May 31, 2007

Amidst Immigration Furor (Fuhrer?), RNC's Small-Donor Donations Drop 40%
— Ace

Since the President and adminstration we've supported so stalwartly is calling us Nazis in their snit, I figured I might as well get with the program myself.

The loss of revnues is not all that great in the scheme of things. A drop in the bucket, really -- $160,000 odd last year versus $100,000 this year. Money wise, that's nothing. Especially when offset by the big checks from businesses and Hispanic lobbies to get this Frankamnestein stitched together and wobbling on its own feet.

The trouble is, people vote their wallets, and their wallets presage their votes. If they're not giving money, they're not going to be giving votes, either.

The RNC has fired its in-house dial-a-donor staff and hired outsiders to do the job.

They blame the "antiquated" nature of the phone system for the drop off in donations.

Maybe it's due to the antiquated nature of this warmed-over 1986 amnesty.

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You Have No Idea How Many Hits I Get On Searches For "Fred Thompson's Wife"
— Ace

You know, Jeri Kehn, Fred Thompson's wife, Mrs. Fred Thompson, Mrs. Jeri Kehn Thompson, Mrs. Fred Jeri Kehn Thompson, Mrs. Jeri "Minnesota Tits" Thompson, the Future First Lady and The First Twins, "Stacey" and "Becca."

Just tossing all those in this post to grab searches.

And also, to grab searches from my three readers in Yemen, "Wife of Infidel Crusader Pig Dog With Knockers Like Ripe Casaba Melonns."

This is the part where i wanted to link the picture I'd uploaded of her, but I can't, because neither Google nor Yahoo cannot find a single frickin' post of mine anymore.

What the hell? Have they officially begun purging blogs from the search engines?

Here's Something:


Thanks to BumperStickerist.

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— Ace

You know that poor guy under quarrantine for the first time in a bazillion years due to his particularly infectious and deadly strain of TB?

His father in law is one of the top TB researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prvention in Atlanta.

He either:

1) hit the medical lottery to have a father in law who just so happens to specialize in the disease he contracted.


2) made the mistake of discussing his and his wife's hobby of "light B&D and assplay" in front of her parents.

I'm thinking closer to 2.

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Two More Kiss-Offs For Bush
— Ace

From Dave In Texas and Geoff.

What President* Bush (yep, the liberal asterisk; why not go whole hog?) fails to comprehend is that he has been so incompetent, embarrassingly dimwitted, and fiscally reckless for six years that the few supporters he had had to spend an awful lot of time, energy, and intellectual (and sometimes emotional) effort to support him.

Our thanks?

President Bush attacked opponents of an immigration deal Tuesday, suggesting they “don’t want to do what’s right for America.”

Not to completely crib from the liberal talking points, but, Mr. President, are your estimates of "merely" 12 million amnestied aliens and improved border security brought to us from the same team that announced a "slam-dunk" on WMDs?

Teddy Kennedy, according to Mike Chertoff: "Awesome"

We who supported Bush for six grueling years: "don't want what's best for America"

Frankly, I think what would be best for America is for Bush to take that long-vacation-seguing-into-an-early-retirement he's obviously had his eye on since age 23.

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Non-Ironic Shock: CNN Blazes Murtha For Wasteful Rathole Earmarks For Ineffective, Duplicative Agency
— Ace

His arrogance is astouding. Not only does he brazenly threaten to stop all local spending in any district of any congressman who challenges him, he refuses to even comment on the scandal.

He's John Murtha -- he was a Marine. He doesn't have to explain himself to the public.

The CNN story concludes, "The Democrats promised reform, and it's not happening."

That seems to understate it. It seems to be far worse.

Meanwhile... Hillary! Clinton and her fellow ecoflagellant liberal Senators continue pouring lethal amounts of poisonous CO2 into the atmosphere by using corporate "sponsored" private jets for any trip longer than stopping by 7-Eleven for blunts and Big Gulps.

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Blame Canada
— Slublog

It seems our friends up north have known about Ms. Marsden for some time. She was even encouraged to run for office as a Conservative.

