July 27, 2018

Mid-Morning Open Thread
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Stopping For A Drink
Raffaello Sorbi

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July 26, 2018

The Morning Report 7/25/18
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Good morning kids. Top story which broke late in the afternoon yesterday is that Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and others have introduced articles of impeachment against the de facto Attorney General Rod Rosensteinpenis. Ever since Super Secret Sleeper AG Jeff Sessionszzzz recused and handed over the DoJ to this momzer, he's done nothing but blockade and stonewall Congressional investigators looking into the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, essentially obstructing the justice he is putatively there to insure is meted out. Meh. The guy is a Deep State stooge and crony to all the players involved. At the end of the day, like everything else in this incredible travesty of a sham of a mockery of two travesties of a sham, the real punishment to all the traitors involved that is justly deserved may never ever be meted out. But the revelation of all of this because Donald Trump was elected is on full display and as a result a lot of heretofore uncaring or unseeing eyes have been opened. So, moral victory and I think a big one which will play out in a positive way in the months and years ahead. Meanwhile, Tu-Ca and Tray of Gouda ripped into Schiff-for-brains while a hack judge in Maryland is allowing a suit against PDT for allegedly violating the emoluments clause to go forward. They've got nothing. They know they've got nothing and now we know that they know that we know they've got nothing. Morning Report favorite Daniel Greenfield puts an exclamation point on it all:

No matter how much money Mueller spends or how many prosecutors he hires, he can't save Hillary... The longer the Mueller investigation drags on, the higher the expectations for its outcome grow. Like Madoff, Mueller is trapped in an investigative pyramid scheme that he can never deliver on. And so all he can do is keep growing the pyramid, branch it out and drag it on for as long as humanly possible. That's the Washington D.C. way.

Hillary Clinton's reverse Midas Touch cost the Democrats the election. Their obsession with Hillary's election conspiracy theories is likely to cost them the midterm elections... And when the Mueller investigation runs out of every trick and gimmick, it will also be Hillary's fault. And by the time that's done, the Democrats will have wasted three elections chasing Hillary's lies.

Moving along, in politics, and because the Democrats are morally, intellectually and politically bereft of any legitimate criticism of the President and those who support him, Cory "Closet Organizer" Booker is pulling the Obama get-in-their-faces schtick. Obviously the rules don't apply in reverse. Socialism, or talk of Socialism, is also the order of the day and as the Democrat Party desperately tries to maintain the rapidly fading mirage of faux-normalcy, fueled by the aforementioned propaganda of Russia rigging the national election, as well as the reality of Hillary and the DNC rigging the Democrat primary, whack-a-doodles like Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco and now some putz in Maine named Zak Ringelstein are moving into the limelight. Meanwhile Fauxcahontas attempts to burnish her image as merely a liar by suddenly embracing capitalism (I read it the other day, but forgot to link it), and Nancy Palsi and others pimped what amounts to a waffer-theeen version of Trumponmics in a desperate attempt to try to maintain control of the party image, such as it is. Too late. Yet despite all indications that the public does not want anything to do with this insanity, the appeal of the illusion of Socialism to the uninformed or the pedagogically-indoctrinated persists. There's an interesting piece over at The Federalist claiming Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco is destined to be the Democrat response to Trump. The comments, mine included, poo-pooed this as wish-casting; and much of the article borders on piffle. Despite the author being barely able to hide his resentment towards the President, his final admonishment is troubling, despite his mischaracterization of PDT's "arguably racist rhetoric" during the campaign. First, PDT will sadly not be President forever. Second, academia is still tightly in their grasp so the brainwashing continues apace. Yes, while all indicators seem to show that the Socialism will drive the Democrat-Left over a cliff in the near term, I would caution that we disregard these people at our peril - unless and until we take over academia lock, stock and barrel forever, and have at least 20 years to deprogram the next two generations of students.

Speaking of Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco, we segue into Amnesty/Immigration where the crazy-eyed Democrat-Socialite equated Zero-Tolerance border policy with ethnic cleansing. That said, despite funding $5 billion for the border wall, the GOP-lead Appropriations committee is cutting funding to AG McSnoozerson's enforcement reforms that have to date been highly effective in interdicting border jumpers. F**k the GOP-e. Meanwhile Joe Crowley thinks we need to compensate illegal aliens for the hardships they endured while breaking our laws and invading our country. Too late, Joe. There's only room for one Socialist in that district. Meh, I'd like to see you and Tom Perez try and rig that election. Rounding out the topic, the thugs who occupied the Portland ICE facility left behind a literal biohazard site after being ejected and Jeff Duncan has introduced a bill to defund cities that issue voter IDs to illegal aliens. More of this guy, please.

