September 28, 2017

Thursday Night ONT: Sportsball Edition
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Have you heard about the new baseball team in Macon, Georgia? They just announced the name, they are the Macon Bacon. I have to say, I like it.


Notice that the mascot's hat is a frying pan? The player's caps feature an M made of bacon with a bite taken out of it. You can see them here.

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NFL Ticket Sales Drop 17.9% In Week Three
— Ace

This must be because those Trump Cultists worship their false god the flag, even though it was pretty conventional conservative thought to revere the flag before the #NeverTrumpers decided to start dropping the masks and reveal they always agreed with the transnational progressives that pride in country is just an unacknowledged specie of #Racism.

The online ticket reseller TickPick told Secrets that sales have dropped 17.9 percent, far more than the usual Week Three fall.

From TickPick:

* 17.9 percent decrease in NFL orders this week compared to the previous week.

*Last year the drop was 10.8 percent in orders on Monday & Tuesday following Week Three games.

"We have seen a massive decrease in NFL ticket purchases this past week in comparison to years past. Week 3 seems to usually have less ticket orders than week 2, but this year ticket purchases are down more than 7 percent from this time last year," said TickPick's Jack Slingland.

By the way, personally, I don't really care about the flag protests. This is all opportunistic piling on for me. I want to destroy the media, every fucking bastion of it, and I don't care which shows or sports leagues we lose.

I want them gone.

No More Kings.

Open Thread.

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RussiaGate Keeps on Collapsing: DHS Wrong When It Claimed Russian-Linked Individuals Tried to Hack Wisconsin and California's Voter Registration Systems
— Ace

They notified 21 states that they suspected RUSSIAN hacking of voter databases, so this doesn't mean none of it happened.

But for two of those 21 states, DHS is now correcting -- there was hacking, but not of anything to do with voting or voter databases.

The DHS notified 21 states including California and Wisconsin that Russian-linked individuals had tried to target either voter registration files or public election sites. The DHS is now claiming that these hackers targeted the California Department of Technology and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Incidentally, remember that story that former Obama officials leaked, claiming that Obama tried to "warn" FaceBook about Russian #FakeNews?

First of all, that's presidential pressure on a private corporation to patrol the speech it permits on this. I doubt we'll see Allahpundit grumbling about that, though. No, for him, it's all Trump's Corrupting Authoritarianism, all the time.

Second of all, putting aside Obama's authoritarian attempts to chill the speech of private corporation's rules and messaging, the story was false-- Obama complained of so-called "#FakeNews" that hurt his party, but didn't mention Russians.

One might suspect he was more worried about Drudge, Breitbart, and Jim Hoft than the Red Peril.

Monday's version of "Democracy Dies in Darkness" featured a fake news story on the top of the front page: "Obama sought to prod Facebook on Russia role." After the story ran, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg corrected The Washington Post, pointing out that Russia was not the topic of discussion — the meeting centered on fake news, and the president did not mention Russia.

Axios broke the story on Tuesday, reporting that the Post's online version noted the article "has been updated with an additional response from Facebook." That response led to the report that "Obama made a personal appeal to Zuckerberg to take the threat of fake news and political disinformation seriously ... though the president did not single out Russia specifically."

The revised story also reported that Obama and top aides "quietly agonized on how to respond to Russia's brazen intervention on behalf o the Donald Trump campaign without making matters worse." Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president of communications, told the Post that Obama's discussion with Zuckerberg was about "misinformation and false news" and "did not include any references to possible foreign interference or suggestions about confronting threats to Facebook."

So, Obama was complaining -- given that he wasn't mentioning foreign or Russian interference -- American speech on FaceBook.

So who did it?

Erick Erickson claims that noted partisan liar Susan Rice accompanied Obama when he met with Zuckerberg.

So did she leak it? With the false claim the warning was about Russia?

Gee, given that we're supposed to trust our Media-Governmental Elite because they're just so infallible, they sure are fallible, aren't they?

Trust Your Media-Government Complex, Citizens!

Your Media-Government Elite do not make mistakes-- but sometimes your inferior brains might remember their past claims incorrectly.

If you find this happening to you, Citizen, report yourself to your nearest Brain Reconfiguration Center for memory adjustment.

