January 12, 2016

Temporary Backup Overnight Open Thread (Pixy Misa)
— Ace

So, how about them Cowboys?

(Did I do that right?)

Here's a little light entertainment for you.

Moses Supposes

Mirror Mirror

La Seine

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December 21, 2008

This Site is Not the Ace of Spades Site
— Ace

This is actually just a work-in-progress site.  It's half-done.  Right now it's not used, except as an emergency back-up when the main site goes down.

The actual site is at http://www.ace.mu.nu, or aceofspadeshq.com, which will redirect there.

If you're not seeing pictures on this site, it's because it's not really working yet.

If you've posted comments and no one seems to respond -- that's because most users can't see them.  Comments from the real site get posted here, but comments from here don't show up on the real site.

Basically, you should come to the real site.  It looks a little crappy right now and it breaks down a lot, but this one isn't quite ready yet.

Sorry.. should have put up this notice long ago.

Note from Pixy: Posts and comments automatically sync from the old site to this new site within 60 seconds, but some authors aren't set up on the new site, and will show up as Open Blogger.  We'll get those sorted out soon.

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May 25, 2018

Publix Caves to Li'l Hitler
— Open Blogger

I'm sure David French is busy writing up a piece right now.

Oh wait, no, he only scolds the right. The left's bullying he has lots of patience for.

And speaking of weakling bullies.

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The FBI Claimed it Redacted the Embarrassing Fact of Andrew McCabe Spending $70,000 of Taxpayer Money on a Conference Table Due to "National Security" Concerns
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Obviously, we must believe everything the Deep State tells us.

They went to college and carry guns. Ergo, all college-proud Republicans are duty-bound to believe everything they say. (Oh, and also: Tribalism is bad when you do it.)

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired for lying under oath, spent $70,000 in taxpayer dollars on a conference table. The FBI also redacted the conference table’s steep price tag from documents that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee requested, in an apparent attempt to hide it from Congress.

In a letter sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that the FBI had redacted the cost of the table from a document he and his fellow members of the committee requested to see. Grassley said many of the redactions within the documents made no sense, nor were they made to protect national security secrets.

"Congress, and the public, have a right to know how the Department spends taxpayer money," Grassley wrote. "I am unaware of any legitimate basis on which the cost of a conference table should be redacted. Embarrassment is not a good enough reason. The manner in which some redactions have been used casts doubt on whether the remaining redactions are necessary and defensible."

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Everyone's Favorite L'il Hitler Demands $1 Million from Publix Grocery Chain
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Those soulless black eyes -- David Hogg looks like one of the Boys From Brazil.

David Hogg is trying to shake down Publix.

The public face of the gun control movement demanded $1 million Thursday from the Florida-based grocery chain in a tweet, just one day after calling for a "die-in" protest at its stores.

Publix is being targeted by Mr. Hogg for its support of Adam Putnam, a Republican gubernatorial candidate who is now the state's agricultural commissioner. The Tampa Bay Times reported earlier this week that Publix had given $670,000 during the last three years to Putnam campaigns.

Mr. Hogg not only sought atonement money from the grocery chain in Thursday's tweet, he also demanded a pledge of ideological fealty to the gun-control movement.

"I call on @Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman [sic] to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again," he wrote.

He also called on Czechoslovakia to return the Sudetenland to the Reich.

Oh: And this is terrible. The Broward Coward Scot Peterson might just be sitting on his big fat pension because he investigated an assault committed by Broward Sheriff Scott Israel's son-- an assault with a sexualized component that one person likens to "simulated rape."

Scot Peterson, however, only charged the kid with simple assault and he only got a three day suspension from school.

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Fat Ugly Toad-Like Nepot John Podhoretz Demands That Mollie Hemingway Only Speak in Praise of Fellow Fat Toadlike Nepot Bill Kristol
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If you don't know, John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol both succeeded the old fashioned way: They had their daddies do the actual succeeding, then they coasted on what their daddies had built and tapped their daddies' rich friends for endless fundraising for their "businesses."

If you also don't know, Mollie Hemingway's husband Mark Hemingway has worked for the Weekly Standard for a long time.

The rancid sweaty failure John Podhoretz thinks that means that Mollie Hemingway must not even link an article which notes that Bill Kristol is apparently considering himself as a presidential candidate.

Apparently when you take a job, you now owe your boss (even when he's no longer your boss) an oath of loyalty similar to that a knight swears to his liege. Oh, and his wife owes that too, even though Kristol and almost everyone at The Weekly Standard attacks Mollie Hemingway on Twitter all day long. (And she doesn't attack back, precisely because of the awkwardness of Mark working there. Note that the Weekly Standard harpies don't feel bound to keep it civil with a co-worker's wife.)

Podhoretz has now deleted this egregious tweet -- which reads like a threat that he's conveying for his "friend" (as he calls him) Bill Kristol, with a hint that Kristol might order her husband's firing if she doesn't treat Bill Kristol with the respect he thinks he deserves -- but Sean Davis screencapped the exchange in the tweet below:

Podhoretz's attempt to carry the water of his fellow paunchy princeling wasn't well received:



Now that we know that Democrat millionaires are pouring money into efforts to demoralize and sabotage the Republican Party -- I think it's time these two corrupt institutions made their donor pools public information.

By the way, these old, bitter twitter-addict queens should keep in mind that there's a real world beyond Twitter, and at the end of the day, someone might just decide to teach you a real-world lesson for your bitchy internet Beer Muscles mouth.

I think Mark Hemingway could pretty easily fold John Podhoretz up like a very fat camping tent, if they ran across each other in real life.

You know, real life, John. That thing you hide from sitting on Twitter all day, pretending your fake internet world is the real world where you are a WARRIOR AND GOD-KING OF BITCHY SCHOOLGIRL SNARK.

Just something to keep in mind, buddy.

Eh, you don't seem to ever get off Twitter anyway. I'm sure you'll be fine.

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Neocon NeverTrump SuperHero John McCain: Gee, Now That I Think About It, Eleven Years of Nation Building in a Backwards Muslim Land Was Sort of a Mistake, Wasn't It?
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Now that their hero, the warmonger John McCain, has admitted that Iraq was a mistake -- something that most people were able to admit 8-10 years ago -- will the Never-Admit-Error Neocon NeverTrumpers admit it?

Speaking of #MuhPrinciples, remember when it was sacred conservative principle that we would never use the military to "nation build" again? And then, little by little, the War in Iraq turned into the 11 year Nation Building Project in Iraq?

