April 30, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Racist Preacher Scorned?
— DrewM

There’s a lot of speculation about why Rev. Wright went on his 4 day Sink Obama Tour.

Some speculate
it was a set up to give The Obamassiah his Sister Souljah moment.

Now one source who claims to know what’s going
on says it’s a genuine rift between the two men over Obama’s decision to distance himself from Wright and the church he built.

The Post has learned. "After 20 years of loving Barack like he was a member of his own family, for Jeremiah to see Barack saying over and over that he didn't know about Jeremiah's views during those years, that he wasn't familiar with what Jeremiah had said, that he may have missed church on this day or that and didn't hear what Jeremiah said, this is seen by Jeremiah as nonsense and betrayal," said the source, who has deep roots in Wright's Chicago community and is familiar with his thinking on the matter.

…The source noted that the roots of Wright's disillusionment with Obama began last year after the Illinois senator unexpectedly yanked him from participating in the public announcement of his presidential campaign.

"That's why Jeremiah revealed . . . that he had actually been at the [announcement] hotel and prayed privately with the Obama family before the official declaration," the source told The Post.

"Rev. Wright, as well as other senior members of his church, believe that Obama has betrayed over 20 years of their supposed friendship."

The story is written by Fred Dicker who covers NY State politics for the NY Post and is generally considered a very solid reporter. There’s probably someone working at the Capital in Albany with Chicago ties who is feeding him this.

It’s interesting that the Dicker’s source is quoted as saying that ‘he (Obama) may have missed church on this day or that’ and therefore didn’t hear some of the crazier shit.

I really wonder if there is video of Obama sitting there listening to some of the stuff he denies having heard in a draw in Wright’s desk.

Even if there isn’t video of him, I don’t think Obama’s problems with Wright are done. Sure the media will tell us to move on but what if Wright doesn’t stop? With the liberals in the MSM go all out to destroy Wright for Obama?

I don’t know about you but I need some more popcorn.

Posted by: DrewM at 05:06 AM | Comments (81)
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1 So, Wright's pissed off because he didn't get his face on television when Obama announced? That seems petty. Then again, he is a petty man.

Today I am hearing that Wright was denounced for his racism. But he was only denounced for his racism when he shared his theroies about black people's brains. When he was calling us the white devils and claiming we were introducing HIV to kill blacks, none of the leftards called him a racist.

Posted by: Guy Ritchie's Career at April 30, 2008 05:16 AM (PRWf8)

2 Wright's next and only move is to drop the BIG one - proclaim publicly that Barry-O was in the front pew, awake, alert and shouting hallelujah's and hoseanas at every one of his sermons.

Posted by: J.J. Sefton at April 30, 2008 05:16 AM (zpaDL)

3 Obama sat in that pew for twenty years - for a thousand Sundays - yet somehow missed all the hate? For that to be true, he'd have to be blind and deaf.

I just wonder how black voters in NC are going to react to his desperate attempt to suck up to whites - for that's how they'll perceive it. Tuesday could be very interesting.

Posted by: Brown Line at April 30, 2008 05:18 AM (VrNoa)

4 Fred Dicker

Love the name.

Obama getting elected would be bad for Wright's business. He rides on hatred and a feeling of oppression. If Obama becomes president, you try selling that we're "White supremacists" worthy of God's damnation after the government created AIDS to inflict on black people.

Posted by: Sanguine at April 30, 2008 05:19 AM (qzcNU)

5 The next shoe to drop will be someone from TUCC saying they sat in the pew behind the Obamas when Reverend Wright went off on one of his tirades.

If I could cut Hussein any slack about this at all, it's that I am sure that his crazy b-tch wife picked the church, not him. Wright seems much more in line with Michelle Obama's grievance-based view of America. America provided her with an ivy-league education and a $300,000 a year job, and she is still full of hate and rage because of the "oppression" she has suffered.

