December 31, 2007

True Tales of Terror And Mystery, Starring Hillary Clinton
— Ace

International intrigue!

Skullduggery and daring deeds of derring-do!

Pulse-pounding suspense as a plane carrying Hillary Clinton and unfunny comic Sinbad actually has a "corkscrew" landing, thus conferring upon her real, serious foreign-policy experience!

Also starring Sheryl Crowe as Agent GX-9.

Thanks to Larwyn.

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Scumbag-Lawyer-Keying-Marine's-Car Update: Sweet
— Ace

A judge nearly issues him a warrant when he doesn't show up for his appearance on time.

The lawyer claims he couldn't find the courthouse. Oh yeah, sure. Why would a lawyer know where the courthouse was.

More stuff at the link. Prosecutors seem more intent on punishing this guy than at first it seemed (perhaps because of the attention the case got).

Also, you will be shocked this lawyer has been disciplined before:

In addition to being disciplined for being involved in a scheme to forging documents, it has been reported to CLR that attorney Jay Robert Grodner has since then engaged in a conflict of interest with his clients, has abandoned his clients, has engaged in false billing, has engaged in a fraud upon his clients, provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and has engaged in a "fraud upon the court".

What a dick.

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This Post is Really About Iowa, I Swear
— Gabriel Malor

Well, I just spent 8 hours at the airport and guess what, I'm still in D.C., right where I was when I started. That's an hour in the plane, waiting to leave the gate; an hour on the taxiway waiting for a mechanic; another thirty minutes back at a new gate, before asking us to deplane; and an hour there while they promised an update in "just a few more minutes." more...

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New Year's Rockin' Bloggin' Eve
— Ace

What are your plans?

Me, I've got nothing tangible. I'm sick as hell -- I've had this cold for over a week now, since last Sunday, and it has definitely overstayed its welcome -- and am probably just going out to a random bar with old friends in the vain hope that drinking on New Year's Eve will somehow be more fun and interesting than drinking on any other night of the year.

Bumped. Guess this can serve as a New Years thread for those of us lame enough wise enough to stay in tonight.

Tack-on from lauraw: literal translation (mostly) of Auld Lang Syne, from Wiki.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
And surely I’ll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.


We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.


We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give us a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

Cheesecake? [Ace] For a good cause, why not. Gina Else of Pin Ups For Vets sends some of her video blogs. Here's one.

The email asks for suggestions for future videos.

Alas, I can't think of any ideas. Not. A single. Idea.

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Movies In Brief
— Ace

Too sick to write real reviews, but...

The Simpsons. Eh. I had hoped for the equivalent of three good episodes from the Simpsons' golden years. Instead, the movie was three mediocre episodes from the Simpsons' post-prime period. Not a bad movie, but just not all that funny, either. If there are any memorable lines I'm having trouble memorabling them now. "Spider-Pig" was an attempt to capture the magic of, say, "Helper Monkey," but just eh at best.

Politics-wise, it was pretty heavy-handed. That didn't bother me all that much but it also didn't help, given the fact that I was only occasionally chuckling.

The Brothers Solomon. On the other hand I laughed quite a bit at this Will Arnett/Will Forte zero-budget movie. Maybe I just wasn't expecting all that much, and maybe I was just in the mood for some of Forte's goofy, somewhat conceptual comedy (he wrote the script), but I had a lot of fun watching this one.

I'm a little afraid to recommend it because I'm almost certain it's a niche-audience sort of movie and that no one else will like it. The movie's about two total losers with no social skills whatsoever -- but brimming with confidence, optimism, and spirit, so much so that you want to hit them. Usually you'd want to create some sympathy for the losers by explaining why they turned out this way... but the movie really doesn't, at least not for a while and only in a perfunctory manner. The blurb on the back of the DVD case explains it much better -- they were homeschooled at the North Pole, and never met a woman until their "high school graduation" when their dad got a couple of Eskimo women to come over to the ice station/high school to serve as prom dates. The movie sort of explains that but not really where you'd expect it, that is, in the beginning. I think this is some sort of dumb Rule of Comedy With Integrity Will Forte has or something, like "Never give an audience an explanation for weirdness" or something.

Anyway, it really doesn't matter why they're so ridiculous. This isn't the funniest movie, but it is chuckleworthy, or at least I thought so. Fans of Will Arnett will like this, I think. more...

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New Year's Howdy
— Dave In Texas

From Dave in Texas.

I know, hell, everybody's seen it BUT me.


ace asked about our New Year's plans. more...

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Lowest US Casualties In Iraq Eveh, But Check Out MSM Spin
— Ace

2007 Deadliest Year Ever.

True -- but disgustingly misleading. The beginning of the year had very high casualties and since then we've had very, very low casualties. Sure, the year as a whole comes out somewhat more deadly than the last, but the past half-year has seen an amazing drop in casualties.