I fault myself for having gone along willingly (if uncomfortably) with this. I felt like it was a case of in for a penny, in for the full bloody limb-shearing pound.

But what was billed up front as a war soon became a decadelong nation building and neighborhood policing project.

Some of us have admitted our own folly on that score for years.

Others won't.

But maybe these Brave Conservative Warriors will admit it now that one of their Mind-Leaders have given them permission to do so.

Ah, #MuhPrinciples. How they doth mutate and transform.

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New York Time: Democrats and NeverTrumpers "Quietly Align" to Meet, Scheme Ways of Defeating Republicans
— Open Blogger

In true Paycheck Conservative fashion, it turns out it's all about the donations and money-men:

In the past year, however, influential liberal donors and operatives have gone from cheering these so-called Never Trump Republicans to quietly working with --and even funding -- them. Through invitation-only emails and private, off-the-record meetings, they have formed a loose network of cross-partisan alliances aimed at helping neutralize President Trump, and preventing others from capitalizing on weaknesses in the political system that they say he has exploited.

While this network has mostly eschewed electoral politics, some involved see the potential for it to help form an ideological -- and possibly financial --platform to back candidates, including a centrist challenge to Mr. Trump in 2020, possibly from within the G.O.P. or even a third party.

The network -- composed of overlapping groups led by Democrats such as the donor Rachel Pritzker and several veteran Obama administration operatives, as well as leading Never Trump Republicans like Evan McMullin, Mindy Finn and William Kristol -- aims to chart a middle path between a Republican base falling in line behind Mr. Trump and a liberal resistance trying to pull the Democratic Party left.


The group has held three two-day gatherings outside San Francisco, New York and Washington, to which Ms. Pritzker and her political adviser invited 20 to 40 people per meeting. Gatherings have drawn influential Democratic operatives like Mr. Bassin and the Democracy Alliance founder Rob Stein. They have also attracted big-name Republican and conservative thinkers, writers and operatives including Mr. Taylor, the legal analyst Benjamin Wittes and the foreign policy hawks Mona Charen, David Frum, Robert Kagan, Mr. Kristol and Jennifer Rubin. Also attending were Mr. McMullin, who ran a long-shot independent conservative presidential campaign against Mr. Trump in 2016, and his running mate, Ms. Finn.

Perhaps most significantly, Patriots and Pragmatists gatherings Mb

See streiff at RedState for further thoughts. He calls bullshit on Jonah Goldberg's claim that "NeverTrump ended at the election."

It's still apparently a tempting opportunity for Paycheck Conservatives.

Yeah, the Paycheck Conservatives aren't missing many meals.

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The Morning Report 5/25/18
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Good morning kids. The weekend is here and we have two stories in the lead the broke yesterday. First, there was an apparent terrorist attack at an Indian restaurant in Toronto when an IED exploded and injured 15 people. Two suspects are still on the loose. Second, a good guy with a gun shot and killed a would-be mass shooter at an Oklahoma City restaurant after opening fire on patrons. So far, two are reported to have been wounded but there were no fatalities. Lord knows the Media is going to bury these stories, especially the latter, so stay tuned here.

Moving right along, it is now becoming crystal clear to all that have eyes to see and a brain not clouded by knee-jerk Leftist indoctrination and propaganda that ex-President Obama and his acolytes utterly violated their oaths and used the instrumentalities of law enforcement and national security to engineer a plot to spy on the Trump campaign to derail his candidacy, then destroy his presidency in order to both preserve Obama's legacy and now, to save their collective asses from prosecution (if it ever comes to that). What is amazing to see, albeit not really surprising I guess, is that the entire Democrat-Media complex is contorting itself into such wild, twisted "Altered States"-esque contortions that the President is guilty of conspiring with Russia to steal the 2016 elections. Witness what Eric Swalwell spewed out on Anderson Poofter's broadcast (linked below), or the oleaginous bipedal turd Jerrold Nadler accusing PDT and Nunes of breaking federal law by outing the name of the "informant" already revealed by the Slimes and the Compost, or what that slug Al Green is ranting about. What was once infuriating is now risible and indeed I just laugh at it. This pull quote from the Soros piece characterizes it quite well:

...A year later, it is the Special Counsel, his dream team of special investigators, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration who are twisting in the wind. They have, in the process of finding no serious crimes in the Trump camp, revealed several serious crimes of their own. And unless I'm seriously mistaken, we have now gone through seven long rounds, the left has all but punched itself out in the heat, and Trump, a fan and friend of Muhammad Ali, is about to come off the ropes swinging.

Unless, of course, there's a great blue wave, or a tsunami, or a surging river, or a waterfall, or a leaky faucet getting ready to break and sweep away the whole country away with it.

Go ahead, believe it - with all your heart - and repeat it to anyone who will listen, and as often as you can. It is, after all, the secret of progressive success.

As we move along to the rest of the links, you will see that there are several stories, especially in the Politics category that underscore the Left's rage as the walls cave in on them. First though, it turns out the Capitol Police gave crucial evidence in the Democrat Hacking scandal to the lawyer for the Awan's instead of giving it to the prosecutors. Well done, boys. You have a promising future in the Broward County Sheriff's Dept.

Speaking of which, it turns out that years before the Parkland shooting, the Broward Coward covered up sexual assault allegations against Sheriff Israel's son. Ah yes, the glories of an untouchable public pension. And our friend, Little Shitller the Camera Hogg is threatening to launch a boycott of Publix unless they fork over $1 million and publicly renounce the NRA. If I were the chairman of Publix, I'd serve him with a $100 million lawsuit for tortious interference.

Moving back an amendment, Mark Levin reminds us of how Obama abused the press (not that he had to really since they were eager to rhetorically [or otherwise] fellate him), Daniel Greenfield on the real collusion between the Deep State and the Media and finally, Elon Musk, whose entrepreneurial savvy is in direct proportion to his access to the public trough, has the perfect name for his journalist rating site. And then there's news that Amazon is partnering with law enforcement to create AI facial recognition technology. Considering the likes of Mueller, Comey as well as Scott Israel, doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

On the international front, despite the President nixing the summit with Whoa, Fat!, the chunk has now announced that he is still open to meeting with PDT. No matter; the Dems, Media and Cuck-servatives are still blaming PDT. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo teed off on Mark Udall (D)-Ickweed for asking about the President's tax returns during a Foreign Relations Committee meeting. What a f***ing jerk! But it is illustrative that the Democrats have absolutely nothing to run on and that Pompeo and hopefully others in the administration are following the President's lead in dealing with these clowns.

