December 31, 2007

Huckabee Won't Lower Himself To Attack Ad Buy, So Instead He'll Just Play It For Reporters
— Ace

If anyone's noticed, yes, I've stopped all the Huckabashing posting. I realize 1) it gets old and 2) it's ineffectual anyway. Most readers don't like Huckabee and those who do aren't persuaded by my posts.

Still, this is good, if only for the humor value. Huckabee piously talks up elevating the tone of the debate in Iowa, and how he's decided to not run an anti-Romney attack ad in order to make the debate more civil, and then plays it for reporters, so that they'll, naturally, write about it and run it on their websites and thus spare him the cost of running it.

I've had my intelligence insulted plenty of times before, but this guy is particularly callous in insulting it.

Hot Air has more context and Carl Cameron yukking it up over Huckabee's shameless hypocrisy and cynicism.

Not that getting the press corps to laugh at him will hurt Huckabee. A lot of his supporters will take that scorn as proof he must be doing something right.

And the press will continue pushing the Huckster. After all, they think Republicans are stupid enough to buy this lame act, and they furthermore think we deserve a candidate like Huckabee, after profiting from the "racist" Willie Horton ads and "deceptive" Swift Boat ads. They see Huckabee as the natural, and deserved, apoethesis of forty years of Republican corruption, cynicism, and manipulation. They think the GOP has trained its supporters to buy into charlatans like this and they're just delighted we're going to get the just desserts for our cynical leaders and spinmeisters and mouth-breathing, knuckledragging bumpkin base. They're loving the idea of inflicting this surefire loser on us.

Oh... As long as I'm doing a Huckabash, might as well note that those push-pollers that Huckabee just couldn't reign in are running attack ads that Huckabee just can't.

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