August 30, 2004

It's Just About Uncontested: Bush is Ahead
— Ace

The Washington Post/ABCNews poll confirms what just about every other major poll has found, namely, that Bush is now ahead for the first time in months. The lead is as slender as Michael Moore is not (48-47), but the important thing is that he is in fact ahead, and he he is rebounding.

Strangely enough, the only major poll not showing Bush ahead is the arch-conservative super-pro-GOP FoxNews/Opinion Dynamics Poll, which shows the race a tie.

Oh, and Zogby shows him behind by 4 points, of course.

He heaps me! He tasks me! If Captain Ahab thought it hurt to lose his leg to that albino devil-fish, pitty the poor liberal ABCNews reporter who had to write this hateful analysis:

Aug. 30, 2004— The ice in the river is thick, but the currents have moved in President Bush's direction.

As his nominating convention kicks off, an ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Bush has erased most of John Kerry's gains on issues and attributes alike, retaking a sizable lead in trust to handle terrorism, moving ahead on Iraq and battling the Democratic presidential nominee to parity on the economy — the three top issues of the 2004 campaign.

Bush also has reclaimed an advantage in being seen as more honest and trustworthy, bolstered his rating for strong leadership and moved to a 10-point lead as better qualified to serve as commander in chief, erasing Kerry's edge in the latter after his convention late last month.

Oddly enough, the ABCNews says that Bush is merely tied (48-4 among likely voters, which either means that he's doing better among registered voters or else ABCNews has a different "likely voter" formula than the Washington Post (with whom this joint poll was conducted).

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