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After Hysterically Shrieking That a Man Said He Believes in "Boobs," CNN Turns Into the First All-Tit Network to Note the Passing of Hugh Hefner
— Ace

Clay Travis said the only things he believes in are the first amendement, and boobs.

Apparently CNN's Clickbait Division heartily agrees, because, while there are lots of pictures of Hugh Hefner where he's not surrounded by overspilling piles of bosom, CNN seems unable to find those, and is going Totally Boobz today. (Link to the Federalist, not CNN -- The Federalist is questioning CNN's dedication to the principle that boobs are the rubber mallets in the Toolbox of the Patriarchy.)

Gee, it's almost as if CNN is deploying clickbait pictures for the same reason Clay Travis uses his catchphrase about the first amdndment and boobs. It's almost as if they, too, know that cleavage = clicks and tits = hits.

And they're not shy about releasing the cleavage kraken if it can earn them a few extra dollars.

Shrewish scold and Social Justice Warrior Brooke Baldwin did not comment on this story in time for publication. She was too busy giggling like a retard at Kathy Griffin saying the Forbidden Oppressor Word "nipple" over and over again.


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Trump Nominates Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
— Ace

Twitter idiots love him because he tweets and hence validates their time-wasting, but I understand that he's a pretty solid conservative.

He tweaked Trump on twitter before, but thankfully, Trump isn't holding a grudge about it, or else his Gatekeepers are hiding that from him.

Solid pick, I think. He was ecstatic about the Neil Gorsuch nomination, so that's something.

Willett has frequently been listed as a good conservative Supreme Court choice. I guess this'll do, for now.

Trump also nominated former Texas Solicitor General James Ho:

Ho, a naturalized U.S. citizen, moved to this country with his family from Taiwan when he was a young child. He received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and his law degree from the University of Chicago School of Law.

A former state solicitor general, Ho also clerked for former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; helped lead the civil rights division of the Justice Department under George W. Bush; and has a reputation as a big gun in his private appellate practice.

Ted Cruz says he's "thrilled" by both nominations.

Credit/Correction: First of all, thanks to Flounder for the story. Also thanks to him for reminding me again that James Ho had also been nominated.

Also, thanks to Flounder for that reminder, because I saw then that I had conflated Willett's resume (Texas Supreme Court Justice) with Ho's (Texas Solicitor General) in the headline.

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Real Headline, 2017: "Multiple Arrests After Fight Inside Berkeley 'Empathy Tent'"
— Ace

So, what the hell is an Empathy Tent?

I think the idea is that an Empathy Tent is where you go to have a civil conversation with people you disagree with. As opposed to just screaming at them from a picket line, you go in the tent, hear them out, "see their humanity," etc.

If you can get past the part that this is gay AF, it's not a bad idea. Okay, it is a bad idea. It's just not among the worst ideas coming out of Berkeley lately.

So how did Berkeley, city that birthed the Free Speech Movement, fare when it attempted to have some free speech between citizens?

Well the headline already spoiled it.

The tent was set up by a lefty.

Edwin Fulch sat nearby in what he calls his “empathy tent,” where he’s been preaching the gospel of mediation and understanding since Occupy Wall Street protests rocked the country. It’s the reason he brought Gibson and a liberal documentarian named Rod Webber into the tent.

Who was responsible for the fight? I can't tell based on media accounts, which is... suggestive.

But here are some data points:

One of the four arrested was the middle school teacher who supports By Any Means Necessary, Yvonne Farlacca, who's been arrested for inciting a riot at a July "protest."

Another arrestee looks like this:

So I really can't tell these people's politics.

More: From Lizzy, the Falarca Files.

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Getting It? Matthew Vaughan Says He Edited Out Anti-Trump Bits From "Kingsmen" Sequel, Prioritizing Escapism and Audience Unity Over Divisive Political Statements
— Ace

One of the worst accusations you can make about a Hollywood worker is that he might lean conservative. So I would not libel Matthew Vaughan like that.

I would note, though, that the first Kingsmen had a scene that was glorious in its edginess and willingness to offend partisans of the previous president.

He said that was just some lighthearted fun. And so it was.

