August 29, 2009

Not Doing It For Teddy...Another GOP Senator Sours On Health Care
— DrewM

Mike Enzi of Wyoming is one of the 3 Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee who has been working on a bi-partisan deal on health care. Now he says the plans as laid out stink.

A leading GOP negotiator on health care struck a further blow to fading chances of a bipartisan compromise by saying Democratic proposals would restrict medical choices and make the country's "finances sicker without saving you money."

The criticism from Sen. Michael Enzi, R-Wyo., echoed that of many opponents of the Democratic plans under consideration in Congress. But Enzi's judgment was especially noteworthy because he is one of only three Republicans who have been willing to consider a bipartisan bill in the Senate.

In the Republicans' weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday, Enzi said any health care legislation must lower medical costs for Americans without increasing deficits and the national debt.

"The bills introduced by congressional Democrats fail to meet these standards," he said.

Expect to hear more talk about Democrats going it alone. Don't expect much actual action on that front however.

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