November 30, 2006

More Kramer
— Ace

Great National Lampoon spoof, "The Lost Episode of Seinfeld," covering the Richards race riot.

Also at the link: Gibson defends him:

I feel really badly for the guy. He was obviously in a state of stress. You don't need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape." Ain't that the truth!
Regarding Richards' fate in the media, Mel added, "They'll probably torture him for a while and then let him go. I like him." Of course he does.

And another report says that Richards is just plain goofy, and not in good way:

Sam Simon, longtime producer on "The Simpsons" and numerous other shows, told Howard Stern this morning that Richards' racist rant at an L.A. comedy club, brought to you by TMZ, was a public manifestation of what TV insiders have known for years -- namely, that Richards is prone to bizarre, temperamental behaviors that leave everyone shaking their heads.

Richards, says Simon, threatened the life of Spike Feresten, creator of "The Michael Richards Show," the short-lived 2000 NBC sitcom, and did it calmly and chillingly. "I have a gun," said Richards, according to Simon. "I'm going to kill you, and I'll do the time."

And that's not all -- Richards once quit the show in the middle of production, says Simon, with a full studio audience in attendance and wouldn't return until coaxed back by the president of the network. What's more, Richards once stood on his head in the middle of a shot, inexplicably, and was once found in a corner of a soundstage, weeping uncontrollably.

Oh, and the mystery of Richards' religion seems to be solved. Not Jewish by blood, nor formally converted to Judaism, but considers himself Jewish, apparently because he had some Jewish mentors (such as Andrew "Dice" Clay and Don Rickles).

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1 Holy SHIT!!!

That lost episode video is HILARIOUS!!!!

That was some damn brilliant work.

Posted by: Rosetta at November 30, 2006 11:39 AM (CTqCo)

2 Are you sure he's not born Jewish? I thought that was a prerequisite for appearing on Seinfeld.

Posted by: Kevin at November 30, 2006 11:42 AM (i2YG7)

3 THe BEST Jerry...THE BEST!

Posted by: Paladin at November 30, 2006 11:46 AM (2X4q0)

4 I love that Jessie Jax-on has called for the boycott of season 7 of seinfeld on DVD.
After Richards came on his show and groveled for forgivness.
What did Jerry Seinfeld do to deserve the boycott? Or any of the other people involved? And what the hell good was going on the show if it results in some assinine boycott?
That will teach all those raving racists out there, use the N word, and black people won't buy your DVD. Like they were lining up to buy the David Allen Coe songfest until Jessie stepped in.

Posted by: PHenry at November 30, 2006 12:06 PM (ZCbq9)

5 So, basically, he just converted for the jokes.

Posted by: Hippocrass at November 30, 2006 12:13 PM (bCrhA)

6 So Seinfeld had the roles of Jerry (based on Jerry), George (based on hopelessly insecure Larry David), and Kramer (based on some guy they knew named Kramer).

Then when they did their show-within-the-show, the character of Jerry was again played by Jerry, George was played by a bumbling insecure guy, and Kramer was played by a brooding nutjob. I figured that was Seinfeld's way of saying what Michael Richards was like.

Posted by: bgates at November 30, 2006 12:22 PM (5X1St)

7 "..."I have a gun," said Richards, according to Simon. "I'm going to kill you, and I'll do the time."...and was once found in a corner of a soundstage, weeping uncontrollably..."

The uncontrollable weeping, the death threats and firearm possession are...problematic. But the addendum about doin' the time. This guy is a serious danger to himself and others.


Posted by: rcl at November 30, 2006 01:01 PM (a7n4N)

8 I am Dr. Remulak

I am Dr. Remulak

I am Dr. Remulak

Shocking that Seinfeld Season 7 DVDs sales are so high, I mean, we wouldn't question tthe timing or anything like that.

Posted by: benrand at November 30, 2006 02:36 PM (HHKps)

9 Richards' excuses are starting to play out like that old Maxwell Smart schtick (get it? schtick?). "Would you believe..."

"I'm Jewish."

--"You're not Jewish."

"Would you believe...I've adopted Judaism?"

--"You're a Catholic."

"Would you believe...I've had Jewish advisors?"

--"You're an active Mason."

"Would you believe...I once had lunch with Jackie Mason?"

--"Jackie Mason never heard of you."

"Would you believe...I once ordered the Jackie Mason sandwich at the Carnegie Deli?"

My bet's on the sandwich story holding up, at least.

Posted by: HT at November 30, 2006 03:34 PM (cMvRh)

10 Ah, Benrand, another old-time Stern fan. Most people think that I'm Dr. Rumack from "Airplane" (don't call me Shirley).

Just looking for a little, tiny bit of credit, on this, my favorite moronblog. Oh well.

Posted by: Dr. Remulak at November 30, 2006 07:17 PM (V3nip)

11 This is the last time I let my friend Bob Sacamano write my stand up material!

Posted by: Cosmo Kramer at December 01, 2006 05:10 AM (j2vfb)

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