In fairness, "Kingsmen" was more of a quasi-nihilist scream at all of the ruling elite, of both the stuffy conservative my-ancestors-signed-the-Magna-Carta stripe and the weird, controlling progressive we-shall-remake-the-world-in-our-perfect-godly-image type. It was really not political so much as it encoded that juvenile impulse towards rebellion and desecration of sacred cows. (And while that is a juvenile impulse, associated chiefly with the young, I will also insist it is often useful to exercise that juvenile impulse. Just because we change as we grow up doesn't mean that we had everything wrong when we were young, and it doesn't mean that older guys who are approaching 29 years old, such as myself, still can't find some sneaky teenage joy in juvenilia.)

So its politics, to the extent it had them, weren't conventional left-right but populist of any persuasion vs elite of any stripe, or youthful irreverence vs. mature stodginess.

Anyway, this guy, who I'm sure Believes All the Right Things That All the Right People Believe, shied away from turning his escapist popcorn fun into yet another divisive round of political virtue signalling.

Apparently the script called for Julianne Moore, playing a (wow, so novel) evil corporate CEO type, talking about her desire to host The Apprentice. Vaughan deleted that as possibly alienating to some of the audience.


"We were building a White House Oval Office in the style of Trump Tower. We were making it in all gold and blinging it up. This was in May of 2016 and then I had an inkling. I remember saying to my American production designer, 'Trump might win, you know? Would this be as funny if Trump won?’'And he was like, 'Trump will never win.' And I said, 'You know what, I have a weird feeling he might. So let's build a normal Oval Office and scrap the Trump version.'"

Looking back, Vaughn knows he made the right decision, because "if you go too far -- if movies get political when they're meant to be fun -- then it weighs everything down a bit too much."

Damn right brother. There are movies with political themes and there should be -- but we should get political messages from movies which are expressly political, thematically political from start to finish, and which announce right in the trailers they're political movies. We don't need or want pointless and tasteless political snarks and jibes inserted into movies that have no connection to political themes, except some SJW screenwriter's insistence that we need at least three Trump jokes in a film Because I Just Can't Even With This Any More. #TheResistance!

That said, let's enjoy the subversive and to this day utterly shocking climatic sequence featuring a whispy half-black president with a voice both sonorous and somnmbulant but who is definitely not Obama, according to Vaughan, getting his totalitarian head exploded by a neural implant he agreed to have inserted into him to protect him from the mass human extermination event he agreed to fund and assist in. more...

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Victim of Leftwing Hate Culture Steve Scalise Returns to Congress, to Standing Ovation
— Ace

The victim of a deranged leftist spurred to violence by Rachel Maddow and Democratic Socialism, Steve Scalise nevertheless persisted. more...

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The Morning Rant
— Open Blogger

talking ape.jpg
"Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg claims that 'sexism' played a role in the 2016 election. My question is, how does she know this? How does she know for sure Hillary didn't lose the election because she's a lying scrunt with all of the appeal of a bed sore who is up to her ears in corruption and that people are basically sick of her, hate her guts, and just wish she'd go away?"

I'm Old Enough To Remember This:

hillary - danger to democracy.jpg

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Mid-Morning Open Thread
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Bouguereau The Wave.jpg

The Wave
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Remember Bouguereau? We last saw him about six months ago. Talk about technique! Wow.

I ranted then and I will rant now; no amount of calculated insult or shock value or puerile posturing can replace the hard work of a talented artist. Bougeureau and artists like him will be in our hearts and minds and, hopefully, museums hundreds of years from now, when the scattered paper and upside-down TVs and chairs leaning against walls and jars of urine are literally swept into the dustbin of art history.

Oh...the hipsters of the day hated him.

[Hat Tip: Tim in Illinois, who sent me another of Bougeureau's works (which we will see soon) and reminded me how wonderful he is. The artist...not Tim]

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The Morning Report 9/28/17
— Open Blogger


Good morning kids. Bit of a late start this Thursday, so I'll try and make it short and sweet. The President has unveiled his tax plan and there are a number of good things in it as well as some not so good things. Most notably he's done away with the AMT, reduced the brackets down to three and lowered the corporate tax rate to 20%. He's also eliminated the deduction for state taxes which will make blue states suffer for their profligacy/thievery but he's fallen for the meme of "paying for tax cuts" by raising rates on the top 1%. Let's face it; he's a populist and not necessarily a conservative. I get that, but does he have to accept the typical Leftist memes? Oh well. We'll see what happens. Considering how well McCriminal and Ryno did with the Repeal/Replace fiasco (which the President says won't be revisited until next year) I ain't holding my breath.