From hither and yon, Rachel Dolezal of stolen pallor fame is in hot water for running a welfare fraud scheme (don't even go there, people), the movie "Show Dogs" was, er, pulled from the theaters because of handlers handling K-9 junk on screen, and lastly the President issued an official pardon of legendary black heavyweight Jack Johnson. No news from the Congressional Black Caucasians or the NAACP. Obama must've been napping from that one.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.


  • IED Explodes in Toronto Indian Restaurant; 15 Wounded, Suspects Still at Large
  • Armed Citizen Kills Would-Be Mass Shooter Who Opened Fire at Oklahoma City Restaurant

  • Trump Goes on the Offensive
  • The FBI Used Its Secret Spy Program to Protect Killers, Jail Innocents and Screw Victims
  • The London to Langley Spy Ring: The Roots of Obamagate Become Clearer
  • Mitch McCoCbrother: "Nothing Particularly Surprising" About Info Revealed in Contentious FBI Briefing
  • Pathetic: Jerrold Nadler Claims PDT, Nunes Broke Federal Law by Disclosing FBI Spy
  • Congress Must "Fight for Its Rightful Role" Overseeing Spy Agencies
  • Sorry, But Obama White House, Not Dossier, Was Behind Trump Investigation
  • Spin in the Open Society or the Old Rope-a-Dope? Why PDT is Flummoxing Soros & Company

  • Capitol Police "Accidentally" Gave Evidence to House Hacking Suspect Awan's Attorneys Instead of Prosecutors

  • Previously Deported MS-13 Animal Who Came Here as Unaccompanied Minor Accused of Murder
  • Poll Shows Majority of Americans Agree with PDT that MS-13 Animals are Animals

  • Broward Coward Peterson Accused of "Covering Up" Alleged Sexual Assault by Sheriff Israel's Son
  • Little Shitler Attempts to Shakedown Publix for $1 Million and Anti-NRA Pledge

  • Levin: Hysterical Media Has Forgotten Obama's Actual Abuses of the Press
  • Spit-Take Dept.: Elon Musk Wants to Name His Journalist Rating Site Pravda
  • Greenfield: CIA or CNN? The Media Deep State's Echo Chamber

  • After Mauling by Tucker Carlson, Eric "Not Confiscation-Confiscation" Swalwell Appears on Anderson Pooper for Rhetorical Tongue Bath
  • I'm a Democrat and the Left's Russia Gaslighting Scares Me More Than Trump Does
  • Anti-Trump Forces Threaten GOP Lawmakers' Lives in Name of #Resistance
  • Radical Dems Rising: There Weren't Too Many Moderates Left in the Party Anyway
  • Iowa Dem State Senator Suspends Run for Governor After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

  • SoS Pompeo Goes Off on Tom Udall for Question About PDT Tax Returns During Foreign Relations Committee Hearing
  • PDT Suggests Chi-Coms Responsible for NorK Setbacks
  • Angry Critics Deride PDT's Summit No-Go, BUT...
  • ...Whoa, Fat! Blinks - Still Wants to Meet PDT Despite Cancellation
  • Whoa, Fat! Just Met "Art of the Deal"
  • GOP Leadership Kills Congressional Measure to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights
  • Not Eyeless in Gaza
  • State Dept. to Russia: Stop Lying and Account for Your Role in Shooting Down Malaysian Airliner

  • FBI Warns Iran May Launch New Cyber Attacks

  • A Banner Week for GOP's Efforts to Ease Burden on Banks
  • Iceberg Ahead: As Government Payments on Debt Increase, Will Healthcare's Growing Share of GDP Spell Disaster?
  • Dems Blast PDT for High Gas Prices... After Spending Years Trying to Force Them Up
  • Study: The Number 1 Reason Any Americans Are Poor is Because They're Not Working (mostly because of socialist social engineering - jjs)

  • Appeals Court Rejects Bid to Save Assisted Suicide
  • Nominee to Head DoJ Civil Rights Division Ken Marcus Finally Gets a Floor Vote

  • Heh: Planned Parenthood Quietly Begging Trump Administration to Bust Its Colorado Union Local
  • CDC Outs Media in Obamacare Lies
  • Six Ways to Help Women When Abortion is Finally Outlawed

  • Evergreen State Cutting Dozens of Faculty and Staff Due to Plummeting Enrollment
  • Purges on Campus

  • Is 100% Renewable Energy Possible

  • Rachel "White is the New Black" Dolezal Faces Felony Theft Charges for Elaborate Welfare Fraud Scheme
  • Amazon Partners with Law Enforcement to Deploy AI Facial Recognition Surveillance Technology
  • Tastemakers Have Opened the Floodgates of Preachy PC Art
  • PDT Grants Posthumous Pardon to Black Boxing Legend Jack Johnson; (Pelosi, Schumer, NAACP, CBC Still Formulating Condemnation - jjs)
  • The Big Reveal: Lotteries Prey Upon Winners and Losers
  • "Show Dogs" Pulled from Theaters Over Inappropriate Dog Genital Groping Scenes

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  • Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry Will Be Disney's Lowest-Earning Entry Yet
    — Open Blogger

    Headline thanks to Comics Artist Pro Secrets. If the headline is indecipherable to you, Ethan Van Sciver says that Disney is producing "soy-based entertainment" -- cucked-out movies where all the women are bad-ass and decisive and all the men are ineffectual Pajama Boys and pansexuals -- and he calls their new movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story" "Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry."

    Which I think is pretty funny.

    They're expecting Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry to earn the least money of any Disney Soy-based entertainment.

    The industry had been expecting, I thin, a $170 million domestic haul over the four-day Memorial Day Weekend (five, really, given that it opened Thursday night), but that had then be reduced to $150 million, and then to $130-$150 million, and then reduced again to $120 million.

    Some thought that the $120 million was low-balling by Disney so that they could then beat the (lowered) expectations and claim success.

    If so, that's not going to work: Soylo opened poorly last night and is now on track to make between $105 to $115 million its opening four (five) day weekend.

    They had hoped it could at least take the title for "Biggest Memorial Day Opening." Memorial Day openings actually aren't all that big, and it's easy to score the record. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The World's End set the record in 2007, I think, with around $138 million.

    But they won't claim that prize.

    Some are calling this fan revolt a "Soycott." (Which I also find amusing.) And it looks like the Soycott is real.

