October 31, 2007

Congratulations, Ace: the 2007 Weblog Awards Are On
— Gabriel Malor

Not to preempt Ace, or anything, but I'm pleased to say that it's that time of year, again. The finalists have been selected for the weblog awards competition. As usual, Ace's place was selected in the category "Best Conservative Blog."

He's got a lot of worthy competition, but there's one site that shouldn't be listed in that category. That would be John "I just registered as a Democrat" Cole. I expect his Kossack friends will be pleased to see he gets the Conservative category award.

Also, congratulations to Nice Deb for selection to the category "Best New Blog." Good luck.

Voting begins on Friday.

UPDATE: Cole has been taken out of the "Best Conservative Blog" category because the poll software would only support 10 choices (they had selected 12 finalists).

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Matt Welch: Ron Rosenbaum's Rumor Rumor Is A Pile of Crap
— Ace

I asked Patterico if he could ask his LAT connections about the rumor, and he got editor Matt Welch on the record saying, basically, it's total bullshit.

I might chalk that up to a typical denial but he seems pretty emphatic. Unless he's just a brazen liar, it does seem he hasn't heard of this rumor that "everyone knows about" and he is not at the moment wrestling with his conscience about printing something or other.

Ah, well.

Back in 1993 I met a guy who had just gone to work in Clinton's, or rather Lloyd Bentsen's, Treasury Department. Democrat type guy, obviously. He'd been in DC four or five months tops. He told everyone gathered that "everyone knew" that Hillary was a lesbian; it was "common knowledge."

But how could "everyone know," I asked.

Everyone just knows, he said.

How? I asked.

Well, everyone says, he modified.

So I don't know. I've heard "everyone knows" from people "in the know" for 14 years.

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Churchill Fought With Parliament to Develop the Hydrogen Bomb
— Dave In Texas

Back when England had a pair.

Before Reagan, there was Winston. A man who understood the threat.

Where is that man today?

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"Muppet Rapist"
— Ace

Very well done amateur film about an ex-con trying to make his way in the world after a long imprisonment for puppet rape and mutilation.

There are five episodes; if you want to watch the rest, you'll have to click on YouTube to see parts 2 through 5.

They call it "Puppet Rapist," but we know they really mean Muppet Rapist.

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Fred Phelps Socked With $9 Million Punitive Damages; Freaks Out During CNN Interview
— Ace

Nine large in punitive damages, on top of the $2.9 in compensatory damages.

Must watch video here of the jerkoff arguing his case.

He says the case is all about the "freedom of speech which our soldiers are supposedly fighting for overseas."

Um, if screaming at a soldier's funeral that "God hates Fags" and "God Got his Vengeance" is free speech, I'm not sure I want it anymore.

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The Face of Terror
— Ace


Grabbed from this forum.

Not So Much Scary As Repulsive: Rosie O'Donnell on Martha Stewart.

Rosie's dressed up for Halloween, apparently as Elizabeth I.

And also Elizabeth II, III, IV, VII, and XII.

A Ticket For Your Soul: Dare to dream?

Thanks to Rosetta.

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Israeli Soldier Bares Breasts for Freedom Bid
— Gabriel Malor

No, it's not another of those nudy protests. An Israeli solder was being questioned for refusing to submit to a drug test.

A short while after her questioning began the soldier was seen walking out of the interrogation room and heading toward the main gate.

An officer at the base told her she was under arrest and demanded that she return to the interrogation room, at which point the soldier took her shirt off and told the officer: "Let's see if you can arrest me."

The soldier took advantage of the officer's momentary lack of concentration and quickly left the base. She was caught a short while later.

It's official. Straight men are too stupid to live.

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If It's Halloween, It Must Be Time For The Official Start of the War on Christmas
— Ace

British Labour think-tank recommends "downgrading" Christmas, in recognition that Britain is no longer a Christian nation and of course in the interest of not giving offense.

Bonus: It seems the think-tank actually wished to expunge (their word) the holiday from the calendar, but considered that unachievable.

And there's more: Britishness must be redefined, it seems, as polyglot transnational multiculturalism.

Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations, says an explosive report.

Labour's favourite think-tank says that because it would be hard to 'expunge' Christmas from the national calendar, 'even-handedness' means public organisations must start giving other religions equal footing.


The report robustly defends multiculturalism - the idea that different communities should not be forced to integrate but should be allowed to maintain their own culture and identities.

And it says immigrants should be required to acquire some proficiency in English and other aspects of British culture 'if - but only if - the settled population is willing to open up national institutions and practices to newcomers and give a more inclusive cast to national narratives and symbols'.

It adds: 'Even-handedness dictates that we provide public recognition to minority cultures and traditions.

'If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas - and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to - then public organisations should mark other religious festivals too.