Posted by: V the K at April 30, 2008 05:21 AM (/0sRQ)

6 Some speculate it was a set up to give The Obamassiah his Sister Souljah moment.

I had similar thoughts after Obama's speech and really, it makes an awful lot of sense.  Wright's speech isn't going to cost him any followers, and gives Obama a credible "out."  Between that and him smacking Sharpton over the NY riots, he's suddenly looking a lot more benign to nervous honkies.

Posted by: apotheosis at April 30, 2008 05:22 AM (CiAHf)

7 I don’t know about you but I need some more popcorn.

You know what? This stuff is just too good for popcorn. Time to break out the fresh pork-rinds.

Posted by: krakatoa at April 30, 2008 05:26 AM (wpZpO)

8 In Wright's mind, he "made" Obama. He gave Obama his 'street cred' and his political career.. Since the Obamassiah has "distanced" himself from Wright, it's payback time.

Posted by: GarandFan at April 30, 2008 05:28 AM (N4c1G)


In looking at all the things that are coming out about Obama directly from the black community it's almost like they really truely deep down don't want a black president.

They are indirectly trying to ruin his campaign.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 30, 2008 05:30 AM (uHRYR)

10 What an incredible conundrum for the democrats.  They may love Obama, but the Clintons will make a credible case the the good reverend could blow up the Obama campaign at a moments notice.  Imagine a scenario where Obama wins the nomination, the dems spend hundreds of millions on the campaign, and the good reverend shows up with a video during the fourth week of October.
I am going to call the good reverend and ask to be his agent.  My pitch will be "Rev, the 1.6 million dollar house is nice, but, we can do better.  The rich white people will pay you big time if you drop the dime on the guy that dissed you."  What do you think the Clinton campaign would pay for it?

Posted by: dan in michigan at April 30, 2008 05:30 AM (uSI6F)


*slaps krakatoa on the hand*

Those pork rinds are for Denver!

Oh, well. You can have them. I'll just get some more.

Posted by: Tushar at April 30, 2008 05:31 AM (IlgNp)


I was looking around over at Belmont Club last night and Wretchard hypothesizes that this may be a double team attempt by ObiWan and Jemimah to force the democratic party even further to the left than it already is. And that they'll give up 2008 in order to do it. The democrats can't win elections at the national level w/o the black vote and thus will be forced into the territory that Wright is laying out over the past several days. If they throw ObiWan to the wolves and go with Ms. Rodham then homey stays home and it's an R landslide in the electoral college, discrediting her as a candidate, and leaves it wide open for an even further left end run for Obi in '12. It was late when I read it, and I don't remember all of the rationale precisely, but I found it very interesting in a behind the curtains way.

Posted by: pendejo grande at April 30, 2008 05:33 AM (VURu1)

13 Imagine the dumb luck in pulling Wright from participating in the public announcement of his presidential campaign! 

Who knew back then he was crazy racist nutjob that might harm a presidential campaign?

Lucky for Obama he found out just yesterday.

Posted by: FreakyBoy at April 30, 2008 05:35 AM (4s1it)

14 This stuff is just too good for popcorn. Time to break out the fresh pork-rinds Giant-size Junior Mints. Or Raisinettes.... oh what the heck, both.

Posted by: SarahW at April 30, 2008 05:37 AM (7sl9X)


"If I could cut Hussein any slack about this at all, it's that I am sure that his crazy b-tch wife picked the church, not him."

Didn't someone mention the other day that he picked the church before meeting his wife?

Posted by: buzzion at April 30, 2008 05:37 AM (Lrsi6)

16 strike code fail. I guess you can figure out where.

Posted by: SarahW at April 30, 2008 05:38 AM (7sl9X)


Where's your messiah now?

Posted by: JackStraw at April 30, 2008 05:40 AM (t+mja)


I've been puzzling over this one for days. I think it's partly attention-whoring on Wright's part, and it's partly pique.

But mainly I've decided he's crazy as a whole litter of shit-house rats. Remember that interview, some time ago, when he kept barking at Sean Hannity (I think it was), "how many Cone books have you read? Answer the question! How many Cone books have you read?" Remember how he kept insisting that watching his whole sermon would explain the punchline?