    Soy Wars has not been popular in China. But Soylo just bombed worst than most in its opening night in China -- only $120,000 for midnight screenings in all of China, a nation of a billion and a half, according to a Chinese film industry analyst.

    So the worldwide take isn't looking that great, either.

    Soylo's Rotten Tomato score is at 69% (63% among Top Critics), and falling. (Update: It actually rose a point to 70% overnight. But the Top Critics score fell to 62%.)

    Bear in mind, Disney arranges for a lot of shill internet "Geek Culture" reviewers to see these movies early to pad the Rotten Tomato ratings with Easy Lay reviews. But as the ratio of shill reviewers to nonshill reviewers declines, the Rotten Tomatoes score goes down.

    How bad is the movie? It's this bad : Kathleen Kennedy actually dropped the "bombshell" news that she'd hired James Mangold to direct a stand-alone Soy Wars movie Boba Fett on the day that Soylo is premiered.

    Why would she drop that headline when Soylo is supposed to be the headline? Because she wants to change the headline, obviously. She knows Soylo is bad news and I think she knows for the first time her job is in peril. So she drops this bait to get the shills to squawk about the possibility that a Boba Fett movie coming out three years from now (allegedly) instead of the movie she just dropped in a plop.

    Here are some reviews:

    As I already mentioned, Emergency Awesome -- a "geek culture" website you'd expect to be a soft, gentle reviewer for Soy Wars movie -- can only say the film is "just fine," and ranks it among Soy Wars movies lower than any movie except The Phantom Menace.

    Mr. Sunday Movies, who generally is a lay-up review for Soy Wars movies (he loves The Last Jedi, for example), calls it "unnecessary," "paint by numbers," and "just flat." He ranks it, among Star Wars movies, only above the prequels, and he's not sure it's better than Revenge of the Sith, either.

    Beyond the Trailer says it's just bad, and features a horribly annoying pure-Social Justice Warrior robot. Just what we needed! And even a female critic is put-off by Kathleen Kennedy's insistence of loading every Soy Wars movies with 90 pound girls who are Super Bad-Ass and can Kick Every Grown Man's ass but have absolutely no personality or memorability.

    Those two reviews are spoiler-free, but Ethan Van Sciver's does have spoilers. He says it's a disaster and will result in future Soy Wars movie plans being changed/cancelled. Per his review, it's horrible enough that you shouldn't care about spoilers.

    You can't really spoil a garbage fire. You kinda know how a garbage fire goes.

    He also notes the "bitchy feminazi SJW robot." He says it's Soy Wars' worst, most SJW, most annoying character yet, beating out Rose Tico for that honor.

    He also says this is the worst Soy Wars movie apart from The Last Jedi (which he hated).

    Kathleen Kennedy really has no idea what she's doing. She spent most of her career as an assistant to Steven Spielberg. Now in charge, the only idea she has is to make every 90 pound girl a UFC champion-level badass and make random characters gay (or "pansexual").

    She doesn't view these as products meant to entertain an audience, so much as to educate them in the mysterious Ways of The Feminist Force:


    We'll see how much longer The Force is Female once Soylo gets done sharting box office failure all over the back of the toilet.

    Note: Real news below. But I want to put this up before everyone blows home for the day.

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    May 24, 2018

    Thursday's ONT is Chock Full of Stuff
    — Open Blogger

    Question: How did socialists illuminate their homes before candles?

    Answer: Electricity

    Socialist 123.jpg

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    Savvy Gimmick or Accidental Genius? You Decide [Warden]
    — Open Blogger

    Meet Joerg Sprave, publisher of the Slingshot channel. Sprave's hobby is turning ordinary household items into weapons of death, always with hilarious results.

    Is this Russian-accented (?) bald man with the big, hearty laugh for real or is it all an act? Either way, I wish he was my uncle and I could spend weekends at his place.

    Here's a video where he makes a homemade 6 shooter spear gun.

    Here's one where he attaches surgical knives to frisbees.

    Here's a toilet brush revolver.

    Also, he makes Fred Flintstone looking crossbows out of tree branches.

    For multiple instances of wicked-awesome weirdness and based manliness, I hereby convey the title of Honorary Moron upon this man.

    P.S. You may have noticed these videos are routed through hooktube.com. HookTube is a great way to subvert the censoring, abusive-to-conservatives, left wing YouTube and deprive it of hits.

    Whenever you want to share a video, simply copy the YouTube url and replace the YOU with HOOK.

    Speaking of depriving leftist-run media of subscribers and hits, the Ace of Spades Morons group at Gab.ai is up to almost 1,000 members. Come join us! We're having a lot of fun and it's getting better every day over there.

    With Twitter unfairly and deliberately censoring and silencing conservatives, it only makes sense to abandon the platform for one that supports and respects freedom of speech. They only way to win is to punish companies who treat us like second class citizens.

    ETA: Disabled Autoplay, thanks to Moron Anon Y Mous for posting how [Weirddave]

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    Big Shock: Rosenstein Stonewalls Again; Refuses to Disclose Subpeonaed Document to Congress
    — Open Blogger

    Champagne for all the Deep State and their White Knights.

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    How to Create a Cooperative and Mutually Beneficial Environment, Even When Dealing With People Who are Uncooperative and Sneaky
    — Open Blogger

    I've said this before, but I don't like social justice mobbing. Or boycotts. Or the rest of the coercions -- rather than persuasions -- that are currently the default method of political "argumentation" in this country in Current Year.

    But: The way to stop this regime is to inflict the same tactics on our enemies (and yes, I think "enemies" is an apt term at this point) until they stop using those tactics against us.

    I have proof for this proposition. It's called Science.

    There is a famous study -- look it up -- about how to push noncooperative opponents into behaving cooperatively, how to force them to start acting in a fair way instead of a self-serving, aggressive, hostile way.

    The study involved a small variation of the famous Prisoner's Dilemma game.

    I won't describe that game -- read it on Wikipedia if you like -- but I'll describe the rules of the variation that interests me.

    The variation was designed to see if any particular tactic was useful in forcing a change of behavior of a noncooperative, hostile opponent, making him into a cooperative, helpful ally.

    I'm going to repeat this a few times, until the Cucks get it:

    The variation was designed to see if any particular tactic was useful in forcing a change of behavior of a noncooperative, hostile opponent, making him into a cooperative, helpful ally.

    The variation was not designed to see Who Can Make the Liberals Cry. The game was constructed for the purpose of figuring out what tactic, if any, would foster inter-player cooperation instead of inter-player strife.

