May 31, 2009

Lindsey Graham Notices Obama is Speaking for Sotomayer
— Dave in Texas

I wondered about this my own self. How come she's not walking back her comments?

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told "FOX News Sunday" he wasn't buying President Obama's attempt to walk back his Supreme Court nominee's controversial statement from 2001. Obama said Friday that given the chance Sotomayor would have "restated" that comment, and that she was merely trying to express how her experiences give her perspective on others' hardships.

"She didn't say that at all," Graham countered Sunday, suggesting Sotomayor's statement raises questions about her objectivity.

"What she said is that based on her life experiences is that she thought a Latina woman, somebody with her background, would be a better judge than a guy like me -- a white guy from South Carolina," Graham said. "It is troubling, and it's inappropriate and I hope she'll apologize."

I won't believe her either, because I don't have a journalism degree. I'm just waiting for her to make the effort. Has she yet?

Also, Lindsey, you goof. Thanks for setting up the "apology" settlement.

AH. DrewM reminds me this isn't unusual.


Lindsey is still a goof for dangling the apology hook.

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