The only thing that got in the way? Um...(opens pdf)

Peter Worthington, founder of the Sun chain of newspapers and senior columnist with the Toronto Sun, says he's puzzled by the hiring. "She's good-looking, she's articulate, but she's nine miles of bad road," he says. "You might want to live dangerously, and they seem to have decided they want to do that." He admits the Sun has lived to regret its share of strange hires and is willing to give his rivals the benefit of the doubt that maybe they've made a mistake. But, he warns, "the editor better not be in a room alone with her--she has a lethal reputation."

That reputation began in 1996, when Marsden publicly accused Liam Donnelly, a swim coach at Simon Fraser University, where she was enrolled, of sexual harassment. After an investigation--which Donnelly boycotted--the coach was fired and publicly censured by SFU. The story made national news, but later, Donnelly was able to prove that, in fact, things were the other way around: Marsden had been stalking him. In July 1997, he was reinstated. Just days later Marsden contacted the CBC and went on The National to accuse Donnelly of rape. The charge was false, but the episode became such a scandal for SFU that the university's president resigned, citing stress. Marsden was unfazed and unapologetic. Of the fallout, she told a reporter: "Fifty per cent of people want to sleep with me, and the other 50 per cent want to kill me." (Marsden has long cultivated a highly sexualized image. Her website, until very recently, contained near-pornographic images of the columnist in skimpy lingerie, as well as photos of celebrity Julia Roberts with Marsden's face digitally superimposed over the star's.) A few years later, she was warned by RCMP to stop harassing SFU criminology professor and author Neil Boyd.

In 2002, Marsden was arrested and charged with criminal harassment for repeatedly phoning and e-mailing a former lover, Michael Morgan, then a 52-year-old Vancouver radio personality. Search warrant documents obtained by the Vancouver Province alleged that Marsden threatened to publicly humiliate Morgan with nude photos she had taken of him and documents she had stolen from his office. She had also harassed his former girlfriend and her daughter. Just last year, Marsden pled guilty. A B.C. judge ordered her to keep out of trouble and sentenced to her to 12 months probation, which she is still serving.

With a history like that, one wonders whether there is more to the story with Fox.

Now, I'm not saying there is, but come on...

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Video: The Karaoke Singer Right Before He Was Shot Dead
— Ace

Not really, but you could understand.

Thanks to dri.

Wow: Mild content warning for male strippers, serious content warning for the singing.

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Claim: Rachel Marsden of "Red Eye" Escorted Out Of Fox Studios
Update: "She's Out Of Her Fucking Mind"

— Ace

Above the Fold Update: The NYPost, which would have some decent sources in FoxNews, I'm thinking:

SECURITY officers hastily escorted "Red Eye" contributor Rachel Marsden out of Fox News Channel's Midtown headquarters yesterday for bizarre and erratic behavior. "She's out of her [bleeping] mind. She was doing crazy stuff," a spy told us. The brown-haired hottie is notorious in Canada, where authorities say she falsely accused a university swim coach of sexual harassment and harassed a Vancouver radio personality.


And not as in "escorted by a dashing gentleman caller," either.

It's Gawker. Is it true? No idea. No one tells me anything.

I'll see if I can email her to find out. (As if she'll tell me.)

Or I can check later to see if Andrew Levy's popped up on my Googlechat. (As if he'd tell me.)

So, basically, I'm saying all I have is Gawker for this claim, and that's all I ever will have.

Clicking on that Salon hatchet-job linked at Gawker will reveal some... surprising stuff.

Which I'm not endorsing either.

Confirmed... More or less. The escorting seems to have been due to a firing.

May 30/07: A note to inquiring Red Eye viewers: I will no longer be appearing on the show, as I have been told that it is heading in a "different direction" from its inception, and I am the "first casualty". As a political and news commentator, being a panelist on what had become a totally off-the-wall-and-into-orbit show was an interesting experience. It was also the first time that I was ever considered the "sane one" on any program, so I am grateful for that unique opportunity and wish the boys the very best of luck.