    The game works like this:

    First of all, there's real money involved, to make sure that people have an actual tangible investment in the outcome of the game. The money -- which the players keep, if they win it -- is there to make sure people aren't just doing the "nice, cooperative" thing because it is literally zero cost to do so.

    The money is there to make sure that there is a cost associated with losing and a benefit -- a real one-- associated with winning.

    Each round of the game, two five dollar bills are placed on the table between the two players. (Or a like amount of money which is nontrivial, and yet won't bankrupt the researchers conducting the tests.)

    Each player has two moves they can make: "SHARE" or "STEAL."

    They choose a move and keep it hidden until they both reveal it simultaneously.

    Here's how the money gets divided:

    If both players SHARE, then both take $5 from the pot. They split the pot evenly. Fairly.

    If one player SHARES and the other player STEALS, the player who STEALS gets both $5 bills -- $10 -- and the sap who SHARED gets zip.

    If both players STEAL, their noncooperation means that they both lose. Both $5 bills are forfeited and kept by the researchers.

    So, let's take a look at the trivial situation first, the situation in which both players are inherently cooperative and always pick SHARE as their move.

    In the course of, say, twenty rounds, both pick "SHARE" again and again, and both keep pocketing $5 each.

    This is cooperative play -- and this is the best scenario for both players taken together, as it pulls the most money into the players' combined hands and out of the hands of the researchers.

    But that situation is, as I say, trivial -- if all men were angels, we should not have any need of government at all, as the saying goes.

    What happens when one player starts playing STEAL and swiping the pot from a cooperatively-inclined player who has been playing SHARE?

    What does the cooperatively-inclined player do to encourage his noncooperative opponent to begin playing cooperatively -- playing SHARE, and thus taking the most money (for both players) from the researchers -- if the noncooperative player wants to keep taking advantage of the cooperative one and STEALing the money?

    Should he keep playing SHARE?

    Should he keep showing what a Great Guy he is?

    Should he keep showing he's Not Like Those Other Conservatives and so is willing to play the doormat sap for the liberal?

    Remember, this study is meant to see if there is any tactic that can be used to shift a situation of noncooperation and hostility to cooperation and amity.

    You will not be surprised to hear that if the sap keeps playing SHARE, his aggressive, advantage-taking opposite player will keep playing STEAL and take all the money, at his expense.

    So, is there a way to force the noncooperative, advantage-taking player to cooperate and play fairly and share equally?

    Yes there is, and studies have consistently shown this.

    The tactic is not to keep showing what an Ostentatious Christian Commentator you are by playing the fool for the opponent.

    The tactic is called Tit For Tat. Simple, really: You start playing STEAL, over and over again, to show you are willing to blow the game up and make both you and your opponent poorer for it.

    At least -- until your opponent gets the message and starts showing the SHARE play. Until he backs down from his aggressive, unfair advantage taking and begins signalling that he would now like to SHARE the future pots.

    At which point, you can begin cooperating, and playing SHARE.

    And if he cheats again, by playing STEAL, you once again bully him by playing STEAL yourself over and over again until he shows he's willing to cooperate again by showing SHARE several rounds in a row.

    This simple system -- obvious to any child as the only strategy that makes any sense -- has been shown to not only benefit the player employing it, but also, the two players taken together, because, over time, the Tit for Tat strategy results in more cooperation and more money going into the players' hands from the researcher.

    Let me repeat: Tit For Tat does not just benefit the person playing this strategy. It also benefits both players as a group (well, a group of two people) because it results in cooperation and fair play.

    And let me also repeat: Playing the sap over and over again to a STEALing player and always showing #MuhPrinciples and #MuhSacredConservativeBeliefs by playing SHARE with a player who has repeatedly shown his intention to steal you blind is simply a way to reward the STEALing player, and convince him that he should always STEAL, because look, after 20 rounds, he's walking out of there with $200.

    Tit for Tat may sound cynical and nihilistic, but social scientists and game theorists have demonstrated its actual end result is enhanced cooperation, fairer play, and greater amity.

    So for the last time:

    The cucks screaming that we must permit every depredation of our rights by progressive mobs and may never act in our own self interest to impose some Tit For Tat retaliation/cooperation-encouragement should just shut the fuck up already and read a goddamn scientific paper instead of yammering about how we must always behave like Saints while permitting our opponents to rob us blind.

    The left enjoys its social justice muggings, and why shouldn't it? It pays no price for these muggings, and it actually profits from them. It scares corporations into firing people; it scares corporations into using their billions of dollars of capital and advertising budget to propagate the left's memes.

    The game, as it's currently being played by Conservatism, Inc., is literally all upside for the left. It's all wins. It's all cash in pocket. It's all silencing their foes, without any fear of being silenced in return.

    Why would they stop playing this way? Why abandon a strategy that is almost nothing but pure win?

    What do the Frenches of the world suggest we do about this? That we just let David French write more of his fey, moist columns that have done fuck-all to improve the situation so far?

    That we keep advertising what Perfect Saps we are in an effort to make the left tolerate us to allow us some rights?

    Or do we play Tit for Tat until the left learns that this is no longer a game they play pain-free, but that the same pain they inflict on others is now fair game to be inflicted on them as well?

    If you say "Keep playing the sap and writing Strongly Worded letters" -- well, they've run this game thousands of times and scientists have found that's a terrific way to exit the game with $15 while your opponent leaves it with $170.

    Think of those cash amounts instead as the rights in practice you are still permitted to possess, and you can see how serious this is.

    And if that's your idea of a fair system -- well, that's what makes you a cuck.

    How many more decades of failure shall we give this tactic before the Smugly Righteous even permit themselves an inch of imagination in their minds to ponder the possibility that another tactic may be worth attempting?

    Note: In 2015, a new tactic was deployed called "Coercion." I haven't seen this tactic described, but based on its name, I'd guess it's something like just STEALing most of the time but then randomly showing "SHARE" every 3-5 rounds, to convince the opponent that if he wants any money at all, he must just always play "SHARE" and take what you'll give him.

    That's just a guess, though.

    Supposedly this tactic is undefeatable by any other tactic (including itself? Wouldn't Coercion counter Coercion).

    Just a note. I'm not sure if this matters overall, because if the left is playing Coercion against us -- and it feels like they are -- then we'd be fools not to blow the game up by deploying Counter-Coercion in response, or just blowing the game up out of spite, until they change their tactic.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 12:28 PM | Comments (524)
    Post contains 1689 words, total size 10 kb.

