January 31, 2005

Do You Ever Wish You Had the Energy and Confidence That Comes From Having Well-Cleansed Nostrils?
— Ace

Check it out.

Posted by: Ace at 02:40 PM | Comments (8)
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1 OMG I swear my mom has one of these, but the company she got it from calls it a "nasal douche!" She has really horrible sinuses and is a huge believer in "alternative medicines." Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to get it to work like the chick in the instructional video...simple human nature means you start to hack, sneeze, and wheeze the second you start with it.

I was encouraged to try it once, and strongly refused. I have this thing about using exhaust ports for intake purposes...

Posted by: TSL at January 31, 2005 03:03 PM (6xP50)

2 Finally my prayers have been answered! You dont know how long i have had to suffer in silence, burdened by the shame of unsightly nasal passages. The Neti Pot truly is a modern miracle of science. Thank you Mr. Spades for getting the good news out about this life changing product. Thanks to people like you maybe a few more people will know that they are not alone.

Fat Kid Blog

Posted by: Amish from the Ashes at January 31, 2005 03:19 PM (5dhtz)

3 That's not a new thing, but you'd have to have nerves of steel to use it as directed. I am sure that was tried on me when I was a kid and couldn't get away. I have always had sinuses from hell. Once they even took me to a doctor who jammed a suction hose up my nostril to suck out all the goo. I thought my head would turn inside out. Maybe it did. I've never been quite the same since...

Posted by: Andrea Harris at January 31, 2005 03:27 PM (lLuC+)

4 Dude, unless you want an epic recounting of my medical issues, don't knock it.

Posted by: someone at January 31, 2005 03:29 PM (S22v9)

5 Somebody got paid to do that!
Hey Ace, I bet you could get her for your film. Hell porn's a step up from that!

Posted by: Iblis at January 31, 2005 04:03 PM (ld2Qu)

6 Ditto to "someone". Don't knock it unless you have full info. For someone with chronic sinus problems, this sort of treatment can be a godsend. I don't use a neti pot, I use a Grossan Nasal Irrigator (google it) and have not had to use sinus meds or antibiotics for 5 years.

But I agree, it looks funny as Hell, and my kids make fun of me whenever I use it.

Posted by: Vie at February 01, 2005 03:35 AM (Zc1qe)

7 You ACE:

Why not sell this to Liberals who can shoot it into one ear and watch it squirt out the other!

Posted by: 72VIRGINS at February 01, 2005 07:16 AM (dhRpo)

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