March 31, 2006

Yesterday Paris, Today Berlin, Tomorrow The World!
— Tanker

Police help control Berlin school

What, unruly students? Lazy teachers?

Hey, it happens in the best of cities.

A teacher who recently left the school told the Tagesspiegel newspaper that ethnic Arab pupils were in the majority and were bullying ethnic Turks, Germans and other nationalities.

"Things have been getting worse and worse because people seem to be crazy here. They are bringing knives and weapons to school," the teenager said.

Oh. Well, I'm sure that the same people who brought you two world wars will get this under control in short order!

The education minister for Berlin, Klaus Boeger, said the school would soon be given two social workers and two psychologists to help pupils.


Posted by: Tanker at 07:42 AM | Comments (10)
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1 I wonder how far the Germans need to be pushed before they snap.

Posted by: okole at March 31, 2006 08:13 AM (27iEn)

2 Ve going to unpimp dis unruly school
German social engineering
In za house

Well, let's see. A dictator was elected to power and proceeded to kill millions of jews. That didn't cause them to snap, so I don't know what will.

Posted by: CT at March 31, 2006 09:00 AM (KV/Mz)

3 The article doesn't say but I am curious as to whether the percentage of ethnic arabs has surpassed ethnic turks in germany.

Posted by: shawn at March 31, 2006 09:02 AM (uLve2)

4 The solution is in the palm of their hands.

Give those arab mamas and daddies some vouchers so that they can afford to send these deserving youngsters to a madrasa in Pakistan. Or hell, maybe some local madrasas will spring up to meet the need. When schools compete, kids win.

Posted by: Sticky B at March 31, 2006 09:55 AM (9vsrW)

5 Sticky B comes in to make an unrelated point about some pet issue that is not at hand. Good one.

Not sure what the elderly German population will be able to do in 10 years. Except raise their hands to give up.

Posted by: Birkel at March 31, 2006 10:28 AM (vtWaO)

6 Unrelated? Maybe so, if you have a hard time seeing relationships. While I'm in agreement with the majority of the posters at AOS on most issues, I'm not in agreement with a lot of them on public school issues. There's a pretty good chunk of folks on here who advocate that vouchers, private schools, home-schooling, etc. are the only hope for the salvation of American youth. I'm simply using Germany's problems to poke holes in their arguments. Germany's unruly, ineducable, ghetto youth won't automatically become model citizens simply because of change of venue and neither will ours. I advocate that school problems are a microcosm of societal problems in the communities they serve. If you want to fix schools, then fix the communities they serve.

A charge of unrelated would stick if I'd posted on, say, the hygiene habits of the Australian aborigines.

Posted by: Sticky B at March 31, 2006 11:27 AM (9vsrW)

7 Huh. And I'd always thought the Germans were big on orderliness, following rules, and that sort of thing.

Posted by: chris at March 31, 2006 11:56 AM (ze3EB)

8 CT wins.

BTW, Peter Stormare isn't German he's Swedish. He was great as Satan in Constantine and the crazy killer in Fargo.

He must be the exception that proves the rule of that very famous book, "Scandinavian Humor and Other Myths".

Posted by: jmchez at March 31, 2006 12:14 PM (bYBss)

9 I suggest handing out loaded .38 revolvers to all students as they walk in at the start of the day -- This thing will sort itself out in a jiffy.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at March 31, 2006 02:04 PM (WjdPM)

10 If those little islamic brats cant behave then OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

Posted by: spurwing plover at March 31, 2006 05:35 PM (6rkkO)

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