June 30, 2007

"Yuppie Terrorists" Attack Glasgow Airport With (Failed) Car Bomb
— Ace

Yuppie terrorists, as Larry C. Johnson dubs them, owing to the fact that they owned Mercedes, which were probably stolen, but what do facts matter to a super-tough CIA dude who can improvise a shiv out of his toenail clippings and earwax? (Incidentally, why would the fact that the terrorists were wealthy or well-funded enough to buy Mercedes comfort us? Does anyone take comfort in the fact that Osama bin Ladin, with his $100 million family trust fund, is a Saudi "yuppie"?)

In one minor sense, he has a small point -- these bombers are not particularly good at building bombs, and he maybe quite right that it's overstated that these bombs could have killed "hundreds" as police officials said. They could have killed hundreds, had they been constructed properly -- but they weren't. At most, if they got somewhat lucky, they could have killed a few dozen.

But this is such a jackass point it borders on insanity to even concede it. Because we know Al Qaeda regularly sends in bomb-making experts to assist local terrorist cells. Are we to take mighty comfort in the fact that these guys weren't able to reach Al Qaeda's bomb-making Geek Squad, or that the guy who was sent was inexperienced? We know that there are thousands of radical Islamists who wish to kill Western civilians via suicide car-bomb; we know there are dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of fairly expert jihadist bomb-makers willing to assit in this endeavor. We're supposed to laugh this all off, as Larry "terrorism is not the biggest security challenge confronting the United States" Johnson does, because in this particular case Group One was unable to successfully work with Group Two?

Here's his post on today's attack:

Preliminary, unconfirmed reports indicate a nuclear blast has occurred at Glasgow's international airport. No one has seen the mushroom cloud or heard the blast, but something by God is happening and it must be terrible. There is smoke and fire. In fact, a car is on fire. It must be Al Qaeda. Only Al Qaeda knows how to set themselves on fire inside a car. Please. Flee to the hills (leave you doors unlocked). Oh the humanity!

Oh how terribly droll! He's a super-tough guy, you can see, because he laughs at the threat of terrorism, as does the entire left. They're the brave.

They're also the exact sort that got 3000 Americans killed on 9/11 by downplaying, understating, and even giggling at the threat posted by jihadi terrorists, but never mind that. They're right that some terrorists are technically incompetent; what's the big deal if, on occasion, some terrorists have a bit more technical acumen and manage to kill 54 in the London tubes or 3000 in the World Trade Ceneter and Pentagon? We can live with those occasional mass-slaughters, I guess.

If we take the threat terrorism seriously, then the terrorists have surely won. So have a giggle at the fact that London and parts of England are partially paralyzed today, and merely dozens of people very nearly got killed. Ha, ha. It's almost a knock-knock joke.

Here's a recent account of today's attack:

A blazing vehicle was driven into the main Glasgow airport terminal today. Two people were arrested and flights halted as all roads around the airport were shut.

Witnesses said two men crashed it into the doors of the main terminal building.

A man with his clothes on fire got out of the vehicle and was restrained by passengers while others put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.


A spokesman for BAA, the operators of Glasgow Airport, said: "At 15.11 today a vehicle drove into a front door at the check-in area of Glasgow Airport's terminal building.

"The vehicle caught fire on impact with the building and is currently outside the terminal building. A police investigation is under way and emergency crews are at the scene."


"What he says he saw is a Cherokee jeep drive into the glass frontage of the airport," she told BBC News 24.

"A man got out of it on fire - he said there were actually two Asian-looking [this means Pakistani in England] men but this guy was the one that was on fire.

"Some holidaymaker tried to restrain him, then the police came over and wrestled him to the ground - the fire was burning through his clothes - and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher."

I'm glad that "holidaymaker" was a bit more alarmed by the threat of jihadi terrorism than Larry "Americans are bedeviled by fantasies of terrorism" Johnson.

And it's not clear that this bomb wouldn't have gone off. Sometimes, you know, dynamite explodes accidentally:

"I spoke to an airport official who seemed to think it was not an accident. [It was no accident, we now know, of course.] He was very angry. He said the men in the car got out and started throwing petrol about - that must be how it caught fire.

"Luckily my colleague and his family were delayed or they could have been coming out of that door at exactly that time."

Eye witness James Edgar said an ordinary car fire burns itself out quickly, " but this went on and on".

He told Sky News: "There were a few pops, obviously the fuel tanks would have gone, but it was as if there was maybe more accelerant in the vehicle."

He thought some of the building had caught fire as well, so that may have added to the effect.

Referred to a picture of the blazing jeep, he said: "He's trying to get through the main door frame, but the bollards have stopped him from going through. If he'd got through, he'd have killed hundreds, obviously."

