July 31, 2008

Rielle Hunter's Love-Bastard's Birth Certificate Lists No Father
— Ace

A small MSM outlet actually bothers to do a little journalism, and hits a jackpot.

As the Charlotte Observer points out, the child was born two months after Andrew Young (an Edwards confidante) claimed paternity, so why isn't ol' Andrew's name listed there?

Asked Thursday why no father was listed on the birth certificate, Hunter's attorney, Robert Gordon of New York, said, “A lot of women do that.”

Reminded that he and Hunter had publicly revealed the father's identity two months earlier to the National Enquirer, Gordon said, “That's a personal matter between them.”

Gordon declined to comment further.

That's okay. You don't have to comment, Gordo. I think we can all fill in the blanks on our own.

Thanks to CJ.

PS: If the MSM continues its embargo in the face of even this, well, I'll be impressed.

PPS: I just intercepted this secret coded communique from the NYT to the LAT. Can anyone make heads or tails of it?



PPPPS: Here's why, it seems, Reille Hunter did not just write in "Andrew Young:"

With unmarried couples, California State law requires both parents to sign a “Declaration of Paternity” form prior to the father's name being put on the birth certificate. If the father is not present, his name may be added to the birth certificate at a later date after proper forms are obtained from the Department of Vital Records.

Young may have been unwilling to carry the ruse that far (though I'm not sure why he balked here), and Reille wasn't permitted to sign in his stead.

Posted by: Ace at 12:31 PM | Comments (55)
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1 Whoever the father is at least there's no doubt she's constitutionally eligible to be President someday.

Posted by: DrewM. at July 31, 2008 12:36 PM (hlYel)

2 'Cuz the Enquirer is more reliable and honest by a factor of ten than the rest of the news media put together.  And no, that is not a compliment for the Enquirer.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 12:38 PM (1g+FW)

3 So...we're not even going to consider the virgin birth theory?

Posted by: Circa (Insert Year Here) at July 31, 2008 12:39 PM (B+qrE)

4 Lighten up Frances!

Posted by: Holdfast at July 31, 2008 12:39 PM (Gzb30)

Posted by: Benson at July 31, 2008 12:41 PM (qzcNU)

6 MSM...."na na na na ....we can't hear you....na na na na....Obama will save us....."

Posted by: GarandFan at July 31, 2008 12:42 PM (eJ32B)

7 Number of Mickey Kaus ejaculations? 7,897 and counting.

Posted by: DrewM. at July 31, 2008 12:43 PM (hlYel)

8 DrewM, hahaha, I guess it can't be helped that this evokes that 'scandal' about Obama's very obscured actual original birth certificate, or how guilty Obama acted when it came to that.  I know it's a stupid story (and if you don't have any evidence someone is ineligible to be prez, then you shouldn't throw around the accusation), but it's pretty funny.

I can't imagine Edwards has any great future in politics.  Thank goodness.  Sadly, Obama is going to dominate policy in this country for another 50 years.  Nothing is going to stop that.

Haha, Ron Paul is on Fox News right now telling us how he used to sell codeine in high school (I shit you not), and therefore, we should legalize marijuana (not that I like the degree of police efforts devoted to pot smokers).  It's an odd political world we live in.

Posted by: ghy at July 31, 2008 12:46 PM (8jYMc)

9 He balked because he doesn't want to make a lie LEGAL.

Posted by: Topsecretk9 at July 31, 2008 12:50 PM (QUych)

10 Oh, come on...Nobody'd believe it if she put 'John Edwards' as the father.  That dude's teh ghey.

Posted by: stinky esposito at July 31, 2008 12:50 PM (MMC8r)


Cool! This is just like those Daily Jumble things. Lemme see...


No... uhhh...


Damn, I always did suck at those things...

Posted by: Exurban Jon at July 31, 2008 12:51 PM (N0doa)

12 Who believes a wife would allow her husband's knocked up mistress to move into the same exclusive community where she and her family lives? The wife  (Mrs. Andy Young) is going to crack first.  Not only do you allow your wife to be humiliated but also your children.

Posted by: grc at July 31, 2008 12:52 PM (vk1s8)

13 Young may have been unwilling to carry the ruse that far (though I'm not sure why he balked here), and Reille wasn't permitted to sign in his stead.

