April 30, 2016

Overnight Open Thread (30 Apr 2016)

This is rich. ICE Director admits 'sanctuary' policies put agents at risk. Then when she's asked if these 'sanctuary' policies also pose a risk to the public, she dodges the question. Um, if it is riskier for your agents, it's bound to be riskier for the public. more...

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Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread 04-30-2016 [OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger

chess city 525.jpg
"Come To Chess City!"

Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Sunday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of outside passed pawns and Modern Chess Openings. And, for those of you who aren't, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or tiddlywinks, or Tigglypuff, or whatever you wish. Only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get into a pie fight on a Saturday afternoon.

“Nowadays, because of computers, a 13-year-old would probably know more than Bobby Fischer knew when he retired.”
--Garry Kasparov

Endgame Study

This is another one whose solution eluded me. And after I saw it, I said "duh". Hopefully, you'll do better. It's White to play and win.

20160430 - Endgame Study.jpg
FEN: [2R5/8/8/8/8/5p2/6Pp/1k1K4 w - - 0 1]


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Ace of Spades Pet Thread [Mis. Hum.]
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z cover dog-named-stopthat-Hot-104.7-Maine-FB.jpg

I guess it's better than being named Dammit. Welcome aboard to the Pet Thread.
Climb on a piece of furniture get comfy and take it easy. more...

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Tin Foil Hats: The Newest Thing In Psychiatry (CBD)
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**BUMPED so you have an open thread.**


This can't possibly be true. A Helmet That Treats Mental Illness? Okay, she is a scientist, and that is certainly impressive, but it's not like she has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, like Bill Nye! That, of course, confers upon the holder a magical understanding of all of science. But she does have a foul mouth, so maybe....

Like a good skeptical scientist, I started asking for evidence before I put any information about it on my website.

Had it been through phase three clinical trials? Yes.

Was it FDA approved? Yes.

Did they have long term clinical data? Yes.

Interesting. Probably not revolutionary, but people with psychiatric disorders that don't respond to conventional therapies tend to have bad outcomes, so if TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) doesn't injure them, and has positive clinical data, why not?

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Shake Your Groove Thing [Y-not and KT]
— Open Blogger

Y-not: Good afternoon, gardening morons and 'ettes!

Today's thread is brought to you by Bird Seed:


Hat tip: @frogmother1 on Twitter.

Recently, the Mister and I visited the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, a bit south of Lexington. We enjoyed a tasty "farm to table" dinner and strolled around the grounds where I collected a few tidbits for today's thread. more...

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Archive of the Saturday Gardening Thread: Updated April 30, 2016 [Y-not]
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It's been a while since I updated the Saturday Gardening Thread archives, so here you go.

Remember: Don't comment on old threads lest your soul be eaten by pixy's voracious were-hamsters!

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NFL Draft Thread [Y-not]
— Open Blogger

Today is the third day of the NFL Draft, picking up where they left off yesterday with Round Four. Coverage is available at ESPN (awful) and the NFL Network (slightly less awful) or online (try this link). The proceedings start at noon.

A few highlights (and lowlights) to date: more...

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Saturday Morning Oddities [Mis. Hum.]
— Open Blogger

z saturday cover.jpg


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EMT 4/30/16 [krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

Home again, Home again, jiggety jig.

Just in time for an open thread.

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April 29, 2016

Overnight Open Thread (29 Apr 2016)

Pentagon warns of conflict over Chinese buildup on disputed island. I just don't see the White House escalating this beyond some hashtags of concern. It's not the first time the White House has disagreed with military leadership.

the Obama administration, with just nine months left in office, is looking to work with China on a host of other issues from nuclear non-proliferation to an ambitious trade agenda, experts say, and would prefer not to rock the South China Sea boat, even going so far as to muzzle Harris and other military leaders in the run-up to a security summit.

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Open Thread
— Ace

A NYTimes article on "monotasking," that is, actually paying attention to one thing we are doing rather than annihilating our concentration with a barrage of multiple sources of stimulation.

I wrote about this last month, when I reviewed a book called Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. (Don't comment on old post; the site autobans IPs posting in old threads because it thinks they're spammers.)

Been a month and a half, maybe, since I became a proud Twitter Quitter and several aspects of my life have improved. Less distraction = more actual time. Distracted time is crap time -- neither doing one thin nor the other; neither really working, nor really relaxing, either. The attempt to cheat work hours by mixing in zero-calorie non-entertainments (Twitter, Facebook. clickbait articles with pictures of large breasts (gets me every time) just winds up making you feel guilty about not working, and then you cheat your actual downtime by mixing in light crap that you can pretend is sort of work related (like "building your brand on Twitter") when it's really nothing of the sort.

