February 28, 2005

Paradigm Shift: And Now a WaPo Columnist
— Ace

The media herd's group think continues, but now it's at least stampeding in an agreeable direction:

Mideast Makeover?
Popular Protests Spur Changes From Autocrats

By Jackson Diehl

As thousands of Arabs demonstrated for freedom and democracy in Beirut and Cairo last week, and the desperate dictators of Syria and Egypt squirmed under domestic and international pressure, it was hard not to wonder whether the regional transformation that the Bush administration hoped would be touched off by its invasion of Iraq is, however tentatively, beginning to happen.

Those who have declared the war an irretrievable catastrophe have been gloating for at least a year over the supposed puncturing of what they portray as President Bush's fanciful illusion that democracy would take root in Iraq and spread through the region.


Virtually no one in Washington expected such a snowballing of events following Iraq's elections.

No one? This calls to mind Pauline Kael's infamous quote that "No one I know voted for Nixon."

Obviously, some in Washington believed this possible. To name one obscure figure: the President of the United States, for example.

Not many yet believe that they will lead to real democracy in Egypt, Lebanon or Syria anytime soon. But it is a fact of history that the collapse of a rotted political order usually happens quickly, and takes most of the experts by surprise.


Still, less than two years after Saddam Hussein was deposed, the fact is that Arabs are marching for freedom and shouting slogans against tyrants in the streets of Beirut and Cairo -- and regimes that have endured for decades are visibly tottering. Those who claimed that U.S. intervention could never produce such events have reason to reconsider.

It seems to be the story of the week.

But don't get too hopeful. Sheep get bored pretty easily.

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1 It is the same as the "Nobody I know voted for Nixon" problem.

Along with W and his crew, I'd say the majority of the Senate knew this, along with 53% of the American population knew this as well.

Posted by: Eggo at February 28, 2005 03:13 PM (BKte2)

2 In the second photo in this link to Powerline, is that not Jeff Gannon? Start at the soldier and scan right! There HE is in ball-cap and shades....

Posted by: RapidTransit at February 28, 2005 06:05 PM (huExq)

3 I know I certianly hoped that Democracy would be contagious. I can't say that I knew it would happen, though.

The advent of competative elections in Egypt and the stepping down of the Pro-Syria government in Lebanon must be tough stories for the MSM to report. It's hard to type or read the news when you're choking on hatred toward Bush. To even have to admit the possibility that cowboy Bush might have been right all along must sting like hell.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon at February 28, 2005 09:22 PM (Dx3wl)

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