June 29, 2004

Shock: Canadians, Poised to Jolt World Politics With Dramatic Election, Instead Choose To Be... Well, Canadian
— Ace

Boring, I'm saying. Not worth discussing much.

The stupid Canadians actually got me somewhat interested in their ridiculous, meaningless let's-pretend-anything-we-do-matters elections. And what did they do? They voted the liberals back into power.

Yeah, it's cute you call your electoral districts "ridings" and all, but seriously, don't bother me again until you're ready to actually do something interesting.

Life's too short for fucking Canada.

Posted by: Ace at 02:08 PM | Comments (12)
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1 Canada is the image in which the Left wants to remake the US. Why they don't just move to the Great White Promised Land and leave all those evil fundamentalist conservatives behind is beyond me. There's nothing that says you have to like hockey to live there, eh?

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at June 29, 2004 02:24 PM (xuymE)

2 Life's too short for fucking Canada.

I'm for it. I've heard they have some pretty hot chicks up there.

Posted by: Smack at June 29, 2004 03:47 PM (CBDWx)

3 I've heard they have some pretty hot chicks up there.

If you're into bald and toothless.

Posted by: rdbrewer at June 29, 2004 04:41 PM (2LE6C)

4 If you're into bald and toothless.

I've never been but I've seen a few who have come down and they weren't toothless or bald (well, not on top anyway).

Posted by: Smack at June 30, 2004 03:25 AM (lpGKc)

5 Hottest strippers I've ever seen were in the bars in vancouver.

Posted by: Kevin at June 30, 2004 04:25 AM (yzSL6)

6 greetings from Fucking Canada, I didn't vote liberal, not this time. I guess it just didn't matter but thats what happens when the large ammount of the population resides in Ontario. Since i live in BC (British Columbia) my vote didn't really matter now i'm stuck with these idiots again for the fouth fucking time.AGGRHH!

Posted by: lisa at June 30, 2004 08:20 AM (ZXKJi)

7 If you're into bald and toothless.

also i'm neither bald nor toothless.i won't comment on the lower half of me .

Posted by: lisa at June 30, 2004 08:26 AM (ZXKJi)

8 That's cool. I like fucking Canadian chicks. They rock.

Posted by: IdFaciam at June 30, 2004 08:37 AM (/oOcS)

9 Ace,

I was disappointed with the outcome of the election too - but fuck you.

Life is too short for your venomous puerile rantings.

Happy Canada Day!


Posted by: Don at July 01, 2004 09:50 AM (7TnHO)

10 Oh, come on, Don. The only thing Canada has going for it is that can take a bit of ribbing as regards its own fundamental ludicrousness.

Don't ruin that too.

Posted by: Ace at July 01, 2004 10:43 AM (iog7U)

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