September 29, 2004

Beverly Cocco, "Apolitical Republican Mom:" Cocco's Advocacy Group Links to International ANSWER
— Ace

Here's the Parents Against the Draft contact page listing CBS News' apolitical, Republican mom as the chapter contact for the Philadelphia area.

Here's that organization's links page, linking to International ANSWER, "Not in Our Name," United for Peace & Justice, Student Peace Action Network, etc.

Gee, I'm so suprised that Dan Rather forgot to mention that.

Presumably another apolitical Republican, this one featured on Beverly Cocco's "nonpartisan" site.

Update: Powerlineblog, which can really push a story, is on the case.

Update-- Even One of the "Peace" Groups Beverly Cocco's site links to says the Emails are riddled with inaccuracies; how come Dan Rather didn't mention it?

"That e-mail doesn't die. It's got a lot of inaccuracies in it," said Bill Galvin, a counseling coordinator with the Center on Conscience and War, a conscientious objectors organization in Washington. "We're getting so tired of answering questions about the stupid thing."

Yeahp, if you look at the very Republican, very apolitical links section for Bev Cocco's nonpartisan activist group, you'll see the Center on Conscience and War.

Even her own compatriots admit the emails are fake.

Planet Peschel tips to this Newhouse News Service article debunking the emails.

The emails that CBS represented, through its silent endorsement, as accurate.

I Question the Timing! Update: It just so happens that, once again, CBS News chooses to air an unsubstantiated and dishonest story at the same time the Democrats are pushing the issue.

Dan Rather just happened to run his forged-documents story at the same time the DNC was preparing its Fortunate Son ad campaign.

And now Dan Rather puts this story on the air -- fake emails, fake "apolitical, Republican mom" -- at the same time Kerry and the DNC are pushing the "Bush wants to reinstate the draft" line.

Posted by: Ace at 08:20 AM | Comments (10)
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1 Is The Rock in Iraq?

Posted by: Dave Pasquino at September 29, 2004 08:29 AM (eKeht)

2 This is why the mainstream media absolutely, wholly, completely, and indefatigably hates bloggers.

I had a feeling something was fishy about their ability to find this ideal 'Republican' mother with narcissistic "Not my sons" views.

Without bloggers, who would know she had these contacts and that the group is linked to Communist groups?

Posted by: addison at September 29, 2004 08:35 AM (wiRK6)

3 Damn, Dave. You beat me to that one.

But seriously, President Bush, bring the People's Eyebrow home!

Posted by: Sean M. at September 29, 2004 08:36 AM (F168B)

4 You ever get the feeling CBS is trying to trade in one scandal for another one that they hope will blow over while the other remains forgotten?

Perhaps that is giving them too much credit. Never attribute to malice where stupidity will suffice.

Posted by: Eric Pobirs at September 29, 2004 09:42 AM (Yn/eX)

5 Ace,

This story is so ridiculous.

What the hell is going on at CBS?

Has CBS always been this clumsy?

Because I don't have a TV, I can't comment on the content of the nightly news (other than what I read by way of transcripts).

But now we are to believe that CBS didn't vet the reportedly Republican mom who wants her sons home so badly that she has taken to attacking the President?

I am sure every family member, friend, or colleague of someone deployed wants our troops home and out of harm's way, but how many Republican family members of our those now serving in Iraq or Afghanistan are attacking the President (outside of a Michael Moore film, that is)?

Are the producers at CBS really that dumb, or are they really that corrupt? It can only be one or the other.

Posted by: MeTooThen at September 29, 2004 10:00 AM (GNdXj)

6 MeTooThen,

I was thinking the same thing. When I heard the CBS story my first thought was, "why does this lady and her slacker sons think they should be exempt from serving?"

Posted by: Golden Boy at September 29, 2004 11:52 AM (i3DXc)

Posted by: softor at October 20, 2010 04:28 AM (a2ObJ)


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