    Alex the Chick Rant: David French's Strange Notions of Who Needs/Deserves His White Knighting, and Who Doesn't
    — Open Blogger

    As you know, David French is currently White Knighting for NFL millionaires.

    He has previously White Knighted for Bari Weiss (New York Times columnist making, I assume, sweet bank), Kevin Williamson (permanent member of the Conservatism, Inc. quilting bee), and Charles Murray (political scientist and author who has a lot of nice postings in conservative institutions).

    Now, I don't have any particular beef with those folks. I'm not a fan of Williamson's but I don't want him blackballed.

    But I do seem to notice the sorts of people French is willing to exert himself to White Knight for: The people Peggy Noonan called "The Protected."

    Note that she talks mostly about immigration and its effects here, but I'd suggest that people read "threats of firing due to speech/beliefs" in place of "concerns over displacement by uncontrolled immigration."

    In America now only normal people are capable of seeing the obvious.

    But actually that's been true for a while, and is how we got in the position we're in.

    Last October I wrote of the five stages of Trump, based on the Kübler-Ross stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Most of the professionals I know are stuck somewhere between four and five.

    But I keep thinking of how Donald Trump got to be the very likely Republican nominee. There are many answers and reasons, but my thoughts keep revolving around the idea of protection. It is a theme that has been something of a preoccupation in this space over the years, but I think I am seeing it now grow into an overall political dynamic throughout the West.

    There are the protected and the unprotected. The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.

    The protected are the accomplished, the secure, the successful--those who have power or access to it. They are protected from much of the roughness of the world. More to the point, they are protected from the world they have created. Again, they make public policy and have for some time.

    I want to call them the elite to load the rhetorical dice, but let's stick with the protected.

    They are figures in government, politics and media. They live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones. Their families function, their kids go to good schools, they've got some money. All of these things tend to isolate them, or provide buffers. Some of them--in Washington it is important officials in the executive branch or on the Hill; in Brussels, significant figures in the European Union--literally have their own security details.

    Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They're insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions.


    If you are an unprotected American--one with limited resources and negligible access to power--you have absorbed some lessons from the past 20 years' experience of illegal immigration. You know the Democrats won't protect you and the Republicans won't help you.


    Many Americans suffered from illegal immigration--its impact on labor markets, financial costs, crime, the sense that the rule of law was collapsing. But the protected did fine--more workers at lower wages. No effect of illegal immigration was likely to hurt them personally.

    Note that "The Protected" of the Conservatism, Inc. commentariat don't have to fear that their employers will be pressured to fire them due to their political opinions -- except, of course, if they stop being relevant to readers. (But every writer faces that; you can't complain if your audience deserts you.)

    "The Protected" do not have to fear a firing, so long as they stay in their little Conservatism, Inc. think-tank and magazine safe spaces.

    But 99.9% of conservatives in America do not work in such safe spaces, and do have to fear that something they say in the breakroom or on Twitter -- or in a Google employee suggestion thread where employee suggestions were expressly solicited -- will get them fired.

    I wonder if they realize that, or if they're too removed from the day-to-day lived reality of 99.9% of conservatives in this country to get that on any kind of meaningful gut level.

    It was good for the protected. But the unprotected watched and saw. They realized the protected were not looking out for them, and they inferred that they were not looking out for the country, either.


    This is a terrible feature of our age--that we are governed by protected people who don’t seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens.

    And a country really can't continue this way.

    In wise governments the top is attentive to the realities of the lives of normal people, and careful about their anxieties. That’s more or less how America used to be. There didn't seem to be so much distance between the top and the bottom.

    Now is seems the attitude of the top half is: You're on your own. Get with the program, little racist.


    I don't know if the protected see how serious this moment is, or their role in it.

    So: Tomi Lahren, a commentator with a much lower profile than The Protected members of the clicque David French prefers to exert himself in defense of, warrants only two words in a retweet after an assault.

    On the other hand, a leftwing professor celebrating the death of Barbara Bush warrants a full essay by French, scolding Unprotected Conservatives for suggesting that the rules applied to them on a daily basis should also apply to Protected Progressives.

    What a notion, huh?

    And after the NFL lays down the rule for years that conservative-tilted on-field political messages will be fined, they then role over for a Black Lives Matter inspired protest against the flag.

    Unprotected Conservatives once again think: Maybe the rules applied against Unprotected Conservatives should, perhaps, also apply to Protected Progressives?

    Well, David French is here to White Knight again for the Protected.

    As Alex the Chick write:

    This [tweet came] after he wrote an execrable piece at the beginning of the month out right attacking Evangelicals for not caring about Stormy Davis and he was getting a TON of push back on it.

    Chris Stigall twetted about that article:

    To which French replied as follows:

    Now French wants to handwring about the NFL players being told if you want to make a political statement, you can do so by staying in the locker room rather than kneeling?

    Suck my girl dick, French. Suck it deep.

    David French once again heaps scorn on the Deplorables who would like to have some of the protections of the Protected Classes, and claims that no man should need any White Knighting from another. Silly Evangelicals should just use the power of their voices and... um, get published in National Review like this cuck can easily do?

    So free speech only belongs to professional writers with steady gigs at dedicated conservative platforms they can't be fired from?

    And anyone who seeks some Protection -- as French himself has -- is just a mewling baby?

    Meanwhile, while he castigates the whiny Christian Evangelists for their pussy-baby whining about wanting some protection for their own expression of beliefs, he rushes right into the fray in a hot-blooded frenzy to defend, once again, millionaire members of the Protected Class (similar to himself in terms of clout and power and unfireability).

    And meanwhile -- not a word about other Unprotected Conservatives like Lauren Southern, who got ordered by police into a no-lawyer interrogation by UK terrorism police because she once indulged in the provocation of passing out a leaflet that said "Allah is Gay."

    Here's the thing:

    We know these c***s (and I don't mean cucks this time) will go to the mat for their fellow travelers and their sacred rights of free expression.

    We equally know they will not lift one of their writerly pale thin fingers to say a single word about the purges, mobs, and speech-firings besetting the rest of us.

    Perhaps it's time to withdraw any support we have been giving our ungrateful Protected "thought-leaders" so that they may know what it feels like -- if just a little bit -- to be a member of the Unprotected classes.

    You cannot govern a country you've never visited, and you cannot lead a movement whose members you not only have never met, but are obviously proud that you've never shaken their grubby workman's hands.

    In the meantime, if you want David French and his fellow Protected Class members to take an interest in your speech rights, I suggest you undertake the mission of either becoming a millionaire or a neocon writer at the New York Times, and then he'll rush to your defense with gangbusters gusto.