Because it's one thing to lie in a press release and another to file a false declaration on a state form?

Sure no one would ever know.  Unless John Boy stopped passing the cash and then a paternity test would be required and what's the penalty for a false filing under the pain of perjury again?

Posted by: DrewM. at July 31, 2008 12:52 PM (hlYel)

14 Speaking of Kaus he mentioned in one of his the updates that the Protect Elizabeth lobby would be calling their media mogul friends to keep this story spiked.  You think powerful people call media moguls and manage to get true stories spiked or changed fairly often?  Would that have any thing to do with most media outlets abjectly craven refusal to investigate the AP's Al Qaeda and Taliban stringers or their decision not to put pressure on John Kerry to make any meaningful release of his medical records in reply to the various swift boat claims.  You think the whole field of journalism is just that egregiously, obviously and proudly corrupt?  Yeah, I do too.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 12:52 PM (1g+FW)

15 The new Enquirer says Edwards is paying her $15,000 a month...there really are 2 America's. Mine and the kind where you can buy your problems away.

Posted by: Topsecretk9 at July 31, 2008 12:54 PM (QUych)

16 "will force you to pay paternity even for a child that's NOT yours if the child is led to believe (by a dishonest mother) that it's yours."

I don't dispute this, but I have never heard this before. It's pretty insane.

Posted by: Topsecretk9 at July 31, 2008 12:58 PM (QUych)

17 Actually the perjury charge would be small as far as legal exposure went but huge as far as media exposure was concenred.  Easier for everyone to avoid if the birth certificate was never filled out.  Kept mom's options open as far as the money went, too.  Not perfect, best for everyone involved...like most negogiated settlements.   Just what happened, too.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 12:58 PM (1g+FW)

18 So does this kid have midi-chlorians? Shall we call him Anakin?

Posted by: CDR M at July 31, 2008 12:59 PM (TJoU6)

19 Hey, Jesus' birth certificate didn't list a father either!  Do you think.... could it be?  Did Obamessia impregnate her from afar with his holy seed?

Posted by: Kevin at July 31, 2008 01:00 PM (OEF4E)


Well I guess the American people just aren't worthy of the media that we have since we seem to be interested in things that we shouldn't be interested in, and don't care about the wonkish issues that we're supposed to.

So I guess that's the NY Daily News is doing well while the NYT is declining - they tell people what they want to know, the bastards.

Posted by: Maetenloch at July 31, 2008 01:01 PM (hn7Rm)


Young also probably understood that Edwards had a huge incentive to continue paying so he figured his exposure there was fairly small, until now.  Actually perjury was is biggest problem.  So no name on the certificate.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 01:07 PM (1g+FW)

22 But how old are Young's kids? Is it fair to subject them to this crap? If they are young you can't tell them the truth bc they will blab. Hell, any kid would blab if he got pissed at you.

Posted by: grc at July 31, 2008 01:19 PM (vk1s8)

23 Back to Kaus's statement about powerful people shmoozing with media moguls to change the news.  I wonder how many calls were made to and between media moguls concerning how they would all cover Tim Russert's testimony during the Libby trial?  Rank speculation, of course, but fun speculation.  And isn't interesting that no other reporter has requested a sit down with Andrea Mitchell on that?

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 01:19 PM (1g+FW)

24 I'm really enjoying this whole thing. I can't wait until Silky gives his prime time speech in Denver while the photos are running and the conspirators are spilling the beans. The other possibility would be nice as well: Watching the MSM and the Ds sink Silky's speech or minimize his role in the party to save face.

I'm on the fence on this one.

Posted by: runninrebel at July 31, 2008 01:20 PM (0n9wc)


The first clue the baby was fathered by Edwards?

His long, gorgeous brown locks.

Posted by: Wyatt Earp at July 31, 2008 01:20 PM (xQ52y)


Rielle Hunter's attorney, Robert Gordon,  is part of the leftist scene in dumbocratic circles and worked for John Edwards on his presidential campaign....not a big surprise.  Here is his bio:

Robert Gordon, Senior Vice President for Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress, was the domestic policy director for the Kerry-Edwards campaign. Previously, Robert worked for Senator John Edwards, first as his Judiciary Committee counsel and legislative director in the Senate, then as the policy director for his presidential campaign.