If he didn't realize that most people would be HORRIFIED at what Cone had to say and would be APPALLED at the punchline in the context of the whole sermon, then he's simply a nutter.

Posted by: S. Weasel at April 30, 2008 05:43 AM (rasT+)

19  Wright himself said Obama was going to have to disown him. He just gave him the opportunity.

Posted by: pajama momma at April 30, 2008 05:44 AM (f3xJa)

20 But mainly I've decided he's crazy as a whole litter of shit-house rats.

He is Conspiracy Brother.

Posted by: Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight at April 30, 2008 05:46 AM (gIga4)

21 It's hard to find a girl who's into you when your penis is the size of a french fry. Fortunately for me, I don't like girls.

Posted by: Oops at April 30, 2008 05:51 AM (1WdUw)

22 So, if criticism of Rev. Wright is really an attack on the (supposedly monolithic) black church and BHO just threw Wright under the bus with his grandma, then does that mean that Barack has a problem with the black church?

Whoever develops a scorecard to keep track of this Charlie Foxtrot will make a fortune.

Posted by: Charybdis E. Scylla at April 30, 2008 05:53 AM (ATBwB)

23 I believe it is a riff.  As I've said before, betrayal is the strongest of emotions and you have to admit its a bit like the rhetoric you see between some conservatives and McCain.

Posted by: polynikes at April 30, 2008 05:56 AM (m2CN7)


Oops at April 30, 2008 10:51 AM (1WdUw)

Yes, let's elect a socialist who wants to double the capital gains tax.  That kind of economic wisdom has been missing in America since the days of Jimmy Carter.  PS, the market is already rebounding in case you missed it.


Too much analysis is being wasted on "what happened".  It's simple.  Obama joined a bug fuck crazy church to help him get elected in Chicago.  Unfortunately, the bug fuck crazy doesn't wash off and now he is paying the price of associating with these nuts.  In nicer terms, The Scorpion and the Frog.

Posted by: JackStraw at April 30, 2008 05:57 AM (t+mja)

25 Oops, I'm interested in this recession you speak of.  I realize that gas and food prices are currently high, but I still see the same number of cars on the freeways.  When I eat lunch, the restaurants are as full.  Movie theaters do a brisk business.  The bookstores always have a folks in the checkout line and over in the cafe, they're still buying $4 cups of coffee.  The modestly priced houses I pass still have beer cans and bottles in their trash cans and satellite dishes on the roofs.  Unemployment is low, buildings are still being built - all of these things I can see with my own eyes.  Is it really a recession, or is it just wishful thinking?

Posted by: Charybdis E. Scylla at April 30, 2008 06:00 AM (ATBwB)


I am starting to wonder if both Dem candidates are dealing with inner circles that secretly want to sink the candidate.

Bill seems determined to sink the Canklesaurus, while Michelle and Jerry seem destined to run Barry into the ground as well.



Posted by: eddiebear at April 30, 2008 06:00 AM (wnU1W)

27 I believe Barry picked the church.  Aside from the connection to the black community Barry didn't have, Wright was just another of Obama's make-believe daddies he latched onto the make up for his deadbeat real one.

Hey, does this mean Obama's being swiftchurched?

Posted by: richard mcenroe at April 30, 2008 06:00 AM (l3IrE)

28 In order to maintain proper New Testament form, it seems that Obama must deny Wright a third time before Wright can be properly crucified.
The cock is refusing to crow.

Posted by: Neo at April 30, 2008 06:01 AM (Yozw9)


People are going to vote for their economics interests.

You mean losers are going to vote for their government handout interests.  

Posted by: polynikes at April 30, 2008 06:01 AM (m2CN7)


I'm waiting for the videos to show up--made by Wright Race Mackdaddy his own self--showing the Obamessiah laughing and clapping in the front row right after the Good Rev has announced that the evil ole USA invented sickle cell anemia just to oppress poor black folk.

