April 29, 2008

Finally: Wrist Mounted Flame-Thrower
— Ace

The first half minute or so is footage of Pyro from X2. Skip ahead for the gadget.

More here, including how it was built.

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Obama's Speech on Wright, Take Two
UPDATE: Video Added At Hot Air

— Ace

Video available from 20th Century Slublog

Vid Update: Here.

Throwing him under the bus. I could no more disown him than I could disown someone who had become a serious political liability.

This time, the media will crow, he really has put this issue completely behind him.

Of course they said that last time, too, and six thousand times since then.

Wright is a "distraction" from what really matters, he informs us. Wow, I didn't see that one coming.

HAHAHAHA! Claims that Wright's recent "performances" represent a "Change" from the man he'd known for 20 years. Doubles down claiming that he hasn't heard this stuff from Wright before.

Two words:

Bull. Fucking. Shit. This is not a man who is shy about revealing whatever is on his lunatic, racist mind. The idea that Barack didn't know is so preposterous as to make me physically angry.

For the Love of God Himself, This shit was said in Obama's "church" every other Sunday and has always been available on videotape! Obama knew about this stuff for at least a year already (and of course he knew about it for 20 years, but we can definitely pin the last year on him).

Last time he defended Wright by excusing it as the anger of a man who had grown up in a more racist period of history.

Now when it threatens him, the very same statements are "shocking" and "disgusting."

Live Stream in the top banner at FoxNews.

Wait, Wait, Wait: Now that Wright threatens Obama's candidacy, are we not any longer supposed to look at his words "in context" and judge the man "according to his whole career and the good works he's done"?

That was the MSM's claims yesterday, when Obama was still trying to limp along with his Illinois Nazi buddy. Now that Obama himself has declared Wright a non-person, the MSM will, I imagine, suddenly decide he is as well, and of course the focus will be on Wright himself being an evil guy, not on Barack Obama for cultivating a twenty year political/personal/spiritual alliance with him.

Obvious Point: Major Garret is ripping Obama. Notes that Obama only saw this as "shocking" when it threatened to hurt his own political fortunes; when he thought he could ride his way through it, he defended him and engaged in apologism for his vile racism and crank conspiracy theories and vicious anti-American hatred. Only when, as Obama says, Wright shows Obama disrespect by talking publicly does Obama suddenly realize this is all just so awful.

Also notes that Obama's previous claim -- judge the "measure of the man" according to all his beliefs, et. -- is now scuttled, as Wright offered up his measure and it was precisely the measure we took from those "out of context" soundbites.

Shock! Andrew Sullivan is blown away!

That was a very impressive, clear and constructive re-framing of his core message of his candidacy; and a moment given to him by Wright. No one will ever be able to say that Obama threw his father-figure and pastor under the bus. We all know that the reverse happened. We also know that this clear repudiation of Wright's toxic, indeed "ridiculous" views on AIDS, 9/11 and permanent immiseration of people of color could not have happened unless Wright had made it necessary. Skeptics may wonder whether Wright actually deliberately did Obama a favor. I doubt it. But a favor it unintentionally is.

Maybe God does bring good out of bad. Maybe these racial and cultural divides can help us understand how better to move beyond them. Cynics may scoff - and certainly will. They will parse every nuance and try to paint Obama as another cynical, positioning pol. I don't believe it. He has more sincerity and integrity than the vast majority of politicians, more honesty, and more resilience in a very tough spot.

And today, we found that he can fight back, and take a stand, without calculation and in what is clearly a great amount of personal difficulty and political pain. It's what anyone should want in a president. It makes me want to see him succeed more than ever. It's why this country needs to see him succeed more than ever.

Um, this isn't just about Wright. Everyone knows Wright is a racist lunatic. Well, everyone knows now; until yesterday, Barack "Mr. Judgment-Healing" Obama and Andrew Sullivan were still in the dark.

The question is about a 20 year close political relationship with an Illinois Nazi-- and that's a question about Obama, not Wright.

Man, do I hate Illinois Nazis.

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Not Safe For Work Tattoo
— Ace

Really, not safe for work.

