February 27, 2018

The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition
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Reliance on others for one's safety and well being is a recipe for disaster. There are two reasons why. First, it creates a culture of dependence that is destructive of the human drive to succeed. Second, it just doesn't work. Those people in Broward were forced to count on others for their survival, because they were denied the basic right of self defense. Throwing poo is a poor substitute for a couple of teachers and a football coach with concealed weapons. Does anyone think that the cowardly murderer with the unnaturally small penis would have gone toe to toe with that coach if he had a pistol in his hand? the history of these events suggests he would have run away or simply killed himself.

I'm an African-American NRA Member...Here's What I Want You to Know About Me

I'm not a gun-owner or a member of the NRA because I love guns.

I'm an NRA member because I respect guns and the damage they can cause. When I became a gun owner I vowed to take that seriously and educate myself on the laws and proper uses. The NRA provides the resources to educate oneself about the laws from state to state, training tailored for women and various safety and instructional programs.

I don't think everyone should be armed.

I just think everyone has the right to bear arms.

Part of me is pleased by this woman and her clear and unambiguous embrace of the Constitution and freedom. But...part of me is so very, very tired of the acceptance of the politics of division. I don't think that it is in the long-term best interests of the country constantly to recognize and embrace our differences rather than what we have in common.

That being said, we are in a war for survival, and if the conservative movement can peel off a few percentage points of the Black vote we will be in a very good position. If it is possible, it is people like this woman who will do it. more...

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Mid-Morning Open Thread
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Ducroux yawning.jpg

Self-Portrait, Yawning
Joseph Ducreux

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The Morning Report 2/27/18
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Good morning kids. The rush by the Left to destroy our right to self-defense via the desecration of the memory of the victims of Florida's mass shooting and the demonization of an entire swathe of citizens who had nothing to do with it (in every sense) continues apace. But, disturbing revelations are coming to light about the policies of the Broward County Sheriff's department up to and post the shooting, as well as that of the Obama Administration that architected a broader legal foundation for them (a perversion of the legal system, really) and pulling way back for the bigger picture, 50+ years of Leftist social engineering that have shredded the morality and fabric of our society.

The blockbuster links up front show that Broward sheriffs were evidently specifically ordered not to enter the building as the shooter went on his rampage and, not shocking in the least, an intradepartmental e-mail has been uncovered directing the staff to support Israel (the shitty little sheriff, not the shitty little country [sarc]). The calls are growing louder for this hack to resign. Frankly, if these revelations and accusations about his conduct and those of Scot Peterson et al are verified, resignation is the tip of the iceberg.

That said, is it just me or are the actions of Sheriff Israel and the Broward County Sheriff's department, as well as neighboring Miami-Dade seem like a microcosm of what we are witnessing on a national level with the FBI, DoJ, CIA in the coup attempt against President Trump? I'm talking about the complete politicization of agencies that are supposed to act independently and blindly in the allegiance to the administration of justice and the adherence to just and stable laws. All of this rot, as Jack Cashill wrote in a link I had yesterday, is not incompetence; it is the result of the transforming a police force and legal system into a social experiment to achieve a desired outcome. Enraged by the so-called "disparate impact" upon students of color when it comes to encountering the judicial system, the Obama-Holder led DoJ, with the eager cooperation of hacks and flunkies like Sheriff Israel, jiggered the numbers by specifically not punishing students who committed crimes so as to get their desired social outcome. And because they couldn't just not punish minority students, they had to make it look good by not punishing all students. And that is, in Cliff Notes form, why all the warnings about the Parkland shooter were ignored, consciously and willfully. Hell, one death is a tragedy, but 17 is merely a statistic. Unless you blame the GOP, the NRA, America an toxic masculinity. The only thing that is toxic in America's body politic is the Democrat-Left. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be engaged in a civil discourse. Not for lack of trying but because they look upon us as evil. Unfortunately, as the mass-indoctrination of our youth and the pollution of our culture via a lying news media and agitprop in the cinema and elsewhere drown our youth as the older generations pass into history, the fight to preserve our society, let alone restore gets that much more difficult. I mean, just look at this David Hogg. He was supposedly right there in the line of fire, or near enough to it. And yet the logical conclusion that even a blind man could see given the same set of circumstances escapes him. Yeah, I get it. He and his parents, many of his peers and neighbors are braindead liberals. But faced with the situation he was in, he still manages to get it 100% wrong. Either that or this kid is a sociopath like Obama. Wow.