Obama said yesterday that Rev. Wright had "never been my qoute unqoute spiritual adviser--he'd never been my spiritual mentor".   My problem with that is that I think I've seen Obama say just the opposite or write something to the effect that Wright was his spiritual mentor.  This little inconsistency is going to come back to haunt him.

Wright has whatever is left of Obama's credibility in his hands--and he's as much a flaming narcissist as Obama.  It ain't going to be pretty when it blows.

Posted by: Michael J. Myers at April 30, 2008 06:12 AM (LZ3cP)


Oops at April 30, 2008 10:51 AM (1WdUw)

Most of our economic slowdown has occurred since the Democrats took Congress.  Coincidence?  That seems like an campaign ad by itself.

Posted by: toby928 at April 30, 2008 06:18 AM (evdj2)


I've read a number of theories for this, implicating Barry, Wright, Hillary, Bill, etc., but I'm going with the simplest one until I have a reason not to: the Reverend likes seeing his mug on TV, and he enjoys hearing himself spout his crackpot ideas. I also strongly suspect that Rev. Wright believes that Obama has become "uppity" and is acting a little too "white" for his liking.

It's also likely that it's beginning to sink in to guys like Wright and Sharpton that an Obama presidency might be too much of a good thing if  Barry doesn't jump whenever they shout at him. They pretty much get the current Dems to do just that.

Posted by: trentk269 at April 30, 2008 06:25 AM (WUM14)


Judging by the way Michelle talks down to him, I wouldn't be surprised if at one point in his life he committed adultery.  They worked it out.  She'll ride him every so often, but they worked it out.  Preachers get involved in these things.  They're supposed to keep it quiet.  But if Obama is loyal and a bit calculating, Wright is craven and egomaniacal.  He would hurt Obama with privileged information if he felt he as being "dissed too much."  Fuck the "white man's" justice system.

I could see him black-mailing or otherwise leaking Obama's family secrets.  This would actually help Obama, since it would show him being unjustly victimized.  But I see it happening.  Because Wright is clearly an egotistical nut-job and racist and hates "Uncle Toms" more than anything else.  Obama liked him at one time in his youth when his politics were more extereme, and his identity was probably less certain and more fragile.  Obama also was in need of "authentic blackness" to run against former black panther Bobby Rush in Chicago. 

But this possibility of blackmail and extortion may be why I Obama hesitated to distance himself from this obvious asshole until now.

Posted by: Roach at April 30, 2008 06:27 AM (kKFU6)

34 Thank you, super-secret star chamber types.  Oops is much funnier now.

Posted by: Charybdis E. Scylla at April 30, 2008 06:33 AM (ATBwB)

35 There's a shakedown in here somewhere. Obama's not cooperating with Wright's demands and now he must pay. Frightening how similar the racial grievance industry is to organized crime.

Posted by: Gilda at April 30, 2008 06:34 AM (Vi57P)

36 So, what's Michelle Obama's schedule today? She's also supposed to address pastorgate. I can't wait. :-)

Posted by: Guy Ritchie's Career at April 30, 2008 06:36 AM (PRWf8)


I think it's partly attention-whoring on Wright's part

I think it's all about that for Wright.

Obama, who knows what he thinks, really. It's possible he believes that shit or that he just went along with it.

Mostly, he just looks like a politician who's about as good at handling personal issues in the media as Gary Hart was.