Well, now that she's fired and therefore cannot hurt what I'd like to think of as "my career," I'll quibble with her "sane one" self-description. The rest of the guys were riffing, and she always injected this strange discordant note into everything. She was a bad fit. You'd have the other guys goofing around and suddenly she'd break in, pretty much in a non-sequitor, to drop this statistic she'd dug up on the internet as part of her show research. Whether the stat fit or not, whether it derailed the conversation or not, that stat was going to be mentioned come hell or high water.

Her factoids seemed to be like ICBMs -- no recall or abort codes. She was like WOPR in nuke-me pumps.

WOPR was the computer in War Games, by the way, aka "Joshua." I could have said "the computer in War Games" and not left anyone out of the reference, but I don't placate when it comes to eighties movies lore.

Thanks to PetiteDov for the original tip and the well-oiled machine that is Slublog for the confirmation.

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A Man So Mean He Once Shot A Man Just For Snoring Singing Off-Key At A Karaoke Bar
— Ace

Not just shot, either. Shot dead.

Tone death.

h/t Sinistar.

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Paul Gigot & WSJ Editorial Board: The Right Is "Not Even Rational" Anymore On Amnesty Bill, Motivated By Anger, Hate, And Bigotry
— Ace

NRO's editors, called "foaming at the mouth" by WSJ in the above clip, offer them a debate to air the actual facts -- which of course WSJ will cowardly refuse to do.

The Washington Examiner wonders why the Republican establishment is so quick to disrespect and demean their base.

My two theories:

1) This is how they view us all the time; it's only in this particular context are they excitable enough to express their genuine opinions.

2) This is how they deal with any political opponents.

And on that latter point, I'm starting to wonder if the Bush Derangement Syndrome we see in so many liberals might have a vector of dismissiveness traceable right back to the White House.

Via the Corner, Laura Ingraham unloads on President Bush.

"The good news is that President Bush has finally taken the gloves off... the bad news is he's chosen to take them off to beat the hell out of us." (A paraphrase.)

Oh man. She is brutal.

She notes he goes out of his way to not question the patriotism of Democrats voting to de-fund our troops, but extends no such courtesies to his own voters.

Hey, President Bush? Fuck off. You are going down in history in a neck-and-neck battle with Jimmy Carter as worst president of the twentieth century.

And you know what? You are, pretty much, a fucking moron.

All that time we've razzed the left about claiming that? Oh, you're not diagnosably retarded or anything, but you're a fucking dim bulb, and you've got some nerve of accusing opponents of the amnesty bill (which you surely haven't even read, genius) of not being smart enough to support it.

And... Here's Bush claiming that with amnesty, we won't even need a fence! Which isn't very reassuring, because the only way that statement would be true would be if we had absolutely open borders and no concept of a American citizenship at all -- were that the law, then we wouldn't need a fence, as we'd have no laws whatsover regarding the border and immigration.

Is that the direction Mr. Smart Stuff is pushing us in?

Michael Chertoff continues arguing that border security will be increased now that his entire department will be giving up any border security duties at all.

And here's Bryan Preston, predicting that Bush's legacy will be the destruction of the GOP.

Message To The Left: I'm not saying you should impeach him, I'm just sayin', you know, go with your hearts.

Not The Twentieth Century: Damn, I'm still writing "the twentieth century" on all of my checks; takes me at least a couple of decades to get used to writing the new one.

Mark points out that Bush can't be tied with Carter as worst president of the twentieth century, as all of his presidency has taken place in the twenty-first.

So, on a technicality, Bush misses out on that distinction.

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In Defense Of Unoriginal Verbiage
— LauraW.

Rachel Lucas Is A Bitch

I don't really mean that, of course. She seems like a lovely woman. Just coming off mean and persnickety to me lately.

What is it about cliches that so offend people? The reason certain phrases become trite and worn is because they are so useful, after all.
From Ms. Lucas' Guide to Online dating:

7. Do not title your headline, "Carpe Diem." Dude. That is the most hackneyed thing you could possibly say. We're OVER it. Great movie, nice concept, but Jesus H. Christ. Just do not say it.

Hey, WTF is wrong with 'Carpe Diem?' It has become part of the idiom. If this fine, feisty old slogan repels hyper-sophisticated professional snark-demons, single men should put it in their ad headline just for that protective effect.

