell
— Ace

Gas is back up; the Dow keeps falling.

I think the following is a pretty good anti-cowbell picture. You should know in advance you're not going to like it. more...

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The Mindset Of The NYT
— Ace

...is demonstrated by their choice of what letters to publish. Powerline Blog notes they found the following letter -- written as a parody -- was well-received by the NYT:

Dear Mr. Keller:

I want to thank you personally for breaking the story on the government illegally using the SWIFT system to track money.

This administration is always breaking the law. They all belong behind bars. Just remember, it's your duty to make sure they're kicked out of office, in the most humiliating way possible. Republicans are killers of poor people all around the world. Crimes against humanity should not go unpunished.

Keep up the good work.

Henry David

Click on the link to read the Times' gratitude in receiving such plaudits.

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An Interview With "Moderate Mort" Kondracke
— Ace

By the blogger Real Ugly American.

Mort is a disaffected liberal; he's not a rightie by any means, but he's annoyed enough by liberals that he's pretty fair and moderate. In fact, I have to say Mort Kondracke is more or less the exact political middle of this country. Like an ideological Missouri.

Which doesn't mean I agree with him on every point. I just mean only that-- he's right in the actual middle. The liberals in the MSM would be wise to look to him to determine what true centrism is.

Anyway, his reason for breaking with liberals is interesting:

... it was actually the Vietnam War the end of the Vietnam War that made me stop being a liberal most of all. I was covering the Ford White House when the North Vietnamese began their final offensive against South Vietnam, and I remember President Ford asking congress for 600 million dollars to help the South Vietnamese to fight their way, to save themselves, and congress refused and the minute congress refused the South Vietnamese army through down their weapons and ran. And that was the end. And I was just so disgusted with the Democrats at that point that I said you know what do Democrats do but spend money you know and to save an ally they weren’t even willing to commit money so that’s when I bailed. And even before then I thought the Soviet Union was a menace and that it had to be resisted so I have been a foreign policy hawk for a long time.

He talks a lot about media bias and Bush derangement.

Thanks to Dan from Riehl World View.

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Meet The New Kos, Same As The Old Kos
— Ace

It's good to be the king:

Does kos have influence over other bloggers? Of course! He may not have direct financial influence over them, at best those claims are tendentious—but some other bloggers feel intimidated, as Mike Stark indicated in a Townhouse message

I might be digging my grave here, but before I put my credibility on the line ofr anyone, I want to know I’m standing on solid ground.

Why would he think he was digging his grave by being contrary to kos if there wasn’t some air of intimidation, real or perceived?

Goldstein notes the characteristic leftist urge for enforced conformity.

Meanwhile, the left has a new conspiracy theory (they average 2.5 per day): Kos is being "swiftboated."

Actually, I don't know that this one is wrong. Hey, politics is hardball. Kos doesn't like Hillary, and Hillary doesn't like Kos. It's quite possible Hillary and Peter Daou have something to do with the embarrassing leaks about Kos.

Remember, it was Al Gore who first used the Willie Horton issue against Michael Dukakis. (Although the left always points out Al Gore didn't actually speak the name "Willie Horton.")

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