December 29, 2015

George Pataki Announces He Will Pataki It Up and End His Not-Actually-Real Bid for the Presidency
— Ace

In a speech unpatakied with emotion, Pataki announced he will drop out of the race to an auditorium which was the opposite of whatever patakied with supporters is.

In a race patakied with unexpected twists, George Pataki always remained a consistent, comforting presence, by always staying at the very bottom of the pataki of candidates.

Why no, I don't know why I keep hitting this lame joke, either. I guess I just thought at some point I could make something which isn't funny, funny, if I just kept patakiying in the repetitions.

The question on nobody's mind is: Who gets the support of All of the Person who supported Pataki?

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Minneapolis Councilwoman and Black Lives Matter Supporter Doxxes Critics Writing to Her, Then Plays the Victim Card When She Is Criticized for Doxxing Her Critics
— Ace

I held this back from posting on Christmas eve, because it's terrible.

Things are getting very scary.

We are increasingly living in a world in which there are so simply no limits whatsoever in the left's pursuit of its political agenda.

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Movie Reviews: Unbranded, Ex Machina
— Ace

Both worth watching, both recommended.

I also would recommend Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, but I'll do that as a separate review tomorrow.

Ex Machina: Trailer here.

I can't really talk about this one too much because it's a double-reverse okie-doke movie, but I will say that it's watchable, interesting most of the time, and explores much of the same stuff that Blade Runner did, though on a less blockbustery budget.

If you're into sci-fi, I'd say it's a bit of a must, even if you wind up not liking it, though I think you will.

It's currently available on Netflix. Free. (Well, if you have Netflix.) It's on Amazon, free if you have Amazon Prime.

I give it three stars. The chick who plays "Ava," the android, is the hot chick who played the female spy in Man from UNCLE, and, unless there's some CGI going on, you see what's goin' in there, if you know what I'm talking about.

She's pretty good in the role.

There's one weird thing: The android puts out a strong pedo vibe. It's not that she's underage (though she is pretty young, like 22 or something). But an AI that just came into being a couple of months ago is essentially a child in her mind. She's completely innocent -- like a child.

She doesn't look like a child (well, sort of, 22 year olds now look like children to me), but she thinks like one or at least acts like one.

Just a weird, uncomfortable thing as she begins demonstrating a curiosity about sex.

I think it works to the movie's advantage, because it's a movie about a lot of odd questions, and this is one of the oddest ones.

If, in the Blade Runner world, you had sex with the "pleasure model" Pris, who was three or four years old, are you a pedophile? Yes, she's a replicant, but she has childlike tendencies (something merely suggested in Blade Runner, and pushed more explicitly in Ex Machina).

Three stars.

Unbranded. Trailer here. I talked about this movie a couple of weeks ago, before seeing it. I got the Blu-Ray just before Christmas.

Good movie, and I'll get to its strengths, but let me first talk about some weaknesses.

First of all, it's not not really what I would call a documentary. A real documentary explores a real situation or occupation or historical event.

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Obama Planning World Tour to Solidify His Legacy and Feed His Narcissism
— Ace

I can't even, as the kids who shop at Hot Topic say.

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"Affluenza" Defense Fugitive Caught in Mexico
— Ace

This was a case that really shook me out of my naivete. Being a law-and-order sort of guy, I tended to believe the system worked and that the people working in it were mostly upstanding.

Then, a rich 16 year old, who got drunk and killed four people in a car crash, got off from doing any jailtime and all by pleading the "affluenza" defense-- that the kid had been raised so rich and spoiled he had a diminished capacity to tell right from wrong. And that, somehow, this was a defense to his crime, rather than simply being the reason for it, and this was then said to reduce his culpability, rather than, as most people would say, increasing it.

So, a kid has all the advantages in life, and gets to live like a prince, and when he gets 0.24 BAC drunk and kills four people, his one-in-a-million good fortune is a pretext to shower him with even more favors and indulgences?

This wasn't a soft jury that got conned. This was a judge who let the kid out of jail because his parents were too rich.

At this point, I suddenly had a sick feeling: Oh wait, when they show in movies that judges are corrupt, they're not making that up, are they?

So this rotten drunken monster, who's now 18, got to live the soft life some more after killing four people. He violated the terms of his probation -- what a shock -- by getting drunk again.