8. Do not title your headline, "Nice Guy...With An Edge." The primary reason for that is, five billion other guys use the same headline. The secondary reason is because it is meaningless and also sounds really fuckin' silly.

But it's not meaningless, Rachel. It means 'I'm a terrified little boy and please don't hurt me.'

11. Much like #6, do yourself a huge favor and don't say that you "enjoy life." Because, again, NO SHIT. We are all going to go ahead and assume you do, in fact, enjoy life, even if you don't point out such. You may as well tell us that you are glad you can breathe and you don't want to die.

When a guy says he 'enjoys life,' he means, 'intense depressives and bitter divorcees need not respond to this ad.'

I don't know why her post rubbed me the wrong way, exactly. It just seemed unnecessarily critical of people who are just being real.

If a girl is looking for a prose-craftin' wizard to steal her heart away, she's going to date a string of phonies, and miss out on some really great guys.

She also wrote a guide for women.

Pretty much the same thing.
So glad I'm married.

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Great Moments In Crime
— Ace

Defandant has sure-fire plan for his acquittal: Threatening to kill all the jurors if they find him guilty.

Jurors today begin deliberating the fate of Richard Glawson, who yesterday, while chained and padlocked, threatened to murder them if they find him guilty of a 2001 multi-community crime rampage.

Or, at least that’s the plan.

In a case of defense deja vu sorely testing the patience of Suffolk Superior Court Judge Patrick F. Brady, Glawson has filed an emergency petition with the state Supreme Judicial Court, asking it to intervene on his behalf because Brady refuses to declare a mistrial or release any of the jurors, whose families Glawson said would also be killed unless he was exonerated.

“I’m not going to delay the trial further,” Brady tersely told Glawson, who in addition to being chained to the floor in a special chair, is now tended to by more than a dozen court and correction officers.

Apparently causing mistrials through his own courtroom misbehavior is his specialty:

After a then-unrestrained Glawson, 46, punched an elderly juror in his first trial, he got a mistrial last week, but only the state’s highest court forced Brady’s hand.

The Massachusetts SJC. They'll probably force the judge to declare another mistrial.

This guy does not placate:

Jurist and defendant briefly locked horns over whether Glawson, who was put in a holding cell for part of yesterday’s trial, could be trusted to even stay in the courtroom.

Glawson said he could be trusted, but Brady shot back, “Why should I believe you?”

“I’m not going to give you a reason,” Glawson snapped.

Judges love that.

While that one is stupid-clever, this one is just stupid-stupid:

A Mission man arrested Saturday night after a routine traffic stop in Goliad told deputies that the cocaine found in his vehicle was a graduation present for his son in Houston.

"I have no idea what he was thinking," said Sgt. Danny Madrigal, investigator with the Goliad Sheriff's Department. "We've never had anybody saying, 'I'm taking this to give to my son. He's graduating.'"

However, Madrigal said, "The following day I spoke to him, and he told me it was for personal use."

Goliad County deputies Sgt. Gary Cowley and K9 Officer Martha Martinez pulled over Omar Cruz Garza, 35, for speeding within city limits.

He was also booked on one count of having the name "Omar Cruz Garza."

No, really:

The deputies suspected something was up when they saw items including a DVD player, a safe, power tools and camera inside the vehicle, Madrigal said, and searched the 2006 Dodge pickup.

"He just had a lot of things that you wouldn't normally carry if you were going to visit somebody," he said.

When deputies asked for Garza's license, he handed over a fictitious I.D., Madrigal said - likely because Garza is on parole until Friday.

"He probably thought he'd run into some troubles there with the parole board," Madrigal said. "But he had his name tattooed on his back, which was an indicator that he wasn't the guy he reported to be at first. We found another I.D. that turned out to be him."

Criminals are a cowardly, retarded lot.

Thanks to dri and Sinistar.

By the way: I'm botching html worse than usual today. I'm on like two hours sleep.

I fixed the html of the "Great Moments in Crime" post to properly bold, rather than cut off, the punchline to the second story.

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Star Wars: The Boogie Nights Edition
— Ace

How funny would it be to dub dialogue from the Boogie Nights trailer into scenes from the Star Wars trilogy?