    You just have to be Clubbable. You just have to be of the right Class, Dear.

    You just have to be someone with enough clout that you may be in a position to offer David French a favor or a job in the near to middle future.

    That's all you have to do.

    Oh -- and, despite his obvious stalwart loyalty to members of the Monied Class and Credentialed Class, and his obvious disgust for the "populists" not in those classes who think that they, as Americans, should also have the right to speak freely -- he'll lecture your ears off about the dangers of "tribalism" if given any chance to do so.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 11:30 AM | Comments (293)
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    Trump's Letter to Kim Jung Un: Thank You For the Beautiful Gesture of Releasing the Hostages. One Day You Will Have to Come and Visit Our Majestic Nuclear Arms Forces, Or Perhaps We Can Arrange For Them to Visit You.
    — Open Blogger

    My thoughts on all this:

    1. I never thought North Korea would change and I thought we were being played, by both North Korea and the peace-at-any-cost South Korean president, from Jump Street.

    2. I did worry that Trump was getting too optimistic and breaking the cardinal rule of the service industry, by overpromising. He didn't actually make specific over-promises, but his optimism about this meeting certainly signaled that we could expect Great Deals. I think a lot more reserve was warranted.

    3. I was worried about that because I feared that Trump, by getting too personally invested in the idea of a deal with North Korea, would show up with too weak a negotiating position and give away too much.

    4. However, now that he's thrown cold water on any meeting or deal, I'm less worried. It's of course a central maxim of negotiating that you have to be able to walk away from the table; Trump has done that.

    That doesn't mean everything's fixed, obviously; we're back to the status quo ante of military violence being on the table. But this does reassure me that he's not so eager for the deal he's necessarily going to get rolled like three presidents before him.

    He still might, though.

    Now let me turn to the topic of the day: the cucks.

    Mollie Hemingway (Not A Cuck) made this hard-to-dispute point:

    Everything she said there is accurate. Now, I don't think that "DC folks" were entirely wrong to worry about this (I worried about it too), but then, DC folks didn't just merely worry about this possibility as I did: they were giddily, smugly certain that this is how it would all shake out.

    I had some worries; they had some firm premonitions about the future.

    Notice she just says the DC folks got this wrong, as they get almost everything wrong. And although she doesn't say this: We can guess they got this wrong because they're Trump Deranged. Anything Trump does is wrong, or will turn out wrong. Always. Every time.

    She does not "blame" the withdrawal from negotiations on the media. I mean: She wrote only 25 words. It's not hard to look at 25 words and see that nowhere within them does she "blame" the Media for the cancellation of the June 12th summit.

    There are only 25 words to scan. This isn't hard.

    But notice how this Wan Cuck deliberately reconfigures her statement into one he can mock:

    She didn't blame the MSM for the breakdown in the negotiations -- obviously. She blamed them for exactly what they did -- being smugly, arrogantly wrong. For the billionth time.

    One quick word about this "TimoDC" character, Tim Miller: he's an obnoxiously useless NeverTrumper whose bio describes him as "Crooked Media's token Republican."

    And what's Crooked Media? Crooked Media is a far-left agitation site that hosts the podcast "Pod Save America," featuring the following notorious Obama Frat Aides:

    Jon Favreau, Obama's speechwriter;

    Dan Pfeiffer, senior adviser to Obama;

    Tommy Vietor, an Obama NSC spokesman (and the guy who said "That was two years ago dude"); and

    Jon Lovett, a TV writer who wrote speeches for John Kerry and then won a contest to pen a speech for Obama, and then wound up "working closely" with Jon Favreau and David Axelrod.

    This is the crowd this "conservative" is running with now -- the gang that brought us the Iran Echo Chamber.

    And, big surprise, he finds that his sympathies and animosities are now aligned with, get this, the general direction to which his paycheck points.

    Paycheck Conservatism

    It's not just for cucks any longer.

    Oh wait, it still is.

    Sorry to keep harping on my own smug prediction that the NeverTrumpers would soon find their next paycheck from liberals, and furthermore, they would find their transitioning from "conservative" (pretend) to "progressive" a fairly easy one.

    I'll stop pointing it out when I stop being right every ***damn time.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 10:32 AM | Comments (299)
    Post contains 841 words, total size 6 kb.

    Shock: David French Writes in the New York Times to Attack "Conservatives"
    — Open Blogger

    Note he doesn't say "fellow conservatives." He just says "conservatives."

    As I've said forever: Paycheck Conservatives will increasingly make themselves non-Deplorable for liberal outlets. Paycheck Conservatives are all about the paycheck, and as opportunities to scam the right's donor base's goodwill decline, opportunities to make money from the left trashing conservatives increase dramatically.

    I don't even feel like addressing French's juvenile squeals. It's been addressed enough. But: NFL has longstanding rules against political messaging during NFL events; they enforced this rule against people who wanted to wear cleats with 9/11-remembrance paint on them and against the Dallas Cowboys for memorializing the Dallas cops killed by the Black Lives Matter ambush assassin.

    But for this political expression -- the kneeling protests that have partly contributed to a 10% loss in NFL viewership -- they suspended the rule and ignored the rulebook concerning standing for the flag.

    Apparently it's not "conservative" to demand that if a rule is enforced against conservatives, it should be enforced against liberals as well. Insisting on equal treatment is now an "unconservative" position, according to this ludicrous cuck.

    I'm against a Caste system in America, with different Castes ranked and granted different rights and different obligations. What say you, Cuck? You okay with this?

    Incidentally, David French had the opportunity to write a column about the thugs assaulting Tomi Lahren yesterday. He, get this, didn't. Instead he wrote a single tweet containing but two words: "Disgusting behavior."

    And having done the obligatory minimum, he then went to frenzied work to get to his real passion, attacking conservatives.

    Oh but if someone says something crosswise about members of his tribe -- if Bari Weiss catches some flack on Twitter, if Kevin Williamson gets canned at a liberal mag -- then French will have a great deal more to say than "Disgusting behavior."

    These guys will ignore dozens of firings and pressure campaigns to get to the one incident that gets their heart beating quicker: A chance to scold conservatives and show liberals they're "one of the good ones."