Just leads to a bad habit of wasting work hours by doing low-quality, distracted work, and then "making up for it" by wasting leisure hours by doing low-quality, distracted leisure.

Here's another NYT article that's (sort of) vaguely about the idea of defeating a bad habit by changing your every day environments and patterns. Actually, it's about a woman who lost weight by leaving the city she had grown fat in and moving permanently to a place she had gotten thin in (in fat camp), but I think one can take it more broadly as an endorsement of the idea that bad habits need to be dehabituated.

I guess that's kind of obvious. But I read a good point, somewhere: No one can make any change by willpower. People's reservoirs of willpower are limited. The only way to make changes is to do things as a habit until they become a habit. Then just try to maintain the habit.

I guess that's not such a big distinction but I think there's something to it.

I'm taking an early night. Everyone, have a nice weekend. Go somewhere new!

Cutting TV, the Huge Time-Waster:

L'Elle wrote:

Quitting most TV and being extremely selective with movie viewing has freed up so much time for me. I only waste down time on things that really give me something back like music and art and comedy and dog videos and anything else dog related. I feel much less frenetic and feel more in control of my life.

I responded:

I keep telling myself I'm going to do this but then I don't. I am still watching shows that, in a word, suck: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow. Yes, they all suck now. Arrow sucks the worst but they all suck.

Archer isn't good anymore. Still watch it. It feels like *work.*

Survivor I'm starting not to watch. (Score one on that.)

The idea that one should make an inventory of Shows I REALLY Like, Shows I Somewhat Like, and Shows I Don't Really Like But Am Only Now Watching Out of Habit and eliminating category 3 (and honestly, category 2 as well) is a good one.

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AoSHQ Podcast #141: Prince Is Dead, Long Live Prince
— andy

Ace and Drew discuss various pop culture topics and throw in a healthy weekly ration of politics on this episode of THE podcast.

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Don't forget to submit your Ask the Blog questions for next week's episode.

Open thread in the comments.

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Education or Indoctrination? [Mis. Hum]
— Open Blogger

I am not a teacher. Ooops, my bad, I mean educator. My direct personal experience with secondary education recently has been limited. I did attend the graduation ceremony of my two youngest daughters in May of 2015. They graduated from a University of Wisconsin system school. The only thing I remember from that ceremony is that they received diplomas and portions of the address given by the chancellor.

The address went something like this, "These students have faced adversity as our school has had significant budget cuts." Now, he did not come out and say Scott Walker was to blame. You could read that between the lines. Mrs. MH elbowed me in the ribs when I let out an audible groan. So as the one year anniversary of this address approaches I've been thinking about his speech and other exemplary actions of colleges and universities in the news. Basically, the thoughts have been, WTF is wrong with our education system?

Hillary Clinton once famously said it takes a village to raise a child. Does the village teach manners and courtesy? It's quite obvious the the village, her parents and schooling from K-12 failed. Budget cuts in MA or any other state have nothing to do with this behavior. The President once chimed in about the private sector not building their business. OK, with that philosophy and Hillary's village beliefs, then the Public Education System is 100% responsible for this creature. Not too mention her parents who obviously taught her eating was fine but manners/courtesy were no-nos.

Now you might say, give her a break, she's an immature adult who needs further guidance. (OK play along here) This poor misguided soul will encounter educators who will teach her the value of open thought, differing ideas and free expression/discussion of topics. Not only will she be exposed to critical and independent thinking she will be exposed to how to play well with others. And finally she and other students will learn the lesson of accepting the truth, no matter if it is different than their original belief yes immature adult, a secondary education will give you all of these life lessons. You will graduate and be a well rounded person. (In her case in more ways than one)

The left preaches diversity. They shout it from the roof tops. But, it appears the only diversity they want is color, unless you are white gender, gender identity and sexual preference. Diversity of thought and political beliefs are not welcomed. When do they add Re-education to their name? For example, The Re-education University of fill-in-the-blank-state.

