November 30, 2014

Overnight Open Thread (11-30-2014)
— Maetenloch

Quote of the Day - Blasphemy Edition

"If you look at the most credible evidence [of Michael Brown's death at the hands of a Ferguson, Mo., police officer], the lessons are really basic," [Rich] Lowry said during an appearance on Meet the Press. "Don't rob a convenience store. Don't fight with a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun. And when he yells at you to stop, just stop."

Those comments elicited gasp from a panel that included the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell exclaimed "Whoa, whoa" during Lowry's comments, while Robinson said his recitation of the known facts in the case was an attempt to "relitigate" Brown's death.

WaPo Published Darren Wilson's Address, Now Wrings Its Editorial Hands That He Now Lives a Life Under Threat

But luckily he's been gone from his house since August.

National Guard Encounters Armed Blacks with Guns in Ferguson - Cooperation Ensues

Some National Guardsmen patrolling the wreckage of Ferguson, Missouri came on a remarkable, and alarming, sight: black men with guns, their leader a 6'8? giant cradling an AR-15. They stood in the forecourt of a Conoco gas station, a building that rose, unmolested, like a meth addict's last solitary tooth in a micro-Hiroshima landscape of boarded-up, or, worse, looted and burned, small businesses.

This was a building that did not burn, despite containing fuel enough to delight the nihilistic rioters. It wasn't just standing, it was open.

The Guard soldiers demanded that the men put their guns down, and were actually starting to cuff them, when the owner of the station emerged. Doug Merello is a second-generation owner of the station, and even though he's white, he and his shop's neighbors, just about all black, had always been friendly. They were his customers, and the neighbors were where he turned for his workers, too.

The nervous Guardsmen soon learned that the giant, Derrick "Stretch" Jordan, 37, and his armed friends were local men. They were workers and former workers at the station, and their friends, who knew Merello and just thought it would just flat be a crying shame if his station went the way of so many other small Ferguson businesses. Especially when they knew so many good people in their town, of whatever race, and knew also that the looters were mostly outsiders with a sprinkling of local ne'er-do-wells, incited by an irresponsible media that dreams of a world in flames.


Don Surber: Do Not Rebuild #Ferguson

A contrary view:

From a kid who survived the Hough Riots in Cleveland nearly a half century ago, some unsolicited advice to the business owners in Ferguson, Missouri: Do not bother rebuilding. Your customers do not want you. They tore up your stores - twice. And after one of them robbed a store. These are not protests. They are pogroms aimed at the middle class. Take the insurance money and run.

Police officers, too, should leave. Why risk a criminal trial or worse for doing your job?

Homeowners, too. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic - it does not matter. You are middle class. They do not want you. Leave.



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Cognitive Dissonance: The Moron's Dilemma [CBD]
— Open Blogger

gun bacon.jpg

Tweeted by Lumberin' Jack @wryson

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Food Thread: Stuffing Waffles: Yes, I Went There [CBD]
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Stuffing waffle.jpg

And it was good and true and pure, and there was much rejoicing.

I used my standard corn bread and sausage stuffing, which presents a bit of a challenge because it is crumbly. Regular bread stuffing might be easier. For the last one I tossed the stuffing in a bit of whipped egg, and that seemed to hold it together nicely.

Obviously this isn't a batter that expands when heated, so it is important to pack every nook and cranny of the iron with stuffing. And don't be afraid to compress it! more...

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Sunday Travel(ish) Thread: Regional Differences [Y-not]
— Open Blogger

'Been a while since we had a new thread...

In the comments this morning Mama AJ asks:

Oklahomans seemed nice when I'd encounter them in Texas. Nice is important to me.

Nice is a good start. Beyond that, my mom and I were discussing differences in "willingness to make new friends".

I don't know if differences in that are actually geographic vs. things are different these days vs. small communities vs. cities.

I'd love to know what you all think about that.

I had been thinking about similar topics this week after reading story after story about regional differences (primarily to do with Thanksgiving traditions). This is the time of year when many of us return "home" to see family, so I guess it's natural that the topic of regional differences tends to surface.

This report from last year claims to have identified the personality traits that dominate particular parts of the U.S. Here's a sample of their findings:

Creative types in the U.S. cluster in the West while friendly folk tend to stay in their hometowns in the Midwest and South, according to new research.

American-born Jason Rentfrow, a psychologist at the U.K.'s University of Cambridge, tracked the general temperaments of each state and found that people with certain personality traits tend to reside in three distinct regions.

People living in the South and Midwest were the most conventional but also the friendliest in the country, according to the study. Americans living in the West were the most relaxed and creative, while those in New England and the Mid-Atlantic were the most temperamental and uninhibited.

On a related note, I stumbled into this 2013 article about the 11 American nations:

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Sunday Football Thread
— Dave in Texas

Leftover dressing sammiches are superior to leftover turkey sammiches.