In related news, I have a few links that highlight the road to Parkland, or societal death march really, including the great Sheriff Dave Clarke who calls it like it is vis a vis the Left's utter failure with urban communities, as well as how fatherlessness and bastardy fostered by Leftist-Democrat anti-family social policy creates mass shooters. And related to that, Paramount is teaming up with thug crack dealer Jay Z to film a documentary series about the life and times of Trayvon Martin. In other words, lying to the viewer 30 times per second over a course of several hours, with the added bonus of potential riots. Somewhere in Heaven, Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson and Booker T. Washington are puking their guts up.

On the Insurrection front, Schiff-for-brains' rebuttal meme-o actually confirms the Nunes memo the Dems desperately sought to discredit and Nunes is now on the warpath, looking for scalps at the State Department. In Immigration/Amnesty news, SCOTUS punted the DACA case back down to the lower courts, which after the 9th Circus upholds Judge Hawaiian Punch will no doubt come back to DC. This is to be expected, but we really do have a rogue Judiciary thanks to Marbury v Madison. The rubicon of overreach was crossed ages ago, so I don't see why the President doesn't just issue a statement countervailing the Judiciary an slapping them down. I for one would cheer it.

On the electoral front, CNN is, surprise, evidently monkeying with its presidential approval poll numbers, Bernie Sanders son is running for Congress while Stacey Dash, the exact opposite in every way, shape and form, has announced her intention to run and try to turn Compton Republican. For a moment, I thought she was going up against Max-Scene Dirty Waters but alas, that hag is in the adjoining district. A debate between those two would've been must-see TV.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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February 26, 2018

A Very Moving Story
— Pixy Misa

Quick update on the server move: We have a complete clone of the blogs on the new server, but due to a DNS problem we'd have been down for four hours if I did the switch right now. I'll be finishing it later today - there will be a 5 minute outage this evening and then we'll all be happy in our new home.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (2/26/18 ) The ONT Waited For You Edition
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above fold lighthouse moon .jpg

(Emitting the light of The ONT)


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"911, what's your emergency?"

"There's someone breaking into my house. Could you send the Broward County Sheriff's Department to water my garden while I kill the intruder?" Jesse Kelly

Quote II

Substance is not the strong suit of the Left. Leftists tend to isolate one component of a policy issue, ignore the broader context, history, and consequences of the larger issue, and use and abuse a national tragedy to exploit their agenda. Using political human shields is the cherry on top. This is why they never want to discuss the broader history of gun violence and gun laws in America but instead keep a myopic focus on school shootings while hiding behind the victims. Daniel Horowitz

Quote III

“I think you should probably make it more difficult for people who aren’t mentally stable to have guns, and maybe there should be some … I just honestly feel like if you lose the right to bear arms as a citizen, then you know what I’m saying, it’s easy to enslave. It’s easy for the government to enslave people when they don’t have the right to bear arms.” T.I.

Quote IV

Walter Williams.

If you missed the interview of Prof. Walter Williams with Mark Levin, dig it up. It's great. Wonder if we could get it shown in schools everywhere?

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Yay: Democrats Introduce "Assault Weapons" Ban Bill
— Ace


House Democrats have introduced a bill banning semi-automatic firearms in the wake of the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla.

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., announced Monday he is introducing the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. More than 150 Democrats have signed on in support of the legislation, Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla., said.


The bill prohibits the “sale, transfer, production, and importation” of semi-automatic rifles and pistols that can hold a detachable magazine, as well as semi-automatic rifles with a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. Additionally, the legislation bans the sale, transfer, production, and importation of semi-automatic shotguns with features such as a pistol grip or detachable stock, and ammunition feeding devices that can hold more than 10 rounds.

Cicilline’s legislation names 205 specific firearms that are prohibited, including the AK-47 and AR-15.

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Oakland Mayor Warns Illegals of Coming ICE Raids
— Ace

Oakland's mayor claims (claims) she didn't get this information through "official channels" -- so, probably an unofficial leak from a liberal in ICE's offices, or that sort of thing -- so she says it's legal to give lawbreakers a heads-up on raids.

