August 31, 2007

Brian De Palma…Jackass
— DrewM

As Ace bloged about a few weeks ago, Hollywood is gearing up to release a torrent of anti-Iraq War movies.

Well, an early entry is Redacted by Brian De Palma. It took awhile for the director of movies such as Carrie, Scarface, and The Untouchables to find something about the war that got his creative juices flowing but alas he did. Not surprisingly what he found was a crime that puts American soldiers in the worst possible light:

When I read about the Mahmudiyah incident in Iraq 2006 - five US soldiers raped a local girl, killed her and her family and later tried to disguise it as an insurgent attack - I knew I had a story.

Now what happened at Mahmudiyah was a crime of almost unimaginable horror. It’s also one that has been thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. Those involved (with the exception of one defendant who is still awaiting trial) have been tried and sentenced to prison terms ranging from 5 to 100 years.

Apparently De Palma couldn’t find any stories that interested him of American heroes, men who gave their lives to save their fellow Americans or who try and make the life of Iraqi children a little better. I doubt he even bothered to look for them.

Of course it could just be because De Palma only has one trick when it comes to war movies. Remember his Casualties of War?

a film based, we are told, on an actual event. A five-man patrol of American soldiers in Vietnam kidnapped a young woman from her village, forced her to march with them, and then raped her and killed her.

Apparently when De Palma looks at an America serviceman all he sees is the face of a killer. Perhaps he should look at this video of American soldiers who rescued handicapped Iraqi orphans from appalling conditions.

Now, I’d like to say De Palma is a talentless hack but that’s clearly not the case. He’s just a typical lefty pining for the day when the evil Americans will leave Iraq to the sweet ministrations of al Qaeda, left over Bathists and Shiite Militias.

Alas, Mr. De Palma’s choice of topics says far more about him than it does our military or the nature of war.

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1 Well, the military punishes child rapists, Hollywood rewards them with Oscars.

This movie will bomb, like all the rest of the anti-war crap being put out by Hollywood. The fall is always filled with Anti-American crap that, combined, doesn't make the money of one mindless summer blockbuster.

It is just the typical Hollywood circle jerk.

Posted by: Stormy70 at August 31, 2007 05:07 PM (Y+o71)

2 Speaking of movies, 3:10 to Yuma looks real yummy.
Mmmmm, Christian and Russell all westerned up will be a nice matinée.

Posted by: Stormy70 at August 31, 2007 05:08 PM (Y+o71)

3 No trolls yet.  They all must be working on a 24/7 Castro healing incantation.

Posted by: eman at August 31, 2007 05:18 PM (F/DIG)

4 Maybe DePalma will do a biopic on Jack Murtha next.

Posted by: eman at August 31, 2007 05:19 PM (F/DIG)

5 1 Well, the military punishes child rapists, Hollywood rewards them with Oscars.

Posted by: Stormy70 at August 31, 2007 10:07 PM (Y+o71)

Ouch.  That's gonna leave a mark.

Posted by: Roman Polanski at August 31, 2007 05:47 PM (zGHW/)


"Ouch.  That's gonna leave a mark.

Roman Polanski

Hey, I felt hurt by Stormy70's hateful comment too.

Posted by: Victor Salva at August 31, 2007 05:51 PM (zGHW/)

7 No-talent ass-clown.

Posted by: T.Paine at August 31, 2007 05:54 PM (tyKQE)

8 Private DePalma - CHOKE YOURSELF!

Posted by: BDavis at August 31, 2007 06:01 PM (K1m9b)

9 Not my hand yours numnutz!

Posted by: TMF at August 31, 2007 06:02 PM (+Ac3z)

10 Technically, it's propaganda.  Even agitprop.

Posted by: Dr. Chopper at August 31, 2007 06:05 PM (6uQzT)


Every day, 100s of atrocities are committed in Iraq. Beheadings, rapes, torture, mass murder, assassinations. Nearly all are committed by jihadis.

Less than 1 percent of American soldiers have done what these soldiers did. Over 300,000 have served in Iraq. This is 5 soldiers.

But DePalma wants you to know that this is representative of ALL of them.

Because he wants you to know the "truth"


If every fucking Iraqi was murdered tommorow by jihadis you wouldnt hear a fart out of this piece of fucking garbage.

He "cares".

Posted by: TMF at August 31, 2007 06:08 PM (+Ac3z)


Ugh, Victor Salva, the guy's a convicted pedophile who goes out and makes a horror movie about a monster that hunts down, kills and eats young men and boys.