Pretty funny as it turns out.

Thanks to Ian at Hot Air.

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May 30, 2007

Let's Be Honest: You're All Nazis
— Ace

So says Linda Chavez, at least of all of you who oppose the new open-borders bill.

And if you thought that the Christian-Newsome murders weren't being covered because the victims were white and the perpetrators black, CNN says you're a Nazi too. A lot of people have weighed in on this, but apparently the only people CNN can find to suggest a media double-standard are avowed White Supremacists with blogs with such names as "Arayan Awakening."

That has got to be one of the most despicable hit-pieces I've ever seen.

The media is claiming its brand-new "objective standard" on reporting about such stories is whether the crime in question is a "hate crime" or not. Listen how many times CNN claims the Christian/Newsome butcheries were "not hate crimes" as a defense against their non-reportage of this outrage.

I'm sorry, I hate to break this to CNN, but the Duke Not-A-Rape suspects were never charged with hate crimes, either. And yet CNN trots this little fact out as if this triviality, and no other reason, explains the disparate coverage.

To be honest, I've thought about this some, and while I think it is all but undeniable the media loves them some Whites/Straights Abusing Minorities/Gays stories (and never the opposite), I don't think the non-coverage of the Christian/Newsome rape/slaughter/mutilation is explainable by that.

Given the fact that the media does in fact cover Pretty Missing Blondes and Dead Blonde Playmates pretty damn thoroughly (often, um, a bit more than thorooughly), I think it's safe to say that the media is most interested in crime -- only interested, pretty much -- when there are whites involved in it, either as victims (preferrably missing) or as suspects.

True enough, there are other factors here (Christian and Newsome are obviously white); the media tends to embargo crime stories as a general rule because so many of them involve black perpetrators, and twenty years of whining from black lobbying groups has convinced them that reporting on crime is inherently "racist" as too many black faces are showed in a negative light.

It's a mix of things. It's a PC code of reluctance to identify the culprits in heinous crimes as blacks. It's the ratings thing, as most Americans are white, and so more closely identify with stories with white victims (again, preferably female, blonde, attractive, and missing). And of course it's the eternal hunt for, as Tom Wolfe called it, the Great White Suspect.

However you come down on this -- whether the media should have reported this crime more, or whether, frankly, given the scandalous rates of violent crime among blacks, this is in fact a case of dog bites man and, sadly, not really newsworthy at all, just as the media says -- CNN's hatchet-job branding of its critics as Nazis is a new low for the network.

Godwin's Law, assholes.

Google it.

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Highly Trained, Impeccably Nuanced Travellin' Maritime Diplomats Arrive For Negotiations With Iran
— Ace

This essay by Pat Dollard (excerpted at LGF) gives me a bit of hope that smart, tough negotiations and strong, smart diplomacy may yet have a chance.

Thanks to Mike.

Shock: Eurorg Rates US Near The Bottom of "Most Peaceful Nations:" says we're just barely ahead of Russia and Iran (and Iraq!) in terms of peacefulness.

And barely ahead even of the Jews.

The Jews, for crying out loud. The ones who "start all the wars."

I'm starting my own organization to rate nations in terms of "Complete and Total Faggiosity." I'll be sending my results to AP mucho pronto, which is the new official American way to say "rapido."

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Cracked's Top Twenty "That Guy" Actors Of All Time
— Ace

As in, "You know, it's that guy. That guy. That guy from that movie where he did that thing to Bruce Willis."

Good stuff, although a lot of these guys are pretty famous by now and have left "that guy" status.


You Might Know Him From...

The Big Lebowski, Prison Break, Bad Boys II, Minority Report, Armageddon, and instilling an intense fear of wood-chippers in you in Fargo.

Special Moves

Believing in nothing, severing pinkie toes, and just generally giving off the impression that he’s committed a couple of sex crimes lately.

Is a Poor Man's...

Eastern European Bruce Willis

Thank to The Warden.

Oh, wait. I mean: Warden. Like when MC Hammer dropped the MC and became instead "The Guy Who Used To Be MC Hammer."

