July 24, 2018

Of Course: "We Don't Tip Terrorist" Note Written at Top of Receipt Revealed to be Another Hate Hoax Lie
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The restaurant banned the customer without, apparently, inquiring too much about whether this was real, or whether this looked just like the waiter's handwriting.

The local newspaper pushed this story for a week without wondering whether maybe Khalil Cavil is the person who doesn't understand that it would be "we don't tip terrorists" not the gibberish "we don't tip terrorist."

And now another fake hate hoax has consumed America -- and brought fear and hatred on to the head of a completely-innocent person -- just because cowardly corporations and craven newspapers are absolutely determined to push Social Justice Warrior hoaxes without any fact-checking at all, because Face Checking Is Racist Now.

From CBS News:

On the bill, Khalil's name was circled and the words, "we don't tip terrorist," were written at the top.

Cavil wrote in his post, which was deleted as of Tuesday morning: "I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists. Although, this is nothing new, it is still something that will test your faith." Cavil's Facebook page also appears to have been deleted.

Saltgrass originally said it had banned the customer blamed for the message. But now, the restaurant's corporate office says it has learned the story was a hoax.

Saltgrass' treatment of customers is A++++.

"After further investigation, we have learned that our employee fabricated the entire story," Terry Turney, COO of Saltgrass Steak House, told the Odessa American in a statement. "The customer has been contacted and invited back to our restaurant to dine on us. Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments.

"Falsely accusing someone of racism is equaling disturbing," Turney said.

It is equally disturbing -- which is why Saltgrass Steak House should be boycotted.

They participated in a completely false hoax. Boycott these fuckers until they are Made to Care.

And who wants to get accused of racism just to eat a shitty chain's steak?

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July 25, 2018

Mid-Morning Open Thread
— Open Blogger

Remington The Apaches.jpg

The Apaches!
Frederic Remington

[This post is the personal opinion of the blogger, and does not constitute an endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for President]

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July 23, 2018

The Morning Report 7/24/18
— Open Blogger


Good morning kids. Tuesday's child is full of piss and vinegar so let's commence to the news of the day. First up, the gunman in the Toronto shooting spree has been identified and it's a fair bet that this is looking like an Islamic-inspired act of terrorism. Naturally the proper thing to do, as the mayor of Toronto John Tory has done, is to call for a complete confiscation of all privately-owned legal firearms. Funny, I thought Canada was one of the nations that already had "sensible" gun laws. In any case, as you will note in the story about the acid attack on a British toddler, what those on the Left fail to realize (that is, those who think emotionally and not rationally, since the ones that think rationally want a disarmed citizenry to better control them) is that it's not about the weapon; it's about the perpetrator and the mindset. In both cases, it's Islam. So go ahead and ban guns, knives, acid, cars, trucks, lead pipes, baseball bats, poison and even fists. Where there's a will - and believe me, there will always be a will - there's a way. Also, in second amendment news, the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation are suing the city of Seattle for its unconstitutional gun storage ordinance.

Moving along, in Mueller Witch Hunt, Obamagate news, we covered the weekend Carter Page FISA warrant dump and it's clearly evident now to all with eyes to see and a brain to think that the dossier was cooked up as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign via an illegally obtained FISA warrant. The only questions remaining, aside from was/were the judge(s) duped or did they go along with the crimes, is whose names are redacted? It's a fair bet it's Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Brennan as well as their underlings. Meanwhile, a Federal judge has allowed the names of witnesses against Paul Manafort to be made public, which is seen as a blow to Mueller, if not an upholding of the Constitution and fair legal precedent. What has been done to that man is an abject travesty; and considering the long and, to put it mildly, dubious record of Mueller and his team, he should have been defrocked, disbarred and imprisoned years ago. And yet, here we are. The whole rotten thing has a lot of moving parts and kudos to Rush Limbaugh who day in and day out unpacks the thing with clarity and concision. He did so again yesterday and the transcript is in the links.