Posted by: CapitalistPiglet at August 31, 2007 06:09 PM (XwZkw)

13 Funny over at MoxArgon Group.
"An Android Among The Stars #16: 1 on 1 with Brian DePalma"

DEPALMA- You kidnapped me!

ANDROID CAI/7- Technically it's an abduction. Let us begin the interview. What was you inspiration for the film Redacted?

Posted by: PattyAnn at August 31, 2007 06:16 PM (8vM5E)


"I’d like to say De Palma is a talentless hack but that’s clearly not the case."

OK, what was the last good movie this donkey-raping shit-eater made?

Posted by: Don Carne at August 31, 2007 06:22 PM (wSNS7)


We killed over 4 billion Iraqis and wrecked at least 83 million Iraqi weddings!

And you wingnuts are worried about BSG downloads!

Free Hsu!  Free Hsu!  Free Hsu!

Posted by: trolldrool69 at August 31, 2007 06:30 PM (F/DIG)

16 Brian De Palma is a jackass.  No arguments about that.

How about we go off on all the Hollywood types who say they're supportive of the troops - the mission too, even - but won't risk their careers over it?  Or, you know, go so far as giving a speech at the 'Punisher's Ball' described by Michael Yon as the "most impassioned" of speeches about terrorism and our fight against it, and then take the lead role in an Oliver Stone flick.

It's a brilliant thing to go off on a De Palma.  How about using that so-called immigration bill sort of clout to really go off on people like Bruce Willis?

I'm just sayin'.

Posted by: ampdead at August 31, 2007 06:36 PM (vLSMG)

17 Seems like DePalma was once married to a damned good looking woman........whom he had play a whore in most of his movies. This was circa late 70's, so I've become a bit fuzzy on the details.

Posted by: Sticky B at August 31, 2007 06:39 PM (wkjFE)

18 OK, what was the last good movie this donkey-raping shit-eater made?

Scarface. I watched The Untouchables again last weekend after not having seen it since I was a teenager and it really hasn't aged well.

Posted by: Beppo at August 31, 2007 06:40 PM (oL6BS)

19 Hollywood has been curiously silent for more then 30 years on a sickening, brutal child rape story: that of Roman Polanski.

If murder, rape, sodomy of children, bizarre deviant behavior, corruption of the local police, deceit and other titalizing behavior drive movies, then numerous exposes of Hollywood's deviant insiders are overdue. Where is De Palma's feature film about Polanski's seeking pleasure in the rear-ends of little girls, his flight from justice and Hollywood's implicit support for this deviance in its acceptance and recognition for Polanski's behavior? For Hollywood to find the rape and murder of little girls repugnant is a fraud. Its culture rewards and promotes such deviance.

If instead De Palma sought a balanced story, he would have recognized that statistically, the likelihood of deviant sickos in the U.S. armed forces committing such an act in Iraq is more than probable and the presentation of such a story is nothing more than the illustration of acts that are nothing more than probabilistic outcomes. In other words, given a hundred thousand individuals serving in the armed forces in Iraq, a good handful are statistically expected to commit rapes, murders and other unfortunate acts (they still should be punished for their crimes, but the presence of such events is clearly not surprising).

Interestingly, the real story is that the U.S. military is a statistical anomaly: the frequency of such deviance is well under what is normal for the U.S. population (and we're not even comparing frequencies to the perversion of Muslim male populations which actually accept and promote child rape as a cultural norm).

Unfortunately, De Palma's story is nothing more than Hollywood nihlism, perversion and hatred. Until Hollywood demands their own sickos pay the price for their disgusting behavior, they have no moral foundation for criticizing others.
 De Palma's misdirection and lack of concern over such behavior within his own community raises serious questions about his own candor.

Posted by: redherkey at August 31, 2007 06:43 PM (kjqFg)

20 Yeah, ya know, De Palma has made some good movie, but he's also made some pretty big bombs (Bonfire of the Vanities), not that that will stop this from making us look bad overseas - of course at this point, what's another twig on the bonfire?

Posted by: AD at August 31, 2007 06:44 PM (TNzLV)

21 Movies like this get praise from the ass kissing critics.

Yet we get Transformers that has a positive spin of the Military and all the critics have a fit. But guess what it MADE MONEY.

TF got flack because it finally means Gen X is coming of age culturally, which means all the new age boomer crap is heading to the retirement home to live out it's final days drooling and craping in its pants.