These kids don't come to a college or a university blank slates. The K-12 public school systems are failing miserably as well. Don't believe me if this comes out of a teacher who represents teachers what are we to expect in the classroom? In 2011 thousands of protesters marched on Madison, WI in response to Scott Walker's Act 10 legislation. This legislation addressed public unions, school teachers hardest hit. Teachers taught their students valuable lessons by "striking" although school strikes in WI are illegal. We won't get into the fake "Sick Excuse Notes" written by UW Doctors for the striking teachers.

So the public school system is corrupted, what do we do? There are no simple answers. Pushing for school vouchers is one step. Pushing for charter schools free of the teacher union's grip is another. Better vetting of school board candidates at local election time. Supporting governors such as Scott Walker who reigned in the WI teachers union. These are all steps in the right direction. These institutions didn't change for the worse overnight and will not change for the better overnight either. It will require work, diligence and exposure of their corrupt ways and means.

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Mike Pence's Terrible Nondorsement Of Ted Cruz
— Ace

I think Allah's right here -- including about the Establishment types who will pretend-endorse Cruz to satisfy their conservative voters, but doing so so weakly they usher Trump into the nomination.

Meanwhile, Byron York says GOP bigwigs -- i.e., the establishment Trump is allegedly fighting, and Cruz is allegedly part of -- are making peace with the idea of the disaster candidate Trump.

I've heard a lot of RINOs openly talking about Trump being preferable, because his catastrophic loss will teach these Tea Partiers and uppity conservatives that they had better listen to the Cool Reason of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in the future.

So we have not one but two wings of this party looking to teach the other a Lesson that will echo in the decades to come.

Both want the other destroyed completely so that they might rule alone.

It will end in tears. And Hillary. But mostly Hillary. And also, tears.

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I Want the Benefits of Maternity Leave Without Bothering to Have Children, Says Stupid Fat Whore
— Ace

Ah yes. I'm in a bad mood.

Insomnia struck again.

To be honest, I'm not sure if this warrants the level of outrage (and insult) I'm giving it. It's a novel -- and it's a chiclit comedy, with a misunderstanding and a pretend pregnancy suit to scam her company.

I'm not sure how seriously she intends the idea of "me-ternity." I think maybe she does mean it a little.

It's extraordinary that feminists claim they want the right to work, then when they get the right to work like men do -- meaning, you show up at your job and work and no, you can't just take a sabbatical (me-battical?) when you feel like you Just Can't Even -- they begin bitching and moaning and claiming they need society to reconform itself yet again to accommodate their ever-growing list of vital needs and demands.

If you don't want to work, fine -- get married, be a housewife.

But what is this shit with the claims that they want to work, and then the constant whining about what work actually entails?

Meghann Foye, 38, was jealous of co-workers clocking out for maternity leave, and decided she needed a break of her own. Here, the author of the novel "Meternity" (Mira, out now), tells The Post’s Anna Davies why she believes every woman deserves mandated "me time."

I was 31 years old in 2009, and I loved my career. As an editor at a popular magazine, I got to work on big stories, attend cool events, and meet famous celebs all the time.

And yet, after 10 years of working in a job where I was always on deadline, I couldn't help but feel envious when parents on staff left the office at 6 p.m. to tend to their children, while it was assumed co-workers without kids would stay behind to pick up the slack.

"You know, I need a maternity leave!" I told one of my pregnant friends...

[T]he more I thought about it, the more I came to believe in the value of a "meternity" leave -- which is, to me, a sabbatical-like break that allows women and, to a lesser degree, men to shift their focus to the part of their lives that doesn't revolve around their jobs.

"To a lesser degree, men" -- because while women are luminous creatures full of creative energies for things besides their jobs, men are expected to be workbrute labordrudges who show up every day to punch the clock while their female co-"workers" (quotes heavily sarcastic) are galavanting around on some much-unearned me-time.

The strongest possible arguments against the equality of the sexes are the stupid self-serving indulgent indolent things that come pouring out of feminists' mouths every damn day.

Feminism is a cult, and one of the cult beliefs of feminism is that women must work, for working is empowering. But it's quite clear that many women simply do not want to work -- yet they feel for maximum "empowerment" they must pretend at work.

Many men don't want to work, either. But we call them "bums." We do not make up cutesy neologisms like "me-ternity" to explain why some lazy men take months and years "figuring themselves out" going on a "Personal Journey to the Heart of the Unexplored Continent Known As Me."

We just say they're broke-ass layabouts.

But feminism says you cannot say anything about a feminist woman that is not positive. So we need to create new words to describe people who want a paycheck without having to actually work.

Just for them. Not for anyone else.