I'd like to see that comparison made. A lot. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Posted by: MamaAJ at April 30, 2008 06:37 AM (X6Zdh)

38 I think this is working out perfectly well for Obama. - Join racist, loony church for street cred in Chicago: check - get promoted by lefty loons for office: check - get into national prominence by promoting principles counter to bugfuck crazy pastor and lefty loons: check - begin Sister Soljah moment with Sharpton and next Wright to "move to center" and attract non-"black" vote: check - keep talking about change and reach out to the center: to do I mean, what the hell. Does anyone really believe that Obama will NOT get 99.9999% of the black vote if he is nominated? Even if he were videotaped chainsawing Wright and Sharpton into small pieces, who else will get the American black (as distinct from recent immigrants with high melatonin content) vote? McCain? Yeah, right. Even the small percentage of crazy, racist american blacks that would stay at home on election day because Wright and Sharpton were vivisected by Obama would be vastly outnumbered by the not-black population relieved that Obama forcefully rejected race whores like Wright and Sharpton. And in real race between McCain and Obama? Obama by a mile. Obama will be celebrating his election long before a tired, stupid, mercurial, and pig-headed McCain even crawls to his hotel room.

Posted by: iconoclast at April 30, 2008 06:42 AM (TzLpv)


In looking at all the things that are coming out about Obama directly from the black community it's almost like they really truely deep down don't want a black president.

They are indirectly trying to ruin his campaign.

And when Barry loses, these are exactly the same people who will take much self-satisfaction in their long-expressed hatred of The Man Keeping Tha Brutha Down (TM). Because it won't be about B. Hussein being caught out as a pandering pol inside an empty suit, it'll be about how racist America is. There's just no there there inside all that talk of Changitude and Hopeyness.

Posted by: Drumwaster at April 30, 2008 06:43 AM (e9zFE)


Let me axe you something. 

Suppose we had a Republican candidate who was a member of what some called a bizzare cult.  Suppose that candidate came out and repudiated statements made by a leader of that cult, pronouncing himself shocked and chagrined and said that those weren't his true feelings.  Yet, he did not repudiate the cult which shared those beliefs nor did he leave the cult.

Does anyone think the MSM or the left part of the blogoshpere would say that he had "put it behind him" and it's time to MoveOn.org?  No, I didn't think so.

For Obama to say he didn't know what was going on in that church for 20 years would mean that he was ignorant of their mission statement and core beliefs which are still listed on their website.  It would mean that he is dumber than a sack of assholes or lying.  If he says that he was aware of their mission and beliefs it means he is a member of a church that makes Mormons look well like Donny and Marie.

The only way that this issue goes away is if people continue to act as if Wright is some rogue element who has changed from when Obama first knew and admired him.    People need to continue to press Obama to answer for the teachings of his church.  The church is the issue, not Wright. 

Posted by: JackStraw at April 30, 2008 06:50 AM (t+mja)


I don't believe Wright really believes that shit, MamaAJ. For the same reason I don't believe 9/11 conspiracy theorists really believe their shit. Because if the US government was that really as powerful and evil as they say, it would do Very Bad Things to people who ratted it out.

Posted by: S. Weasel at April 30, 2008 06:54 AM (rasT+)


Recognize the unholy alliances of Obama's Trinity,

united in the spirit of hate, spite and riot:

1. BHO godhead: Me, myself, and I

2. BHO amalgam: Islamofascism, Black Supremacism, Black Social Gospel removing Jesus from Christianity

3. BHO BFF: Marxist SDS, Muslim Jihad, DNC liberal progressive fascism

Obama wallows in his own context as he embodies the quote,

"better to rule in hell than serve in heaven."

What a joke the Pink Floyd floating Obama X show pig,

 floating away into the darkness of oblivion. "That's my pig!"

Posted by: maverick muse at April 30, 2008 06:58 AM (1cbR0)


HEY!!!!!!!!  Ace of Spades just got a H/T from Limbaugh!

Has that happened before?

Damn.  Big time BITCH.

Posted by: Rosetta at April 30, 2008 07:17 AM (SOUOR)

44 Jackstraw,

  Look at how the media treated Romney for being a Mormon for your answer.

Posted by: The non-artist formerly known as Josh until some truther used my nick at April 30, 2008 07:17 AM (H1E+R)


S. Weasel, it's hard to find the line between "stuff he can't really believe and it's just a style of over-the-top speaking" and "he really seems to admire Farrakhan and promote BLT".