The media doesn't want to report on the dramatic fall in casualties because they claim they don't see a "trend." Well it's now been six months of plunging violence -- and furthermore, they see "trends," of, say, rising casualties and the implied continuation of rising casualties, where the facts obviously indicate the precise opposite. The casualty rates do indicate a trend -- but not the one the MSM claims.

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Huckabee Won't Lower Himself To Attack Ad Buy, So Instead He'll Just Play It For Reporters
— Ace

If anyone's noticed, yes, I've stopped all the Huckabashing posting. I realize 1) it gets old and 2) it's ineffectual anyway. Most readers don't like Huckabee and those who do aren't persuaded by my posts.

Still, this is good, if only for the humor value. Huckabee piously talks up elevating the tone of the debate in Iowa, and how he's decided to not run an anti-Romney attack ad in order to make the debate more civil, and then plays it for reporters, so that they'll, naturally, write about it and run it on their websites and thus spare him the cost of running it.

I've had my intelligence insulted plenty of times before, but this guy is particularly callous in insulting it.

Hot Air has more context and Carl Cameron yukking it up over Huckabee's shameless hypocrisy and cynicism.

Not that getting the press corps to laugh at him will hurt Huckabee. A lot of his supporters will take that scorn as proof he must be doing something right.

And the press will continue pushing the Huckster. After all, they think Republicans are stupid enough to buy this lame act, and they furthermore think we deserve a candidate like Huckabee, after profiting from the "racist" Willie Horton ads and "deceptive" Swift Boat ads. They see Huckabee as the natural, and deserved, apoethesis of forty years of Republican corruption, cynicism, and manipulation. They think the GOP has trained its supporters to buy into charlatans like this and they're just delighted we're going to get the just desserts for our cynical leaders and spinmeisters and mouth-breathing, knuckledragging bumpkin base. They're loving the idea of inflicting this surefire loser on us.

Oh... As long as I'm doing a Huckabash, might as well note that those push-pollers that Huckabee just couldn't reign in are running attack ads that Huckabee just can't.

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Bhutto Ballistic Bonanza - [Liberrocky]
— Open Blog

I saw this post by Allah.
Allah asks:

Also, the gunman was behind her when he fired. If a bullet did hit her, why would the force have pushed her back instead of forward, into the front of the roof?

Watch this Penn and Tellar vid about the JFK Assassination to understand how a head responds to being shot (relevant stuff is at 1:15):

Tale of the Tape [Ace]: Supposedly you can see her shawl blown back by the bullet here, though my computer is acting too weird for me to see it:

Thanks to CJ.

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Fred Frustrations
— Ace

It appears they've bubbled up again at Hot Air. Maybe I, Voice of Reason and Calmness, can defuse it.

First of all, Fred never said he lacked the requisite "fire in the belly" to be president, and it's a typically stupid fake media story to claim that he said such a thing. What he said, in context, was that he had enough "fire in the belly" and that anyone who seemed to have more may be too personally ambitious and grasping to be trusted as president. It's hardly news that a candidate would suggest that he's the "Goldilocks candidate" in any particular respect -- not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

One may claim that Fred Thompson does indeed lack the "fire in the belly" to be president, but it's an absurdity to claim he admitted such a fatal flaw through his own lips. No, he's claiming that he seeks the presidency not out of ego or lifelong personal ambition, but rather seeks it more humbly, because he feels, reluctantly, that he's the right man at the right time, and he's joined this contest not for himself but for his grandchildren. This may be bullshit, it may be spin, but in no way is it some confession of lack of drive or interest in the job. It's a pretty standard attempt to spin a job interview question about one's weaknesses into virtue.

That put to rest, the frustrations rise on both the pro-Fred side and the open-to-Fred side.

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People's Cube Parody Pic Makes It Into Iranian Media
— Ace


Or was someone playing along?

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The Year In Bias At The LAT
— Ace

When you read all of this at once, you realize two things: 1, the LAT really is very biased. 2, Patterico really, really hates the LAT.

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I Want You All To Remember Something When You Vote
— LauraW.

John McCain is a dick.**

Now, nobody here cares about Chelsea Clinton, and that hardly matters. And the editorial position of the amateur webzine Slate is beside the point.

This event happened ten years ago when the elderly Senator was presumably in better control of his faculties.

He actually thought that calling an 18 year old kid ugly and her mom a lesbian was good campaign jokery. Now, these things may be true, but it's low class and douchey to point it out. The same criticism we make against lefties who attack Republicans' kids. The girl did not choose her parents.

I might also remind folks that the man is given to fits of bug-eyed, vein-poppin' rage and has been for years.

Your mileage may vary, but I believe temperament is at least as important as policy platform when selecting the next CIC.