The other big story still making news is the ramping up of rhetoric with the Iranian regime. After the President's all caps Tweet warning the Farsis that they are no longer dealing with a rube, incompetent, stoner naif, the thug Iranian general who is wanted for the deadly 1994 terror attack on the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires threatened American troops in the Middle East. Tough talk from a gutless, bearded baby-killer who maims innocent unarmed civilians, but I digress. Secretary of State Pompeo meanwhile blasted the mullahs as a bunch of corrupt thieves and criminals which, considering the shambles of the Iranian economy, will no doubt resonate with the suffering populace already disenchanted, to say the least, with the government. It also sends a not-so-subtle signal that the administration supports their effort to overthrow the mullahs. Despite cries from the Coup-Cucks-Clan that this is merely bluster that is akin to or worse than Obama's red line fiasco with Syria, it isn't. This is a man who means what he says and is like a starving pit bull on Tubby Riefenstahl's fat greasy thigh. Considering that among Iran's client states are Russia and the Chi-Coms, as well as receiving aid and comfort from the Eurabian Union, not to mention the nearly 40 years of bloodshed and terror that they have visited on us and the world, if I were Rouhani or that other stooge, I would be peeing in my biryani about now. All that said, we an suppose that the rapprochement with Putin means trying to cleave him from supporting Tehran, as well as isolating the Chi-Coms on this as well. By the way, polling shows Americans overwhelmingly in favor of PDT hosting Putin in DC. Lastly, of note on the international scene come reports that North Korea is most definitely dismantling one of its key missile test sites. Positive news, but let's wait and see. In this case "trust but verify" means "verify the hell out of it first, and then trust... provisionally." Stay tuned.

On to Civil War 2.0 where Fauxcahontas' opponent, a real Indian by the name of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was the recipient of the much-vaunted Leftist peace, love and understanding with a mostly tolerant slamming of a megaphone in the face. The incident occurred outside a Lieawatha campaign event and Ayyaduri is slamming her for not condemning the attack, as well as noted CNN meat puppet Chris Cuomo for trying to blame the victim. THIS is CNN. By the way, note the word on the bipedal bacteria's dingy t-shirt. Meanwhile, the Denver Post's mostly responsible editorial board saw fit to publish a letter to the editor calling for the President to be "executed."

Moving on to politics, Bill Nelson and Claire McAssKill are raging hypocrites, the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation will factor hugely in battleground and red states with Dem senators, and a Morning Consult poll shows the Democrat electorate as looking about as deflated and dejected as can be, despite the coming "blue wave." Speaking of Kavanaugh, while most polls show Americans in favor of his confirmation by wide margins, Luap the Lesser Paul is making noises that he's still "concerned" over the nominee's 4th Amendment stance.

Domestically, American steel workers are showering the President's trade policy with praise, the Senate has overwhelmingly given the thumbs up to PDT's new pick to head the VA, Andrew Cuomo knows that fixing New York's horrible subway system demands great $30 million in tiling (how much gets kicked back to him?), Jeff Sessionszzzz is talking in his sleep about the ACLU and policing or something and the outdoor sporing goods industry is going green with communism to "resist" Trump. Meh. Dicks to you.

From hither and yon, Argentinian video game makers do the abortion tango, Keith "X" wants Amazon to consult terrorist front group SPLC about book banning, VP Pence was greeted in the city of brotherly love by a cadre of feminazi hate, and Trevor Noah, the South African "comedian" had very kind words of praise for aboriginal women. Funny how there isn't nonstop media coverage calling for his ouster and excommunication from the world like there was for Roseanne Barr. Funny, like with a cloth.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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July 25, 2018