I can only think of two advantages to this tattoo: First of all, once you get the ink, you no longer have to fear the drudgery and tedium of a steady job, but have liberated yourself into an exciting career of menial fix-it and caretaker work and perhaps morgue make-up artistry.

Second, any chick who actually pays any attention to you at all is quite good to go, and almost certainly up for anything. Pretty much you start with anal and then work your way down from there.

Anyway, NSFW!, a just awesome tattoo, if only the world weren't filled with stiffs, squares, and parole officers.

Thanks to dri.

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Grim Milestone: 28 Killed in Sadrist Ambush of Americans
— Ace

28 Sadrists, I mean.

As CJ says, Moqtada al-Sadr's streak of decisive victories just keeps on going. I think he's chasing Barry Bonds' record or something.

Heavy fighting broke out between Coalition and Mahdi Army forces in Sadr City as US troops killed 28 Mahdi Army fighters after being ambushed during a patrol. Seven more Mahdi Army fighters were killed during strikes yesterday.

The 28 Mahdi Army fighters were killed during a four-hour battle in southern Sadr City after a US soldier was wounded by gunfire and US forces began to evacuate the soldier, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Stover, the chief Public Affairs Officer for Multinational Division Baghdad said. “The fire came from the portion of Sadr City we are not in – the northern neighborhoods – and militants fired at our patrol in the southern neighborhoods,” Stover said in an email to The Long War Journal.

During the evacuation, Mahdi Army fighters triggered three roadside bombs and fired rocket propelled grenades and machineguns at the US patrol. Five more soldiers were wounded in the attacks and two vehicles were damaged. None of the soldiers' injuries are reported as life-threatening.

During the battle, US soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division directed "a combination of weapon systems available," including munitions from a Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, at Mahdi Army fighters "firing from buildings, alleyways and rooftops" in the dense urban areas of Sadr City. "The enemy continues to show little regard for innocent civilians, as they fire their weapons from within houses, alleyways, and rooftops upon our Soldiers," said Colonel Allen Batschelet, the chief of staff for Multinational Division Baghdad.

Related: Moqtada al-Sadr, Lord of Bees: Bees fall to American know-how (and light brutality) too.

Thanks to dri for that last one.

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Freed Hezbollah/Sadrist Captive Richard Butler: Hey, At Least I Wasn't Captured By the Americans!
— Ace

He's a Brit, but he works for CBS.

Please turn in your HB-1 visa, asshole.

CBS News journalist Richard Butler said he believes he was kidnapped in Iraq by policemen with sympathies toward the Hezbollah but isn't entirely sure who held him captive for two months or why.


He was taken from a hotel room in Basra, where he was on a trip to meet the chief of staff for anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, Butler told CBS News' Allen Pizzey. Portions of the interview were being shown on the "CBS Evening News" on Monday.


"Straight away you assess the situation," he said. "I am standing there, in front of these eight guys with AK-47s, and I am in a pair of underpants and a T-shirt. The odds are not in my favor. so there is no point in trying to do anything heroic or stupid."

Under the circumstances, he's quite right, but I can't help but think that is the perfect credo for journalists.


While he was held, he heard a lot of Hezbollah propaganda video and Hezbollah ringtones on mobile phones, but he can't be sure his captors were affiliated with the organization.


Butler said he felt it was better to be kidnapped in Iraq then taken into custody by Americans in Afghanistan.

"I was pleased I wasn't being mortarboarded in Guantanamo or being held for six and a half years like an Al-Jazeera cameraman, for instance," he said.

Butler said he lost about 42 pounds and during the last 12 days of his captivity, ate one tangerine and four boiled eggs.

On the day he was found, he heard voices outside where he was staying that escalated into a gunfight. The door to his room was kicked in. A soldier aimed a gun at his head, but when the Iraqi army realized Butler was a Westerner he was taken away to a superior officer.

He was held in restraints and with a sack-cloth over his head and threatened with death and starved to the point where he lost 42 pounds, but of course they were pussycats, just really swell fellers, especially compared to how the Americans treat their genuine prisoners of war.

Thanks to CJ.

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More "Fear:" DNC Features Soldiers Caught In IED Blast
— Ace

Charlies Johnson says they're killed by the blast, but I think that might just be an assumption.

