January 31, 2005

Thanks to My Guest Bloggers
— Ace

Wow. You guys really blogged the heck out of this site.

I want to thank again all the good people who filled in for me while I was out getting sensual massages from Stanley Tucci.

John Wuzzadem, glad you're a Dem no more.

Karol was busy this week and didn't get to post much, but I appreciate her efforts just the same.

The Unpopulist, of course, gets a special shout-out for getting this site Insta-linked. I think that's the key to getting myself Instalanched-- have someone else write the post.

Say Anything, thanks so much. Glad to have your firepower, if only for a week.

Zelda from The Urban Grind I've actually met. She's a great chick and if you're not checking her site, you ought to be.

And finally Dave from Garfield Ridge-- thanks. Not quite as many Professor Zaius posts as I would have liked, but a terrific job nonetheless.

Thanks for doing so much damn work -- and posting so much interesting and funny writing -- while I was away. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

And thanks to the readers who kept coming back in my absence-- you guys are the greatest.

UPDATE [the UnPo]:

To all Ace readers and admirers, and in particular the surlier ones:

Thank you for you time. It was a blast.

God bless.

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New York Magazine Doing Rathergate Postmortem
— Ace

Ratherbiased.com has a tease from an upcoming LLM piece on Rathergate, including these tidbits:

* Dan Rather has been observed wandering the hallways of CBS News muttering "elections have consequences," referring to Bush-Kerry presidential race.

* Many within CBS News believe Rather and CBS News president Andrew Heyward should quit out of honor. Says one executive of Rather: "Should Dan resign for his part in this story? Yes. Will he? No. It’s just not his style." As for Heyward, Blum points out that in the seven years that Betsy West, Heyward's assistant vice president, worked for him, she never did anything that Heyward didn't require her to do. "The fish stinks from the head," he concludes.
Don Hewitt, the founder of "60 Minutes," on the scandal: "This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in 55 years of working for CBS News."

* "Much has been made of Rather's failure to see the piece before it aired, but that fact isn't very meaningful; he'd read multiple drafts of the script for the story (written by producer Mapes), done most of the interviews, and had a thorough knowledge of the story's content and point of view. He was hardly the uninformed mouthpiece portrayed in the media."

* Rather seems to have been responsible for the disastrous 12-day denial strategy following the initial questioning of the Burkett documents:
"Rather has remained intensely loyal to his disgraced producer Mary Mapes, but those around him feel his loyalties should have been to the truth. 'The producer lied,' one longtime Rather producer told me in an unsolicited, not-for-attribution e-mail, angry that other innocent people had been wrongly punished for Mapes's transgressions. But the commission's report showed that it was the considerable power of Rather—in addition to Mapes—that helped lead Howard, West, and others to trust the reporting on the National Guard story in ways they now must deeply regret."

There's more at the link, of course.

I'm always amused by the comparisons between this story and Watergate. Dan Rather, muttering to himself as he wanders the halls aimlessly -- perhaps speaking to a portrait of Edward R. Murrow? -- is just another example that history repeats itself, especially if you're a retard.

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Do You Ever Wish You Had the Energy and Confidence That Comes From Having Well-Cleansed Nostrils?
— Ace

Check it out.

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Federal Jurist Grants Terror Suspects the Rights of Citizenship
— Ace


WASHINGTON - A federal judge ruled Monday that foreign terror suspects held in Cuba can challenge their confinement in U.S. courts and she criticized the Bush administration for holding hundreds of people without legal rights.

Judge Joyce Hens Green, handling claims filed by about 50 detainees at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, said the Supreme Court made clear last yearthat they have constitutional rights that lower courts should enforce.  

"Although this nation unquestionably must take strong action under the leadership of the commander in chief to protect itself against enormous and unprecedented threats," she wrote, "that necessity cannot negate the existence of the most basic fundamental rights for which the people of this country have fought and died for well over 200 years. "

It never occured to me that Nathan Hale submitted to execution so as to preserve the rights of foreign combatants.