In the Fake News department, Facebook stock has plummeted hugely on fears of that company's future prospects, Matt Gaetz is threatening Twitter with an FEC investigation, the Left went ape over a CRTV goof "interview" with Loopy Fiasco, conveniently forgetting all the times they pulled the same nonsense with conservatives, and Rachel Madoff is a liar (yet again).

On the foreign affairs front, the EU has caved on PDT's trade demands and as a result the Dow soared yesterday, the Trump-Putin conference in DC has been delayed until the Mueller Flea Circus packs up after the new year, an interesting piece on Marxico's new prexy, Daniel Ortega remains a vile thug, the UN remains a vile pit of Joo- and America-hate and SoS Pompeo reaffirms our commitment to Ukraine despite "muh koluzhnikovs!" I think behind the scenes, PDT is trying to swing Putin away from the Chi-Coms and into our sphere. Hey, he's a thug but at least he'll be our thug. And that is what you call "realpolitik," my fellow babies.

Moving closer to home (and across categories), California dominates the links. First, evidently Jeff Sessionszzzz moonlights at the California DMV, the administration is moving ahead to kneecap California's idiotic auto emission standards, the LAPD may file charges against the anti-Israel thugs at UCLA (not holding my breath), Kamala-Toe thinks rent is unjust (at least Jimmy McMillan thought it was only too damn high) and why the enviro-luddites are oddly silent over the heatwave in the Golden(shower) state. And speaking of the climate change fraud, suddenly Slate is seemingly spouting common sense about what drives the climate. Hmm. Switching gears, there's a very enlightening piece about administrative law judges for your consideration.

From hither and yon, a Feminazi-nazi offs herself in Paris, French butchers are being terrorized by vegans, Jane Fonda attempts a non-apology apology for being treasonous (the real treason), a study claiming lesbians are just as good parents as normal people has been debunked and lastly a good essay about anti-white being the new-anti-semitism.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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July 25, 2018

Media Shitbird to Facebook Exec: Say, How Come You Guys Don't Censor Fox News For Being Such Big, Fat Liars? [Warden]
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That's right, the same pompous, self righteous media members who wail, gnash their teeth and assert that Donald Trump is trampling their sacred freedom of speech by calling them "fake news" want to know why Facebook doesn't go ahead and censor Faux News for all their lying, perfidious dishonesty.

Reporter: One of the most prominent organizations you're working with is Fox News, and they're sort of incorrigible about proliferating a lot of misinformation. Can you speak to your reasoning behind that? Why would you want to work with an organization like that when, as you said, you're trying to limit the spread of false information?

At this, Rick Van Veen, head of global creative strategy at Facebook, jumped in: "Yeah, well, given that we have limited time. I'd like to keep it-- Fidji and I don't lead the news organization. Campbell Brown leads that…"

Another reporter in the background: Answer the question!

'We have limited time --"

Another reporter: We'll give you time!

While Facebook execs tried to sidestep the question, they assured our fearless defenders of (their own) free speech in the media that outlets like Infowars have their distribution limited when their audience tells them that Infowars is lying.

So what we're trying to do is make it so that if you are saying something that’s untrue on Facebook-- you're allowed to say it as long as you're an authentic person and you adhere to our community standards-- but we're trying to make it so it doesn't get that much distribution .… We don't always get it right, as you can imagine, it's very complicated, but that's sort of our principle for dealing with information."

Reporter: How do you limit distribution?

"When we have something that we think — that a fact checker has told is probably not true, or a lot of our audience is telling us is not true, we just limit distribution.

So they're basically empowering the SJW mob to shut out content simply by howling that it's not true.

Facebook stock is down 25% in a single session, by the way, due a huge drop in user activity. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em right in the turd cutter.

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Open Thread
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Discuss the various ways in which "threads" may be "open."

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July 27, 2018

The Morning Rant
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talking ape.jpg
"In the good old days, there were unstated rules about what was acceptable discourse and what was not. Particularly in mixed ("polite") company. In polite company, you never talked about sex, you never talked about politics, and you *never* talked about religion. Those three subjects were forbidden. And then the 'let it all hang out' 60s came along and the old rules were thrown out, because, hey, who needs rules, they're just for hung-up middle-class squares, and what do they know about anything? So fast forward to today, social media is an open sewer of filth, rage, and mental illness, everyone is Literally Hitler, and child molesting is a topic for jokes. And now I'm thinking I like playing under the restraints of the old rules better. Perhaps people weren't any less crazy than they are now, but the crazy was limited to a smaller circle of people, and maybe even restricted to the confines of one person's own head. It wasn't inflicted on a world-wide audience."