Posted by: MamaAJ at April 30, 2008 07:18 AM (X6Zdh)

46 The next step for the MSM will be to try to undermine Wright not for his race-baiting or outrageous statements--that would be too much like attacking the "black community"--but for his lack of loyalty to Obama. How, they will ask, could Wright turn on a member of his own flock (and the first black man with a solid chance to become president) so completely? How could he damage his old friend's campaign so intentionally? What kind of man is so disloyal?

Posted by: T-web at April 30, 2008 07:22 AM (2TgS+)

47 HEY!!!!!!!!  Ace of Spades just got a H/T from Limbaugh!

For what?

Posted by: Wade Boggs at April 30, 2008 07:26 AM (hlYel)

48 This stuff is just too good for popcorn. Time to break out the
fresh pork-rinds Giant-size Junior Mints.
Or Raisinettes.... oh what the heck, both.

Moon pies

Apparently Wright doesn't realize that to rule the world, you either have to lie your friggin face off (then he would't take Osama's betrayal so personally) or your fellow revolutionaries have to be much greater in number than the sane folks.

Posted by: katya at April 30, 2008 07:26 AM (Ym0FU)


For what?

He was referencing the post about Obama polling to see how he should react to Wright.

He specifically cited the but about MKH's dad getting polled about it.

When Rush said "Ace of Spades, a conservative blog", I crapped my pants a little.

Posted by: Rosetta at April 30, 2008 07:48 AM (SOUOR)


And by "the but" I mean "the bit".

Stupid tranny typo.

Posted by: Rosetta at April 30, 2008 07:50 AM (SOUOR)


 Look at how the media treated Romney for being a Mormon for your answer.

Exactly.  And since the MSM won't do the job, the blogosphere is going to have to pick up the slack.  More hammering of Trinity United, please.

Posted by: JackStraw at April 30, 2008 07:57 AM (t+mja)


>>Stupid tranny typo.

That's ok, Rosie. Tranny fingers - Tranny typo

Posted by: Tushar at April 30, 2008 08:03 AM (IlgNp)


Has anyone a photo from the recent rock concert with the singer from Pink Floyd letting loose his Obama Pig Balloon?

Play pin the tail on the piggy with quips.

Posted by: maverick muse at April 30, 2008 08:10 AM (1cbR0)


Obama pig photos @ Telegraph.co.uk


Posted by: maverick muse at April 30, 2008 08:13 AM (1cbR0)


I think there's several possible explanations for Wright's behavior.  I don't think they can all be true, but I can't think of any other explanations:

1) Wright is genuinely surprised and miffed, and is lashing out.

2) Wright and Obama have planned this all along, hoping for a convincing Sister Souljah Moment.

3) Wright is batshit crazy, think's he's got all the answers, and if we all just hear the Truth a few more times, we'll start to recognize it.  He's oblivious to the idea that he might be harming Omama's candidacy.

4) Wright has belatedly come to realize that any black president, by his mere existence, is going to put a serious damper on the race grievance business.

The cynical portion of me (that's about 95% by volume) thinks #4 has a lot of merit.  I've suggested in the past that Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would have some pretty strong incentive to preserve their own careers by sabotaging a serious black presidential candidate.  I wouldn't be surprised if they're both breathing sighs of relief that they won't have to be the ones to torpedo Obama, now that Wright is on the scene.

Actually, to round out the conspiracy teory, I wonder if Wright didn't "belatedle realize," as I said above, but rather had it pointed out to him by someone who suspected he could be used this way....

OK, so ultra-cynical conspiracy theory #5 is that Jackson/Sharpton will lose relevance if Obama is elected, and need to torpedo his nomination.  They'd rather their machinations remain invisble.  They see Wright as a useful, if crazy, tool, and suggest to him that Obama has been disloyal, and Wright needs to explain the truth....

I have no evidence for any of this.