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Google Now Blocking Shopping Searches for Various Gun Types?
— Ace

Meanwhile, Jeff Zucker, who's probably afraid his Airport-Only network may go tits-up, whines that government should probe the practices of the "monopolies" of Google and FaceBook, and I can't really disagree with him on the general claim.

And food for thought:

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Georgia's Lt. Governor: I Will Kill Any Tax Benefits for Delta Until It Reinstates the Group Discounts for the NRA
— Ace

Continuing the fight in the conservative party between those who recognize that most corporations have been captured by the left and are now being used as major power players in their unceasing political and culture war, and should be treated as hostile political actors, and those whose idea of "conservatism" consists chiefly of the idea that corporations are magical creatures, like unicorns, and must be allowed to do whatever they like without consequence even if it means declaring war on conservatives.

And he can do this:

The cucks, of course, have furrowed their brows:

They want to know what "right" the NRA has to discounts afforded to other organizations. Well, none -- which is the precise same level of right that Delta has to untaxed jet fuel.

But the cucks don't ask about that.

Speaking of, Colonel Schlichter says it's time to fight back, hard.

[T]he left is changing the rules and trashing our norms to do what they can't do politically through intimidation. They have cultural power and we don't, and they now seek to use businesses to destroy our rights and silence our voices. Understand that they don’t want an argument or a conversation -- they want to use their non-governmental cultural power to deny us access to a platform so that we are unable to make our views heard. We need to recognize this dangerous trend and counterattack ruthlessly with our political power.

Conservatism is not a suicide pact, and our principles are not a mandate to unilaterally disarm. We need to make them hate the new rules. Maybe they won't learn anything, but at least they won't win by cheating.

The liberal elite is using its social and cultural ties to those at the helm of big companies to essentially blacklist the NRA, and thereby the tens of millions of Americans who support gun rights. But oppression is oppression whether it's done by a government bureaucrat or a corporate one, and our principle of non-interference in business assumes business stays out of politics. But now National, Hertz, and others are cutting ties to the NRA, and liberals are advocating banks do the same. Their intent is clear -- what they can't do in politics they will simply do by not allowing the representatives of people whose politics they don't like access to the infrastructure of society. And we're not supposed to do anything about it because, you know, free enterprise and stuff. You know, our principles.

No. They are exercising political power. We have our own political power, and we need to exercise it -- ruthlessly. The first step is an executive order at the federal level directing that no federal contract can go to any company that discriminates against an organization based on its advocacy or exercise of an enumerated constitutional right. We wouldn't allow a company to do business with our federal government if it discriminated on other grounds, so why should we do it discriminate on political grounds? Why should taxpayers be subsidizing people who hate them?

Time to get #Woke and stop living in 1997, Republicans.

As Schlichter says, we expect businesses to operate as businesses, open to all paying customers, not as political action committees or political clubs. If they decide to do the latter, that's their right, but it's also our right to use political action in return.

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Iraq Sentences 15 Female ISIS Operatives to Death By Hanging
— Ace

They'll have a chance to appeal.

An Iraqi criminal court on Sunday sentenced 15 Turkish women to death by hanging after finding them guilty of belonging to the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a judicial official said. Aged between 20 and 50, the women said they had entered Iraq illegally to join their husbands who were heading to fight for the self-proclaimed "caliphate" straddling vast areas of Iraq and Syria, the official added.

Four of the women, all of whom were dressed in black, were accompanied by young children in the courtroom, he said.

A recent batch of women similarly convicted are claiming their husbands "tricked" them into joining ISIS.

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Australian "Today" Show Asks Michael Wolff If He Owes Trump an Apology for False Claim that He Is Having an Affair With Nikki Haley; Claims He Can't Hear the Question, Ends Interview
— Ace

Special bonus: The Australian "Today" show says they checked the audio equipment and everything was working fine. So they're saying Wolff lied about not hearing the question and just used that claim to avoid answering.

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David Hogg's So Bereft Over the School Shooting He's Defending the Officers That Stood Outside the School and Permitted His Classmates to be Shot
— Ace

Why would he say something like this? Because he's very determined that the only permissible topics of discussion here are 1, guns and 2, Republicans.