The Gift That Keeps On Giving:

alex OC loves kennedy.jpg


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July 25, 2018

Lock Them Up: Media Runs #FakeNews All Night and Morning, Claiming Jeff Sessions Chanted "Lock Her Up" In Turning Point Speech
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I've said it before and I will say it again: If you DO NOT want to be called fake news then DO NOT put out FAKE NEWS.

I cannot stand Attorney General Jeff Sessions and there is so much you can use against him that you don't have to make up stuff! The MSM splattered across their pages that he joined in the "lock her up" chant that broke out during his summit.

He did not do this.

He didn't chant it. When he recognized what they were chanting, he said "Lock her up," the former to himself, in recognition, and then said, "I heard that for a long time during the campaign," and then went back to his speech.

But the lying media reported all night and morning that he "joined in the chant" or "chanted." Legal Insurrection has the screencaps of all the #FakeNews. They later began changing the headlines to better accord with reality -- or their "This is an apple" version of reality, anyway -- but did not note that their earlier reports were #FakeNews.

Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up!

I'd like to hear that chanted at the media.

In other #FakeNews: Rachel Maddow, the Queen (?) of Conspiracies, says she finally has the proof of treason:

Trouble is, this native Russian speaker says that that's not what was said at all. Because there were multiple voices on the translator channel, and the first words translated were not "Yes I did" but "Because."

All of the rabid left and NeverTrump left (let's face it, they're on the left now) are telling her that That must be untrue because they can read the English chyrons and the English chyrons say "Yes I did." They don't seem to understand that she is telling them the actual Russian words Putin spoke. They just keep insisting that the starting catcher must be right, and it doesn't matter what a So-Called Expert in What Russian Words Actually Mean says.

Because they're so smart.

Even the Washington Post agrees, if you can believe that:

Not only was this question not "buried," the Post notes, but Maddow's claim that Putin answered "yes I did" to the question about whether Putin wanted Trump to win is wrong.

She also noted that the White House's written transcript also excludes the question. Here's what that transcript says.

PUTIN: Options abound, and they all can be found in an appropriate legal framework.

REPORTER: And did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?

PUTIN: (As interpreted.) Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the U.S.-Russia relationship back to normal.

Here's the thing: That’s also how The Post's transcript of the news conference initially read, too. Ours came from Bloomberg Government and ours, too, excluded the first part of the reporters question in which he begins, "President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election".

What happened? If you watch the videos, it's pretty clear. At some point in the middle of that question, there's a switch between the feed from the reporters and the feed from the translator. In the White House version of the video, you can hear the question being asked very faintly under the woman who is translating saying "president."

They say that while the provincial, non-cosmpotalitan jingoistic American bigot Maddow is focusing only on the American man asking Putin a question, in fact, a Russian woman began asking a question, and that is what the translator began translating, and what Putin answered. Her question, not his.

Note that while the Washington Post admits Maddow is wrong here, that's all it will do. She has pushed one #FakeNews conspiracy theory after another, and they never, ever call her on this.

She's MSNBC's own gender-ambiguous Alex Jones, but the left is allowed to traffic in conspiracy theories, because the left (get this) enjoys the left's conspiracy theories. Even when they're blatantly false, they still help gin up the base, and they're at least fun to pretend that they represent reality.

See Instapundit for good media quotes, which are claiming, basically, that Trump is lying by denying their own lies and delusions, and this is causing them harm, because their lies and delusions are very important to them.

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Progress? Pastor Imprisoned by Turkey for Alleged "Terrorism" Moved from Jail to House Arrest, On Orders of Court
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Erdogan's still keeping him close enough to kill, unfortunately.

I assume Turkey is wholly a dictatorship now, and so any court ordering this probably did so at Erdogan's request.

It was only last week when we learned that efforts to have the charges against American Pastor Andrew Brunson dismissed in Turkey had been rejected. The falsely imprisoned pastor was returned to his prison cell after that. But now, with little warning, the situation in Turkey has changed. While not releasing him or dismissing the charges, a Turkish court has ordered Brunson moved to house arrest rather than remaining in his cell. It’s a humanitarian gesture which may indicate progress in our dealings with Turkish tyrant Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Michael Cohen Releases Secretly-Recorded Trump Tape; His Lawyer Lanny Davis Threatens That He's Ready to Talk, Whatever That Means
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The impression many have gotten for a while is that Michael Cohen is threatening Trump to either get a pardon for whatever crimes he may have committed, and/or get Trump to pay his legal bills. And so he and his shyster, former Bill Clinton mouthpiece Lanny Davis, are ratcheting up pressure and threats to compel Trump to deliver something.