Allah liveblogged throughout the incident. The most precious part must, of course, be AP's Larry Johnson-ish early claims that this was all just some sort of mundane car accident.

It's too bad Keith Olbermann doesn't work on Saturdays, too. It would have been fun to see him with Larry "The Declining Terrorist Threat" talking about how brave and even-keeled and "skeptical" they both are for deeming terrorist attacks "non-events" and car-bombs laden with fuel and propane tanks and nails "non-bombs."

It's simply shocking that a man who wrote an NYT op-ed called "The Declining Threat of Terrorism" which denigrated the terrorist threat and wrote that "Americans are bedeviled by fantasies about terrorism" on July 10, 2001 not only is so shameless to continue peddling the same "Don't Worry, Be Happy" advice he disasterously gave to the government as a CIA agent, but has a legion of liberal hacks eager to entertain his catastrophically wrong mindset for partisan reasons.

If I were a CIA agent who'd made that pronouncement about the silliness of worrying about terrorism a scant three months before 9/11, I'd be "living quietly" about such issues, out of simple respect for the dead I'd helped to kill.

Posted by: Ace at 10:46 AM | Comments (36)
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1 "Because we know Al Qaeda regularly sends in bomb-making experts to assist local terrorist cells."

You don't know this.

"They're also the exact sort that got 3000 Americans killed on 9/11 by downplaying, understating, and even giggling at the threat posted by jihadi terrorists"

The bushies routinely ignored the "threat." And then after 9/11 they went apeshit crazy, even invading a country with no links to 9/11.

You could sure use a nice, big terrorist attack right in the homeland, eh ace?

Posted by: leon czolgosz at June 30, 2007 10:59 AM (my2sS)

2 I started reading the comments at the LJ site, could not get through more than a couple.Utter slime the lot of them.Pure filth. This was aimed at families going on holiday, and the one taken to the hospital apparently had a bomb vest on. And Larry boy laughs.

Posted by: mbruce at June 30, 2007 11:01 AM (LLCm9)

3 The absolute imbecile!!  Can we design some sort of marker that says ""tinfoil hatted leftist loons" who support you" we can attach to fools such as these?  That way everyone will know just how much their support means to the terrorists when we watch their head bobbing down that blood flooded street?

Posted by: Sue at June 30, 2007 11:04 AM (6nxg6)


Johnson is actually an immortal being drawn to conflicts through out history as opportunites to make mocking underestimations of the enemy.

 - WWII US: Japanese pilots all wear thick glasses and are barely able to fly their shoddily put together planes that are no match for our Brewster Buffaloes.

 - WWII Germany: Speechwriter for Goering's comment that Americans make good razor blades but can't make good planes.

 - Korea McArthur's Staff: Marines, you are just imagining that you are being cutoff at the Chosin Reservoir by a multidivision force of well equipped Chinese soldiers. There are no Chinese in Korea, and if there are they are incompetent small units that wandered over the border mistakenly and are poorly armed anyway.

 - Boer War: The Boers are just a bunch of poor farmers in shabby clothes incapable of mounting serious resistance to a modern army.

Posted by: steve_in_hb at June 30, 2007 11:07 AM (7FHPf)


Someone on Fox today was talking about how we don't know what the reason for the attack is.

Is it because Salman Rushdie has been awarded knighthood? That has infuriated many muslims and sparked off violent riots in the Muslim world.

Is it because they're trying to influence Tony Blair's successor? The terror strategy worked brilliantly in getting the Spanish to vote for Mr. Bean.

Is it because they're rebelling against licentious British culture?

It is undeniable that knowing someone's motivation is invaluable for dealing effectively with them.

I would offer this to the Fox News contributor: The reason behind these terror attacks is that Islamists are members of a savage, backwards death cult that cannot coexist peacefully with anyone.

Peace as we understand it is actually against their religion. I'd hazard that all other reasons are incidental and subordinate to this one.

Thank goodness no one was hurt today, as it seems they're saying so far.

Posted by: lauraw at June 30, 2007 11:10 AM (DbybK)


Why did they do this?

Um...cuz they're terrorists?


Posted by: eman at June 30, 2007 11:12 AM (FWrFx)

7 "If I were a CIA agent who'd made that pronouncement about the silliness
of worrying about terrorism a scant three months before 9/11, I'd be
"living quietly" about such issues, out of simple respect for the dead
I'd helped to kill."

