May 31, 2005

A Comparative Critique of Variant Stormtrooper Armor-Marking Schemes
— Ace



Thanks to GregD.

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Coming to America: Al Qaeda #3 To Be Extradited
— Ace

Even though he's eligible to be hanged in Pakistan, Musharref would apparently rather not deal with him.

Interestingly, he mentions Al Qaeda prisoners involved in the acquisition of anthrax in the speech announcing his extradition.

Could mean something. Could mean nothing. I've had my heart broken before.

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Deep Throat's ID Confirmed By Woodward, Bernstein, & the WaPo
— Ace

Probably the biggest news of the day that I could give a rat's ass less about.

I've got to do a little Googling to confirm, but I think some project by journalism graduate students named Felt as the most likely Throat. If that's right-- hey, nice going, guys.

What does this mean?

Well, Throat was not entirely a fictional device as many have believed.

It also means that the media get to spend the next several days discussing their favorite topic-- themselves.

At least that means they'll have less time to pound on Republicans.

Correction: That journalism class didn't finger Felt (ahem); they fingered Nixon WH insider Fred Fielding.

So, journalism students are dumb. Breaking news. Must credit Ace of Spades.

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Hoist the Black Flag, 4PM Eastern
— Ace

You can hear the show at, by looking for the "Now Playing-- Channel One" button at four.

And you can call in. You morons seemed to have forgotten how to dial a phone last week. The call-in number is:

CALL IN NUMBER- 1-866-884-TALK (8255)

Maybe the problem was that "TALK" at the end of the number, and you couldn't figure out how to dial letters. Well, see, above each number is a group of letters, and...

I don't feel like explaining it out. Use "context clues" to guide you.


We'll be speaking with former Senatorial Candidate (and former Chairman of the Kansas Fed Reserve Bank, and former visionary CEO, etc.) and author of They Think You're Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Republicans Must Do to Keep It, Herman Cain.

Who Karol says is just an amazingly inspirational speaker and quite an advocate of capitalism.

And then we'll be speaking with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs fame.

Who everyone knows, of course.

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Let's Be Honest: We're Not Giving the British Army in Iraq Enough To Do
— Ace

Oh, those zany British. They're either utterly humorless or just plain goofy. These soldiers fall into the latter category.

Thanks to VonKreedon.

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Ex-American-Muslim "Hostage" Indicted For Assisting In Kidnapping of Romanians
— Ace

Indicted by the Romanians. They suspect him of setting up his fellow abductees and aiding the kidnappers.

Once again, the sort of story the MSM won't report.

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George Galloway Calls For Alliance Between Muslim Radicals and Leftist "Progressives"
— Ace

There's been a bit of this going on for a while now. Galloway is just stupid, arrogant, and maniac enough to make it official and put it on the record.

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New York Times Outs CIA's Covert Air Fleet
— Ace

Pretty unbelievable. The newspaper that got itself into such a tizzy about the supposed "outing" of stateside mom Valerie Plame now reveals all on the CIA's successor to Air America, the air fleet that ferries the CIA into hot zones and moves terrorists to interrogations sites.

It's one thing to speak of the dimensions of the project and the uses of the planes, but what, precisely, is served by revealing the names of all the shell companies used to keep the planes "clean" from CIA association, or even the man's name who incorporated the companies, or the precise models of planes in the fleet?

Is the New York Times actively attempting to undermine the CIA and serve as a free intelligence agency for hostile foreign governments?

I'm not naive. I know that a fairly decent foreign intelligence service would already some or most of this. But what about a terrorist organization?

And while semi-friendly governments may have played along with the CIA's ruse and allowed CIA planes into their airspace -- winking at them, permitting overflights while knowing they weren't really civilian jets -- now those governments are duty bound to refuse overflight permissions, as the whole world (including their anti-American populations) know knows, for example, that "Pegasus Technologies" is a CIA-front holding company, and that any plane owned by that shell is up to no good (or great good, depending on your POV).

Thanks a lot, New York Times!

They really consider themselves Citizens of the Global Journalism Nation, don't they?

Thanks to "someone."

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Funny: Bed-Ridden Zarqawi Vows Support For Bed-Ridden Bin Ladin
— Ace

Great piece from The Therapist, who I should be linking more:

Iraq--Vowing to continue the Jihad in the "land of the two rivers," insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said he was "Honored" to be bed-ridden under the bed-ridden leadership of Osama Bin Laden.

