January 31, 2009

Of Course: $1 Billion of GM's Bailout Going to Investment... in Brazil
— Ace


Posted by: Ace at 02:01 PM | Comments (28)
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1 Where the leftist government can nationalize the factory once it's built.  Brilliant!

Posted by: funky chicken at January 31, 2009 02:06 PM (xyyHG)

2 Well maybe we'll get some of that cheap sugar based ethanol form Brazil. Oh wait, nope, there's a big tariff on it to protect US farmers and their right to force us to pay them subsidies and higher bio-fuel prices.

Awesome indeed.

Posted by: DrewM. at January 31, 2009 02:09 PM (hlYel)

3 I'm surprised it's not going to Cuba or Venezuela.

"We'll help lower mortgage costs and extend loans to small businesses so they can create jobs."

Obama did not give specifics about the plan but said he would work with both parties to ensure a strong stimulus bill.

Why give specifics? Barry can do it all with his magical powers.

Posted by: TheQuietMan at January 31, 2009 02:11 PM (OCJ/T)

4 No doubt to suck up some of that famous Brazilian 'alternative fuel technology.'  But in this case, it'll be solar and pedal power.

Posted by: Jimmy at January 31, 2009 02:14 PM (/Ft4q)

5 Far be it for me to defend GM- I live in the metro Detroit area and see overpaid UAW workers living quite luxurious lifestyles they don't deserve. However, someone on another blog pointed out that perhaps GM could be doing this to survive. GM may very well know that they're going to be driven out of the U.S. by President Crypto Fascist Muslim Marxist, and want their firm to survive somewhere sans the UAW.

Just an idea.

Posted by: shibumi at January 31, 2009 02:32 PM (tZB/c)

6 Earlier this week, the head of the UAW announced he see no concessions being made by  the Unions.  And they won't.

It's no surprise the automakers are moving assembly plants out of country.  There's no way for them to survive in the States.  Too bad they're getting any of my $$ though.

Washington blew it.  They could have all but broke the unions in December.  Now Obama has them in the Whitehouse.

I see the end game being GM and Chrysler nationalized.  Making whatever vehicles Washington wants them to. No matter how ridiculous those cars may be.

Hang in there Ford.... you're the only hope for the auto industry as we know it....

Posted by: ToddK at January 31, 2009 02:34 PM (8enMS)



What's the big deal? It's good to be nice and smooth front and back.

Ohhhh. You dont mean Brazilian...


Posted by: Barack Barry Hussein Soetero Obama Dunham Fuckhead bastard spawn of a white whore. at January 31, 2009 02:42 PM (cW5v7)

8 This is why you don't bail companies out. If Gm wants to go to Brazil, fine. Do it on your own dime.

Posted by: Harry at January 31, 2009 02:46 PM (RxSlU)

9 I was against bailing anybody out....let them fail. But now that Washington is going to cripple the industry anyway by mandating impossible regulations on them, I hope GM spends the rest on hookers and blow just to be a dick and the UAW fucks can live with Obama.

Posted by: Jubal Anderson Early at January 31, 2009 02:47 PM (krKUp)

10 Did they pass that law which would allow union organizers to abandon the secret ballot?  I know someone who works at the W mart store and they are really concerned as they are happy and they don't want to be unionized and they think it might be that you won't be able to vote against it cause everyone will know it was you.   This guy is seriously obsessing over this.  He thinks it will really impact his job.

Posted by: Hmmmm at January 31, 2009 02:47 PM (zplc6)

11 5 Far be it for me to defend GM- I live in the metro Detroit area and see overpaid UAW workers living quite luxurious lifestyles they don't deserve. However, someone on another blog pointed out that perhaps GM could be doing this to survive. GM may very well know that they're going to be driven out of the U.S. by President Crypto Fascist Muslim Marxist, and want their firm to survive somewhere sans the UAW.

Just an idea.
Posted by: shibumi

Low-level salaried GM employee & MI resident here - I think you're right:  It's their only hope to escape the Unidentified Alien Workforce (as we salary & contract types like to call them).

Posted by: iamfelix at January 31, 2009 02:49 PM (Yjjkc)

12 What the hell do you want? Make up your damned mind. Do you want the bailout money to lead to a successful GM or do you want it to magically sprout unicorn farts and rainbow smiles in Sheboygan, WI?

Because GM's #1 problem is trying to make cars in America with an American workforce (and voting population) that thinks that they can expect to get lavish pensions, stupid-high salaries and benefits packages buttressed by unions whose overhead adds some $2k to each car.

Either give GM the money and let them do what they want with it, or don't give them them money. This third way of "you better make this money give me a shoe shine and 10,000 new jobs" B.S. isn't going to work. Either you think they're' smart enough to give them 30 billions dollars to magically make everything better, or you're a fucking moron for giving them 30 billion dollars.

Posted by: spmat at January 31, 2009 03:07 PM (5K7Qj)

13 Markie Marxist sez:  "A billion?  Geez, I keep underestimating the grip we Marxists have on America now.  I would have thought a few hundred million to be a lot, but I'm going to have to adjust my expectations.  We're screwing America at a much faster rate than I anticipated!  The American people are dumber than I thought!  All your billions are belong to us!  Ha!  Ha!"