The Morning Rant
— Open Blogger

talking ape.jpg
"So President Trump has said he is considering revoking the security clearances of a few former Obama admininstration officials and now the Democrats and their media allies are running around with their hair on fire because this is somehow new or unprecedented. And then it comes out that the security clearances of elected officials or government employees are routinely *not* revoked after they leave their government jobs. At this point, normal Americans are asking why, what do they need them for? The answers are not encouraging. The first is that they would need their clearances if the next administration needed to tap their expertise. Really? Successive administations don't bring in their own experts? The next answer is even better, it is because they wouldn't be able to find jobs in their fields of expertise without one. Yes, somebody actually said this. Which was precisely the reason Sarah Sanders gave for the proposed revocations. I actually think there's an unstated reason, and that is the named individuals (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and McCabe) are actively leaking classified information to the press as a part of an ongoing effort to sabotage and undermine Donald Trump. Now *that* is unprecedented. I don't think that's ever happened in our history, that is, holdovers from one administration going to war against the next one. Naturally, the president wants it stopped. NeverTrumpers like David French and that runty little Shapiro kid need to stop kidding themselves that there isn't an all out war going on right now, and if the progressive guerillas succeed in taking down Trump, then there isn't any TruCon™ candidate they could ever imagine who could survive the next onslaught. And what a horrible thing to have to contemplate: Trump is ousted, we've pretty much lost the silent war and that the only thing standing in between us and a progressive totalitarian regime is Evan McMullin."

Arguing with SJWs

I think Southern made a tactical error when she allowed herself to be baited into giving a definition of 'race'. She should've thrown it back in his face: "Look, you pimply-faced soy-boy, you're the idiot hollering about racism, so why don't you tell everybody here what a race is, since you seem to be the expert on the subject." more...

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Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (7/25/1
— Open Blogger


(Welcome to The ONT. Glad you stopped by.)


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"The goal of the DATA Act was to empower the American public and policymakers with timely and accurate information on how taxpayer money is spent in order to improve transparency and help identify and eliminate government waste. It is troubling that most federal agencies failed to comply with this law, and more than half of all the spending data federal agencies submitted was inaccurate." Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)

Quote II

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Sam Walton

Quote III

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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July 23, 2018

Super-Spy Mariia Butina Met With High-Ranking US Government Officials!!!!
In 2015, When Obama Was President

— Open Blogger

I don't think the #ResistanceMedia is going to give much reportage to this RUSSIAN SUPERSPY gathering KOMPROMAT on US officials, given that the officials she met with were working for a government controlled by the party that has eternally been #RussiaFirst.

Reuters reports, probably for the last time, on this SUPERSPY's contacts with her TREASONOUS AMERICAN RECRUITS. So read it while you can.

Maria Butina, accused in the United States of spying for Russia, had wider high-level contacts in Washington than previously known, taking part in 2015 meetings between a visiting Russian official and two senior U.S. officials.

The meetings, disclosed by several people familiar with the sessions and a report prepared by a Washington think tank that arranged them, involved Stanley Fischer, then Federal Reserve vice chairman, and Nathan Sheets, then Treasury undersecretary for international affairs.

Butina traveled to the United States in April 2015 with Alexander Torshin, then the Russian Central Bank deputy governor, and they took part in separate meetings with Fischer and Sheets to discuss U.S.-Russian economic relations during Democratic former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The two meetings, which have not been previously reported, reveal a wider circle of high-powered connections that Butina sought with American political leaders and special interest groups.

The #DeepState, the liberals, and the cucks are going to have to give us a consistent, principled rule for when #MeetingARussian is de facto proof of treason, and when it's not. At current moment, they are selectively applying the rule that if #TalkingWithARuskieMakesYouARuskie.

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UK to US: We've Captured Two of ISIS' Most Savage Murderers. We Can't Execute Them Under Our Laws; But Say, Were You to Take Over the Prosecution, You Could Execute Them. Would You... Mind?
— Open Blogger

They're not saying they want us to kill them. They're just saying they won't make waves if we decided that that's what we should do.

The story was broken by The Telegraph:

Britain has secretly abandoned its blanket opposition to the death penalty and Guantanamo Bay to allow two notorious members of the "Beatles" group of Isil terrorists to be sent to America, The Telegraph can reveal.

Documents seen by this newspaper reveal that the UK Government has agreed to hand over intelligence to help prosecute the captured jihadists Alexanda Kotey and Shafee El-Sheikh, who both held British citizenship, in the US courts.

In a letter sent by Sajid Javid to Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, the Home Secretary says that Britain will demand no "assurances" that the pair will not be executed in America.

This doesn't represent a major rethinking on the death penalty by Britain. It seems like just a small, keep-it-quiet acknowledgement that even a government that opposes the death penalty has to admit that sometimes it is well-deserved.