The statement came via a newly-released audiotape on an oft-used Islamic website.

"I rise to spit in the infidel's eye," said al-Zarqawi. "And I press my 'call nurse' button with all the vigor of pulling a trigger. Allah be praised."

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May 30, 2005

Ex-Steely Dan Guitarist Now Defense Consultant
— Ace

Rock stars-- is there anything they can't do?

I was amused to learn that Iron Maiden's lead singer Bruce Dickinson (no, not that Bruce Dickinson) was now a commercial pilot, flying 737's.

But now Jeff "Skunk" Baxter of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers is now a defense and counter-terrorism consultant:

His defense work began in the 1980s, when it occurred to him that much of the hardware and software being developed for military use, like data-compression algorithms and large-capacity storage devices, could also be used for recording music. Mr. Baxter’s next-door neighbor, a retired engineer who worked on the Pentagon’s Sidewinder missile program, bought him a subscription to an aviation magazine, and he was soon reading a range of military-related publications.

Mr. Baxter began wondering whether existing military systems could be adapted to meet future threats they weren’t designed to address, a heretical concept for most defense thinkers. In his spare time, he wrote a five-page paper on a primitive Tandy computer that proposed converting the military’s Aegis program, a ship-based antiplane system, into a rudimentary missile-defense system.

On a whim, he gave the paper to a friend from California, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. To Mr. Baxter’s surprise, the congressman took it seriously, and the idea proved to be prescient: Aegis missile-defense systems have done well in tests, and the Navy says it will equip at least one ship with the antimissile system by the end of the year.

“Skunk really blew my mind with that report,” Mr. Rohrabacher says. “He was talking over my head half the time, and the fact that he was a rock star who had basically learned it all on his own was mind-boggling.”

Note to self: Aid American war cause by 1) learning guitar, 2) joining several multiplatinum acts, 3) then thinking up cool shit involving computers and missiles.

The way I see it, #1 is the bitch of the bunch. But I've got basic music theory down from my days rockin' it old school on the bassoon in my marching band. I figure I can learn to wail on the guitar in just a couple of months.

And a few years after that I'll build a Terminator cyborg, but shaped like a Tyrannasaurus Rex.

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Back From Vacation
— Ace

I didn't really plan on it; it just happened. But just nothing in the (thin) news the past couple of days has seemed worth linking to me.

Here's something cool. I went to the Comedy Cellar Sunday night to catch Colin Quinn, Greg Giraldo, and Dan Naturman (the funny comic who got screwed on series 2 of Last Comic Standing). A little drunk and with an extra tab of klonopin in me, I talked to Colin Quinn for a few minutes and, suddenly remembering I had a webcast show, asked him if he'd be on. "Sure," he said. "What the hell do I care? I'll do anything."

So... supposedly he'll be doing the show. He seemed genuinely not to care whether he did it or not, which is, you know, a positive sign. Best I could hope for, really.

Feeling my oats, I got similar semi-commitments from Giraldo and Naturman.

So, we'll see.

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May 28, 2005

ACLU Fights To Tear Down Cross-Memorial To WWI Veterans
— Ace

As usual. And guess what? You're paying them for this service.

The other interesting thing here is that Snopes -- usually a reliable debunker of Internet hoaxes -- once again deems a story that smacks up liberals "False" despite the fact that it's actually, you know, true.

I've noted before that Snopes tends to slap a "False" on stories that cut against liberal causes, not because they're factually inaccurate, but because Snopes doesn't think the proper "context" (i.e., arguments demonstrating why this is actually "good for America") is provided.

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Hoist the Black Flag Repeat Schedule
— Ace

Karol's pimping the repeats. I thought we were better this time, she thought we weren't. Ah, well.

Next week we have Herman Cain, former Republican candidate for Senate and author of They Think You're Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Republicans Must Do to Keep It, and Charles Johnson, better known as Mr. Little Green Footballs.

After that we plan on changing the format a bit. We'll only have one guest, and we'll spend the last fifteen minutes talking about the news ourselves and taking calls (if anyone bothers to call). We also might bring in guest-bloggers to comment on the news with us (not formal interviews; just another guy offering his take).

Hopefully we'll be able to work in a little more humor into that last segment.

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Ten Minute Mega-Teaser for Batman Begins
— Ace

Even better than the other one. This one contains several minutes of the training sequence from the other trailer, but a lot more than that. It veers dangerously close to the "telling the entire movie" problem, but it looks so damn good that doesn't put me off.

