January 31, 2005

Thanks to My Guest Bloggers
— Ace

Wow. You guys really blogged the heck out of this site.

I want to thank again all the good people who filled in for me while I was out getting sensual massages from Stanley Tucci.

John Wuzzadem, glad you're a Dem no more.

Karol was busy this week and didn't get to post much, but I appreciate her efforts just the same.

The Unpopulist, of course, gets a special shout-out for getting this site Insta-linked. I think that's the key to getting myself Instalanched-- have someone else write the post.

Say Anything, thanks so much. Glad to have your firepower, if only for a week.

Zelda from The Urban Grind I've actually met. She's a great chick and if you're not checking her site, you ought to be.

And finally Dave from Garfield Ridge-- thanks. Not quite as many Professor Zaius posts as I would have liked, but a terrific job nonetheless.

Thanks for doing so much damn work -- and posting so much interesting and funny writing -- while I was away. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

And thanks to the readers who kept coming back in my absence-- you guys are the greatest.

UPDATE [the UnPo]:

To all Ace readers and admirers, and in particular the surlier ones:

Thank you for you time. It was a blast.

God bless.

Posted by: Ace at 06:00 PM | Comments (17)
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1 its Dr. Zaius ace

I know youve been out of the loop, but loose shit will still not be tolerated.

Im pretty sure Professor Zaius was a song by Falco back in the 80s.


Posted by: Rock me amish at January 31, 2005 06:26 PM (5dhtz)

2 Hey, look who can comment again! LMFAO

And yeah, we are the greatest, aren't we?

Posted by: fat kid at January 31, 2005 06:58 PM (JiosZ)

3 Thank YOU Ace.

Posted by: Zelda at January 31, 2005 07:24 PM (zakmq)

4 Gratzi Signori Ace, gratzi!

Posted by: John from WuzzaDem at January 31, 2005 08:06 PM (Pt3Le)

5 Ace was gone?

Welcome back

Posted by: barbula at February 01, 2005 02:19 AM (eGw+M)

6 Ace--

Again, thank you, I had a lot of fun.

Now change your password before I get a good idea for a prank.


Good catch. Dr. Zaius didn't spend six years in Evil Ape Medical School to be called professor, thank you very much.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

Posted by: Dave at Garfield Ridge at February 01, 2005 03:51 AM (rV7Dk)

7 Welcom back Ace!

Rock me amish, Falco did a song called "Rock me Amadeus" back in the 80's, you might be thinking of the parody that they did on The Simpsons where they made a musical version of Planet of the Apes, and included "Rock me Dr. Zaius"... or you could have been being facetious, in which case I am an ass.

Now, back to the wall...

Posted by: TinfoilHat at February 01, 2005 04:40 AM (QD4Lz)

8 Thank you Ace. I appreciated the chance to blog over here.

Posted by: Rob from Say Anything at February 01, 2005 05:16 AM (fcqpB)

9 Better heed the advice of Dave because:


He carries a .45!

(Or is it a 9mm?)

Posted by: 72VIRGINS at February 01, 2005 06:41 AM (dhRpo)

10 Nope. I carry a 280mm.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

Posted by: Dave at Garfield Ridge at February 01, 2005 08:29 AM (rV7Dk)

11 Whoa!

Posted by: 72VIRGINS at February 01, 2005 08:58 AM (dhRpo)

12 Yes, DANGEROUS DAVE carries and Atomic Cannon? In the metaphorical sense. I need to ask Wonkette for the truth.

Posted by: GOING TO ZEUS at February 01, 2005 11:54 AM (dhRpo)

13 You were getting sensual massages from Stanley Tucci? And you didn't invite me? Hmph.

Posted by: Liz at February 01, 2005 09:02 PM (C0+KJ)

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