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NBC Poll: Trump Support Rises to 45%; GOP and Democrat Party at Parity
— Open Blogger

A couple of tweets I omitted: one noting that the public is at statistical parity as to whether they have a positive view of ICE or a negative one, and Trump's positions/reflexes on Russia are so low it suggests that his Russia views are unpopular, and are dragging down his general level of support.

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Woman Whose Career Has Transformed From Porn Performer to Stripper to Professional Genital Gadfly Talking About Trump's Penis Now Says She Wants Her "Privacy"
— Open Blogger

She's got her lawyer on CNN and MSNBC 24 hours a day to drop hints that she can either describe Trump's penis or she actually took a (surreptitious?) photo of his penis, but she says you must respect her privacy and consider her daughter's feelings.

Say, Trump has a rather young son, doesn't he?

Avenatti also said Daniels is asking for privacy. "My client Stormy Daniels and her husband Glen have decided to end their marriage," Avenatti began in his tweet. "A petition for divorce was filed last week, the accuracy of which is vehemently disputed," He continued. "Stormy’s daughter remains her number one priority. She kindly asks for privacy for the sake of her family," the tweet concluded.

Stormy Daniels' husband alleges that she is -- get this -- an adulteress.

Why, that doesn't sound like the Stormy Daniels 7,845 men have known!

His divorce filing alleges:

In addition to the divorce petition, Crain is seeking a temporary restraining order barring Daniels from threatening or causing bodily injury to Crain or the couple's child. The TRO application also asks that Daniels be restrained from withdrawing or transferring any of the couple's assets, and that anyone "employed in the adult entertainment industry" be kept away from the pair's daughter.

In an affidavit, Crain alleged that Daniels recently purchased an airplane ticket so that the couple's child could join her on a tour of U.S. strip clubs. "This will involve the child being on her tour bus with other adult performers and producers," Crain charged. "This will place my child in eminent threat of serious and immediate physical or emotional harm."

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Quick Update: White House Press Room "Gasped" When They Heard Their Most Productive Leakers Might Lose Their Security Clearances
— Open Blogger

Clapper has conceded Trump has the authority to do this:

Ben Shapiro just doesn't know what to think!

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Sarah Sanders: White House Is Looking Into Revoking the Security Clearances of John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Michael Hayden and Susan Rice
— Open Blogger

Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson were just wondering why this crew still has top secret security clearances on Friday.

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Trump-Deranged New York Daily News Fires Editor in Chief, Cuts Newsroom Staff In Half
— Open Blogger

The staff weren't individually cut in halves, unfortunately. But half of them are now free to pursue their dream of submitting listicles for Buzzfeed.

According to the New York Post, the NYDN has lost ninety million over the last three years.

Sexton rounds up some of the NYDN's most deranged covers. The paper went bananas on gun control, for example.

Get woke, go broke.

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Hillary Clinton Had Dinner With Harvey Weinstein Just Weeks After Her Election Loss
— Open Blogger

Friends are the family you choose.

Hillary and Bill's intimate dinner with Harvey Weinstein weeks after her election loss - showing just how close the Clintons were to the 'serial rapist' movie mogul

The Clintons were reported to have dined with Harvey Weinstein, wife Georgina Chapman and his lawyer David Boies in December 2016

Photos obtained by DailyMail.com capture the group sitting at a table at Rao's in Harlem chatting over some wine and grub

The dinner outing came just five weeks after Trump had been elected president
The film mogul had been a longtime major donor to the Clintons - having given $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation and $10,000 to Bill's legal fund

Hillary and Harvey were in talks to create a documentary on her failed campaign

Meanwhile, she can't stop moaning about how exhausted she is.

Low-Energy Hill? No that doesn't work. What would work?

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July 24, 2018

Mid-Morning Open Thread
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Friedrich Wanderer.jpg

The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog
Caspar David Friedrich

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July 23, 2018

The Morning Report 7/23/18
— Open Blogger


Good morning kids. Start of a new week and two stories are in the lead this morning. First we have the completely unsurprising yet utterly enraging revelation - confirmation really - that our intelligence and law enforcement leadership, minimally at the behest of or the approval of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, abused their power to obtain a FISA warrant to bug the campaign of then candidate and now President Trump, with the intention of destroying either or both. The entire raison d'etre for the warrant was based off of a phony dossier concocted by a toxic mix of British and American spies and an opposition research organization, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign. And all of that resulted in the completely illegal and now thoroughly out of control Mueller investigation.