    His "principles" of free speech are the same that liberals hold: That members of his clique have free speech rights, and Deplorables don't.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 08:40 AM | Comments (337)
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    The Morning Report 5/24/18
    — Open Blogger


    Good morning kids. As we roll into Thursday, SPYGATE is the big story of the day. From Crooked Hillary to Little Marco and everyone in between who got tagged with a moniker, the President just put one out into the public consciousness that is going to stick, nay, be burned into the minds of everyone. And for good reason - because it's the emmes truth. For all who have been screaming for months for PDT to fire Mueller and be done with this, me included, I have to say that the President has played this one perfectly. That opinion crystallized for me only over the past month or so when Stormy Daniels became the latest surefire, mail-order Acme secret weapon that was going to bring down the President. Because as that happened all the talk of collusion with Russia evaporated as the facts came out and reached the American public, despite or in some cases because of the Agitprop Media's doubling, trebling and quadrupling down on it. And while that was happening, the conspirators kept changing their stories in a buffoonish, desperate attempt to preserve even a fig leaf of faux credibility. If it existed at all, it got blown to pieces with James Clapper's appearance with the shrieking yenta brigade known as The View, in which he admitted the existence of a spy within the Trump Campaign, but who was only there to investigate/uncover Russian interference within his campaign.

    Really? I may be a dumb schlemiel who didn't get into the Ivy League, so pardon my Flatbush Avenue, low class unsophistication, but if that was the case, why didn't you have a spy embedded in the Hillary campaign? And maybe I'm too stupid to see the 12-dimensional chess moves, but I thought Trump was openly colluding with the Russians to sabotage the election in the first place. Naturally, Behar and company are too stupid to make these points. In practical terms, this chicken has been utterly f***ed to shreds. They know it, the President knows it, and now all America knows it. And by correctly tagging this horrific episode as Spygate, PDT has once again proven himself to be a master of messaging, as good or perhaps better than Ronald Reagan.

    It all boils down to our national law enforcement and intelligence leadership, with the help of an unknown number of underlings, used their power under the cover of national security, to infiltrate the campaign of a presidential candidate with the express purpose of sabotaging it. And I will add, more than likely at the behest or minimally with the approval of both the outgoing President of the United States and the opposition candidate. To quote Stanislas Kuzawa "dis is moy-duh."

    On the plus side, despite Mueller now practically begging a judge to delay a Russian collusion trial indefinitely (because the Ivy League peabrain just knew it never would come to trial), Rosensteinpenis now heading back to the House for a grilling and the Democrat-Left-Media complex on the defensive as we head into the summer before a crucial midterm election, the aforementioned Left cannot and will not let go of this. Ever. So we'll have to grin and bear it. And now we have Mueller extending the phony dragnet to Israel, which considering Obama and his underlings openly attempted to interfere in that country's elections a few years back in an attempt to oust Benjamin Netanyahu, the chutz-pocrisy is quite radiant. And if that doesn't convince you, check the link further down about the DoJ declining to prosecute an unnamed FBI special agent despite the nature of the charges. Dismantle it.

    Now, moving on to immigration and amnesty, while a border patrol agent shot and killed an illegal alien as the group of border jumpers she was with attacked him, your House GOP is scrambling to try and come up with some sort of bill to thwart the disastrous discharge bill that is soon to come up for a debate. Hey, here's an idea; instead of trying to come up with "reforms" how about just enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades?! And then there's the story of some Koch-head krony stooge who's threatening Republican candidates with withholding donations if they don't pass Amnesty. Well, the GOP-e is not our party. So it's up to whomever is listening to this pig if the Chamber of Commerce is his constituency or if we are. That said, PDT is making the right moves on this, the latest being threatening to cut foreign aid from whence these invaders come.

    On to the political front where Andrew Cuomo has pardoned convicted animals and given them voting rights, a notorious cop killer among them, after siding with MS-13 Nancy Palsi is now siding with the NFL miscreants, the winner of the Dem gubernatorial primary in Georgia reveals the absolute necessity of keeping the electoral college and repealing the 17th amendment, convicted felon Michael Grimm is attempting a comeback in NYC's lone GOP stronghold (feh), and contrasting viewpoints of Dem chances in the midterms, including from MR favorite Daniel Greenfield.

    Internationally, the absolute correctness of PDT pulling out of the Iranian treaty has been demonstrated with the discovery of an heretofore unknown base in the desert where the Farsis are developing long range missiles, and there are reports of the Chi-Coms using some sort of sonic weapon, as the Cubans had a few months back, on US government employees in country.

    On the Islam front, two general essays on the folly of trying to appease and/or integrate the ideology into western societies and jihad-watcher/expert Robert Spencer with a troubling example of the same - broken bottles, needles and other tokens of coexistence being planted in the sand on Canadian beaches.

    Domestically, the tea leaves point to SCOTUS putting a huge torpedo into the NEA early next month, the House is eyeing welfare reform as big or bigger than in '96 and the President is looking into tariffs on cars and parts. From hither and yon, don't be fooled by the title of the link about banning guns; it's quite good despite the title.

    Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 02:08 AM | Comments (383)
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    May 23, 2018

    Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (5/23/18 )
    — Open Blogger



    The Quotes of The Day

    Quote I

    Humanity may endure the loss of everything: all its possessions may be torn away without infringing its true dignity; — all but the possibility of improvement. Johann Gottlieb Fichte

    Quote II

    I am quite serious when I say that I do not believe there are, on the whole earth besides, so many intensified bores as in these United States. No man can form an adequate idea of the real meaning of the word, without coming here. Charles Dickens

    Quote III

    Martyrdom... is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.George Bernard Shaw

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 05:13 PM | Comments (794)
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    This is What Happens When You Vote with Your Wallet [Warden]
    — Open Blogger

    The new NFL policy is that America hating millionaire NFL ingrates can either sit in the locker room during the anthem or kneel and get fined for it.

    Last year's plummet in attendance clearly freaked out the NFL ownership.

    Money talks. Muh principles and muh outrage walk.

    I'm going to keep beating this drum. We have to stop letting our addiction to certain types of entertainment drive us to fund our own destruction. We have to build and support parallel structures in social media, television, internet, payment processing and other areas.

    I wrote about how I dumped Twitter last week. When I did, I started an Ace of Spades Morons group over on gab.ai. We're up to almost 600 members and I invite you to join us.

    Our future as conservatives depends on how we respond to left wing cultural and institutional dominance. Are we going to shrug and say that's just the way it is or at least start taking some small steps toward fighting back?

    I like this NFL win. It's encouraging. Let's not stop there.

    Oh, and by the way, they're not getting me back to watch, ever. No mercy.

    Posted by: Open Blogger at 04:04 PM | Comments (224)
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