Alternately -- it could be that Cohen is already cooperating with prosecutors and so is threatening to release information in order to get Trump to contact him and ask him to not reveal anything more to investigators, at which point the feds would indict Trump for obstruction of justice.

So, obviously, Trump should not contact this guy.

Whatever their scheme, so far they haven't released much. They caught Trump on tape discussing possibly doing something legal -- to wit, buying someone's story through a third party (the National Enquirer) to keep the story quiet.

What would be the crime here? Will Mueller also start prosecuting blackmail victims for paying blackmail to their blackmailers?

I'm not saying this woman's a blackmailer -- but she was trying to make money off her sleazy story. She made that money. What's the harm? Trump was and is under no legal compulsion to share his sex history with anyone. Keeping a story quiet is only a crime under one circumstance -- when you're under legal compulsion to not hide it, as when you're under subpeona to disclose it or when it's being investigated by police. Neither of these things were true before, and I doubt they're even true now.

Unless, of course, Mueller has decided that blackmail victims can't pay hush money without being indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Privacy.

Which who knows- - maybe he has.

But Cohen, through his Clinton mouthpiece, has threatened that Cohen is now singing to the feds, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Davis, a damage-control maestro going back to the Clinton administration, told me: "Michael Cohen has made a turn. This is on the record -- Michael and I talked about it."

"Michael is going to tell the truth to the powers that be, and let the chips fall where they may."

"I've used this line too many times, but who talks about cash like that besides drug dealers and mobsters?"

Davis said that the tape's release sends the message: "I am no longer the previous Michael Cohen that you knew --taking a bullet for Donald Trump, saying anything to defend him, being a good soldier. ... That is over."

Davis said he was unable to say what Cohen's next move is: "I'm not saying there are more tapes as telling as [this] one, ... but there are more tapes. ... There is more to come."

Alan Derschowitz had already declared/predicted that Cohen would or already was "flipping" on Trump.

One area where I'm actually worried Trump might (might) have done wrong concerns the threats some people claim they got about laying off "Mr. Trump." That could have been Cohen behind that -- and Cohen will say it was Trump ordering him to do that, even if Trump actually only said "make it go away" or something like that.

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July 26, 2018

The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition
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I defy you to find something that government does better than the private sector.

These incompetent crooks should be run out of town on a rail, but the good people of Seattle have become so inured to bloated, stupid, corrupt and illogical officialdom that they truly believe that it is an unavoidable byproduct of their progressive desires. That makes them as stupid as their government masters.

Ain't socialism grand!
The Trolley Problem: New Seattle Streetcars May Not Fit on Tracks

Seattle, it seems, has a trolley problem. The city ordered streetcars for an expansion of its growing system that may not, according to a new Seattle Times report, fit on the tracks or fit into maintenance barns. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, elected last fall following a long-ago sexual assault scandal that forced the previous mayor to resign, had already put a halt to the buildout after escalating costs were discovered.

The expansion was originally budgeted at $150 million, but that figure soon rose to $200 million, in part due to public utility work that wasn't predicted in the initial budget and rising costs for construction and labor in Seattle. But in March, the Times reported that operating costs would be 50% higher than the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) had estimated--$24 million a year, rather than $16 million. The regional transit authority, King Country Metro, disclosed this and debated it in internal memos that the Times obtained through a public-records request. An independent review for the city is in progress, and a deadline for its completion and release went by in June.

"Measure, measure, cut." I learned that as a carpenter's assistant, just out of college. On my first day. Clearly, at that tender age I was more highly trained and competent than the Seattle mandarins who gleefully spend other people's money with very little regard and absolutely no fear that they will be held financially responsible for their monumental screw-ups. What a life! more...

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July 25, 2018

Toronto Terrorist Faisal Hussain Visited ISIS Websites, Claimed by ISIS as a "Soldier of Allah:"
Toronto Mayor Declares It's Time to Have an Honest Discussion About... Gun Ownership

— Open Blogger

Yes. We sure could use an Honest Discussion about Dangerous Policies, huh?

Fox News notes the terrorist visited terror websites and may have visited terrorist havens.

ISIS claimed responsibility Wednesday for the deadly Toronto shooting and investigators are reportedly digging into the gunman's past and Internet history -- but Canadian officials continue to insist the killings aren't related to terrorism, clouding the possible motive for the attack that killed two and wounded 13.


On Wednesday, Canadian officials stressed there was no national security risk despite authorities' continued investigation into what prompted the deadly rampage in the bustling Greektown neighborhood.

"These are the early stages‎ of an active investigation being led by the Toronto Police Service," a spokesperson from Canada's Office of the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness told Fox News. "At this time, there is no national security nexus."