Or for that matter that terrorist suspects were mentioned in The Constitution.

Good to know.


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George Soros: Kerry Sucked [Ace]
— Ace

Via The New Vintage (who "questions the timing"), George Soros has the long, luxuriously European knives out for Kerry:

Jan. 30 -- Billionaire investor George Soros, the biggest financial contributor to the failed effort to defeat President George W. Bush in November's election, said Democratic challenger John Kerry was a flawed candidate.

Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, spent $26 million in last year's campaign that he said was undermined by the candidate he supported.

``Kerry did not, actually, offer a credible and coherent alternative,'' Soros, 74, said yesterday in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ``That had a lot to do with Bush being re-elected.''


The Kerry campaign ``tried to emphasize his role as a Vietnam War hero and downplay his role as an anti-Vietnam War hero, which he was,'' said Soros. ``Had he admitted, owned up to it, I think actually the outcome could have been different.''

Once again, The West Wing fallacy: if we just give them old-school neosocialist pacifist liberalism, they'll vote for us.

Nope. It's dishonest as hell, but hiding their actual policies and inclinations is actually their best strategy.

Soros said he also now questions ``what the Democratic party stands for.'' Democrats need to counter ``a very effective conservative message machine,'' he said. ``There really needs to be an alternative.''

Right. The elite print media, all the network news organizations, academia, and Hollywood just aren't enough to "get the message out there."

If that's not enough, I quiver to imagine what Soros has in mind.

More... Just One Minute on the everlong quest to get John Kerry to sign his form 180, releasing his military records.

You must read the post, if only for the "LAST LAUGH" update at the end.

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Why Won't the Right Concede Any Errors? [Ace]
— Ace

Andrew Sullivan is for once worth reading; or rather, one of his emailers is.

No, the email doesn't call him the most influential man in the history of the world, nor praise him for his bravery:

They [the Bush-hating left] will take a contrarian position no matter what the topic. They will lie and distort their own past stated positions, The ends justify the means, and all. The same people who claim to have been for the Afghanistan action in order to justify their exceptional opposition to the Iraq action were, for the most part, against Afghanistan. They lie with ease; they don't want us to win anything; they want America to be publicly chastened, especially by our European intellectual 'superiors'. Conceding anything to this crowd, right or wrong, feels like it will lead to giving them something they don't deserve, the higher ground, and, worse, carte blanche to take us back to a pre-911 ostrich-like security strategy.

I think that's on the right track. I think it's pretty clear that the Iraq occupation has not gone as we'd all hoped.

And yet-- my own personal admission of that fact tends to be grudging and sporadic.

When a child does nothing but whine and scream, one becomes less interested in addressing each and every one of the baby's complaints, even if there are a few valid ones mixed in with the constant screeching.

Update: Boy from Troi now rips Andrew a new one, too.

The "excitable Andrew" meme has really taken off. I'm glad that everyone's now seeing through this twit, but I'm also a little saddened that my raison d'etre (a French term meaning "hatred of excitable hacks") has been so broadly swiped.

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"I underestimated the Iraqi people" [Ace]
— Ace

Fox reporter Steve Harrigan expected more Iraqis to be cowed by the threat of terrorism, and Johnny Dollar has the transcript.

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Hillary Overcome by Emotions
— Ace

Drudge siren: "Hillary in Faint Scare"

"She fainted after not feeling well, got medical attention and is proceeding with her planned schedule," according to a statement released by her office in Washington.
Looks like she was finally overcome by the overwhelming sense of joy she's been experiencing as a result of the successful election in Iraq.

Update: Fox News just did a phone interview with some big-wig doctor, who assisted them in their wild speculation about the possible cause of Hillary's apparent case of 'the vapors'. Said big-wig doctor was kind enough to speculate that she "May have had diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration."

Don't they have a delay? Where is the FCC?

Posted by John from WuzzaDem

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Coming Home [Ace]
— Ace

Best night's sleep of my life.

Guest bloggers kicking ass and taking names.

