July 07, 2009

Quote of the Day
— Ace

"I sure hope [Sarah Palin's] family recovers from what she has done to them.

-- Andrew Sullivan, independent roving ad-hoc obstetrician-at-large to Sarah Palin, and unofficial "gonzo geneologist" of Trig Palin

Joe pointed this out.

BTW, I'm not going to quote this, but Sullivan had on a guest blogger recently who gently criticized him for his insane persistence in asserting that Trig is Brisol's baby.

Well, he gently criticized with huge dollops of apologism. He explained that St. Andrew of the Holy Speculum is just too honest to write anything other than what he believes is the truth at this moment.

He also lied and claimed that Sullivan had accepted that Trig was Sarah Palin's son, but that he had other questions, which the guest blogger did not specify.

Andrew Sullivan came back and basically endorsed this dishonest version of events. At least he did not challenge the odd statement that he believed that Trig was Sarah's son.

However, without saying which questions he still thought needed answering, he went on to describe all that he found suspicious in Trig's birth.

So he' is utterly dishonest. If you remember, a while back I reported, accurately, that his editors at The Atlantic had told him to knock it off or cool it down with Trig Trutherism; he stopped blogging for a few days in silent -- blessed silence! -- protest.

Since then he is vague about what it is, exactly, he suspects Sarah Palin is concealing. Of course we know what it is he suspects -- but he is no longer permitted to say so.

He's like many 9/11Truthers who are in positions of some amount of respect or have to answer to the public; they know they can't say "Bush blew up the WTC," so instead they dishonestly resort to "jut asking questions," all of which tend, when answered with the answers they suggest, to imply George Bush blew up the WTC.

But if you ask them if George Bush did this -- they'll say "I don't know" and say "We just need investigations."

And so the supposedly compulsively honest Andrew Sullivan continues to lie to keep his job. His "evidence" -- were it true, which it's not -- "proves" that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy to cover for her daughter Bristol giving birth to Trig. But he won't state that conclusion. He keeps insisting that "something" dishonest happened here, but he gets very vague about what it might be.

It just so happens that this vague, unspecified dishonest behavior just happens to involve Sarah Palin concealing her pregnancy and Bristol appearing to be pregnant at the same time and Sarah having to rush home to her own obstetrician (hah! What pregnant woman wants her own ob/gyn delivering her baby, as opposed to a stranger! It's incredibly suspicious) in order to help carry out this fraud.

And when you ask, "So, what do you think happened?," he answers, "I don't know. Needs more investigating, though!"

Just like WTC 7. Not saying it was brought down by explosive charges, but then... we don't know until we look, huh?

Anyway, just a summary of what he's up to.

I bring this up because Joe slipped me that awesome quote in the comments, and also because yesterday Andrew Sullivan, independent roving ad-hoc obstetrician-at-large for Sarah Palin, called me a "nutjob" or something.

And a quasi-fascist, too. I've been upgraded from full fascist, apparently, because I was arguing with you guys about Sarah Palin's chances. Thus my promotion.

Speaking of The Atlantic... They've been selling out "salons" to lobbyists and corporate sponsors, as the WaPo got caught doing, for six years. Only now is it coming out that this is a longstanding practice.

One More Thing: Sullivan's big thing lately is to grouse that no one in the media is doing their job and asking hard questions of those in power.

And by that he means -- I crap you not -- no one is asking Palin about the birth of Trig.

Every few days he writes something like, "Why is no one in the media willing to do their jobs and ask the difficult questions?"

But here's the thing: Sullivan himself is no longer allowed to "ask the difficult questions." He can only do so evasively and by implication (meanwhile attempting dishonestly to comply with his corporate masters and pretend he's not asking it).

So he really has the answer to his own question. Why doesn't anyone in the media ask this question? Same reason you don't, Chief: Because it's insane and would bring discredit upon whatever media organizatiton asked it.

But he's so whiny and self-pitying, and thinks he's got some real fans who care out about him in actual journalism. So he thinks if he whines about it enough he can guilt someone into asking the lunatic questions he himself doesn't have the guts to ask.

Compulsively honest Andrew. He wants answers to the question that's so vitally important he's too chickenshit to ask it himself.

Let me show off and do what Andrew Sullivan is not allowed to do:

Is Trig really Sarah Palin's son?

Let me do it again, just to rub it in:

Is Trig really Sarah Palin's son?

And again: Questions I can ask that the chickenshit Sullivan cannot:

Is Trig really Sarah Palin's son?

The answers, by the way, are "Yes," "Yes," and "Still yes."

Ace of Spades HQ

Asking the vital questions of national importance that Andrew Sullivan is too much of a coward to.

Posted by: Ace at 12:58 PM | Comments (28)
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1 Without even trying, I can think of three dozen bloggers - left and right - who should have Sullivan's job, and would be bangup in it.

Why is he still collecting a paycheck?  He's really an embarrassment.

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