But while officials are publicly pushing back on any ties to terror for now, reports have emerged that investigators are questioning Hussain's past.

Hussain had visited ISIS websites and may have expressed support for the terrorist group, CBS News and the Toronto Sun reported, citing law enforcement sources. A law enforcement source told the Toronto Sun the 29-year-old expressed "support" for a website that was seen as "pro" ISIS.

Officials are also investigating if Hussain lived at one time in Afghanistan or possibly Pakistan, CBS News reported.

Hussain's online activities have previously drawn the attention of law enforcement, and he was "well known to Toronto Police" for investigations into past crimes "involving weapons and violence," according to the Toronto Sun.

So he was a Known Wolf. Of course.

Gee, I wonder how these Known Wolves keep slipping away from police attention. Oh right, it's because the police are trained to pretend Islamist terrorists aren't Islamist terrorists.

But don't worry, the Toronto mayor's got this one: he's calling for a gun control debate.

Toronto Mayor John Tory made an impassioned statement to his City Council on Monday following the deadly shooting in a popular Toronto neighborhood the night before.

"I have said for some time that this city has a gun problem and that guns are far to readily available for far too many people," Tory said. "This is an international problem and this is a domestic problem. There are far too many people carrying around guns in our city and our region who should not have them."

"You've heard me ask the question of why anybody would need to buy 10 or 20 guns, which they can lawfully do under the present laws," Tory continued. "And that leads to another question we need to discuss: Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?"

Yeah, why don't people just trust the cops who can't protect citizens against Islamist terrorists because they refuse to admit the existence of Islamist terrorists at all?

Meanwhile, the #FakeNews American media is doing its best to keep the citizenry uninformed. ABC, NBC, and CBS all decided to not report Hussain had visited ISIS websites.

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July 26, 2018

Mid-Morning Open Thread
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Hacker In Jeopardy.jpg

In Jeopardy
Arthur Hacker

[Hat Tip: MP4]

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July 25, 2018

Titanium-Jacketed Tungsten-Core Fifth-Dimensional Hyperballs: SNL Weekend Update Hack Accuses Other Comics of Being Unfunny Non-Talents Whose Idea of a Joke is to Say "Trump Sucks, Please Applaud"
— Open Blogger

I mean, what you say is right, Jack, but you are the one to make this charge? You?

Have you ever caught your own act, Jack?

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New Swedish Informational Pamphlet Directed to Immigrants: "So, You're Thinking About Fucking a Child"
— Open Blogger

Well that's not quite its title -- translations are never perfect -- but that's the spirit of the thing. A Fun-Fact book telling Sweden's newer residents that, while they're not necessarily saying you can't marry a child under the age of 15 -- heaven forbid you be so racist to declare that outright -- there are certain things you should consider, like that fucking children is considered by most actual civilizations to be wrong.

The pamphlet does take pains not to offend, though.

The discussion recently peaked over a pamphlet the government put out on the issue of child brides. That pamphlet, titled Information for one who is Married to a Child (cover image above), did state that sex with children under 15 was illegal in Sweden, but the tone of the pamphlet was criticized for being far too lenient. From Israel National News:

Commentator and journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein reported on the new pamphlet and wrote on her Facebook page: "The irony is that in Syria, having sex with and impregnating a child leads to a 9-year stint in prison whereas Sweden rewards the same behavior with financial aid and a helpful pamphlet."...


Although the brochure prohibits intercourse or living with persons under the age of 15, thus not contradicting Swedish law's age of consent, Hernroth-Rothstein explains that "technically it... 'recommends against' having sex with an underage child BUT nowhere in the pamphlet does it say what will happen if you have sex with a child, nor does it pose any threats against the person who chooses to have sex with a child." The pamphlet calls such acts "inappropriate".

"Inappropriate." Mustn't be more judgey than that.

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The Morning Report 7/25/18
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Good morning kids. Middle of the week and the big, groundbreaking, earth-shattering, surefire rhetorical (or otherwise) kill shot that will absolutely destroy President Trump was revealed last night. Oh noes! Then citizen Trump was caught on tape talking to his lawyer, Michael Cohen, about paying some Playboy centerfold to keep quiet about the affair they had - in 2006. Both Rudy Giuliani and I believe Alan Dershowitz have stated this to be a nothing-burger. But that didn't stop Lanny Davis, who is now Cohen's mouthpiece from smearing both Giuliani and PDT, stating only mobsters and drug dealers make cash payoffs, or some such drivel. Coming from a longtime consigliere to two of the most loathsome, corrupt individuals to ever infect American political discourse, one a predatory rapist and the other a power-mad dipsomaniac and both goniffs who enriched themselves off the backs, futures and security of the American people, that's rich (as in Seth). In any case, you know who else dealt in cash payoffs? I wouldn't be talking about them being the SOP of criminals, mobsters and drug dealers considering the billions of palletized bills looted from the US Treasury and drop-shipped in secrecy to the world's leading exporter of terrorism and destabilization by you-know-who. Let's have that discussion out loud and proud, okay Lanny? I'm right here.