More "That Guys" And "That Chicks:" Sadly, not many pictures here, so you'll just have to see if you remember who the hell they're talking about.

Jane Adams should have gotten more work. They could have teamed her with Judy Greer in the ultimate cute-but-unhinged-neurotic chick flick. I would have seen it like eight million times, so right there, you're talking eighty million dollars in box office.

Thanks to PattyAnn, who got it from a comment at Garfield-Ridge.

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Cynthia McKinney Ponders Presidential Run, Transdimensional Scorpions Eating Her Eyes
— Ace

"Don't hate the playah--
hate the JEWS."

She's not sure she can remain a Democrat.

After all, the Democrats refuse the repeal the, quote unquote, "Secret Evidence Act."

Pic via Reason's Dave Wiegel.

Although, to be honest, I'm not sure why Reason is snarking about her nascent candidacy. Is the problem that she's not insane enough?

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NJ Creates New Agency To Fight Chubbiness
— Ace

State agencies. Is there anything they can't do?

New Jersey's health department is escalating the battle against the bulge by starting an Office of Nutrition and Fitness to better coordinate programs aimed at preventing obesity.

New Jersey may be the first state to create such a government body.


Fred M. Jacobs, commissioner of the state Department of Health and Senior Services... says he wants to tackle the obesity problem through education, support groups and encouraging physical activity, rather than by banning particular foods. One goal is to "de-normalize" the massive portions served in restaurants.


He is mulling the idea of having schools notify parents, via report cards, of children with weight problems.

Eh, health is good, obesity is bad, and kids should stop swilling all that soda.

Still... Governor Corzine was last seen lecturing us on the need to wear seat-belts to insure safe driving, after driving at unsafe speeds without wearing a seat-belt.

And now he's crusading against... fatness.

His next crusade will be against shaggy-looking facial hair.

I have to say I'm less inclined to take his advice on that matter than I would be to, say, take that of Allison "Stokes" Stokke.*

* I assume she's called Stokes. How could you be a jock with the last name "Stokke" and not be called "Stokes"? It just doesn't seem possible.

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Man Held In Suspicion For Butchering Family Due To "Dispute Over Religion"
— Ace

Apparently the dispute concerned whether transubstantiation literally converts a wafer into Christ's flesh, or merely does so metaphorically or spiritually.

Oh, wait, that wasn't the dispute at all.

The family of a Van Nuys man who has been arrested at a Phoenix airport in connection with the deaths of an Anaheim Hills father and daughter, the beating of a mother and a house fire last week say they are "very sad" about what is happening.

Iftekhar Murtaza, 22, was carrying a one-way ticket to Bangladesh...

"It has been a situation under pressure for my family," said Ishtiak Murtaza, 37, the brother of Iftekhar Murtaza this morning.

Iftekhar Murtaza is identified in court papers as the ex-boyfriend of Shayona Dhanak, the 18-year-old daughter of one of the two murder victims....

If you're having trouble following that, Shanoya survived the attack, her father and sister did not.

"I strongly believe that he has no part in it," Ishtiak Murtaza said at the family's convenience store in Van Nuys.


Martinez noted that "based on the brutality of the crime, we believe there was more than one suspect involved."

The victims were stabbed, strangled and burned, according to the documents. The Dhanaks' Anaheim Hills home was set on fire.


The motive for the crime appears to be a dispute over religion.

"Information developed revealed the suspect was upset with Shayona's parents and sister for discontinuing the relationship due to different religious backgrounds, Hindu and Muslim," the papers said.

The Dhanaks were reported by friends and neighbors to be devout members of the strict Swaminarayan branch of Hinduism. Murtaza is Muslim.

I blame this on the strict Swainarayan branch of Hinduism, myself. Clearly the family had no legitimate reasons to force the break-up, resulting, ironically enough, in their being savagely murdered by the very man they didn't wish their daughter to date.

Why, it's like a Greek tragedy of completely-unforseable consequences.

Thanks to the Bruce Dickenson.

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A Card Trick
— Ace

The trick actually has nothing to do with the cards. Pay attention. I didn't, and now I feel stupider than usual.

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