The Iraqi elections going off with only sporadic violence and with 80% participation.

Allah sending along this Washington Post story on, yes, Blue Oyster Cult and the cult of "more cowbell."

Life is good.

Thanks, Dave, Lisa, Karol, Say Anything, John, and Unpopulist. You guys did a great job and you made the site better in my absence than it was with me running things.

Given that-- hey, if you want to keep posting a little today, have fun. I'm not quite in full blogger mode yet.

I want to also thank all of those readers who've been so supportive-- not just of this site, but of wishing me good luck at Sundance. It really felt good to know that I was carrying those well-wishes wherever I went.

Scurrilious Rumors: Fat Kid speculates on where I've really been for the past week.

They're all lies.

Well, there's some truth in Number One, I suppose.

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Well, Hell, If Ace Ain't Coming Back. . . [Dave at Garfield Ridge]
— Ace

Might as well post, eh?

Seriously, if he's been kidnapped by militant German nihilists, or worse, gotten a job in Hollywood that started today, then what happens to his site?

Do all of us guest bloggers get to keep it as our second home? Or do we have to give it up to the state, and let the government sell it for parts?

Maybe Ace left a will. Although I shudder to think what would be in such a document. I could see him leaving Ace of Spades to Cedarford, just to screw with everybody else.

Oh well. While we're all waiting to hail the return of Caesar Triumphant, I encourage you to enjoy. . . THIS!

Dave at Garfield Ridge

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Where is Ace?
— Ace

Hot-tubbing it with Redford?

Prepping for that coveted appearance on Hardball?

On a three-day drunk with Byron York?

Standing on a corner somewhere cursing Lopez, Goldberg and Lowry for standing him up?

Checking out the local haberdasheries with Joe Pantoliano?

Hospitalized after a near-fatal run-in with Margaret Cho?

These are the only explanations that make any sense to me.


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A Song for Ace in the Event that He Has Died
— Ace


Cuckling doves,
Chittering swallows,
An old man in the park
With some ducks

Who's getting the porn collection?


UPDATE: An already funny haiku contest has sprung up in comments.

UPDATE: So far I nominate the following:

When the cat's away
the mice lose integrity
Call Vinnie Falcone

by LauraW


Where's Ace? Hell, where's Joe?
Nobody knows who Joe is,
But Ace has conscious.

For getting a precious few more drops out of the Anka-fruit.

Though, the first entry...

Ace of Spades H.Q.
was crushed on the Sundance couch
while "casting" M. Cho

by S. Philabuster set the bar pretty high to begin with, I thought.


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Viva Iraq
— Ace

From the Telegraph:

Compare yesterday's reports with those by the same commentators during South Africa's first democratic election. Then, too, there were many technical problems: electors who were not properly registered, voter intimidation, long queues. But these things were set in their proper context, as the backdrop against which the moving drama of people casting their first ballots was being played out. No one suggested that the clashes between IFP and ANC supporters in Zululand undermined the whole process. No one argued that the backlash by a handful of black homeland chieftains and Boer irreconcilables made South Africa unfit for democracy.
No democratic election is flawless. It is human nature that the loser in any system should blame the system rather than himself: think, for example, about our own squabbles over postal voting, the West Lothian Question, or the wording of referendums. But, yesterday, Iraq became the most democratic country in the Arab world. What a pity that so many writers who, in other circumstances, are optimists about human progress, should shut their eyes to what is happening. In their determination to say "I told you so", they are coming perilously close to siding with jihadi murderers. Shame on them.

Read the rest for a plainspoken refutation of the resenters.

(h/t/ lucianne)

Also see here, here, and here. (Update) And here and here and here.

RealClear has more.


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January 30, 2005

— Ace

-Larry Kudlow slams Peggy Noonan. Read into it what you willl.

Today I don't feel like listening to realists either.

-Speaking of which, there's a pleasing new artform at the UnPo this morning: The Damning But Variations.

Soothes the bile.

-The consensus seems to be stuck at 60%.