Bob Owens has stills of the blast images. The guys flinch, and I'm thinking if you're able to flinch, there's a good chance you weren't killed.

I have to defend the DNC on this: It seems a very convenient argument by those who support the war to claim that the most visceral anti-war images -- US soldiers being attacked and possibly killed -- can't be used for political purposes, out of respect for the soldiers. Similar reasoning would suggest that footage of the 9/11 attacks can't be used for political purposes, which is reasoning I also reject. In both cases victims of tragedy or war are being used for ends which they might not support, and arguably are not being shown the respect they're entitled to; but advocacy on issues of war and peace is an important venture, and it seems unwarranted to leave the "best evidence" on the cutting room floor out of respect for soldiers or victims of terrorism.

Respect for a small number of people is trumped by the need of the nation to decide upon a proper course, and information comes in different forms, from the coldly analytical to the purely emotive and anecdotal and visual.

That said: There sure does seem to be a lot of that fear-mongering in this ad, which the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) continue insisting is a very bad thing indeed and tricks people into making bad decisions by appealing to the least rational, most lizard-like parts of their minds.

But I'm sure I'm just missing the nuance here, once again, which is, as always, It's okay when Democrats do it.

Hmmm... I'm currently searching the clips from Fahrenheit 911 because I believe I've seen that blast before -- and I'm 70 to 75% sure it was first shown in a commercial for Michael Moore's leftist diatribe.

I haven't found it yet, but here's the trailer. Note Baghdad Jim McDermott opening the trailer by saying "You can make people do anything if they're afraid."

Really, Jim? I couldn't tell you believed that at all.

Yup: My memory was right. That blast footage is lifted right from the above-linked trailer for Michael Moore's movie, at 1:35. I missed it, because I skipped over the small-town montage, thinking it wouldn't be there.

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Global Warming Will Give You AIDS
— Ace

What fresh hell is this?

JMS snarks They're playing to our fears! It's been noted before but it can't be noted enough: The left is fond of screaming that the right fills the public with "fears," but they've been fear-mongering for 50 (100?) years themselves. The difference? Al Qaeda really did blow up the WTC and Pentagon. But global warming is not going to give you AIDS.

And yet that fanciful bugaboo is apparently a "good fear."

Meanwhile, Instapundit deploys my favorite of his running jokes, as a college apparently punishes an enormously accomplished climatologist for daring to criticize the Cult of Global Warming.

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They’re Back…..Marines Return To Afghanistan. Taliban And Other Assorted Dirtbags Hit Hardest.
— DrewM

Since our NATO “allies” refused to pony up enough troops to deal with increased terrorist activities in Afghanistan, someone had to step up and fill the void.

That someone turned out to be the US Marine Corps. And it didn't take long for them to get in the fight.

The first US Marines of a new expeditionary force were deployed in Afghanistan’s troubled Helmand province yesterday, promising new and more aggressive tactics in an implicit criticism of the British operation there.

General Dan McNeill, the commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan, said that the Marine expeditionary force of about 3,500 troops would “stir things up” in remote southern districts of Helmand, where few if any Nato troops have operated in the past seven years.

“We want to establish and maintain a force here and take the pressure off the forces in the north,” he said.

As well as getting added firepower, the British will also come under pressure to adopt American counter-insurgency tactics as the US tries to lead a “mini-surge” to fill the gaps in the Nato alliance’s ranks. The deployment is being regarded as a tacit admission that, after two years in Helmand, British troops have failed to dim the insurgency or to have an impact on opium production, currently the highest in Afghanistan.

Marine leaders sensing that things are winding up in Iraq, especially in Anbar Province where most Marines were stationed, have been trying to get into the fight in Afghanistan for awhile. When NATO nations didn’t provide enough troops to meet the need, the Marines saw their chance and took it.

Is it just me or do you think the Taiban and al Qaeda scumbags would have kicked in a few bucks to help offset the costs of additional NATO troops? I mean who would you rather be up against? Some Euro-coalition troops or US Marines?

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Amanda of the Jungle Update: Publisher Now Apologizes For Its Previous Apology
— Ace

The apology for racial insensitivity itself was racially insensitive.

I'm quite serious.