Happy Sunday morons. Safe travels for those of you who are, or your loved ones if they are.

Nov 30.jpg

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Gun Thread : Range Report [Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

Gun of the Week



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Sunday Morning Book Thread 11-30-2014: City of Women [OregonMuse]
— Open Blogger

attack of the 50-foot woman.jpg
Does This Power Station Make Me Look Fat?

Good morning morons and moronettes and welcome to AoSHQ's stately, prestigious, and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread. The only AoSHQ thread that is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Or kilts. Kilts are OK, too. But not tutus.

The Feminization of - Well, Everything

Last week, torquewrench posted an apt comment:

111 We allow a feminized educational system to force-feed [Margaret] Atwood, [Maya] Angelou, [Alice] Walker, et al. to teenaged boys.

Whose instincts at that age are are to be profoundly bored with emotive introspective feminista literature. They want action, adventure, bold canvases, far horizons, male protagonists: all the things these books do not have.

Then we're surprised and shocked to learn that we've turned off those boys to reading for the rest of their adult lives, to the considerable detriment of their cultural and educational prospects.

I've got one just like that in my extended family. Bright young man. But after the mandatory bland diet of lefty chick lit inflicted upon him by his teachers, I do not think he's ever going to take up the reading of substantive literature. Completely turned off to it. The radfem educrats took what should have been a fun voyage of discovery, and made it a grinding chore. As soon as he could get rid of that chore, he did, with evident relief.

To this I would add that fathers need to take a bigger role in the education of their sons (and daughters, too), instead of merely turning their kids over to the tender mercies of the public school system and forgetting about them.

But for a humorous take on this "men vs. women" phenomenon, read this article on a supposed high school writing assignment that went hilariously off the rails. And thanks to phoenixgirl, Taco Shack, and other morons who dug this up for me last week.

But serious you guys...

Everybody knows what's going on here: what torquewrench is reporting is just one of several fronts in modern feminism's ongoing and continuous war on men. But, even still, I don't think they came up with this themselves, I think they're just exploiting and inflaming a social condition that's actually been around for quite a while. I give, as evidence, the 1914 novel Penrod (and its sequels) by Booth Tarkington. The eponymous main character of these books, Penrod, is a young boy around 10-12 years of age, too old to be mama-clingy, but too young to be very much interested in girls. The primary authorities in his life are his mother, his 19-year old sister, and his (seemingly always female) school teachers. His father is there, too, sort of, but he's a minor character who remains in the background and has little or no influence on the events in his son's life, except when he is called upon to deliver a spanking, the infraction having being previously decided by the women. Penrod, being a boy, wants to do boy things, particularly, to retreat to his own private space to write western-themed action stories with plenty of guns, shooting and violence. But he can't do this because the female authority figures won't leave him alone; and indeed, have decided that he has to take dancing lessons, and wear a goofy-ass costume in a ridiculous school "pageant", etc. The novel depicts the continual tension between Penrod's developing masculinity and the feminine modes of thought and experience that form the boundaries of his life.

(As I'm writing this, I am reminded of a similar episode from a book whose title I forget, perhaps it was one of Ethelyn Parkinson's Rupert Piper books, wherein the Penrod-like main character is being used by his mother and older sister (or aunt) as a dressmaker's dummy so they can complete their sewing project. Of course some of the boy's friends happen by and see him wearing a dress, and hilarity ensues when he gets mad and chases them down the street, still in the dress, being pursued by his shrieking mother and sister. Perhaps when I first read this many years ago, I missed the symbolism of forcing the (male) main character into a dress by female authority figures.)

For a more academic treatment of how women are ruining everything (ha ha, the men are doing their part, too), I would suggest Ann Douglas's Feminization of American Culture which came out in 1977. I'm convinced feminism, like progressivism, is a Christian deviation or heresy, and this book aptly demonstrates it.


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EMT 11/30/14 - Dallas Bound [krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

I'll be leaving you all to your own devices this morning, as I am flying to Dallas this morning.

I hear it's going to be in the mid 70s today. That will be lovely.

Of course tomorrow, the walk to the client's site will be in the mid 40s.

For all you Dallas area natives, I apologize. I bring more bad weather than Al Gore on a multi-city AGW seance tour.

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November 29, 2014

Overnight Open Thread (29 Nov 2014)

Well for all the doom and gloom that Al Gore preached about global warming and hurricanes, the 2014 hurricane season quietly closes tomorrow making it 9 years since the U.S. was hit by a major hurricane.

Related: Three consecutive years of record low tornado activity. more...

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Media Finally Notices That Brown Family Pathologist Doesn't Have The Credentials He Claims
— Ace

Things that might have been useful to know five months ago.

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So Uncomfortable
— Ace

In Britain, a dispute about a minor ticket features threats and lots of use of the c-word (profanity warning).