A review of the teaser:

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May 27, 2005

The First Million Is Always The Hardest
— Ace

My sitemeter seems to be telling me that sometime over the next few days, maybe tomorrow, I'll be breaking the two million mark unique visitors mark.

I plan to celebrate by relinking old posts I've already linked six bazillion times.

Just kidding. To thank you for reading, I won't relink anything at all. I'll just do what I usually do on a Memorial Day weekend -- shoot bottle-rockets at the neighborhood cats, and then, when the cops come, blame it on a Puerto Rican kid.

You just have to say "Puerto Rican" and "bottle-rockets" and the cops just start nodding with sage understanding.

Thanks for reading.

And thanks to all of you who donated, too, although I'm just getting to thank-you letters now. I apologize for the delay. The account (yahoo, where paypal notifications are sent) has been balky again and tends to crash when I open mail. But it's working well enough now.

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They Also Serve Who Stand Around In The Jungle For Sixty F'n' Years
— Ace

Two more Japanese WWII soldiers -- hold-outs, still fighting the war, in between watching re-runs of Matlock -- are found in the Philippines jungles.

Liberals whining about a quick end to this war -- featuring guys even more fanatical than Japanese suicide-torpedo pilots -- ought to bear in mind that some people just will not give up. Ever.

Sorry if that interferes with your plans to write nothing but columns about Will & Grace for the rest of your diminishing career, Maureen Dowd.

Thanks to both NickS and Brak.

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"Art" Exhibit About Controversy Features President Bush Being Sodomized
— Ace

Controversy, eh?

The exhibit also features the Pope -- with swastikas -- and, get this, the Statute of Liberty -- with swastikas.

Very original.

Artists tell us piously they exist to "challenge dogma" and "question assumptions" and the like, but it's no great trick to challenge the dogma or question the assumptions of others. Real rebellion, and real free-thinking, comes from challenging your own beliefs, and the beliefs of your peer-group.

But they never seem to get around to that, do they?

Nope, just challenging the imputed straw-man beliefs of people they don't know (but think they do, 'cuz they have a whole raft of stereotypes about them) over and over again.

I've been challenged enough, "artists." Challenge yourselves for a change.

What would be truly controversial -- perfect for an exhibit on Controversy -- would be a picture of voting Iraqis with the legend, "Bush was right."

That would be controversial to this crowd. That would satisfy the artists' self-styled mission of "shaking up easy assumptions."

Odds of that happening? Pretty f'n' small.

Thanks to Hubrisblog.

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Funny, He Doesn't Look Like a Half-Crazy Accused Murderer
— Ace

A pic of Phil Spector on trial.

Let's be honest: the judge should permit that hair to be entered into evidence and then proceed directly to the sentencing phase.

Thanks to NickS.

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EU Treaty: French Leaders Say It's "Lost"
— Ace

Again, I don't really care, except that if these jerkweeds want it, I want it to fail.

All I want is turmoil and disarray, as I said yesterday.

Sometimes life is good:

French in disarray as they admit EU treaty vote is lost

THE leader of France’s ruling party has privately admitted that Sunday’s referendum on the European constitution will result in a “no” vote, throwing Europe into turmoil.

“The thing is lost,” Nicolas Sarkozy told French ministers during an ill-tempered meeting. “It will be a little ‘no’ or a big ‘no’,” he was quoted as telling Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Prime Minister, whom he accused of leading a feeble campaign.

Although Europe would be thrown into disarray, the Government would be greatly relieved if M Sarkozy were right.

Ministers have privately told The Times that Britain is prepared to ditch its commitment to a referendum if France, or the Netherlands next Wednesday, vote against the constitution. They believe that if the French say “no”, President Chirac will have to declare the constitution dead or promise a renegotiation.

Sweet, you guys.

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RebScam Update: Harold Ford Jr.'s Uncle Has, Um, A Colorful Past
— Ace say the least:

Controversy: In October 1990, Ford was charged with shooting at a trucker on Interstate 40 near Lexington. He was indicted and pleaded not guilty.

Outcome: In a jury trial the next year, he was acquitted.

I'd like more facts about that. Was it a case of mistaken identity, or did he claim he was shooting at a grouse or something that had landed on the truck? It sort of makes a difference.

Also, the one Republican state rep so far named in the scandal turns out to be one of those Republicans that jumps at the orders of the Democratic Speaker of the House.

Just sayin'.

Thanks to Matthew.

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