I think that about puts the pieces of the puzzle into one concise (as I can make it) paragraph. And now one can understand the rationale, such as it is, of the rabid cries of "treason!" from the Democrat-Media Complex and their willing shills in the Coup-Cucks-Clan-Krystal-Kruise-Kadre. Especially in the wake of the Trump-Putin Summit. But like everything else, as they crank the outrage up to eleventy-leven in a desperate attempt to oust Trump, both for the sake of his ouster and to conceal the truth of who the real criminals are - Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch et al - the more they succeed in galvanizing the President's support among his base, gain new supporters even from heretofore unthinkable quarters, and steel his resolve and readiness to fire back twice as hard at the slings, arrows and feces flung in his direction.

The tragic, and frightening, truth is that the President and by extension the citizenry can no longer trust at a minimum the leadership within our national security and national law enforcement agencies and apparatuses. G-d forbid the rot is lower than the top tier or so of leadership and at field level (I fear it is). Post 9/11, we put in place laws, systems and bureaucrats/bureaucracies that were Constitutionally dubious at best, yet sold as necessary for the defense of the realm, among them the FISA courts. It is now painfully evident, that these weapons have been turned on ourselves and used by some incredibly horrible actors to subvert the rule of law, sabotage a political campaign and failing that overthrow a duly elected president and in essence terrorize the citizenry.

Lots of links breaking down all the details that I glossed over as well as cromulent commentary from the usual bevy of excellent authors. As I have asked many times over the past 18 months, how do President Trump and the citizenry fight a corrupt, entrenched and now feral bureaucracy with the laws, systems and agencies that are now revealed to be the source of the criminality and corruption he and we seek to eradicate? Answer that one and win a cookie.

Moving along to our second hot topic, the situation in Iran is heating up. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an address over the weekend at the Reagan Presidential Library that experts see as announcing administration policy going forward, vis a vis the regime and the unrest in country. To wit, throwing support behind the oppressed citizenry in their bid to oust the mullahs. This prompted Hassan Rouhani, the so-called "moderate" to Tweet out a threat at the US to which the President responded a la Ben Roethelisberger (the moron, not the QB):


Either on Friday or Saturday, I noticed somewhere that supposedly Rouhani made an off-handed remark about dialogue with the US. That is something that got glossed over but to me it implies serious things happening. With the trashing of the Obama Nuke sellout and the imposition of real sanctions on the regime and their Eurabian eunuchs, the Iranian economy is circling the drain, and this time the people actually have a real shot at liberation. Especially if the Saudis can ramp up oil production, along with our own domestic drilling. And perhaps what PDT and Putin discussed behind closed doors looms large. Stay tuned...

Closer to home, the Democrats internal identity crisis/civil war between the Trotskyites and Stalinists are going to lead them onto a shining path (SWIDT?) to total obliteration come November. Reverend Ike Comey is pleading with the Dems to dump the Socialist cray-cray talk and that'll go over well with a base thats too stupid to see he was trying to help Hillary, Camera Hogg is pleading with people to ignore #WalkAway and hand over your guns, Democrat-Soclaiite Occasional-Cortex is not going to help Claire McAsskill win in Missouri, Chubby Gillibrand is all in for open borders and gun confiscation once the Democrats take both houses in November, and Steve "Purple Drank-Heart" Cohen is worried for Blacks and Jews if the Dems lose (worried, like with nooses and stars of David?). What they don't see is that everything they believe in as crucial is exactly the opposite of what concerns the voters. But hey, they can crank up the Israel-bashing. That's a winner of an issue (/sarc).

Domestically in blue shit-hole news, Chicago's infested with rats, DeBolshevik hates corporations except the ones that line his pockets, Charlotte will host the 2020 GOP convention but it too has got issues, Baltimore just filed its own anti-oil luddite lawsuit despite others ignominiously being shot down in flames, and though feces in the streets is unavoidable, the Bay Area dodged a mass terror attack.

