April 28, 2006

NYT: Economic But-Heads
— Ace

The liberals' favorite conjunction -- but, put to such good use in condemning terrorism but simultaneously apologizing for it -- finds itself working double-duty to undermine the powerfully favorable news on the economy the Times is sadly required to report.

Growth Accelerated in March, But a Slowdown Is Expected

And that's just the headline. "But," announced as an above-the-title star of the movie in the credit sequence, gives a powerful and moving performance throughout the piece, appearing in virtually every scene.

Related And Must-Read: Slapstick Politics looks at a different NYT piece -- loading all the bad stuf in the first paragraph, the one everyone reads, while only mentioning good stuff in the later paragraphs fewer people read -- and re-writes it the right way, with the lede ("economy growing like gangbusters") in the strange position of actually being the first paragraph. The lede is actually the lead, in other words.

At least when someone besides the NYT attempts to write an economic story.

Posted by: Ace at 05:27 AM | Comments (17)
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1 The MSM has to make sure they provide balance to every story to make sure all sides are covered.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

You also need to tighten up your tags a little there, ace.

Posted by: Steve L. at April 28, 2006 05:32 AM (YIFeG)

2 Hmmm, all of the "buts" called out by the para.s cited in the link are by economists. Might it not be more appropriate to call them the "but-heads"? Especially since they are actually freakin' tea readers/astrologists and are just hedging thier bets? "It'll be partly sunny tomorrrow, but there is a chance of rain."

Economists do this regularly. Greenspans zun-koan like pronouncements were full of buts I seem to remember.

Posted by: Larry the U at April 28, 2006 05:42 AM (Lpswv)

3 Did you catch that story where a major investor in the NYT, I think it was Morgan Stanley, ripped the Times's management because while they're losing money hand over fist and the share price keeps dropping, Pinch and co reward themselves with 6-figure bonuses.

Posted by: Moonbat_One at April 28, 2006 05:58 AM (qlF1y)

4 Reporters choose the quotes they use. Certain reporters on certain stories look for the 'but' quotes.

The New York Times ought to be embarrassed by their lack of professional discipline.

Posted by: lyle at April 28, 2006 06:00 AM (f1njt)

5 I read that article online this morning had immediately had the exact same reaction: why take positive economic news and spin it negatively? Of course, then I remembered who was publishing this bilge.

It's like Roger Simon said - Who needs to pay extra for that NY Times service known called "Times Select," when you can read their opinion for free on the front page?

Posted by: Dan-O at April 28, 2006 06:03 AM (yMnY4)

6 I htink what the NYT meant to say was' "The rest of the US econmy is roaring ahead, but we here at the Times are having our dificulties. As well as CNN, CBS, WaPo,....."

Posted by: nikkolai at April 28, 2006 06:21 AM (70wcC)

7 The but monkey.

Posted by: pajama momma at April 28, 2006 06:21 AM (IC2Qj)

8 The New York Times ought to be embarrassed by their lack of professional discipline.

You're joking, right? The post-Clinton left has no shame and thus can't possibly be embarrassed.

Posted by: Anon E. Mouse at April 28, 2006 06:25 AM (EOytx)

9 This isn't the first time I've seen someone say that the NYT is actually a really good paper if you read all of their paragraphs in reverse-order.

Posted by: Anonymous Geek at April 28, 2006 06:37 AM (YvXOH)

10 The New York Birdcage linner what good is it NO THANKS NOT IN MY CAGE RRAAWWKK

Posted by: spurwing plover at April 28, 2006 12:11 PM (A09bm)

11 NYT headlines from 1946

Millions of GI's to become unemployed with Germany and Japan surrender.

Northrup, Lockheed, Republic and Douglas to lay off tens of thousands as warplane demand drops off.

US steel industry slumps as Sherman tank demand falls.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at April 28, 2006 07:47 PM (XbJeu)

12 "Everyone I know has a big but. C'mon, Simone, let's talk about *your* big but." PeeWee Herman.

Posted by: CodeLavender at May 01, 2006 11:53 AM (ebOOR)

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14 The NY Times is becoming increasingly insignificant.  Soon, it just won't matter what they write.

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