So now he's making excuses for the Broward Cowards.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg came to the defense of the armed resource officer who never entered the Parkland, Florida school where 17 people were killed in a mass shooting, asking, "Who wants to go down the barrel of an AR-15, even with a Glock?"

In an interview Saturday on MSNBC, Mr. Hogg insisted that the officer, Scot Peterson, "just like every other police officer out there at heart --is a good person."

But that's a statement of opinion. An insanely partisan one, but an opinion.

David Hogg is also given over to making completely false statements of fact:

If you check Cooke's timeline, you'll see the liberals are attacking him for "attacking a kid" for merely pointing out the kid is spreading #FakeNews. The left has decided that it will use these Precious Little Propagandists to peddle lies the adults can't quite get away with, and then when you point out that they're lying, they'll attack you for "attacking a kid."

Ah, well. Maybe they don't have the energy to check the claims they're repeating. Maybe their grief is just too great.

David Hogg is now ginning up a boycott of his own state, telling people not to vacation there or go there for Spring Break:

And this is curious:

Incidentally, this proud lion who cares not for the opinions of sheep used to be a proud member of Team Obama.

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The Morning Rant
— Open Blogger

talking ape.jpg
"Hey, did you know that in 2007, a whole bunch of AR-15s got together and knocked over a liquor store in Detroit? And that's why progressives believe they should be banned. True story."


cops standing around.jpg

Wait, somebody at CNN committed an act of journalism? I wonder how he was punished for his misdeed?


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Mid-Morning Open Thread
— Open Blogger

Prud hon riding habit.jpg

The Man In The Riding Habit
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

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The Morning Report 2/26/18
— Open Blogger


Good morning kids. As the week begins, a major blast in the British city of Leicester flattened a convenience store yesterday evening. Four are reported dead and at least that many injured, but no reports of terrorism so far. Prayers for the victims. Stay tuned for further developments.

The Parkland, Florida mass shooting and the politicization of same in the over 200-year long battle to disarm the citizenry and impose an anti-American tyranny remains our lead story. Lots of great links further exposing Sheriff Steve Israel as a Democrat partisan hack, a policy that placed Leftist politics and social engineering above law enforcement and protecting the citizenry in Broward, an effort to smear, demean and destroy kids and parents critical of the latter while using what appear to be willing teenagers eager to whore for the media and mouth the lyrics of the the anti-NRA, anti-Trump and anti-Constitutional tune called by their Leftist overlords and child-abusers. And this David Hogg dork is getting on my nerves. I didn't know that grieving over one's slain friends means showboating for the TV cameras, but hey, what do I know?

Among the unsurprising news is that the GOP is eager to join with the Democrats to completely ignore what's going on and erode even further arguably our Constitution's most crucial element. Also, Daniel Greenfield informs us about which group group of Americans committed the most mass shootings, totally out of proportion to their representation of the total population - so far. Among the most surprising thing is that for once we have a President who is ready, willing and able to actually defend our rights. I hope that sticks because so far, despite American businesses caving to phony Twitter-bot attacks and disassociating themselves from the NRA - probably the least culpable entity in this entire affair - the American people ain't buying it and have galvanized around that institution.

In Insurrection news, Devin Nunes has completely eviscerated the Schiff-for-brains authored Democrat meme-o, while on the Amnesty front, a dreamy "DREAMer" has threatened to shoot up a Rochester, NY high school. LaPierre is an Hispanic name, obviously.

In politics, the big news is that California Democrats have finally caught up to the rest of the nation, albeit for different reasons, in its loathing of Dianne Feinstein. They will not be endorsing the old horse for another term in the Senate. I guess the time for faking sincerity is gone and they want to openly let their Amerca-hating freak flags fly. I thought I saw somewhere that Michael Savage might actually run as the GOP candidate. Heh. Even more "heh-able" are Terry McAuliffe's delusions of grandeur and rumors of Moochelle becoming the next Lurleen Wallace. In the midst of all of that, the President's approval rating topped the magical 50% mark over at Rasmussen last Friday. November is both light years away and just around the corner, but still, it's not a bad place to be.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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February 25, 2018

Sunday Overnight Open Thread (2/25/18 )
— Open Blogger


(ONT, take us away)


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"Public virtue is the vital spirit of republics and history shows that when this has decayed and the love of money has usurped its place, although the forms of free government may remain for a season, the substance has departed forever." --James Buchanan, Inaugural Address, 1857