Prior to his work on Capitol Hill, Robert was a law clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a Skadden Fellow at the Juvenile Rights Division of the Legal Aid Society in New York City. Robert also served in the Clinton White House as an aide to the National Economic Council and the Office of National Service, where he helped craft the legislation creating AmeriCorps. Robert graduated from Harvard College with highest honors and from Yale Law School. He is also a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Posted by: Ken at July 31, 2008 01:21 PM (uaCdp)

27 I'm guessing you don't tell the real kids any thing about it one way or the other.  You don''t mention it around them.  That way what they say doesn't matter.  The press was willing to close thier eyes to all this, no way they're going to pay confused, hurt kids any mind.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 01:22 PM (1g+FW)

28 Is it a boy or a girl?

Posted by: grc at July 31, 2008 01:23 PM (vk1s8)

29 Whoa look at the bio...man, the Enqiuirer may suspect it has kicked over quite an ant hill here, hunh?

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 01:24 PM (1g+FW)

30 I'm guessing you don't tell the real kids any thing about it one way or the other.

Again, it depends on their age in that they maybe old enough to see it on some news programs, or at the grocery store, or their friends might tease them. It's not fair to the kids.

Posted by: grc at July 31, 2008 01:24 PM (vk1s8)





Protect Elizab'th

Posted by: Christian at July 31, 2008 01:30 PM (Lgc/F)



Look at all this.  Fair has nothing to do with anything.

Posted by: The Obvious at July 31, 2008 01:31 PM (1g+FW)


"Yes, I figure so, but... bear in mind, a lot of jurisdictions will force you to pay paternity even for a child that's NOT yours if the child is led to believe (by a dishonest mother) that it's yours... so yeah, he exposes himself to a penny-ante perjured document charge here, but the great bulk of legal risk, he's already assumed..."

You assume that he does not have some sort of signed indemnification agreement from Silky in his desk.  This Hunter chick is like 44 - if Edwards was going to get some strange tail, you'd assume it would be about 20 years younger.  Maybe they assumed she was past the baby-making stage?  Poorly played sir.

Posted by: Holdfast at July 31, 2008 01:59 PM (Gzb30)

34 Edwards is fucking tighter than the bark on a tree... i mean, Damn!  Jesse Jackson was shelling out 50k (or 35?) a month for his love child, wasn't he? 

Posted by: LF Mayor at July 31, 2008 02:01 PM (AkPCZ)


 I think we can all fill in the blanks on our own.

That's what Edwards said right before this whole issue got created...

Posted by: MamaAJ at July 31, 2008 02:10 PM (X6Zdh)

36 Don't you all know what this means? Jesus is back, and shockingly enough it's not Barack Obama!

Posted by: Evil Otto at July 31, 2008 04:46 PM (tYvh+)

37 Little disappointed at the lede on this post, Ace. "Love Bastard" is kinda tacky, imho. The only innocent in this is the kid, tagging him/her with that apellation makes me cringe a bit. 

Posted by: irongrampa at July 31, 2008 04:55 PM (N4pK7)

38 The 'effen he gets for the 'effen he got. Har har. The price can only go up. This is perilously close to blackmail and definitly extortion.

Posted by: torabora at July 31, 2008 04:57 PM (JlpO2)

39 The lawyer should refund whatever fee he was paid for that bone headed comment. Yeah, i know we said the father was Andrew Younger, and yeah he admitted it, and despite what Cali law requires, my client did not want to put the name of her daughter's father on the birth certificate and lots of women do that.  Ass. Hat.

The only time i saw women not putting the father's name on the birth certificate was when i worked for a social services agency in NYC. My standard remark was "immaculate conception?" I usually got the confused dog look. Or a laugh.  It's a scam so the baby's daddy does not get tagged with child support and the girls are stupid enough to go along, "because sometimes he brings pampers".