If you notice all the anti-war rallies on the news, I never see any of them led by a Gen X or a Y'er. It is all old Boomers trying to keep the "dream" alive. The "dream" died when Grace Slick sang about corporation games in "We Built this City". You know what? My generation does not give a crap about the anti-war movement or the age of aquarius. Because we know it is all bullshit, we spend our free time fragging each other in HALO and Call of Duty matches, not dropping acid and singing kumbyah.

Wait until it is the time for my generation to send people to war. I expect that our generation will be far greater hardasses when it comes to dealing with our enemies.  We went to public schools that were hellholes because of the lack of discpline and refused to punish bullies.

Reason why this war is such a screw-up is that we are too soft on the terrorists. When we finally have apathetic gen X'ers and the narcisstic Gen Y finally going after terrorists. I see a future X'er president remembering the Boomer's caving in to terror, we will refuse to do the same. The Y's whose members created such cultural gems like BUMFIGHTS, will show no compassion for

Posted by: GTBurns at August 31, 2007 06:45 PM (iInYK)

22 Oh coe on beppo, Scarface sucked. Al Pachino as a Columbian(Cuban?) drug dealer. And that hag Michelle Phipher? I wouldn't fuck her with Ace' dick. Has DePalma directed anything of worth, ever? I don't think so.

Posted by: Don Carne at August 31, 2007 06:59 PM (wSNS7)

23 Interestingly, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that De Palma associates with deviant rape and child-rape behavior, as I suggested in the previous post.

In this article, De Palma fawns over Polanski's work, and in particular, is overtaken with the planting of the Devil's seed in Rosemary (in Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby"). De Palma says in a <a href="">1973 interview</a> that he discusses on his personal website:

"I have always liked the dream sequence in ROSEMARY'S BABY where the devil makes love to her."

Brian obsessed over the subject of rape throughout his works, including his well known movie "Carrie" where Carrie's mother explains the devil-spawn child was the product of a strange marital rape. In numerous interviews, he credits Polanski with brilliance and associates with the deviant director's troubles.

His films, "The Black Dahlia" and "Chinatown" both fawn over incest, lesbianism and other deviant topics. In many respects, his latest production appears to be a clandestine admiration over the presence of extreme deviance in the armed forces. Such abhorrent behavior by U.S. soldiers, symbols of virtue and justice, likely contribute to De Palma's need to disparage those who do not possess his secret deviant desires.

De Plama's latest production is nothing more than a voyeuristic visit to deviant, nihlistic pleasures. It provides gratification for the deviant left by disparaging principled figures (our military), dragging them into their own deviant hell, while fantasizing over crimes against innocents. Try googling "De Palma" and "incest", "rape" and other keywords and you'll discover how troubled this director really is.

Posted by: redherkey at August 31, 2007 07:03 PM (kjqFg)


De Palma is just projecting here. He secretly desires to rape and torture little children. I mean, c'mon look at some of his movies!!


How about that for a narrative!!!


Posted by: Privileged White Man at August 31, 2007 07:08 PM (blNMI)

25 Apparently when De Palma looks at an America serviceman all he sees is the face of a killer.

That's really unfair. Obviously he also sees the face of a rapist.

Posted by: Splunge at August 31, 2007 07:34 PM (WeKQS)


This is the SECOND movie DePalma has made about American soldiers committing gang rape followed by murder, right?

Maybe some of you guys can help me understand his appeal. I read a lot about movies and I keep hearing DePalma mentioned alongside Scorsese, Coppola, all those seventies guys. I watched Scarface and it seems to be Goodfellas for the retard crowd. As far as I can tell DePalma's best movie was Mission: Impossible. Maybe the movies I haven't seen that he made in the 70's are exceptional but doesn't get him off the hook for the 25 years of bullshit since.

Posted by: SplatticusFinch at August 31, 2007 07:40 PM (4gHqM)

27 Dressed to Kill was pretty scary, but I was much younger then.

Posted by: Ralph L at August 31, 2007 08:55 PM (0gB9X)


Some people "get off" on violence and rape.  I'm not saying DePalma is one of them, but . . . I'm just sayin.

The up-side is that this film will probably bomb at the box office since the majority of Americans don't buy this shit any longer.  It will be a critical hit though among those other <strike>folks who get off on seeing violence and rape like that movie with little Dakota Fanning</strike> Hollywood leftists, but that is to be expected.

Posted by: NSC at September 01, 2007 02:47 AM (oXi5C)


Who, outside of HuffPo loyalists, Michael Moore, the staff at The New Republic, Cindy Sheehan, Lil Kim Jung Il, Andrew Sullivan, members of Code Pink, Keith Olbermann, smelly college hippies and Jane Fonda, will see this piece of shit?