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April 28, 2008

More Zombie Slaughter [someone]
— Open Blog

Remember that Flash zombie-killing game Ace posted a while back? You know, with the chainsaw. And headshots. Can't have too many of those.

Yeah, there's a sequel. More complex, longer, and more difficult. Fun stuff.

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NC Governor Set To Endorse Hillary
— Ace


Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the endorsement of North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, a surprise boost to her candidacy in a state where Barack Obama is heavily favored to win the Democratic primary.

Easley was expected to announce the endorsement Tuesday morning in Raleigh, the state capital, one week before North Carolina's primary on May 6, according to people close to the governor and to Clinton. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because the formal announcement was pending.

Although the RCP average still shows Obama up by 12, the PPP poll has showed her gaining from -25 to -12. Whether that indicates genuine movement that will be reflected in other polls, who knows.

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"Carrier" Again on PBS
— Ace

Honestly, I don't really know what this is, beyond a big documentary about life on a carrier. It's on PBS at 9 Eastern (so if you're on the east cost you just missed ten minutes).

Genghis asked me to bump this, believing some people are interested in it.

I dunno, was sort of good, but then that good old PBS liberal agenda came in...

Ah well, they can't whine about how awful it is the military bombs people every episode.

Or... can they?

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— DrewM

What happens to an umpire when he gets hit in the mask with a 96 MPH fastball? He falls down. Hard.

The catcher says he wasn't expecting the fastball and just missed it.

The umpire is doing fine and was released from the hospital.

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Not An Issue, Move On, It's a Sideshow, Nothing to Read Here Folks
— Ace

Wright reaffirms the US government is "capable" of creating AIDS and using it to infect the black community, and also Rock Hudson. The latter presumably because MacMillan & Wife was such a poor companion to Columbo.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former longtime pastor to Sen. Barack Obama (D.Ill.), said at the National Press Club on Monday that he believes the U.S. government is "capable" of having invented HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to commit genocide against people of color. Wright's statement was a modification of the claim he made in an April 2003 sermon that the U.S. government had "lied" about inventing HIV as a means of perpetrating genocide, reports CNSNews.com Staff Writer Penny Starr.

"Based on the Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything," Wright said at the National Press Club when asked if he stands by his 2003 claim. "So any time a government can put together biological warfare to kill people, and then get angry when those people use what we sold them, yes, I believe we are capable," he said.

Why are you reading this? Concentrate on the important stuff, like Barack Obama's heath care plans, and his "positive message" of ending the US Government AIDS Racial Assassination Program.

Even St. Andrew of the Sacred Heart-Ache... Now bothers to read Wright's disgusting Naziism and deems it "indefensible."

Ah, well. Same pattern with Ron Paul's toxic newsletters. He denies for a while; then suddenly confesses he is "appalled," "chagrined," "disgusted" and "in a other ways quite put-out;" then two days later he says the issue has passed and he's ready for the make-up sex.

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Obama. Wright. Farrakhan. Cone.
— Ace

That last name may be new to most of you. But it's a big one.

Here's Wright praising Farrakhan.

Michelle Malkin quotes him at today's presser saying, “I do not in any way disagree with James Cone. Jim is a personal friend of mine.”

Five Feet of (Censored Canadian) Fury explains Cone's theology:

The leading theorist of Black Liberation Theology is James Cone. Overtly racist, Cone’s writings posit a black Jesus who leads African-Americans as the “chosen people.” In Cone’s cosmology, whites are “the devil,” and “all white men are responsible for white oppression.” Cone makes this point without ambiguity: “This country was founded for whites and everything that has happened in it has emerged from the white perspective,” Cone has written. “What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.”

If whiteness stands for all that is evil, blackness symbolizes all that is good. “Black theology,” says Cone, “refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community … Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.” Small wonder that some critics have condemned black liberation theology as “racist idolatry” and “Afro-Nazism.”

More, in all of those links.

And Obama sat in this motherfucking black Nazi's church for 20 motherfucking years and heard none of this.



And Even More... Richard Miniter weighs in on Wright's continued race-baiting.

Many liberals are finally acknowledging that Wright really is, um, nuts. And a racist.

