December 31, 2007

Lowest US Casualties In Iraq Eveh, But Check Out MSM Spin
— Ace

2007 Deadliest Year Ever.

True -- but disgustingly misleading. The beginning of the year had very high casualties and since then we've had very, very low casualties. Sure, the year as a whole comes out somewhat more deadly than the last, but the past half-year has seen an amazing drop in casualties.

The media doesn't want to report on the dramatic fall in casualties because they claim they don't see a "trend." Well it's now been six months of plunging violence -- and furthermore, they see "trends," of, say, rising casualties and the implied continuation of rising casualties, where the facts obviously indicate the precise opposite. The casualty rates do indicate a trend -- but not the one the MSM claims.

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There's a definite trend, alright. It's the one where the MSM ceases to report good news in the GWOT everytime it occurs.

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