'We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor an especially religious one in any sense.

'The empire is gone, church attendance is at historically low levels, and the Second World War is inexorably slipping from memory.'


The report, written by IPPR advisers Ben Rogers and Rick Muir, calls on Ministers to launch an 'urgent and upfront campaign' promoting a 'multicultural understanding of Britishness'.

'Multiculturalism can be shown to provide for a fairer and more liberal society and does not necessarily lead to social division and community conflict, as its critics have claimed,' it says.

On the upside, we're all going to die anyway.

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Aceapalooza West Invitations
— Gabriel Malor

Ace-West invitation emails have gone out. If you didn't get one then you gave me a fake email address in the comments (this means you Mr. Matamoros).

There are about 20 people coming. Aside from the Moron-in-Chief, we'll have at least two L.A.-area bloggers joining us, plus folks from as far north as Sacramento.

Whoops: Aceapalooza West will be this coming Saturday, the 3rd, in West L.A.

If you want to come, but didn't get an email then please say so in the comments to this post (be sure to use a real email addy so I can contact you) or email me at gabriel.malor at gmail.

I'm still looking for two to four volunteers to help me carry Ace to steve_in_hb's car at the end of the evening. Also, one attendee is preemptively bringing a police sketch artist.

Also [Ace]: If there's any interest, some of you can come down the following weekend to Santa Barbara, maybe the following Thursday (the eighth). Jeff Goldstein and Prof. Rusty Shackleford and commenter Nordbuster should be in town then as well. Andrew Breitbart too, though I don't know if he'd rub shoulders with our ilk. He's got that crazy Drudge money and all.

I'll either be in my room watching Ghost Rider or in the hotel bar, so it's 50/50.

I don't know if that's much better for people in the central or northern part of the state. California geography is a blank to me, except that I know it's really, really big.

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Taliban Dien Phu: 250 Taliban Surrounded Outside of Kandahar
— Ace

Target-rich environment:

Afghan civilians piled belongings onto trucks Wednesday and fled two villages infiltrated by hundreds of Taliban militants outside Afghanistan's second-largest city. U.S., Canadian and Afghan troops had about 250 of the insurgents surrounded.

The troops killed 50 militants in three days of fighting 15 miles north of Kandahar city, the provincial police chief said. Three policemen and one Afghan soldier also died.

"The people are fleeing because the Taliban are taking over civilian homes," Sayed Agha Saqib said. "There have been no airstrikes. We are trying our best to attack those areas where there are no civilians, only Taliban."

Saqib said 250 militants were surrounded, and 16 suspected Taliban have been arrested.

The fighters moved into the Arghandab district of Kandahar province this week, about two weeks after the death of a tribal leader, Mullah Naqib, who had kept Taliban fighters out of his region. President Hamid Karzai traveled to Kandahar for Naqib's funeral.

"He was a good influence for his tribe. He was supporting the government," Saqib said of Naqib. "After he died the Taliban were thinking they would go to Arghandab and cause trouble for Kandahar city. But now they're surrounded and they're in big trouble."

The gathering of fighters on the doorstep of Kandahar — the Taliban's former power base — is reminiscent of last year's battle in neighboring Panjwayi district, one of the biggest fights in Afghanistan since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion.

NATO officials have said hundreds of Taliban tried to overrun Kandahar last year. But Saqib said he did not believe the militants occupying the villages of Chaharqulba and Sayedan would attempt a run on Afghanistan's main southern city.

"We are capturing and killing them and I don't think it will cause any problem for Kandahar," he said.

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Those "Ghost" Pictures
— Ace

Sheesh. I just noted that my attempted link to these accidentally pointed to a very, um, unsanitary portion of a Mickey Kaus-Robert Wright Blogging Heads segment.

Seriously, he linked that today. See "classy" in one of his recent posts. I guess I accidentally copied that link.

Anyway, here's the real "real" ghost pictures.

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Rambos of Rapproachment: Diplomats Well-Nigh Refuse To Take Assigned Postings In Iraq
— Ace

Waging peace, but only from the safety of Foggy Bottom.

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Ron Rosenbaum Rumor About Bill Clinton?
— Ace

First, the background. He said he hasn't heard of this rumor "in this form" before, meaning it's already out there.

This is already out there, of course.

Billionaire Belinda Stronach insists there is nothing true about the rumors she and former President Clinton are having an affair, adding that it's all a Republican plot.

The ultra-wealthy member of Canada's parliament, who switched from the Conservative to the Liberal party, told the Montreal Gazette that the rumors upset her and she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry about the global hullabaloo over her alleged role as Cinton's latest squeeze.

Echoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's famous allegation of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," Stronach told the Gazette she suspects the rumors have been spread by Republicans.