CNN immediately dubbed the angry man "a gentle giant with kind words for all."

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How Our Awful Leftist Media Deliberately Lied About Two Racial Stories In a Row
— Ace

A recap by John Sexton.

Great paragraph:

Salon reported the inconvenient autopsy findings with a subheading which claimed they "complicate accounts in which Brown was running away from Darren Wilson." Well, no. They don't complicate those accounts. They simplify them by proving those accounts were false.

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Gardening Has Been Berry Berry Good To Me [Y-not, WeirdDave, and KT]
— Open Blogger

Greetings Gardening Morons and Moronettes!

Today's topic is "berries," especially huckleberries:

Take it away, KT!



Or maybe your blueberry? Sometimes it is hard to tell, even though the Montana State Legislature has issued a legal definition of "huckleberry". One huckleberry of the genus Vaccinium is the State Fruit of Idaho, and some species are said to do best on volcanic soils, which are common in Idaho. Eastern huckleberries also include plants from the related genus Gaylussicia, which includes the "dangleberry".

Many berries in the genus Vaccinium are noted for their nutritional properties. These include blueberries, huckleberries, bilberries and cranberries. Many of them are useful in the garden as "ornamental edibles". Some even take part to full shade. The ones used in gardens require organically enriched, acid soils. Below, I have included a little information on blueberries, huckleberries and some stand-ins which don't necessarily need really acid soil.

BLUEBERRIES - I have a friend who always makes blueberry pie for Thanksgiving (More American than Apple Pie). Thick, warm blueberry sauce is more my usual level of effort - so good over ice cream, pancakes or waffles. Eating blueberries raw is even easier. If you want to grow your own blueberries, choose types suited to your climate. As a general rule, plan on including more than one cultivar for cross-pollination:

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Saturday College Football Thread
— Dave in Texas

Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday football top ten top tens, all times eastern because New York or something.

Georgia (9) is up on the Rambling Wreck by a TD, game underway
Ohio State (6) tied with Michigan, also underway
Mississippi State (4) and Ole Miss (19) at 3:30pm
Florida at Florida State (3), 3:30pm (l miss being with my cousins fightin over this game. USArmy and USAirforce.. and grads of both schools.. both Vietnam vets too)

Baylor (7) at Texas Tech, 3:30pm
Michigan Snow (10) at Penn State, 3:30pm

Auburn (15) at Alabama (1), 7:15pm
Oregon (2) at Oregon State, 8pm

TCU (5) stomped Texas, Stanford surprised UCLA (8 but not for long).


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Fundamental Concepts : The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many [Weirddave]
— Open Blogger

Last week, after the fundamental concepts thread was mostly dead, a poster came in and excoriated me for being part of the gay mafia. It seems that because I have a gay friend, and because I respect and like her and am able to discuss serious topics with her, I am a deluded fool. The poster was dismayed that s/he had to read such drivel "on a conservative blog", and furthermore...I'll just quote: more...

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Saturday Politics Thread: Now With More Butane [Y-not]
— Open Blogger

Terrible week in Ferguson.


For some reason, in the midst of all the unrest, the junior senator from Kentucky thought that publishing this would be helpful:


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EMT 11/29/14 - Ye Olde Poste Fowle Sæternes-dæge edishun.[krakatoa]
— Open Blogger

Anyone else still draggin' arse after an epic Thanksgiving feast?

I can't be the only one.


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November 28, 2014

Overnight Open Thread (28 Nov 2014)

Howdy morons. I'm back from my little vacation so you're stuck with me again. Hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving.

So you guys tired of turkey sandwiches yet? Perhaps you might want to try one of these 11 insane Thanksgiving-inspired sandwiches, tacos and more then. more...

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Trouble Finding Things to be Thankful About?
— rdbrewer

At least you're not in this family. Be thankful for that. more...

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Gentry Liberals Are Going to Force Your Town to Buy Billion-Dollar Toy Trains and There's Nothing You Can Do About It
— Ace

Good piece at the Federalist on gentry liberals' insane insistence on paying hundreds of millions of dollars to install horrifically-outdated streetcars in their towns and cities.

Why do this? Well, I can only think because they've seen streetcars in movies, and think they look Classy. And they might look classy indeed. But then, anyone with any actual experience with streetcars would point out:

1. They're very slow

2. They slow down all vehicular traffic as well

3. They're very dangerous and are responsible for tremendous vehicular and bodily damage every year

4. And they cost a lot of money to provide you with nothing but downsides

But they do look classy, huh? Just like a movie!

I can't help but think gentry liberals do not like buses because The Poors ride buses, and so they're determined to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a dangerous, slow, expensive and very outdated transportation system that they don't associate with The Poors.

I'd like to point out to them that the Poors they're trying to avoid will in fact ride the streetcars too, if available, just as they ride the buses now.

Still, as the article points out, streetcars are really more of a Shelbyville idea.


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