July 29, 2004

Ronald Wilson Reagan Resurrected in Boston
— Ace

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The time is now to resolve that the basis of a firm and principled foreign policy is one that takes the world as it is and seeks to change it by leadership and example; not by harangue, harassment or wishful thinking. The time is now to say that while we shall seek new friendships and expand and improve others, we shall not do so by breaking our word or casting aside old friends and allies." - Ronald Reagan, in his nomination speech in 1980. Doesn't it sound a lot like what you're hearing in Boston?

Guess who...?

Goshdarnit, now even I'm thinking of voting for John Kerry! Two days ago, I thought he was the most liberal senator in congress and a tough-talking, flip-flopping kneejerk pacifist on the war on terrorism; but jeepers, now I find out that he's Reagan's True Heir.

Which will be his next column.

Okay, I'm knocking off for a bit. Several of you think I'm getting too hot and that I need a drink; who am I to argue with such advice? Take care.

Posted by: Ace at 01:46 PM | Comments (6)
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1 No you're not getting too hot ... look at what Matt Yglesias has to say about Sully:
"Christ. Andrew Sullivan's really drunk the kool-aid and become a kind of partisan leftwing hack masquerading as a conservative."

Posted by: AM at July 29, 2004 01:54 PM (Pz4Bl)

2 See...this is why you can't kill Johnny Coldcuts. He is perfect for situations like this one.

I could imagine ol' JCC getting all hacked off and saying something that might be a little "blue" (the pros don't need to work blue, says Mr. Paul Anka)saving you from having to do it, Ace.

For example, in referring to the Human Eclipse (feel free to use that) old JCC might say:

"Hey Oliver Walrus, if your nuts ever drop you might realize you aren't really a walking, talking,typing pussy who spews out illogical and barely literate ramblings on a monthly cycle that puts Auntie Flo to shame. You limp-dicked, filet-o-fish cramming, gravitationally-challenged, elastic waste band wearing, water-retaining, douchebag. Yeah, thats right. Like 'Kryptonite to Stupid'? I wish I could be like a Ham Sandwich to your Mama Cass. Uh-huh. Whatchu talkin' bout Walrus?

Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Take it to the UN, you tweezerdick. Fuckin' fat ass pant-load.

I will give you credit for one thing, though. You have helped me to figure out the answer to the question of how long it would take an infinite amount of monkeys sitting in front of an infinite number of typewriters to type out the entries in your blog. In your case, in between the time the monkeys spent urinating on the keyboard and eating the fleas off each others balls, it would only take one monkey about one minute to duplicate yuour efforts. Asswipe."

Of course, you probably couldn't get away with a stream of invective like that Ace. JCC could though.

Posted by: Senator PhilABuster at July 29, 2004 02:31 PM (yucew)

3 Senator? I think you made me pee a little bit with that response.

Good thing I was wearing my Poise Pad™, huh?

Thank you. I so needed that.

Posted by: Emma at July 29, 2004 03:09 PM (NOZuy)

4 I aim to please, Ms. Emma.

Posted by: Senator PhilABuster at July 29, 2004 03:12 PM (yucew)

5 And look what one of Yglesias' commenters had to say about Sully:Why does anybody pay attention to Andrew Sullivan? He's only serious about one thing: men fucking other men in the ass. Period. He will blather about conservatism and the war on terror until he finds out that most conservatives are tres uncomfortable with gay marriage. Well, flush that conservatism down the hopper. He will bloviate about religion until he hears that Il Papa isn't down with men getting jiggy together. Oops! Time to toss holy mother church over the rail.
And this latest discovery of the inherent conservatism of Kerry/Edwards? This particular revelation (with all the smoke and mirrors of how he never knew they could be so centrist)oddly has come about...just as Bush gets on board with the FMA. Get real.
I suppose if one has an interest in men fucking other men in the ass, one could profitably read Sullivan's screeds. On any other subject, forget it.
Posted by: nothanksandy | July 29, 2004 12:33 PMSuccinctly put, almost good enough to have come from Johnny Coldcuts or the Senator.

Posted by: Patton at July 29, 2004 08:44 PM (cLlFA)

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