May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle Loses to Dance Troupe, Pottymouth
— Ace

I never got this whole deal. I never thought she was a remarkable singer -- just competent and good. And people were giving her extra credit for being unattractive. Which I didn't get -- who says unattractive people don't have good singing voices? Why should we be terribly surprised by this? We're no longer surprised by blind musicians, after all.

And unattractive musicians aren't exactly uncommon. Joey Ramone just emailed me to say "Yeh."

Anyway, after losing a bit of media glow after cursing a couple of times in public (including saying "F--- you" to a competitor's performance on tv), the "hirsuit frump" lost.

Althouse thinks it "feels right" that she lost after having acted "bitchy" in public. Meh. In one case strangers were baiting her, trying to "wind her up" as the British say.

I'm reminded of Barry Gibbs (or one of the BeeGees, anyway) talking about "first fame" and how everyone acts like a dick during it. Bill Murray, too (I think), said something along the lines of "it's not whether you act like an a-hole when you first become famous -- everyone does -- but how much of an a-hole you act like and for how long and how quickly you can get back to being human again."

Then again, I thought the hype was way out proportion to her actual ability and I'm not surprised her support turned out to be soft and evanescent.

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Actually when the world is collapsing around our ears who cares who won the Idol contest which is rigged to begin with.  

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