In other news, the NFL seems to be stammering and dissembling as it sees the golden goose bleeding from multiple orifices. That said, they're still clueless as to what happened to them and are complicit in their own demise. Pro-Tip: the National Anthem and respect for the flag and our country IS the uniting factor. We can have our differences but love of country is the common ground from which all the rest stems. And the useful idiots of the Left, both in uniform and in the front office, simply do not either as true believers or dupes. Not that I watch the game all that much but it's too bad. In any case, I've got better things to do than waste 4-8 hours of my life than watching a bunch of knuckle-dragging thugs and Democrat stooges trash the country.

Boeing is peeved that Bombardier is getting all sorts of goodies from the Brits and that spat is threatening to blow up into trade war between us and the Limeys. Webb Hubbell's kid got caught in the cookie jar and will have to face the wrath of Deputy Dawg. The EU continues it's thousand-year tradition of Joo-hate by inviting a PLO hijacker to speak and with Interpol recognizing the Palestinians as a "state."

Lastly, we have some pearls of wisdom from left-wing mouthpiece Tom Brokaw. He doesn't know it, but that pull quote is spot on.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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September 27, 2017

Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (9/27/17) The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth Quotes Of The Day Edition
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(Quote of The Day - I)


bastard scrubs.jpg

(Quote of The Day - II)


vince lombardi .jpg

(Quote of The Day - III)


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GOPe Establishment: Now You've Done It, Hobbits! By Selecting Moore, You've Given the Seat to the Democrats!
Extremist Socialist Democrat Party: Not So Fast

— Ace

The extremist maniac Roy Moore will probably lose the election because of you wack-a-doodle Hobbits!

Except, just to make it interesting, Roy Moore's totally not-extremist centrist moderate Democrat opponent has just declared: Absolutely no restrictions on abortion whatsoever.

Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones said in a Wednesday interview that he is against all restrictions on abortion...

"I am a firm believer that a woman should have the freedom to choose what happens to her own body, and I'm going to stand up for that and I'm going to make sure that that continues to happen," Jones said [to MSNBC's Chuck Todd].


Todd asked Jones about a 20-week abortion ban, like the one that Republicans announced Tuesday that they will reintroduce in the House. Many European nations ban abortion after 12, 13, or 14 weeks.

"You wouldn't be in favor of legislation that said ban abortion after 20 weeks, or something like that?" Todd asked.

"No, I'm not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman's right and her freedom to choose," Jones said. "That's just the position that I've had for many years, it's the position I continue to have."

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What They Promised: Smoking Gun Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion
What They Walked That Back To: Russia Bought Some FaceBook Ads
What It Is Now: Russian Ads Promoted Black Lives Matter

— Ace

So, the media has departed entirely from the "Russia promoted Trump" Narrative, and is now settling on the "Russia sought to sow discord and chaos in the US" Narrative, which is, coincidentally, what many conservatives said they were doing -- as Russians have done throughout history.

But the leftist media doesn't know that, because history began for them January 2008, and Russia only became a hostile enemy state November 9, 2016.

So, here go: Russian ads promoted Black Lives Matter "protests" in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Strange -- they seem to have been targeting an audience that generally hews to the political and social left! What a change from their past 70 years of subversions.

At least one of the Facebook ads bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign referenced Black Lives Matter and was specifically targeted to reach audiences in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, sources with knowledge of the ads told CNN.

Ferguson and Baltimore had gained widespread attention for the large and violent protests over police shootings of black men. The decision to target the ad in those two cities offers the first look at how accounts linked to the Russian government-affiliated troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency used geographically targeted advertising to sow political chaos in the United States, the sources said.

Facebook has previously said that roughly one-quarter of the 3,000 ads bought by the agency were geographically targeted, but it has not revealed any specific locations. Facebook has also not revealed which demographic groups and interest groups were targeted by the ads.

Given that they haven't revealed it, let me take a wild flying guess and say it sought to target left-leaning antifa and BAMN types. Because, if it was targeting White Nationalists, per the preferred Ruling Caste Narrative, they'd've just proclaimed it from the rooftops.

The Black Lives Matter ad appeared on Facebook at some point in late 2015 or early 2016, the sources said. The sources said it appears the ad was meant to appear both as supporting Black Lives Matter but also could be seen as portraying the group as threatening to some residents of Baltimore and Ferguson.