Meanwhile, as Lanny Davis and the rest of the Democrat-Media Complex await Steiner, in Mueller Witch Hunt/Obamagate news, Devin Nunes is calling for the intel agencies to completely declassify the Russia hacking report (I wouldn't hold my breath), the administration talk of revoking security clearances for the big Deep State traitors omits Hillary Clinton from that list (why?), the Left's desperate attempt to label this Maria Buttina dame as Alger Hiss (say, what?) and Richard Burr is a complete buffoon who needs to be primaried at the earliest opportunity.

On the Immigration/Amnesty front, heartening news that the Feds are starting to ramp up the crackdown on employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, 1,600 more separated families have been reunited ahead of the legal deadline, Snoozy McSnoozerson said some good things in his sleep, to wit the DoJ will only refer to illegal aliens officially as "illegal aliens, and Andrew Cummo has freed several more illegal alien criminals so as to thwart efforts to deport them. One of them is a real winner, and all will be voting in November. I'd laugh if they all voted for Dickless Nixon. Even if he pardoned them, he doesn't have the authority to confer citizenship since border jumping is a Federal offense. Legal beagles weigh in please.

And downstream of this is the political scene. Yesterday, the President caused Leftists' heads to explode with one Tweet that utterly destroys their strategy for when they will no doubt lose in November. He said he was afraid of Russian meddling in the Midterms and that they were doing it to help the Dems. Gold, Jerry! Elsewhere more Dems are stepping forward to state they will not support Nancy Palsi in her bid to clatter her dentures, Cory Booker among others used the Bible to slam those who disagree with his opposition to Brett Kavanaugh, PDT-backed candidate Kemp handily won a primary runoff for the Georgia governor's race, Claire McAsskill made a whoopsie, Dems desperate for votes offered down a watered down Trump economic plan "for the people," Tom Steyer is wasting his money (good) and that schmuck Don Blankenship is intending to act as a spoiler in West Virginia and prevent an easy GOP Senate win and preserve Joe's Man-Chin. Someone "talk" to this paskudnyak.

On the foreign affairs front, Mitch McCoCBrother and Paul Ryno are leading the charge to sabotage the President's foreign policy aims by announcing their intention to try and block Vladimir Putin's visit to the Capitol. Look, I get it. The guy's a thug. But far worse people have come here and those two tits never said boo. And it only adds to the false narrative of Putin-Trump collusion. I hate them, Gorsuch/Kavanaugh or not. Then again, there are some troubling reports of Russian hackers working to screw up our electrical grid. US airlines are bending over for the Chi-Coms, Congress has blocked F-35 sales to Turkey, Syria is caught between Iraq and a hard place, Iran is in deep doo-doo, and Daniel Greenfield on Israel's official declaration of being a Jewish State. At least the weather will always be perfect, right? Lastly, Canada is doing all it can to deny the Toronto Islamist terrorist was an Islamist terrorist and a US citizen of Dearbornian extraction captured fighting for ISIS will come back to the US to face justice. I rather he faced a firing squad in the field.

Domestically, the White House is prepping a $12 billion bailout for farmers who are on the wrong end of a trade war (I sense a healthy debate in the comments), Nancy Palsi hates children and faith-based adoption agencies, the government has no idea how much it's spending, the Dems continue pimping Medicare fur alles much to the detriment of those they claim to represent, the enviro-luddites are trying to sabotage Hurricane Sandy measures and two stories on the continued hawking of Socialism. Actually Meghan McCain schooled Joy Blowhard who was all in favor of it. She should only move to Caracas and live in the barrio as a regular stiff. For the people.

From hither and yon, a frightening look at the subject that dare not be spoken, Black crime, "thin privilege" is a thing, the NY Slimes bitterly clings to Mattress Girl bedbug Emma Sulkowicz, and despite every effort to sabotage and derail it, "Gosnell" will hit movie screens thanks to a $2 million crowd sourcing campaign. Talk about yelling wolf in a crowded theater.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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July 24, 2018

Not a Surprise: "Abolish ICE" Encampment Enforces Its Borders and Its Own Rules Within Those Borders
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This isn't surprising. Back in 2011, Occupy Wall Street railed against class divisions and entitled white people. And in their own little society, they erected class divisions, discriminating against homeless people, and of course made sure that entitled white trust-fund babies were in charge.