From Maetenloch's ONT from a couple of weeks back, a video showed the kid drinking during beer pong, which is a violation of the terms of his parole -- no drinking, no drugs, no driving.

And the fact that he was violating his probation couldn't even be covered up with some money, because someone narked him out in a Tweet, with video.

Rather than face the music manfully, the kid, and his mother, who I assume is Cersei Lannister, went on the lam.

The pair was caught in the resort of Puerto Vallarta, a venue so idyllic that the Love Boat made frequent stops there. *

Now detained by Mexican police, we are all left hoping that the Mexican police turn out to be less corruptible than the American ones.

And that this time, assuming the Mom and her drunken 18 year old killer baby, will actually get a judge willing to put the couple in jail.

* I looked this up, and it seems the reason the Love Boat made frequent stops in Puerto Vallarta is that the line ran from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta (and back).

So... not just a stop, but the actual destination every week.

And If This Makes You Mad... I'm being told there's a documentary series on Netflix called "Making a Murderer" that will make you even more insane.

Which is hard to believe, but I'm told that that story is even worse than the Affluenza kid.

Note: I haven't actually seen the documentary and until 20 minutes ago had never even heard of it. I cannot vouch for it either way. I'm just passing along a recommendation someone sent me.

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Jerry Lewis Trashes Obama, Praises Trump
— Ace

Huh! Jerry Lewis! Who would have guessed?

And then he says this about Reagan.

"I think he's great," said Lewis of Trump. "He's a showman and we've never had a showman in the president’s chair."

"Well, we had Ronald Reagan," Arroyo interjected.

"Well, that’s different," answered Lewis. "You can't make do a comparison on Ronald Reagan because I can do three hours on him with just praise, he was so good."

I never would have guessed that Jerry Lewis was a Reaganite.

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Open Thread
— rdbrewer

Ivan Shishkin, "Fog in the Forest" (1890)

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A Couple of Words About Lemmy
— rdbrewer

Vintage Hawkwind, "Silver Machine" (1972), below the fold. Johnny Rotten said if not for this song, there would not have been a Sex Pistols. Interesting, because this "proto-punk sound" is from the band that pretty much invented space rock.

Then Lemmy went on to define heavy metal and its subculture and influenced everything that came from that.

Space rock, punk rock, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash... Lemmy had a hand in all of all that. He was the nexus.

May he rest in peace. more...

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Good Morning
— rdbrewer

I'm sure Ben will be a long in a bit with a news dump.

Added: Here's a nice picture of the new Bugatti.

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December 28, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (12-28-2015)
— Maetenloch



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Retired President Decides to Run Her Mouth While, Get This, On Vacation
— Ace

She says she'll start calling Trump out or something.

In addition, she says she has a single question for 2016 candidates: "why do you want to do this?”

I suppose this is her way to draw attention to herself, and suggest that unlike these other narcissists, she's a selfless heroine who cares only for the commonweal.

Oh, and being popular.

Open Thread.

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"Reproductive Health Reporters" Get Swag-Bag of Tasty Treats from the Abortion Industry They Supposedly Objectively Cover, and Not Only Do They Not Keep This Secret, They Openly Boast of It
— Ace

They're so in the bag for Planned Parenthood -- so completely ignorant of journalistic standards when it comes to abortion -- they think this is a Fun, Happy Story, and not, say, a story about an industry showering money-value favors on "reporters," and "reporters" who think it's just awesome to accept chocolates and sweets from their subjects.

They're so far over the line they don't even know their is a line at all.

And yes, that is Sarah Kliff, former "reproductive health reporter" for the Washington Post, who infamously said she wasn't covering the Gosnell House of Horrors because it was a "local crime story."

Shockingly, this once allegedly neutral reporter is now working as a "reporter" for the silly leftwing partisan site Vox.

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Chicago Cops Shoot 55 Year Old Grandmother; Meanwhile Rahm Emanuel, Being a YOLO Mayor like the YOLO President Obama, is Recreating in Cuba
— Ace

Ed Driscoll highlights this at Instapundit, reporting that noted racial healer Al Sharpton has observed that he "can't see how [Emmanuel] can continue to govern."

