January 31, 2005

Viva Iraq
— Ace

From the Telegraph:

Compare yesterday's reports with those by the same commentators during South Africa's first democratic election. Then, too, there were many technical problems: electors who were not properly registered, voter intimidation, long queues. But these things were set in their proper context, as the backdrop against which the moving drama of people casting their first ballots was being played out. No one suggested that the clashes between IFP and ANC supporters in Zululand undermined the whole process. No one argued that the backlash by a handful of black homeland chieftains and Boer irreconcilables made South Africa unfit for democracy.
No democratic election is flawless. It is human nature that the loser in any system should blame the system rather than himself: think, for example, about our own squabbles over postal voting, the West Lothian Question, or the wording of referendums. But, yesterday, Iraq became the most democratic country in the Arab world. What a pity that so many writers who, in other circumstances, are optimists about human progress, should shut their eyes to what is happening. In their determination to say "I told you so", they are coming perilously close to siding with jihadi murderers. Shame on them.

Read the rest for a plainspoken refutation of the resenters.

(h/t/ lucianne)

Also see here, here, and here. (Update) And here and here and here.

RealClear has more.


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1 Just as there is none so blind as he who will not see, there are none so fascist as those who call us nazis. Is there a dime's worth of difference between what the former dictator of Iraq (awaiting trial) was telling "his" people and what Mr. Kennedy is telling "his" people?

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