Nice save -- the ad superficially appears to support BLM, but it "could" be seen as "threatening" to some.

Kind of like Black Lives Matter protests are intended to be, and in fact routinely so, no Russian encouragement needed.

In fact, had you even suggested that such exhortations to violence were Russia-directed propaganda before, you'd have been called a conspiracy theorist by the leftist media.

But then the leftist media learned to stop worrying and love conspiracy theories.

New descriptions of the Russian-bought ads shared with CNN suggest that the apparent goal of the Russian buyers was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos, though not necessarily to promote one candidate or cause over another.

By the way: Turns out the Red Peril we've heard so very much about this past almost-a-year-now was somewhere between $100,000 and $150,000 in FaceBook ads.

$150,000 wouldn't even buy you a Plus One at a Hillary Clinton speech about the great virtues of selling uranium to Russia-dominated groups.

After 11 months of this lunacy -- this is what you have?

Conceding conservative media critics were right, but pretending that this somehow vindicates your wild narratives about collusion and rigged elections?

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The Awan Clan Moved "Massive" Amounts of Data off DNC Servers, Tapping Them in an Unauthorized Way 5,400 Times;
Democrats Say They Were Just Doing a Child's "Homework" on the Servers

— Ace

Yes, I believe that.

Luke Rosniak of the Daily Caller News Foundation strikes again:

Democratic congressional aides made unauthorized access to a House server 5,400 times and funneled “massive” amounts of data off of it. But there’s nothing to see here, Democrats told The Washington Post: They were just storing and then re-downloading homework assignments for Imran Awan's elementary-school aged kids and family pictures.

A congressional source with direct knowledge of the incident contradicted the Post’s account, saying that now-indicted IT aide Imran Awan and his associates "were moving terabytes off-site so they could quote 'work on the files'" and that they desperately tried to hide what was on the server when caught, providing police with what law enforcement immediately recognized as falsified evidence and an indication of criminal intent.

The Post described the amount of data improperly flowing out of the congressional network as "massive." One congressional source told Circa it was "terabits.'

A terabyte is a million megabytes; a terabit is about one-tenth of that. Awan’s three children are in elementary school or younger. A book report in Word document format could clock in at under a megabyte, even if it were 100 pages long. To fill a terabyte with family photos, a person would need 250,000 photos.


The Post did not note the "massive" outgoing data and unauthorized access until the 40th and 42nd paragraphs of its story, after it had quoted multiple defense attorneys and ventured into a lengthy and seemingly irrelevant but humanizing backstory on Awan’s childhood.


The Post also did not specify that data was also being backed up online via unofficial Dropbox accounts.

There's more: Democrats seem to have invoked the "speech and debate" clause -- which says that nothing said in Congress itself shall ever be subject to investigation or lawsuit; it would not seem to apply to DNC servers -- to block investigators from seeing the contents of the data being off-loaded.

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Pen and a Phone Part 2: The Vengeance -- Trump Preparing Executive Order to Permit Americans To Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines
— Ace

I don't know much, so this is just totally out-of-my-ass, but I kinda doubt the buying-across-state-lines thing is going to matter much. I think out-of-state providers will still have to cost-in all the burdens the state they're selling in impose on insurance, etc.

Still, this would be something. A band-aid won't seal a gaping wound, but if all you have is a band-aid, well, try the band-aid at least.

Is this constitutional? Well, if Obamacare has taught us anything, it's that it's endlessly mutable according to the whim of the president -- and the Supreme Court has blessed this regime of unconstitutional reinterpretations-by-decree at least twice.

And with more and more people having no health coverage even offered in their location, and with prices going through the roof, and with the useless GOPe not wanting to do anything but pour further taxpayer moneys into insurance company coffers, someone has to try something.

President Trump is preparing an executive order to allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines, a reform conservatives have long championed as a way to bring costs down and stir greater competition in the national marketplace....

"I think there's going to be big news from the White House in the next week or two, something they can do on their own," pSenator Rand] Paul told MSNBC, adding that Trump "can legalize on his own the ability of individuals to join a group or a health association across state lines and buy insurance."

A Senate GOP source told the Washington Examiner the executive action is considered "a done deal" and likely to be announced "in the next few weeks."