And of course they were so committed to anti-racism that they implemented and enforced the "progressive stack," which explicitly enforced the races being ranked in order of privilege.

The white trust-fund imbeciles running the show were exempt from that, of course. The Revolutionary Vanguard is always exempt from the rules it enforces on the masses.

Why do leftist utopias always resemble fascist shitholes with terrible, terrible arhythmic drum circles?

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The EPA May Terminate California's Very Special Right to Impose More Stringent Pollution-Control Measures Than the Clean Air Act Requires on the Rest of the Nation
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Big, if true.

Summing up: the Clean Air Act enacts national standards for things like cars' exhaust. But it contains a provision which states that any state may be granted a waiver permitting them to enact even more stringent regulations, so long as they're "necessary" for that state.

California has sought such a waiver and has been granted that waiver for as long as the Clean Air Act has existed.

California is the country's largest auto-market, so car manufacturers just build for California. It would be more costly to set up factories to produce some cars that are California-legal and some others that are legal everywhere else. So the waiver permits California to essentially set the nation's car-exhaust policies.

This, of course, forces the rest of the country to subsidize California's environmental occultism, as the costs of these unnecessary abatement schemes are lowered in cost because their R&D costs are shared by a nation which doesn't need them, and California gets the savings of a massive economy of scale only by drafting unwilling Americans to be forced into being consumers of the products that they demand but which few others want.

Trump's EPA seems ready to end this special perpetual waiver.

Cue the whining about "owning the libs" from the people who are owned by the libs and want to remain owned by their generous liberal masters forever and ever.

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"Fusion Ken" Dilanian on Yanking Clapper, Brennan et al's Security Clearances: But They Need These Clearances In Case Trump Calls Up Them to Advise Him
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As John Ekdahl says: wut

So the reason we permit these guys to keep their security clearances is actually twofold:

1. To keep them legal to accept classified information, in case the president needs to call them out of retirement to advise him on a national security matter.

With Comey and McCabe proven leakers, with Brennan looking like he arranged the Comey briefing just to leak it, and calling Trump a traitor every week, etc., I would say the likelihood that Trump will call up on these Genius Experts' Expert Genius to be about the likelihood that Kate Upton will pay me thirty million dollars to sit on my face.

2. Frankly, as way to pay them continuing non-pecuniary benefits in their retirement, because anyone with a security clearance will be paid more money than those without one in the fields where such a thing is valuable, e.g., defense industries, information security, etc.

I don't see why Trump would feel obliged to put money into their pockets by extending to them a benefit he is not required to extend to them.

So there are two reasons to keep these people cleared for classified reason -- one which could maybe, allegedly benefit the country, but which will never happen, due to the fact that these people belong to the Deep State which has been trying to get Trump blocked from taking office and now that he is president, removed from it.

The second is just a nice thing you do for your friends, to keep paying them off for services rendered, but they are not Trump's friends and the services they have rendered are a conspiracy to enact a coup against the duly elected president of the United States.

On the other hand, there is the risk of permitting them to retain their security clearances.

Given that there is absolutely no benefit to the country -- none at all, zero -- of letting them keep their clearances, the downsides risks stand all alone, with no upside potential to offset them.

What risks are being run? Well, these:

Clapper and Brennan are now being paid by media corporations whose mission it is to take down the duly-elected president of the United States. The fact that they have security clearances means that illegal leakers can leak classified information to them and avoid the worst penalties for leaking classified information, because the parties they are leaking to are legally authorized to see such information.

Now, this wouldn't apply to codeword-classified information, just general top secret (and below) information. And it wouldn't mean that there would be no penalties for leaking the information to them -- you can still be fired for leaking classified information to an unauthorized recipient.

But you could not, I think, be prosecuted under the Espionage Act for giving classified information to those not cleared to see it. The whole point of security clearances is that having one means you are authorized, generally, to see such information.

So Brennan and Clapper are NBC's and CNN's collection points for unauthorized classified leaks.

"Fusion Ken" Dilanian is squealing precisely because John Brennan will not be worth as much to himself or his employer NBC if his security clearance is terminated.

Also note that while technically, Brennan and Clapper might be authorized to see classified information, they still wouldn't be cleared to release it publicly (as the public consists of a great mass of unauthorized persons):

First of all, the First Amendment protects a lot of behavior which would otherwise be prosecutable under the Espionage Act. Newspapers technically violate classification laws a lot, but plead the First Amendment as a defense.

Second of all, you don't have to actually disclose the information to help a reporter himself get the information out there. Recall "Deep Throat," the FBI official Mark Felt, who would not reveal classified information to Bob Woodward, as he did not want to give Woodward any information which could be traced back to him and get him fired, but who would serve as a second source confirming (or repudiating, if false) information that Woodward had been leaked from a different source.