From hither and yon, former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten, now John Lydon, joins the fight against the lying propaganda media, an interesting piece about golden age commies and artists and lastly a sobering piece about the Left's attempt to erase the past. Goes well with CBD's sidebar link to the 1984 interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread
— Open Blogger

Leighton faticida.jpg

Frederic Leighton

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July 24, 2018

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (7/24/18 )
— Open Blogger



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“White liberals are the real racists. They must stop being white supremacists and racists and take a look in the mirror. They don’t own the narrative on race.” Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Quote II

“These are civil issues, these are families, look at it as the economic engine that it is, that immigration is our strength, our diversity is what makes our country and our economy so strong,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

A serious and honest question to the Senator, how does an uneducated, non-English speaking family of say four help our country?

Quote III

I just want to tell you this one thing because I’m a person of faith, and I see everything in terms of my religion.

And this is how you come into that picture. When you, those of you who may be Catholic and go to church you see St. Paul to the Corinthians, St. Paul to the Ephesians, St. Paul to the this and the that

It was the letters, the letters of St. Paul that spread Christianity. Again, if the Romans had not built roads, there would not have been a mail system. But the mail system was the connection, the connection that spread.

So I feel deeply indebted to the tradition of mail carriers to the spread of a faith that I hold dear. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)


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July 22, 2018

Leftist Professor Advocates Incredibly Irresponsible Firearms Use, Because A: She Is Stupid and 2: It's Political, Not Rational
— Open Blogger

Law Prof Suggests College Women can Kill Their Alleged Rapists

And here is Andrew Branca, Moron and an actual legal expert on the topic, ripping her a new one.

It is, of course, true that deadly defensive force is permitted to prevent an imminent forcible rape. What makes the statement controversial is that the purported law professor has omitted the key words "imminent" and "forcible."
This foolish woman displays the typical leftist ignorance of guns, gun culture in America, and most of all, the legal and moral responsibilities of a gun owner.

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July 24, 2018

The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition
— Open Blogger


The Arab psyche seems to require a shadowy and powerful enemy; one that is always in their consciousness,and one that can never be beaten. But this is stupidity on a grand scale from Assad, who could simply ignore Israel and focus on his murderous rampage through his own country. Israel would promptly ignore him (but not his Iranian masters and their Hezbollah proxies) and he wouldn't lose planes and troops and anti-aircraft batteries to Israeli fire. But his minions must be kept in a state of perpetual hysteria, and what better tool than the Zionist/Joo enemy?
Israel shoots down Syrian warplane as Golan frontier heats up
The Saudis seem to be moderating their Joo-hate, mostly because they are more afraid of Iran than of Israel. Whether that will last is unknowable, but it certainly makes sense. But Syria is stuck. They are firmly in the grip of the mad Mullahs, and simply have no way out of their predicament, assuming that they even want out. All Assad wants is to remain in power, and his deal with the devil will accomplish that, with the slight downside of being an Iranian and, to a lesser extent, Russian puppet for the rest of his days.

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July 22, 2018

— Open Blogger

Protesters Throw Feces at L.A. Kosher Cafe Because Owner Supports Trump
Why didn't they go after some Korean shop owner who was expanding? Because he would have called 50 of his friends and the protesters would have gotten their asses kicked. Jews are better targets for a few reasons, first of which is that American Jews have no history of fighting back, and in fact have a reputation for being conciliatory in the extreme. And let us not forget the historical hatred of Jews by the Left. Seemingly every leftist revolutionary struggle has demonized Jews, Judaism and Israel.

But when those revolutionary struggles run out of Jews to persecute, or they need to expand the class struggle, they move on to their next targets, the Catholic Church and devout Protestants.

Bernie Sanders makes Israel a regular target of his ire, and his idiot acolyte from NYC, Ocasio-Cortez chose Israel for one of her first public attacks.

That is the past. the present and the future of socialism, and anyone who doesn't understand it is a fool or a crypto-socialist.

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