Why start now?

Jim Geraghty calls this "the perfect Obama-era scandal," featuring more black anger about a police chief and once again a wholly Democrat controlled city government which somehow manages to elude all responsibility.

And of course, the guy at the top is vacationing, of course.

Chicago is the City of the Future, and I don't mean that in a good way. I mean that as a dire warning.

Two more shooting deaths by Chicago police are prompting swift action by the Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as well as by residents who want the mayor to go.

The latest upheaval came after Chicago police fatally shot Bettie Jones, 55, and Quintonio LeGrier, 19, while answering a call about a domestic disturbance.

Jones, a mother of five, shouldn't have been shot, police say. She was "accidentally struck and tragically killed" by an officer.

Many question the shooting of LeGrier, who police say was combative. LeGrier's family said he suffered from mental illness, CNN affiliate WLS reported.

It is now updated that Rahm Emmanuel will, wonder of wonders, cut his vacation short to return to the city he mismanages in his actual job, which makes him, I suppose, more of a leader than golf-crazy Obama.

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College is For Everybody, and There's a Magor Out There For Every Student
— Ace

I'm thinking if, after 12 years of primary and secondary schooling, you still can't spell "major," a 3rd-grade babyword, then you have to reconsider if this whole higher education thing is really for you.

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Grand Jury Declines Indictment In Police Shooting of 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice
— Ace

In Cleveland in November 2014, police approached a young boy carrying what turned out to be a pellet gun at night. They quickly opened fire and killed him.

The fact that the kid was holding what appeared to be a real gun is a reason to not hold the cops criminally responsible. On the other hand, the shooting occurs so quickly after cops arrived on the scene one has to question such a precipitous decision.

A grand jury was impaneled to consider charges. The prosecutor himself offered the opinion that no charges were necessary.

The grand jury apparently agreed.

What might have happened is that the cops rolled up too close to the suspect, rather than approaching on foot from further back. It looks like they rolled into the middle of a situation, giving themselves only a short time to process it.

Jumping into the scene just a couple of yards from the suspect, they could not do common sense things like give a verbal challenge and command, or... just observe the situation.

They excuse cop shootings by noting that sometimes you only have a second to make a life or death decision. True. But here they themselves put themselves on an extremely short clock.

I think this is a pretty tough call either way. Yes, the kid had a simulated gun; on the other hand, it's not good practice to take two seconds to decide to kill someone. The kid didn't even have gun. The cops may have perceived danger, but that perception was false. The brief period of time between arrival and shooting short-circuited good decision-making.

I don't know if I'd call this criminal (I can see it both ways), but it seems to me that however way you cut it, you wouldn't want a trigger-happy cop like this patrolling your own street, so he shouldn't patrol other people's streets either.

And What If the Gun Had Been Real? I don't mean that as an exculpatory hypothetical -- I mean, if the gun had been real, why would someone carrying a gun be shot so quickly in an Open Carry state?

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Jim Webb Lights Into Hillary, Signalling Possible Third Party Run?
— Ace

This isn't so great if you're thinking Trump will be the GOP candidate, because Webb will target the exact disaffected conservative Democrat demographic that Trump has a chance to steal.

So what else could go wrong.

When Jim Webb, the former Virginia senator and Navy secretary, left the Democratic primary race in October, he hinted that he might mount an independent run for president. That looks more likely now that Webb has blasted his party’s front-runner for her "inept leadership" as secretary of state.

"Hillary Clinton should be called to account for her inept leadership that brought about the chaos in Libya, and the power vacuums that resulted in the rest of the region," Webb wrote in a Facebook post Saturday. "While she held that office, the U.S. spent about $2 billion backing the Libyan uprising against Qaddafi. The uprising, which was part of the Arab Spring, led directly to Qaddafi being removed. . . . Now some 2,000 ISIS terrorists have established a foothold in Libya. Who is taking her to task for this?"

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Open Thread
— rdbrewer

Camille Pissarro, "The Effect of Snow, Sunset, Eragny" (1895)

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Morning Thread
— DrewM

Someone slept in today.

Here's some "content" to kick start the week.

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December 27, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (12-27-2015)
— Maetenloch

Due to a confluence of events you just get pictures tonight.



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