Quote II

A bullet fired from an AR-15 travels 3x faster than one from a handgun…and yet the president and the NRA think giving teachers guns will stop a school shooter.”Lawrence O’Donnell

Quote III

The investigation is ostensibly about bribery and fraud, and I’m still at a total loss to understand what exactly here rises to the level of a federal case. From what is known, it appears to be the same old bullshit that’s been a fundamental part of college sports since college sports was invented: agents, coaches, sneaker companies, paying players under the table to come play for them because the rules don’t allow them to pay them atop the table. Barry Petchesky

The FBI is too busy protecting us from sleazy basketball players and not from:

fbi failures.jpg
h/t OregonMuse

Quote IV

What did I miss? Cowardly corporations punish NRA because FBI failed to act on info re: shooter and FL Sheriff had 4 deputies who stood outside and hid during gunfire that killed 17 innocent kids. How many NRA members did mass shootings? ZERO. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Weekend Gun Thread
— Open Blogger


(Lookin' like a fun afternoon)


Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 5.png


I plead guilty, do you?

A serious question, have you purchased a firearm to spite some law or politician? And if you have, what did you buy?


Penn & Teller explain the 2nd Amendment.


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Food Thread: Grilled Meat: Food Just Doesn't Get Much Better Than That!
— Open Blogger

omaha burger.jpg

From the world headquarters of the Deplorables Global Initiative, Inc. (Bluebell's kitchen table) comes some rather good news!

Would you mind putting a note in the food thread this Sunday letting everyone know that we mailed off our first donation checks this week? We sent $2,500 each (along with a complimentary cookbook) to Marine Toys for Tots and Fisher House. We sent the contributions in honor of "The Horde at AoSHQ." Not to worry; we also sent a letter to each place explaining about the Horde and the cookbook.

Here are some numbers from Weasel, if you would like to use any of these. I know it's not strictly necessary but Weasel feels very strongly (and I agree) that we have an obligation to be very transparent about how the money is being handled.

2,250 paperbacks and eBooks sold to date. Sales continue at a rate of one or two per day.
$8,400 in royalties earned to-date (payment of royalties are deferred up to 60 days)
$1,700 total cost to produce
$5,000 in donations made

Additional donations will be made quarterly as royalties are received while maintaining a small reserve to meet operating costs (annual corporate filing fees, postage & mailing, etc...)

The cookbook was immensely amusing, and it turned out pretty damned well. But sending nice fat checks to two worthy causes makes it a more tangible success. Congratulations to all of the many Morons and Moronettes who contributed their time and bought lots of books!

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— Open Blogger


As a young child, seven to eight years of age, my parents would take me to the Chicago Northwestern train depot. I would then take a five hour train ride to the town my Grandfather lived in. He would pick me up at the depot.

After my allotted time with Grandpa, I would do the trip in reverse.

I miss that type of innocence.

What do you miss?

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Senator Durbin Can't Have It Both Ways; He's Either A Catholic Or An Abortion Supporter...Not Both
— Open Blogger

Politicizing the pulpit has been going on for a very long time, but the Left has been ascendent for the last generation. So it is heartening to see some push-back.

Springfield Bishop Paprocki repeats: Senator Durbin is not to be admitted to Holy Communion

In an unusual move, a bishop — Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois —has posted this public statement on the diocesan website:

I agree completely with His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities, who called the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act “appalling.”

Fourteen Catholic senators voted against the bill that would have prohibited abortions starting at 20 weeks after fertilization, including Sen. Richard Durbin, whose residence is in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. In April 2004, Sen. Durbin’s pastor, then Msgr. Kevin Vann (now Bishop Kevin Vann of Orange, CA), said that he would be reticent to give Sen. Durbin Holy Communion because his pro-abortion position put him outside of communion or unity with the Church’s teachings on life. My predecessor, now Archbishop George Lucas of Omaha, said that he would support that decision. I have continued that position.

Senator Durbin is of course free to worship (or not worship) as he sees fit. That is one of the glories of American Exceptionalism, and one that is fundamental to our freedom. But the Catholic church is also free to act in its own best interest. Denying the Senator communion may or may not be important to him, but it sends a serious and unambiguous message that his church takes his political activity seriously.

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