July 30, 2004

Moore's Lies: The Obese Gifts That Keep on Corpulently Giving
— Ace

Un. Frickin'. Believable.

30, 2004 (Bloomington, Ill.) — Filmmaker Michael Moore's Bush-basing documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" apparently has upset more than Republicans.
The (Bloomington) Pantagraph in central Illinois has sent a letter to Moore asking him to apologize for using what the newspaper says was a doctored front page in the film.

A scene early in the movie shows newspaper headlines related to the legally contested presidential election of 2000. It includes a shot of The Pantagraph's front page with the prominent headline: "Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election."

But the Pantagraph says that headline was never on the front page. It only appeared -- in much smaller type -- above a letter to the editor.

Gee, that's not a misrepresentation or anything, is it? He portrayed the paper as making the factual, reportial claim that Gore won the recount, while the "headline" (such as it was) was only the conclusion of a reader's letter to the editor.

A message left at Lions Gate Entertainment seeking comment from Moore wasn't immediately returned today.

You fat, lying, fat fucking fuck-faced fuck.


"The Rules Don't Apply To Me"

Some times I'm a "comedian"
others, a brave muckracking "journalist"
Fact is nothing-- I deal in truth.

Posted by: Ace at 03:21 PM | Comments (11)
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1 Some times I'm a "comedian"
others, a brave muckracking "journalist"

Sometimes I'm Maurice,
'Cause I speak for the Impetus of Lies.

(With apologies to Steve Miller)

Posted by: Brian B at July 30, 2004 03:27 PM (OnnW3)

2 Are even the credits to this film genuine?

What's left?

Posted by: sonofnixon at July 30, 2004 03:37 PM (2Pa3z)

3 It's worse than the story makes it sound. He also falsified the date shown on-screen; presumable so if you go look up the issue you can't find the story and see what he's done.

The paper is also asking for $1.00 in damages.

check www.moorewatch.com

Posted by: Joe R. at July 30, 2004 05:09 PM (DHwcf)

4 Ace,






Posted by: MeTooThen at July 30, 2004 07:17 PM (Zjl5U)

5 What exactly about this is unbelievable? It's just par for the course for Mikey the Hutt. The man (and I use that term loosely) has had the exact same MO since day one: Lie, lie, and lie some more. The only surprise here is that it took so long to come out.

Posted by: zetetic at August 01, 2004 06:30 AM (Wg+KD)

6 Holy shit, man! You called Michael Freakin' Moore a LIAR! Jeezus, don't you know he's gonna sue your ass now! Oh man, I hope he can't find out I been to your site. Oh man, he'll prob'ly sue me for readin' this stuff! Oh man. He's more freakin' omnipotent than John Muth-a-freak-in Ashcroft for Chrissake! Oh man, I gotta click the hell outta here... No Mike, no, I wasn't readin' it... No, honest... I surfed here by accident... no, Mike, please... I got a wife and kid to support.... oh man Mike... pleeeeeeeeease AAAAAAAAUUGGGGHHHHHH...

Posted by: flat as a pancake at August 01, 2004 12:52 PM (kKRBi)

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