This presupposes, of course, that you could be so stone cold fucking stupid as to make such an idiotic statement in the first place, (not such a big leap for most of the damned moron CIA agents that speak publicly) and yet still decent enough and smart enough (a really big leap for most CIA agents who speak publicly) to recognize your mistake and take responsibility for it.

leon, you're a god damned moron.  Al Qaeda's stock in trade is being a world wide terror broker.  Sending experts in to help the locals is and has always been a key part of their strategy.  Just because you're so fucking stupid to be taken in by the Kostards that lie so transparently even children snicker upon reading them, doesn't mean anyone else will be.

I'm not even going to waste time defending Bush.  Your statements are utterly ridiculous on their face, and the entire universe is the poorer for your having made them.

Posted by: Randy Rager at June 30, 2007 11:19 AM (hngM7)

8 I doubt larry will be laughing when some one douses his fat ass with gasoline and flips a match in his direction.

Posted by: 1sttofight at June 30, 2007 11:20 AM (IXpFN)

9 Johnson is the soul sister of the moron mayor in "Jaws".
There's no shark, keep the beaches open.

Posted by: mbruce at June 30, 2007 11:22 AM (LLCm9)


Careful Leon your castration is obviously humiliating to you.  By the way around here women prefer men not hacked-off tinny-weenies.


I can help myself for openly stating lefty progressive what-used-to-be males are creepy.


Posted by: syn at June 30, 2007 11:29 AM (tUtn0)

11 We can only hope than leon and LJ are too busy fellating each other that they don't notice the green Lexus about to explode outside their hotel room.

Posted by: Master Shake at June 30, 2007 11:37 AM (SY79g)



 I think it's time to ban ergalatrocious - Leon Czolgosz was President McKinley's assassin. That cuts a little too close to the bone for my taste.

Posted by: max at June 30, 2007 11:38 AM (OYeDg)

13  Everywhere you morons look, you see aq. You even manage to conflate mexican immigration with aq.

Johnson's point is valid. Dealing with terror is a police problem, and these rare events which often prove to be red herrings do not vindicate the gwot.

And anyhow, why is it you people always forget how many times you've been fooled by the political use of crime/conspiracy? You always plunge headfirst into the deep-end, as when jackstraw recently gobbled hook, line and sinker the bogus bartbright "report" of an Iranian invasion of Iraq. And time after time, ace is hoodwinked by reports of sleepercells, aq conspiracies. On and on.

Some of us are sick and tired of the lies. Not you, boy. And when the next terror attack really does happen, you'll blame the "liberals."

Posted by: leon czolgosz at June 30, 2007 11:41 AM (my2sS)

14 Would someone please ban erg's smelly little poison troll ass before he gets delusions of grandeur and acts out on his little internet fantasy game?

Posted by: max at June 30, 2007 11:43 AM (OYeDg)

15 max

You're a googler, max.

Posted by: leon czolgosz at June 30, 2007 11:43 AM (my2sS)

16 When the next terrorist attack occurs, you'll blame Bush for "not taking the threat seriously enough," which is the course of action you're advocating THIS VERY MOMENT.

So fuck you, cunt-boy.

Posted by: Ron at June 30, 2007 11:44 AM (1UCRY)

17 Why do you always ban me? C'mon. I'm part of the team.

You just want to sit around in a circle-jerk? What's wrong with dissent?

Posted by: leon czolgosz at June 30, 2007 11:45 AM (my2sS)

18 Max, thanks... He's gon.

"Ron" was me, ace, by the way... left over from last night's "Ron Vibbentropp" post.

Posted by: Ace at June 30, 2007 11:45 AM (1UCRY)

19 You guys make the mistake of thinking erg is just your garden variety Kos Kid lefty. He's not. He's a bona fide anarchist, aren't ya ergie?

What other kind of tool would use the name of a guy who assasinated a President as a badge of honor? It's just one of the many inspiring names he uses to proclaim his badass International ANSWER view of the world. He's layered and sophisticated and a true Che fighter on behalf of the working men of the world.

Larry Johnson is an incompetent partisan who is emblamatic of the CIA and the type of lame intelligence it provides. erg is only on his side to the extent the Larry Johnson's of the world are helpful to the enemies of the US and free democracies. Isn't that right, erg?

Posted by: JackStraw at June 30, 2007 11:48 AM (t+mja)



Thanks - erq's so stupid he wouldn't even change his user name even after I'd popped his little internet fantasy balloon.


It's clusty, not google - www.clusty.com  And remember, we help the helpless, but not the hopeless, and you are totally f'cking hopeless.

Posted by: max at June 30, 2007 12:07 PM (OYeDg)


The problem here is that these terrorists are part of a very large Muslim population that supports and idolizes them.  It is long past time for all Muslims in the US to be rounded up and placed in internment camps.  Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before we have mass Beslen style atrocities here.