Posted by: Penfold at July 31, 2008 05:00 PM (lF2Kk)

40 Why can't Obambi come up with a birth certificate that looks this convincing?

Posted by: noprisoners at July 31, 2008 05:00 PM (eqMup)

41 and i always thought silky pony would be caught in same gender kinda tryst. kinda proud of dude.

Posted by: spear at July 31, 2008 05:02 PM (9GGQr)


T = This

E = Embryo

C = Claimed [by]

T = The

R = Religion

O = Of

P = Peace

i.e., the kid is actually not Andrew Young's, or John Edwards', but rather, our very own Chocolate [Secret] Messiah, B. Hussein Obama.  Huzzah!

Posted by: Sharkman at July 31, 2008 05:04 PM (UioS4)


Edwards is fucking tighter than the bark on a tree... i mean, Damn!  Jesse Jackson was shelling out 50k (or 35?) a month for his love child, wasn't he? 

The difference is that Edwards has to use his own money.  Jesse could skim from PUSH coffers.

Posted by: Simon Oliver Lockwood at July 31, 2008 05:06 PM (fKo41)

44 Or, "Tectrop thelziba" is Scandi-Speak for "The Mom Fucks Everything That Moves, So How Can We Ever Be Sure Who the Father is?  Hell, Could be Bill Clinton's kid, for all we know!" 

Posted by: Sharkman at July 31, 2008 05:07 PM (UioS4)

45 Did i hear someone say DNA tests? No? That's what I thought.

Posted by: mikeyslaw at July 31, 2008 05:22 PM (QMGr1)

46 The only thing more surprising was when John  Edwards blamed Carl Gordon.

Posted by: RWB at July 31, 2008 05:31 PM (MKxON)

47 Little Frances Hunter was very lucky The National Enquirer broke this story when they did.

My sources tell me Reille was planning a trip to The Grand Canyon next week.

Posted by: Joe Dirt at July 31, 2008 06:00 PM (1Mq7K)


Hahahaha, you guys fucked up Andrew Young's (that's Reverend Andrew Jackson Young Jr., born in New Orleans and ordained in the United Church of Christ- what's with the UCC?  deal.  I'm thinking the Rev was getting more than 15K from the Breck Girl.

I would have- for the children, of course.

Now that his shit is on the street he's screwed.

Posted by: dr kill at July 31, 2008 06:04 PM (JWAjn)

49 Young may have been unwilling to carry the ruse that far (though I'm not sure why he balked here), and Reille wasn't permitted to sign in his stead.

Would YOU want to be on the hook for child support for silky's by-blow?

Posted by: mojo at July 31, 2008 07:01 PM (BlJGu)

50 I still don't believe Silky Pony could have a little bastard. That would require him being able to act like a man at least once, and not like a whiny little liberal uke-chan bitch that he really is.

Posted by: exdem13 at August 01, 2008 02:52 AM (fenBi)

51 All you snarky commenters; do you realize that a child exists.  A child deserves the validity of a proper name based on parentage, a loving family and a decent start to life.  This is a despicable crime against the contract of marriage, either by Edwards or Young.  And think of Elizabeth Edwards and her children: a college age daughter and young son who must suffer the pain of public humiliation. And the Young family is embroiled in this horror. They all are the ones who pay the consequences from this misdeed.  And to those of you who say this is of no concern to anyone but the parties.  Wrong.  This is a crime against a civilized society.  Try caring about that.

Posted by: gus Smith at August 01, 2008 06:26 AM (4kfBR)


I'll go weep in a quiet, cool room in my basement for them.  What's the deal gus, are you trying to be sarcastic (which is pretty cool) or were you about to market a line of hair care products and facial moisturizers with Edwards on them right before this all hit the fan? 

That second one would rank pretty high on the metro meter. As in funny, not ha ha.

Posted by: LF Mayor at August 01, 2008 08:41 AM (AkPCZ)

53 Mr Indignant
"And to those of you who say this is of no concern to anyone but the parties.  "

Wait, to those of WHO who say that?  Wouldn't that be the folks who ARE sweeping the story under the rug?  And would not THOSE folks be the once about whom we've been complaining for ... what, 47 comments now on this blog post alone? 
Try to target your trollery more tightly there, eh?

Posted by: Stoop Davy Dave at August 01, 2008 01:04 PM (B+B1w)

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