But they're doing so because they know they can longer help Obama simpy try to shut the issue down. They're staging an MSM intervention, telling Obama Wright is becoming more radioactive by the minute and he needs to contrive a reason to break with him so then they can go back to insisting that Wright is a non-story.

Wright's "God" -- and hence Obama's "God" -- is a "god" explicitly conjured up to destroy the white race.

This cocksucker sat in the pews for 20 years and never got an inkling of that, huh? Never really "got" that?

But of course this isn't a story, MSM! Why if a white Republican candidate for president was a cultist in the Aryan Christian Identity movement -- in which Adolf Hitler is a latter-day prophet, and Christ himself was untainted by foul Jewish blood, instead born a perfect blonde Aryan -- I'm sure that wouldn't be a newsworthy story either.

I'm sure you'd all call it a "sideshow," call the Nazi High Priest "funny" and "witty" and full of folk Volk wisdom, and instruct the American people it's time to move on to the serious issues.

Oh: Here's Geraghty speculating about Obama's come to Jesus moment with Wright.

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Scary Plants
— Ace

They're not all scary, but most of them are. And they're all weird. Like Doom 3 weird.

And as, um, frightening as that is, that's not even really the ugliest.


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"Don't Be a Crusader"
— Ace

As the man said, there is No Future in England's dreaming.

Thanks to CJ.

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The War on Strippers: Dancers Laid Off Due To Competiton From... Internet
— Ace

Now the New York Times has someone to commiserate with.

The number of strippers and strip clubs in Toronto is declining, with former dancers blaming the Internet for putting them out of work.

A 23-year-old ex-dancer identified only as Madeline told the Toronto Star she could make as much as $1,000 per night after she started working in strip clubs four years ago, but gave it up for a clothed bartending job when fewer men would pay $20 for a lap dance.

"Why would a guy go to a club and pay to sit there if he could get it all for free on his computer at home?" she asked. "The only thing we can offer the internet can't is pickpocketing, Hepatitis B, and the intoxicating scent of industrial-strength bodywash mixed with feet."

I sort of added that last line in there.

Via Conservative Belle, who covers this story I skipped: Obama's pay-off from a... ping pong magnate in exchange for earmarks in state funding.

Change, hope.

Also: Conservative Belle sends this. A 400 pound inmate sheds 100 pounds in jail and is now down to a svelte three-buck-and-change.

So he's suing. The prison doesn't feed him well enough to maintain the obesity he's grown accustomed to.

Is obesity now a right under our "Living Constitution"? Stay tuned.

I wonder if the media -- the people we trust to make decisions -- will inform us of the answer before the courts do.

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"Chaos" As Paultards Hijack Nevada GOP Convention; Voting Suspended "Indefinitely"
— Ace

Photo Credit: Associated Slublog

I suppose it's their right to take over a convention and push new rules to get their boy Paul some delegates.

Except... as usual, this is a futile gesture which is just annoying the living fuck out of the rest of us.

For the last goddamn time: Ron Paul will not be President. Get a life, you freaks. Stop fucking with normal people just because that's all you're good at. Of course you can do this and beat normal, non-retarded people at these stupid games. Because you're unemployed, are filled with lunatic energy, and are impelled by hyper-religious resolve. And the rest of us just don't fucking care as much as you do.

But even so: Your boy ain't going to win. And he's not going to speak at the convention, either. So please just stop embarrassing yourselves.

Story at Michelle Malkin's.

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"Economic Stimulus" Checks Go Out Early
— Dave in Texas

A few days ahead of schedule.

WASHINGTON - The government started depositing thousands of rebate checks in taxpayers' bank accounts on Monday, earlier than originally scheduled, with the Bush administration hoping the payments will give a jump-start to a weak economy.

Eh. Whatever. Just because I think it's dumb doesn't mean I won't take it. Dave in Texas has long recommended "never say no to free money" (like employer matching contributions to retirement plans).

But what to do with it? Not sure. What are you morons planning to do with yours? I mean, those of you who aren't students of the Wesley Snipes Tax Filing and Preparation Institute?

Show America how you're going to get this economy back on its feet in the comments. I've run some numbers if you're curious, in the extended entry. more...

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