Posted by: Wiz at April 30, 2008 08:23 AM (My+7t)

56 Everyone's missing the big headline here:  Obama Sleeps in Church

Posted by: vast wrightwing conspiracy at April 30, 2008 08:27 AM (evdj2)

57 What're the chances of getting hold of the Wright sermon  tapes Obama writes that he took to college(?) with him?

Posted by: Leigh at April 30, 2008 08:36 AM (It4wE)


Obama's "scorning" of Wright is backed up by this 2007 article by Laurie Goodstein of the NY Times, asserting that Obama disinvited Wright to introduce him at the event announcing his candidacy.

See the end of the article for the particulars.  I think it's likely that Wright is royally pissed at Obama.  This theory also has a ring of Occam's Razor simplicity to it.



Posted by: Nomennovum at April 30, 2008 08:55 AM (g3lgp)

59 22 It's hard to find a girl who's into you when your penis is the size of a french fry. Fortunately for me, I don't like girls.

Posted by: Oops at April 30, 2008 10:51 AM (1WdUw)

Well... it's good to see that some Stalinist coward is busy editing reader's comments.

I come in to talk about why McCain is going to lose in Fall...  and you edit my posts so that you can feel more normal about your own body and your moral confusion.

It kind of proves my point, though.  You are in denial about reality.

Posted by: Oops at April 30, 2008 09:07 AM (1WdUw)


The conservative movement is just trapped in permanent spin.  No more ideas, just fantasy, ideology, and revisionism.

I REALLY miss Buckley.

Posted by: oops at April 30, 2008 09:12 AM (1WdUw)

61 Awww... oops just burped a little stupid onto his bib.

This thread is about the racist preacher of the leading Democrat candidate for president.
Stay on topic, idiot.

Posted by: Nom de Blog at April 30, 2008 09:21 AM (5/uG4)

62 Yeah, and Wright isn't going to matter in November.  The recession is going to be the #1 issue.  And the GOP is going to be blamed for it unless they start treating it like a real issue.

Posted by: oops at April 30, 2008 09:28 AM (1WdUw)

63 Hey, look!

oops still thinks we give a fig what he says.

Posted by: Slublog at April 30, 2008 09:30 AM (R8+nJ)

64 wiz -- 6) All of the Above.

Posted by: richard mcenroe at April 30, 2008 09:54 AM (pmtKk)

65 Was the whole thing staged to allow Obama to appear righteously angry?

Posted by: jeanie at April 30, 2008 02:35 PM (qP1c/)

66 So, Dicker is solid, you say?

Posted by: el greco at April 30, 2008 02:38 PM (lxb4k)

67 Obama "can no more disown Wright than I can the Black Community, or my own family." So anything he says from now on is useless and stupid.

What this does, is make Dems "the Black" Party. Dedicated to extracting endless apologies by all whites to blacks, and extracting money from whites and giving them to black race-hustlers like Wright (or Obama). Who probably believes the same stuff that Wright does.

That dynamic was affordable in good time. In bad times, it's not. People want to know what government is going to do for them? Middle and working class people are interested in staying above water, not "racial reconciliation" which is nothing more than endless apologies and money transfers.

It's a winner for really rich folks. But there's not too many of those.

Democratic master-stroke. Turning what could have been  a tremendous victory into ... abject defeat. Hillary voters are not enthused by Hillary. They just despise Obama (and taking money from them to guys like Wright). They've already decided to vote against Obama once.

Yes it will be a hard turn to the Left for Dems. But it won't be more than a rump Dem party -- Blacks and Billionaires.

Posted by: Jim Rockford at April 30, 2008 02:56 PM (4878o)


I still cling to the notion that this was an Obama orchestrated media tour that backfired on him. That much hatred cannot be contained. Wright simply double crossed him.

After Barack threw Wright under the bus I wondered if it would cost him his hard earned 'street cred'.  The answer appears to be no. The consensus seems to be that Wright is suffering from the often observed disire of one black to not allow another black to succeed. Given that, Obama's and Wright's ghetto passes are both still valid.

Posted by: Ralph at April 30, 2008 06:59 PM (dxnUk)

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