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A Rousing Defense of Untrammeld Free Speech Offered by... Don Lemon
— Ace

Tucker Carlson notes, correctly, that this is straight-up lying, because Don Lemon and the CNN gang have shown a strong interest in speech policing speech they don't like in the past.

Video at the link, but transcript below. After playing a clip of Don Lemon claiming "No American gets to tell another American how to express their love of this country."

See, by kneeling to protest The Natiaonal Anthem and flag, they're "expressing their love of this country.

Brandon Eich and James Damore say hi! So does the guy who did the silly WWE/Trump meme who CNN kinda threatened to dox if he ever insulted them again.

TUCKER CARLSON: did you hear that? 'No American gets to tell another American how to express their love for this country.' If only that were true. But it is not true, not even close. It is disingenuous nonsense.

The same people lecturing you about free speech would be the very first to call for your job if you dare to stray from the approved script of the acceptable public discourse they so assiduously maintain. They're the word police. they demand control over what you think or say. They could care less about free expression, or individual conscience, much less the First Amendment.

Stop insulting us with this lying. And if you don't believe it, consider what would have happened if the flag had been different. Imagine what would have happened if athletes had been protesting the Mexican flag, which, if anything, is a more potent symbol of inequity and institutional racism than our own.

Imagine player taking a knee in protest as the Mexican anthem played. Would they be lauded as heroes on CNN? Are you kidding?

They'd be denounced as bigots and fired if they persisted.

American elites are more comfortable attacking their own country than others for the simple reason that they love it less. That's the story here. Of course, the president's tweets have been incendiary and ham-handed -- they almost always are.

But how remarkable is it that our ruling class --the most privileged group in human history, whose job it is to run this country-- is willing to dismiss our national symbols as evil and illegitimate. And that is supposed to be so entirely acceptable, good, and unremarkable, that the mere act of criticizing it is a sign of bigotry.

No country can continue with elites this corrupt and stupid. And normal people recognize that.

PJ Media's Morning Brief contains a bunch of stories about the blowback the NFL is getting, several stories down.

Among them:

Anheiser-Busch announced it was disatisfied with the league's handling of domestic violence and other criminal offenses by NFL players. Radisson ended its sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings.

And the NFL's ratings have been low enough -- not meeting the rating that the networks showing the games promised advertisers -- that the networks have had to pay out "makegoods" to the advertisers, giving them free advertising on other shows or giving them some money back.

Oh, maybe the best part -- DirectTV is now offering to permit subscribers to cancel their previously-ordered NFL package, if they're upset about the flag protests.

So this is a real thing. When you're talking about money, and companies making nice with clients by giving them money back to cancel a service, you're talking about a real thing.

Meanwhile, the jersey-burning protests continue.

Baseball used to be, by far, the most popular sport in America. Sometime during the seventies (I think), the NFL surpassed MLB.

Boxing used to be the only fighting sport that was widely viewed; now the MMA is nipping at its heels. Some might say the MMA has already eclipsed boxing; others think it's just a matter of time, as younger people (more into MMA) replace older people (more into boxing).

Public tastes can shift. They often do.

The NFL has been losing viewers for years over excessive duration of games (and excessively long commercial breaks), rules changes that are just baffling, rules changes to make the sport even more pass-oriented and one-dimensional, etc.

Now they've decided to repudiate several central attractions to the sport -- that it is manly to watch it; that it is an apolitical and escapist and unifying, permitting conservatives and progressives who normally could not speak a word to each other to grin or gripe together about a team's last game; and that it is, as baseball used to claim undisputed title to, as unapologetically American as apple pie -- and see how that works out for them.

I don't think it'll work out well. TV watching is an indulgence, maybe even a vice if indulged excessively, and people do it partly because they justify it as imparting some secondary benefits -- having a shared social vocabulary, feeling united with other fans, feeling that watching football on Sunday is a shared civic ritual celebrating some worthwhile aspects of the American secular religion.

Take away that goodwill, and rely only on the eleven total minutes of actual football action during a four or four and a half hour game -- and, well.

You do you, I guess."

By the way, the last thread has provided some really good suggestions about how to cut the cable cord.

Check it out if you're interested in that topic.

Also do avail yourself of the collective wisdom of the Horde -- there are a lot of cord-cutters present on the site right now, and they're more than happy to answer questions.

