September 29, 2007

No Newt Is Good Newt: He's Not Running
— Ace

...which is what most of us expected his decision to be, but the threat of his running had a small amount of freezing effect on the race with some holding out hope for a Newt run and thus not examining the announced candidates seriously. I'm glad he finally decided.

He's a good spokesman for the conservative cause, but not, I think, a very strong candidate for president.

Gingrich would not endorse a specific candidate and said he "couldn't imagine" being a vice presidential candidate if offered the opportunity.

Gingrich joked with FOX News more than a year ago that his flirtation with a White House run was in part to sell books and give lectures, and to focus the debate on his issues.

For several months Gingrich said he would run for president if he could raise $30 million dollars. No candidate in this race has ever raised that much in one quarter.

Here's a very dumb MSM "scoop" on his supposed reasons for not running. Basically that he wanted to pursue his nonpartisan advocacy project at the same time as running for president but McCain-Feingold prevented that, so he chose to stick with his website.

Uh, yeah. That's what's keeping me from running for president too, NBC. You can quote me on that.

Posted by: Ace at 01:39 PM | Comments (15)
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Maybe he was uncertain of our prospects and wanted to save his political capital for a future run at something - probably a cabinet position or vice-presidency.

I keep seeing these stories that show the numbers aren't in Republican's favor this time; too many open R seats like last time. Does anyone know when the hell things are supposed to look bad for the Democrats? When are their open seats coming? 2012? 2020? I want to win again.

Posted by: adolfo_velasquez at September 29, 2007 02:05 PM (Dk3Rg)


I'm really turned off by potential candidates like Gingrich and Thompson who play these games.

Posted by: dave at September 29, 2007 02:10 PM (bGPt5)

3 Too eff'n clever.

Posted by: ricpic at September 29, 2007 02:10 PM (tng3f)


When Newt was in his heyday, like most average Americans, I was only about half tuned in politically speaking. I've not spent much time since trying to figure out his mission. My gut feel is though that America will have to be in some serious, serious shit before Newt will appeal to enough voters to be electable. I'm not saying he's on the same plane as Churchill, but I think only a scenario similar to UK 1940 would make him electable.

Posted by: Sticky B at September 29, 2007 02:50 PM (wkjFE)

5 Newt for POTUS, huh?

Yeah, well ... after reading Senator Tom Coburn's book "Breach of Trust", I wouldn't be inclined to vote for that shlub for dog catcher.

Piss off, Newt.

Posted by: Bruce at September 29, 2007 04:33 PM (2q+Ss)

6 if newt needs a 'uk 1940' scenerio, well, isn't this WWIV?

Posted by: li ivy at September 29, 2007 06:42 PM (8dBYD)

7 Newt's a disgusting scumbag. At the same time he was leading the charge against Clinton over the Lewinsky scandal, he was also playing around with a mistress...this is exactly the kind of person conservatives DO NOT NEED as a leader.

Posted by: MKSheppard at September 29, 2007 06:48 PM (XFylu)

8 I listen to Hannity...I really don't care much for him though, especially when he was suckin ass on Trent Lott for years and later dumped that asshole (LOTT) over illegal immigration. Hannity has sucked Newt off, for some time now, but all the cigars and beer in the world,  will not help this pompous-ass-historian nor radio personality fix a damn thing!

Posted by: JihadGene at September 29, 2007 06:52 PM (l8Hl5)


Is that a great space cosater reference?

where Gary Gnus, was the headliner, and when no gnews is good go gnews?


I'm just wonderin.

Posted by: Wickedpinto at September 29, 2007 08:04 PM (QTv8u)

10 newt's political ideas are a mile wide and an inch deep. But hey, at least he has some. His best role (and it's a valid one) is to throw out a bunch of his ideas and see if any get embraced and improved on by politicians that can actually get people's votes.

Posted by: mark c at September 29, 2007 09:08 PM (DIXci)

11 Ace,

   Maybe it's time to turn over the "Institute for Hobo Studies" to someone else while you make the run for Prez.

   The country needs you.

   Plus, the White House has a concierge service like you wouldn't believe: Thai trannies hookers on demand, dude!

Posted by: moviegique at September 29, 2007 09:57 PM (1y5Vr)

12 I like Newt, but as far as baggage goes he'd lead the GOP in closet skeletons.

Posted by: SGT Dan at September 30, 2007 04:21 AM (oOQel)

13 Newt is too glid and facile to be elected to national office. Like Hubert Humphrey, he talks too much. And he's petty and egomaniacal. He and some other Republican got their noses out of joint when Bill confined them to the back of Air Force One on some overseas junket. The result, if I remember correctly, was the disasterous decision to close down the federal government in some budget rumble, a PR disaster of epic proportions for the GOP.

Posted by: Banjo at September 30, 2007 06:35 AM (1DQ52)

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