Our turnout in '04 was 60.7. And we didn't need Chinook cover.

-Ann Coulter slams...the president?

What are you gonna do, she doesn't like soft talk.

-North Koreans are leaving North Korea.

Iron Curtain comparisons tantalize.

-And finally, dandy conservative southern novelist Tom Wolfe stokes the historicity:

SURELY some bright bulb from the Council on Foreign Relations in New York or the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton has already remarked that President Bush's inaugural address 10 days ago is the fourth corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. No? So many savants and not one peep out of the lot of them? Really?



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Ace Is Evicting Me (WuzzaDem)
— Ace

I didn't know Ace was such a heavy drinker until he asked me to guest-blog here; he was obviously wasted. As a show of thanks, I've written a song just for Ace and all the readers here who've been so nice to me (and even one or two who apparently need to grab a dictionary and look up the word 'satire'), so here goes (sung to the tune of Bob Hope's 'Thanks for the Memories').

Thaaanks for the...

Sorry, I'm a little hoarse right now, I'll try again later.

I guess a more appropriate way of thanking Ace would be to recommend that you visit his blog - Ace of Spades HQ. Really. It's a great little blog. You should definitely check it out sometime.

Thanks to my fellow guest-bloggers from Garfield Ridge, The Unpopulist, The Urban Grind, Say Anything and Alarming News. You should visit them often. The easiest way would be to go to WuzzaDem and find them on my blogroll. AAAAAAHAHAHAHA!. How's that for shameless promotion?

If you've enjoyed anything I've posted here, please do visit my blog; WuzzaDem.com

Maybe now Ace will put me on his blogroll.

Posted by John from Wuzzadem

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Expressing Solidarity With the Iraqis
— Ace

Hat Tip: The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, via GOP Bloggers.org

In response to ten year old Shelby Dangerfield inking her index finger to show support for the Iraqi people, GOP Bloggers.org is helping out by asking bloggers and their readers to ink their index fingers tomorrow in solidarity with the Iraqis, and to email their photos to editor@gopbloggers.org


Also posted at The Urban Grind

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The Election Day Flipbook
— Ace

Good stuff.


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Kerry Off-Camera (WuzzaDem)
— Ace

Overheard during commercial breaks from today's Meet The Press interview.


So, do you really think there could be some doubt about the legitimacy of the election in Iraq?

Absolutely not, Tim.

But you just said there was right before the break.

I did? Wow, I must have been on autopilot.


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DU: Iraqi Election Hysteria (WuzzaDem)
— Ace

Progressive_Conscience (1,000+ posts)

I can't believe the media! All they can talk about is the "happy" Iraqis, how high turnout was, and how "freedom" has spread to Iraq. I had to turn off CNNazi because they kept focusing on the so-called "voters" and barely mentioned the brave brothers of the resistance. Where are the freedom fighters today??? Are their voices silenced because some American puppets cast a few ballots?

Positive_Femergy (742 posts)
I'm just hoping that something good will come from this. I mean, if the women of Iraq finally have the chance to cast a real vote, maybe they'll finally escape the oppression that was visited on them by Sadam's misogynist regime.

Progressive_Conscience (1,000+ posts)
Pull your head out, Femergy! Can't you see the right-wing media's complicity in this conspiracy to present the people of Iraq with a Trojan Horse they call "freedom"? Believe me, once the gates of Troy they call "polling places" have closed, the colonial invasion forces of Amerikkka will complete their imperial occupation by installing a Kapitalist puppet regime led by Cheney's cronies at Halliburton.

Young_Anarchist (157 posts)
You left out an analogy for the soldiers coming out of the horse, Progressive.

Progressive_Conscience (1,000+ posts)
Shut up, Kid.

Young_Anarchist (157 posts)
Sorry. I'm just trying to help.

Progressive_Conscience (1,000+ posts)
I've posted over a thousand times, I don't need your help.


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Just a Reminder
— Ace

Sen. Kennedy got his traitorous obscenities in three days ago.

And they are the gold standard, my friend.


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