October 30, 2004

Walter Cronkite: Rove Arranged Bin Ladin Appearance
— Ace

Fuck all these lunatic leftist bastards. This sort of talk is what leads to political violence.

Update: Fresh from Bill Burkett's magic typewriter, Tim Blair has the evidence of the Rove-bin Ladin tactical alliance.

You know, it's sorta funny, isn't it, that Saddam Hussein and OBL could never work together because they disagreed on a few minor points over the proper way to kill Christians, Jews, and problematic Muslims, and yet Rove and bin Ladin seem to get on so swimmingly.

Thanks to the Unpopulist.

Posted by: Ace at 12:05 PM | Comments (8)
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1 I would have thought Uncle Walter too legacy-smart to dummify himself this way.

Posted by: Lastango at October 30, 2004 12:14 PM (osivX)

2 Uncle Waltie has clearly spilled his marbles.

Posted by: Patton at October 30, 2004 12:18 PM (cLlFA)

3 To start with, the explosive thing was hurting Kerry , not Bush. It made Kerry look like a fool and I am sure he is happy to have something else to talk about. Secondly, only a maniac or a complete idiot would think that Karl Rove or anyone connected to the White House would such a contemptible thing. This points up the Desperateness of the DNC and Kerry and also points up that the tape did indeed hurt Kerry. Why else try to lay the blame on the RNC?

Posted by: Carl at October 30, 2004 12:24 PM (hGF2y)

4 Tim has the proof.

Posted by: the UNPOPULIST at October 30, 2004 12:24 PM (w24xX)

5 I've had a lot of contempt for this shameless journalistic clown for a long time.

Vietnam unwinnable? No, at least not before the deleterious effects on the nation's political will following your lying bullshit, you worthless old propagandistic coot.

Cronkite was Dan Rather before even Dan Rather.

Posted by: Russell Wardlow at October 30, 2004 01:58 PM (CcGTn)

6 Sorry CBS news, your war on Pres. Bush is unwinnable.

Posted by: Capp at October 30, 2004 02:52 PM (KOW7Y)

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