He's also a pro-illegal immigration liberal, and just generally an old doddering fuckin' nut. No disrespect intended.

All of this is meant in the nicest way possible.

This punditry thing isn't so hard. I can do this.

** I know there are few if any McCain supporters on this site. Someone specifically suggested that I 'resurrect that scandal' and I said OK what the Hell. Don't have much other to do today.

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Technical Difficulties
— LauraW.

Comments are taking a long Holiday Weekend. Please to be using the Haloscan version until the minx thingie gets new batteries or rabbit ears or a paperclip jammed somewhere effective.

I don't know how any of this stuff works.

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Football Picks Are Done
— Dave In Texas

No playoffs, just a regular season pickem pool.

I feel kind of sad. Well I did, until I saw that I vaulted past Bart and Slublog on my 11/16 week. HAHA, suckas!

Here's the results from AoSHQI. I'm sure we'll hear from PHenry in due course.

UPDATED: we heard from him.

1 PHenry (shocka) 144. Football God. Peyton Manning is on line one, wants to talk about your abs
2 anotheranon 141
3 Mr_Wide_Stance 139 (you get top billing, I lucked into this dude)
3 Dave in Texas 139 (SUCKIT. DAVE GETS SHOW)
5 Slublog 138
6 Dr Zin 137

Some of you have asked me if I'm disappointed that Dallas lost yesterday. No. FY, NQ.

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December 30, 2007

Nice Hit From Colts-Titans Game
— Ace

Tennessee's ahead, barely, 16-10, with t he colts with the ball and 2 minutes left. Nope, Colts turned it over on downs, now the game clock is jut being run out by the Titans. Titans advance, Browns stay home.

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Anti-War Lawyer Keys Marine's Car In Chicago; Prosecutors Don't Care
— Ace

Read the whole thing.

Thanks to Robert.

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Fred's Final Sales Pitch
— Ace

17 minute vid, so buckle in.

Pretty good. Where are the other candidates' long-form pitches?

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Group Of Has-been Politicians Meet To Call Attention To The Need For Bi-Partisanship And Themselves. Well, Mostly Themselves.
— DrewM.

A group of self-appointed grandees is going to get together to whine about how partisanship is ruining America. Naturally, they think if people would stop fighting for what they believe in and listen to these super cereal geniuses, everything will be so much better!

If there is ever going to be a hall of fame for “Annoying Politicians Who Think They Are Smarter Than Everyone Else But Who Nobody Listens To”, this will be the inaugural class of inductees.

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a potential independent candidate for president, has scheduled a meeting next week with a dozen leading Democrats and Republicans, who will join him in challenging the major-party contenders to spell out their plans for forming a "government of national unity" to end the gridlock in Washington.

Those who will be at the Jan. 7 session at the University of Oklahoma say that if the likely nominees of the two parties do not pledge to "go beyond tokenism" in building an administration that seeks national consensus, they will be prepared to back Bloomberg or someone else in a third-party campaign for president.

Conveners of the meeting include such prominent Democrats as former senators Sam Nunn (Ga.), Charles S. Robb (Va.) and David L. Boren (Okla.), and former presidential candidate Gary Hart. Republican organizers include Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.), former party chairman Bill Brock, former senator John Danforth (Mo.) and former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman.

Ah yes, the siren song of ‘ending gridlock’. Why don’t these fools realize that gridlock is a feature not a bug of the American system? Oh yeah, because gridlock prevents them from sticking the fingers further into areas they and the government have no business being in the first place.

What this all comes down to is a bunch of politicians who can’t command any support from within their respective parties, so they will simply resort to complaining about the system and telling each other about how they are too good and pure to actually engage in a battle of ideas.

The best thing that could come out of this is Bloomberg will have so much smoke blown up his ass about how only he can save America that he’ll actually run for President. Considering he’s a Northeastern, big government, nanny-state liberal, he’ll likely hurt the Democrat nominee far more than the Republican.

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Pimp My Rolls
— LauraW.

Conspicuous consumption for the very, very wealthy.

The model used at the 2004 wedding of the Crown Prince of Brunei, Al-Muhtadee Billah Bolkiah, was modified to resemble a horse drawn carriage with solid gold decorations.

His family is reputed to own 500 Rolls-Royces - the world's biggest private collection. Meanwhile Nelly, the ­American rapper, had the interior of his Rolls-Royce redesigned in mink fur.

Eww. I bet that mink doesn't smell or feel so nice after a few parties.

--What? Too much? Be honest.

Anybody else want to take this baby out for a ripping good time through some mud and saplings? Can't imagine it handles quite as well with the weight of solid gold all over it, but I bet she can do OK. After all, that's still a Rolls Royce under there, somewhere.

Thanks to eddiebear.

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