Posted by: Chas at January 31, 2009 03:16 PM (1XTjz)

14 Don't blame them, it's the only place they can make a profit.  Soon if you want an automobile you will have to buy it out of the country and smuggle it in. Old sleeze and slime greenie is in the white house. Look up the shitsandwich and see how many auto's they plan to buy (new) and send to the crusher. Not give to the citizens, crush them. Are we within 90 days of the shooting/hanging revolution yet? Can't be much further off than that.

Posted by: Scrapiron at January 31, 2009 03:57 PM (XWJh5)

15 Agreed. GM might as well spend the money in Brazil; it's a hell of a lot better than spending it on political donations to Obama, otherwise known as paying the UAW dimbots to build what they laughingly refer to as "quality cars".

I resurrect my idea of a few weeks ago for a line of bumper stickers to slap on any Obama-sticker-bearing foreign car.

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty at January 31, 2009 04:32 PM (SFs3T)

16 GM also owns Vauxhall (UK), which Jeremy Clarkson regularly trashes, Opel (Germany) which is begging for cash from Berlin, and Holden (Australia) which is by far their best division, making bad-ass Aussie muscle cars and sports sedans.

Posted by: kbdabear at January 31, 2009 06:14 PM (miw86)


Wait, so you're telling me that GM is taking the money given to them by the U.S. government and using it to invest in countries that have better business environments?

Wow, it's almost as if it would have made more sense to create a better business environment right here rather than give them handouts.

But what do I know? I was never a community organizer, so this stuff is way over my head.

Posted by: Jason at January 31, 2009 07:43 PM (sV0Yw)

18 I dunno. Can't much trust GM ownership to pull their heads out. Can't trust the UAW to allow them to create a business model that serves both shareholders and employees. And can't trust Harry Reid et al to stick their noses in where needed and leave well enough alone when not. At this point, figure the money's gone, and have a beer if things work out.

Posted by: red speck at February 01, 2009 08:18 AM (6RSWl)

19 Uhm, actually GM says the money is being raised from local sources, and not taken out of the bailout money.

Posted by: Plinko at February 01, 2009 09:50 AM (AyPEO)

20 .

Posted by: CoolCzech at February 01, 2009 05:43 PM (iafWn)

Posted by: lace wigs at February 01, 2009 10:53 PM (mQXlB)


Quick comments:

1- fawgit ´bout nationalization . Brazil is no Venezuela, It´s much larger and it is the second economy in the hemisphere, before Canada. If Brazil starts nationalizing US companies, dude, there´s more US green backs at stake than Irak. Guess the size of the sh...! And Brazilians like Americans. Antiamericanism here sounds as dumb as copycating Americans. We see ourselves like the "poor" Americans ( but that throw better parties, and have better bbq's!)

2- Never read in any paper here about bailout monies coming down south. What we have heard is the GM will use local  money for its investments. And, yepo they are profitable here, but only inthelast few years, before that they were always crying and complaining. Poor thing!

3- Most Brazilian cars are small,with small engines, European stile. No chance of succes in the US. Unless you live in New York and know that any chance of driving above 10mph is  a blessing!

4- At the moment Brazil is the 4th largest creditor of the US, so there is more risk of  Brazil losing money in the US than the US in Brazil. Sad but true!

5- If you have dumb politicians and outright corrupts up there, down here we have a bunch of them, but less sofisticated and even dumber ( kinda like Dan Quayle on steroids!)

6- In times like these, everyone is invited to a caipirinha down here, where the chats are long and the bikinis are very, very small...


Posted by: theguy down south at February 02, 2009 03:35 AM (mXNg7)

23 Seriously?  Man we really are in for it the next four years.  We are going to have some serious problems in every aspect of the government with Obama and Pelosi in charge.

Posted by: Do Tell Me at February 02, 2009 02:11 PM (ljDa1)


Maybe Obama is a bigger genius than we thought.  Instead of bailing out just America, he's gonna bail out the entire world!

On the other hand, maybe this is an incredibly cunning way to cripple Brazil from ever being a competitor with America by exporting GM's carmaking methodology directly to them.

Posted by: Tantor at February 03, 2009 12:31 PM (NA0pO)



Currently Brazilian cars consume less gasoline, most run on ethanol and/or gas as they are flex fuel, and are less polutant than US made ones.  In other words, GM produces abroad what they don´t want to sell in the US. So if they simply  exported Brazilian carmaking methodology to their US plants...  Meanwhile they keep on the blah blah on fuel efficient cars and electric cars ( which will have to run on Lithium batteries with Lithium from Bolivia, a truly messy leftist backwards, antiamerican, anti you name it, country...)  while they could today be selling those models in the US, if they wanted. But oops, they´d have to launch new models, change production lines and dump some of their best selling gas gushers. Guess what, they prefer to keep on telling the joke that US made cars are competitive... not anymore. Sorry to say that, but the world buys European models, no matter if the maker is GM or Chana ( a Chinese maker).

Posted by: theguy down south at February 04, 2009 03:41 AM (mXNg7)

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