I can't help but notice that all the truly pernicious ideologies seem to posit that the believers in the ideology no longer have to sully themselves with dirty work. Islamists feel work is beneath them; they are Warrior Princes of Allah, who are to be served by slaves. Their "work" is only murder and thinking about Allah's lists of people to be hit.

Communists don't believe in work; they believe in elevating a Revolutionary Vanguard which will Think Big Thoughts while the proles work their benefit. (Communism simply seeks to displace one overcaste for another -- the incoming overcaste being the communists. Go figure!)

And some feminists, despite their religious conviction that work is "empowering" (read: a holy catechism) for women, seem to agitate endlessly for time off.

Work is tough. That's why they call it work.

And some people are simply too lazy or feel too entitled to work.

So they subscribe to ideologies that call their utter unwillingness to make themselves economically productive (or usefully reproductive) seem somehow noble.

Every asshole's dream: To be paid for doing nothing.*

Thus a thousand ideologies breeding rent-seekers and pressure-politics pirates, looting others' hard-won wealth.

* A commenter points out, rightly, that this is everyone else's dream too.

Quite right.

I should have said the asshole move comes in when you begin dreaming up ideological dogmas that claim that you don't have to work, but may seize the wealth of another to support you in your super-urgent Religious Work (whether for Black Lives Matter, communism, "democratic socialism," feminism, or Islamism).

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Anti-Trump Protesters Get Violent In California Because Of Course They Do
— Ace

The media frets and worries about the Bundy standoff, yet never seems to notice the unending violence from the left.

They have successfully normalized this behavior -- on the left only.

ndreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle, and at one point tried to flip a police car.

Boisterous -- like a mischievous 11 year old with a slingshot and a frog in his pocket.

About five police cars were damaged in total, police said, adding that some will require thousands of dollars' worth of repairs.


"I'm protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest," said 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s.

...he said as he smashed a police car with a rock.

"I knew this was going to happen," Lujan added. "It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets."

He just said, two seconds ago, he wanted "peace."

He seems to want "peace" like the Palestinian Knife Activists want "peace."

Video footage showed some anti-Trump demonstrators hurling debris at a passing pickup truck.

Nearly attempted murder. Let's just call it Aggravated Boisterousness With Intent to Commit Hijinks.

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence to Endorse Ted Cruz
— Ace

Should help him, as Walker helped him.

Of course, Trump already locked down what may be an even more important endorsement in Indiana -- Hoosiers coach and freeform chair motion artist Bobby Knight.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]
— Open Blogger


Girl Braiding Her Hair
Pierre-August Renoir

And for something a little different, some performance art below the fold.... more...

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TGIF Morning News Dump (4/29/16) [Mis. Hum.]
— Open Blogger

Have a good Friday and a better weekend.

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April 28, 2016

Overnight Open Thread (4-28-2016)
— Maetenloch

Quote of the Day I

Yale University President Peter Salovey solemnly addressed "the Yale community" by email in the early evening hours last night. He had a portentous announcement. Among other things, Yale has reached a decision on whether to retain the title "master" to refer to the teachers taking up the mantle at Yale's residential colleges. You can feel the brain cells sloughing off as you read the deliberation that went into taking the long way around to arrive at the wrong conclusion in the current fashion. It's the tribute that knowledge pays to ignorance.

-- Scott Johnson of PowerLine

Quote of the Day II

In fact, over the years, Mr. Gross has consistently asked one question of prospective employees: What drives you?

The twist is that they must pick one of three answers: money, power or fame.

Strangely to him, no one has ever picked fame.

"It is the one thing I have always wanted," he said. "When I was starting out at Pimco in 1972, I told my mother and father that I was going to become the most famous bond manager in the world."


If you can keep your head when all about you  

    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,  

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

    But make allowance for their doubting too;  

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

    Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,

Or being hated, don't give way to hating,

    And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream-and not make dreams your master;  

    If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim;  

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same;  

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

    And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

    And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

    To serve your turn long after they are gone,  

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

    Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,  

    Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

    If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,  

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,  

     And-which is more-you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling published this poem in 1910 and Ernest Shackleton already had a framed copy of it in the ship's library on his ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic in 1914.

Related: Only a PC Killjoy Could Hate the New 'Jungle Book'

And the SJW Scolds never let you down: Reminder: Rudyard Kipling Was a Racist F*ck and The Jungle Book Is Imperialist Garbage


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