Brennan is no doubt serving a similar role for NBC, and Clapper for CNN. It seems likely, to me anyway, that these mercenaries are assisting those "news" outlets in pushing leaks out to the public by at least warning them away from the ones that seem to them wrong. Which tells their employers which leaks they receive seem accurate. By simply not saying "No, don't run that," they essentially tell NBC and CNN that they are not aware of any reason the leak would be provably false.

(A similar tactic was used by Woodward in getting information from a partially-willing source: He said "I'm going to run X story, and I'm going to count down from ten, interrupt me if you you know any reason I should not run X story.")

Lastly, these people can flat-out tell reporters classified information in a hint-hint way and get away with it. From James Comey's explanation as to why he did not prosecute Hillary Clinton for disclosing classified information in her unsecure email system which was shared with non-cleared persons: He said she employed the practice of "talking around" the classified information, which seems to be just hinting at it without being specific, trusting that anyone who knows the information you're talking about gets what you're talking about.

Supposedly this method of "talking around" classified information makes it legal -- per no less a legal authority than Jesus Christ's personal adviser James Comey.

Yet, I can think of many people who could figure out the information you're "talking around" who are not actually authorized to receive it. Reporters covering the story, for example, who have generally received hints and leaks about the information, and can piece the parts they don't know or haven't confirmed yet from your "talking around" the information.

Enemy intelligence services could also easily do this. You know, like the enemy intelligence service the FBI found that hacked Hillary's emails (which Strzok and Co. then took out of the official FBI statement on the matter).

If you just know a little of the story, you can figure out the rest if someone who knows the whole story "talks around" the classified information.

And Comey has decided such "talking around" by authorized persons to unauthorized persons is non-prosecutable. No "intent," you see.

So why shouldn't Brennan and Clapper take their good friend Comey's legal advice and just "talk around" the classified information they have to their worker-friends Jake Tapper and Fusion Ken Dilanian?

As there is no national security upside to letting these leakers and liars keep their security clearances and continue "monetizing" them -- as Trump correctly said -- and quite a bit of national security downside to letting them keep them, it's time to terminate the clearances.

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Japan Ad Firm Now Placing Ads In... Women's Armpits
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From Circa, we really did a number on these guys, huh?

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Ninth Circuit Appeals Court: If Hawaii Restricts Citizens' Ability to Carry Concealed, Then There Must Be An Absolute Right to Open Carry
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Huge ruling.

Hawaii sharply limits who can carry concealed -- basically, only people who have jobs in security and law enforcement can carry concealed.

The Ninth Circuit -- not the whole Ninth Circuit, which is a leftwing clownshow, but two of the three judges selected randomly to review the lower court's ruling here -- rules that people have the right to carry firearms (quoting the Supreme Court's MacDonald decision), and if the right to carry concealed is restricted by a state, that must mean that the other method of carrying, open carry, is absolute.

The court rules that the "right to keep and bear arms" is actually two rights: to "keep" arms is about storing arms on physical property, but to bear arms is to carry arms on one's person.

And it rules that Hawaii may not leave citizens with no way of exercising this latter right.

Hawaii screwed itself here by, like so many other gun-grabbing states and local governments, creating a #FakeNews application process for getting a concealed carry license, but literally never granting such an application:

The majority opinion gets salty with the dissent:

Hawaii will certainly request en banc review, which is where every judge on the Ninth Circuit rehears the case and issues a group ruling. Obviously Hawaii will probably win that -- but then it's on to the Supreme Court.

Wrong? Anon Y. Mous says that the Ninth Circuit's en banc review is not performed by all judges, but just a lot more judges than the usual 3-judge panel.

Like, 11 judges? I don't know, "11 judges" sticks in my mind for some reason.

I'm not sure either way.

Update: Anon Y. Mous was right, and I was right about 11 judges, once Anon Y. Mous corrected me. From Wikipedia on "En banc:"

Federal law provides that for courts with more than 15 judges, an en banc hearing may consist of "such number of members of its en banc courts as may be prescribed by rule of the court of appeals."[4] The Ninth Circuit, with 29 judges, uses this procedure, and its en banc court consists of 11 judges. Theoretically, the Ninth Circuit can hear the case with all judges participating.

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Report: Trump Told North Korea A Plane Would Come to Take Otto Warmbier Home; Did Not Seek North Korea's Permission to Land, Just Landed the Plane
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The cucks at the Weekly Standard are all butthurt by this toxic masculinity, and AllahPundit is crying that Trump's only about "owning the libs."

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