What the rest of this country needs to see is that fat ass douche-bag American al-Qaeda Adam Gadahn screening this movie as part of the indoctrination of the next wave of suicide jockies.  That's all this film is good for.

If al-Qaeda funded a Hollywood project to be used as propaganda against the US soldier, how would it be different than this?

That's what I thought.  Fuck you, DePalma.

Posted by: Rosetta at September 01, 2007 04:02 AM (omkIU)

30 According to liberal/Hollywood doctrine, the relatives of the Iraqi family should sue Brian DePalma, because his movie "Casualtive Of War" is probably what inspired those soldiers to do what they did. After all, Oliver Stone thinks "Patton" was what inspired Nixon to bomb Cambodia.

Posted by: Jake Sisko at September 01, 2007 05:02 AM (qtUCW)

31 Oops- that was supposed to be "Casualties of War". I spel goodlee.

Posted by: Jake Sisko at September 01, 2007 05:03 AM (qtUCW)

32 Seems like DePalma was once married to a damned good looking woman........whom he had play a whore in most of his movies. This was circa late 70's, so I've become a bit fuzzy on the details.

I believe her name was Nancy Allen - don't remember her doing anything after DePalma's crappy Blowout with Travolta.

Posted by: rhodeymark at September 01, 2007 05:18 AM (SDaX4)

33 Naval aviator Neptunus Lex had this to say about San Francisco when the city tried to ban the Blue angels: As a city, San Francisco has long ago stopped pretending that they support their military. We could stop pretending that we like San Francisco. We don’t have to like San Francisco. We get paid to defend them. It’s our job. The rest of the country? We’re doing that for free. If I were him, I'd update that with "Hollywood" for "San Francisco".

Posted by: stace at September 01, 2007 05:58 AM (A56/D)

34 Just another Hollywood leftist scumbag.

Wait - that's redundant.

Never mind.

Posted by: Bruce at September 01, 2007 06:18 AM (2q+Ss)


Looking forward coming to a headline near you to this one (by natural causes, of course):

Brian DePalma: DEAD

Posted by: TMF at September 01, 2007 06:19 AM (+Ac3z)


I'd rather have an awards show that rewards film-makers who entertain us, than the Ho-wood slagfest of the Academy Awards that rewards jerks whose work is seen only by lefty kiss-ass critics and their little in-crowd.  Why can't we reward Harry Potter and Transformers and Spider-Man movies instead of crap with Clooney and DiCaprio and DePalma that ridicules the middle-class Christianists and slanders our soldiers?

Oh, and Nancy Allen was also in Robocop, which was more fun to watch than oh, say, some crapfest about a single maladjusted moment in a long war.

Posted by: ushie at September 01, 2007 08:01 AM (8nB5X)

37 This will most certainly backfire on Hollywood and the liberals.  It will turn off in the extreme the family and friends of almost every serviceman in Iraq or Afghanistan.   Poor celebs.  There downfall will be their exagerated sense of their own importance.

Posted by: JEANIE at September 01, 2007 08:58 AM (B1869)


The funny thing is so many of the Hollywood elite see themselves as total risk takers for telling stories like this or taking a stand against the war or bad mouthing Bush.

As if they're risking their reputation and livelihood by "taking a stand" when in fact, this is the safest movie to make if you want love and hugs from the other liberal America-haters that populate the left coast.

Anything anti-military, anti-American guarantees a bukkake of adulation.


Posted by: Rosetta at September 01, 2007 04:24 PM (vuppY)

39 Though Brian De Palma is a egotistical wind bag, I'm Going to venture that none of you people have actually SEEN this movie. I'm Sure that it is going to be awful but you all have decided that De Palma is a troop hating monster. I'm Not sure that this not the case. his point is to show the mental break down of Soldiers who are fighting a war that has no Point. Our guys have been there for too long with no real help from our government when it comes to their mental health. instead of watching network news you guys should try to search out news sources tht do not have to bow down to advertisers. get educated.

Posted by: erick at November 14, 2007 08:45 AM (Qd2Vg)

Posted by: bgtrg at February 05, 2009 03:33 PM (b40qC)

Posted by: juvenon at May 18, 2010 11:46 AM (ha0jB)

42 sex shop

Posted by: sex shop at March 12, 2011 07:19 PM (BObQV)

43 He's just a typical lefty pining for the day when the evil Americans will leave Iraq to the sweet ministrations of al Qaeda, left over Bathists and Shiite Militias.

Posted by: ipad movies at June 30, 2011 03:09 AM (oOn0b)

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