On Antennas: Although you can get fairly cheap cable-style signal delivery over the internet with PS Vue, Sling, etc., you might not get local channels, or you might want to not pay for TV at all.

gNewt sends this info:

These sites locate where the broadcast towers in your local are and give advice on what type of antenna is best for your location.


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Uh-Oh: CEO of the Dish Network Says That It's No Longer Unthinkable to Simply Drop ESPN from Cable Networks
Update: Thread Has Become Cord-Cutting Advice/Recommendations/Q&A

— Ace

Before getting to that, let me post this fairly minor item that doesn't deserve a full post, from Variety yesterday:

Walt Disney’s ESPN, under scrutiny as it works its way through subscriber losses, said it would reorganize the executives who supervise its overall content production.

"Under scrutiny" from its corporate parent as it loses more and more subscribers, and "reorganizing." Not great words for a business.

Now, as you almost certainly know, anyone with cable is forced to pay ESPN something like $7 per month, almost $100 per year, whether they watch it or not, because ESPN is almost always included in the "base" package, and the ESPN fee is extracted from your wallet as part of the "base package" rate.

Cable companies battle ESPN to keep that fee down, while ESPN fights to get it higher. As ESPN continues to lose viewers (and thus their advertising-side revenue), and as their too-costly broadcast rights cost them more and more, ESPN is going to want -- need, really -- to jack up that Involuntary Rent Payment that cable subscribers are forced to pay to really high levels.

Cable companies are making noise that no, it's not unthinkable any longer that we would simply drop you.

If that happened, Katie Bar the Door, because that would destroy ESPN's business model.

Now the CEO from Dish Network has a dog in this fight. It is in his interest to talk tough about dropping ESPN entirely, because he wants to signal he has leverage in their negotiations for carrying the network automatically/involuntarily.

If subscribers had to choose to pay for ESPN rather than having it forced upon them, well, ESPN's books would bleed red. I'm not sure they could even survive three years.

So while this is probably just some posturing for negotiation points, it's still great to hear that one cable company (Altice) seems serious about just dumping them, and another company (the Dish Network) is thinking about dumping them as well.


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The Media's Cooking Up a #FakeNews Katrina Narrative for Puerto Rico, Despite Trump Actually Sending Lots of Aid
— Ace

If Trump doesn't oblige them with a scandal, they'll just invent one out of whole cloth.

Note the JournOlist style message coordination and repetition.

Article after article condemned Trump for focusing on the NFL (in tweets) instead of Puerto Rico (in tweets). Leftist after leftist also began claiming the damage in Puerto Rico would be Trump’s "Katrina," in reference to the hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast during President George W. Bush’s administration.

The Daily Beast published an article titled "Puerto Rico has become Trump’s Katrina." Vox writer and Gaza bridge expert Zack Beauchamp tweeted out an article from his employer and wrote that it was "hard" to read the article "without concluding that Puerto Rico is actually Trump’s Katrina." FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver also noted "Some obvious parallels to Katrina here."


As it turns out, it was the media ignoring Puerto Rico--not Trump.

PBS’' John Yang spoke to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello about the help he has received from the states. Rosselo immediately said he was "very grateful for the administration" and that "they have responded quickly."

Read Ashe Schow's article -- the governor is pretty generous in his praise of the federal response.

Hillary Clinton got on the JournOlist #FakeNews Message Train, demanding that Trump send the hospital ship the Comfort to Puerto Rico -- but Instapundit had a stinging rebuttal.

Fat, drunk, and Not President is no way to go through life, gram-gram.

By the way, if you're militarily illiterate like I am and didn't know why the Comfort was the USNS Comfort instead of the USS Comfort, the answer is here.

"USS" designates a commissioned ship owned and operated by the Navy.

Hospital ships are United States Naval Ships, non-commissioned, owned by the Navy, but largely not operated by the Navy. They are mostly staffed by civilians, and are directed by the Military Sealift Command rather than the Navy.

Update: A Benghazi survivor, Kris "Tonto" Paronto, replied to Chardonnay Sharon as well:

Thanks to shibumi.

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The Morning Rant
— Open Blogger

talking ape.jpg
"Look at that graph below. Anyone else see the big, glaring problem there? I ask you, why aren't any of the fashionably woke celebutards or oppressed millionaire athletes "taking the knee" for this?"

murder statistics 2013.jpg(click for larger version)

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