And, it is utterly pointless to argue with the left, especially those who glorify terrorists and assasins.  Those people, are, de facto, terrorist sympathizers and supporters and should be treated accordingly.

Posted by: BattleofthePyramids at June 30, 2007 12:13 PM (J7ZIp)


Gee, you've got a great point there, leon. Treating terror as a "police" problem worked great at the first WTC bombing, the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, 9/11, Spain, London, Bali, etc.


Really outstanding method of dealing with dirty, ass backwards retard terrorists who dream of killing people about to go on vacation.

Go troll somewhere else. Idiot.


Posted by: fugazi at June 30, 2007 12:17 PM (yDIqk)

23 Ergboy is back.  And he loves him some al Qaeda.

Posted by: someone at June 30, 2007 01:18 PM (TXnhk)

24 Anyone recognize the name Alfred Herrhausen?  Head of Deutsche Bank, assassinated in 1989 by the Red Army Faction?  He was killed by one of the most sophisticated homemade bombs ever used: a photoelectric trigger to time the explosion to his limo's passing, and a shaped charge (a flat explosive plate) that turned a copper plate into an explosively-formed projectile that was able to penetrate the limo's armor.  Larry Johnson thinks these people are a joke?  The only thing these attacks prove is that the terror cells haven't done their homework and practice exercises diligently enough.  As we can see from the history of every terror movement, that will inevitably change with time.

Posted by: Stuart Creque at June 30, 2007 01:49 PM (ztpUu)

25 Look, everybody stop assaulting reason, OK?  Terrorism is way over-reported. 

Things like Glasgow just happen.  It's like the seasons.

Posted by: tachyonshuggy at June 30, 2007 02:02 PM (8WlSy)

26 Wait a second-- are you saying a *fire* did this to the car?  The devil you say!  Because this would be the first time that fire ever melted steel, no?


Posted by: Dave of Garfield Ridge at June 30, 2007 02:17 PM (iiGZ+)


I haven't had the displeasure of reading your posts Leon, but I suppose all I need to know about your maturity and intelligence is the fact that naming yourself after an assassin of a president no doubt caused you to  inwardly chuckle at your own cleverness.

To quote Steve Austin-"You're pathetic."

Posted by: jjshaka at June 30, 2007 02:24 PM (ETXOc)

28 why do you fear my truthiness?  hmm? it's my missing front teeth, isn't it?  daddy only did that so i could fit him in my mouth better.  i know, i'm worthless.

Posted by: Leon Spinks at June 30, 2007 02:40 PM (HtEGF)

29 "Ron" was me, ace, by the way... left over from last night's "Ron Vibbentropp" post.

That's what I told my wife when she discovered she was signed on to Nickolodeon.com as "blondlesbian16".

Posted by: Herr Morgenholz at June 30, 2007 03:47 PM (K/lgF)


I can't remember the last time anyone was called a yuppie. Perhaps, years ago, when those Mercedes were new. Frankly, with a ten year old Mercedes, the bomb on wheels was less likely to have been parked in a specific location as to have been left where it broke down.

A competent terrorist would have chosen a newer car. Of course, not the newest 'yuppie' mobile, a hybrid, mind you.

I mean, you don't get much 'bang' for the buck with a Prius.


Posted by: jmflynny at June 30, 2007 06:19 PM (iAdm7)

31 The high mark of Scary's post was we are down to inept jihadists.  Without ever mentioning how we got to this point. 

Posted by: Sue at July 01, 2007 04:02 AM (f088i)

32 Another Sue?  This could be confusing.  I am me and that was not me. For the record.  Though I must say, the other Sue made a valid point. 

Posted by: Sue at July 01, 2007 04:09 AM (f088i)

33 To be clear, I was referring to Sue at #3, not Sue at #31. 

Posted by: Sue at July 01, 2007 04:24 AM (f088i)

34 In fact, a car is on fire. It must be Al Qaeda. Only Al Qaeda knows how to set themselves on fire inside a car. Please. Flee to the hills (leave you doors unlocked). Oh the humanity!>/i>

HAH-- I've been out of town and having read that Glasgow is terror related it is just delightful to see Larry C. Johnson make a total ass of himself yet again and even funnier to see how far a hole he's fallen that he's in a position of running PR damage control for Al Qaeda - beautiful.

Posted by: topsecretk9 at July 01, 2007 03:02 PM (j+a9l)

35 Maybe they are angry that the Brits are leaving Iraq.

Posted by: Aaron at July 01, 2007 06:47 PM (eUpgO)

36 Just a wee point...all these references to England...Glasgow is in Scotland...better to call us Britain :-D     

(from an irritating, irritated Scot)

Posted by: jemma at July 02, 2007 12:44 PM (/Zaz6)

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