But it wasn't Republicans who reported last year that she was spotted all over New York with Clinton last year - it was the media.

New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe told ExtraTV.com: "She's blonde, she's ambitious and she's in politics, but she's not Bill Clinton's wife. It's Belinda Stronach, his friend from Canada who's been visiting Bill in New York this week.


Wrote ExtraTV.com: "And Belinda is no stranger to the limelight either. She's divorced from Olympic champion speed skater Johan Olaf Lass and currently has romantic ties to another politician. Still, there have been rumors of a romance between Belinda and Bill since they met five years ago at a charity event."

So there's that. What could be the not "in this form" twist? Well, I hate to speculate (ahem) but it could be They're in love and Bill and Hillary plan on divorcing as soon as the elections are over.

It should also be noted Clinton has been linked to socialite Lisa Belzberg. Against this rumor: It seems to have been over for a while. In favor of this rumor: She's reportedly "busty."


And so she is. Nice. And they look real, too. /sarcasm.

MTT, incidentally, says he knows -- as in knows-knows -- that the Belzberg fling is back on:

Again, it's Lisa Belzberg.

And yes, they did have a fling (or are still having it.)

I know this to be true.

Don't ask me how.

Except, a good friend of mine used to date her and he told me about Clinton a LONG time ago.

Just sayin'.

MTT, by the way, seems to be the sort of guy who could move in such circles, or at least have friends in such circles. He's also not a lunatic.

Rosenbaum seems to suggest it's not necessarily about a candidate herself, but about her "marriage:"

It raises all sorts of ethical questions. What about private sexual behavior is relevant? What about a marriage belongs in the coverage of a presidential campaign? Does it go to the judgment of the candidate in question? Didn’t we all have a national nervous breakdown over these questions nearly a decade ago?

Further, he seems to be talking about someone poised to win:

And what about timing? They, meaning the DC elite media, must know if it comes out before the parties select their primary winners and eventual nominees, voters would have the ability to decide how important they felt it to the narrative of the candidate in question. Aren’t they, in delaying and not letting the pieces fall where they potentially may, not refusing to act but acting in a different way—taking it upon themselves to decide the Presidential election by their silence?

A commenter, Jon, states he hears it's about Bill's affairs. And Rosenbaum seems to indicate that's exactly what it's about.

[Jon:] A few friends of mine belong to the media elite and they tell me that the sexual "scandal" involves Bill Clinton cheating on Hilary, with the ethical problems being:

1. Everyone already knows he is a cheater, and;

2. He is not the candidate.

It could be that the media would have run with this aleady if it were a Republican, but I think the ethical problems are valid.

[Ron Rosenbaum:] I'm glad you agree the ethical problems are valid. i've taken a position of not confirming or denying any of the guesses and I think afte this I'm just no longer going to post "guessing game" type comments.

I would like to take this opportunity--since I've been accused of being pro Clinton ("part of the Clinton smear machine' and anti Clinton (a "wingnut"), that I have endorsed Hillary for President, that I'm a liberal and that neither has anything to do with the ethical dilemmas I'm writing about.

He seems to say that those particular "ethical problems" are valid, and, by implication, they're the exact "ethical problems" he's fretting about.

What does any of this mean? Well, all I know is the last time Bill publicly humiliated Hillary she got a Senate seat out of it. I'm not sure if I'm more worried this will be buried, or that this will be printed.

But is this really that "juicy," as Rosenbaum claimed? I dunno. I hate the Clintons and I'm not sure I can manage to give a shit about it, even if I try real hard. The only thing that would make it somewhat juicy is if there is a secret understanding that they will divorce in January 2009, but I don't know that even that's so earth shattering. Isn't that pretty much what we all expected anyhow?

On the other hand... This is juicier.

From the Michael Musto gossip column linked in the above article:

As I recently said on MONICA CROWLEY's radio show, whisper campaigns are claiming that HILLARY CLINTON is GAYLE KING–ing her aide de camp, the glamorous HUMA ABEDIN, an Indian/Pakistani goddess from Kalamazoo, Michigan. In other words, Hillary may be putting Huma out there in the press and purposely making her more visible as a pre-emptive strike that amounts to her hiding in plain sight. This way, no Republican can later say, "Who is this gorgeous babe who spends so much intimate time with Hillary that the Observer called her Hill's 'body person'? Was GENNIFER FLOWERS's book right about Hillary's sexual taste?" And does either of this couple have the balls to bottom?

Of course that whole scenario can't possibly be true, since Bill and Hill have been so lovey-dovey lately for the cameras, and besides, whenever he's been serviced by an intern—or by anyone—he's clearly been thinking of his wife. (They're that close.) But suddenly, Huma—a sort of Muslim SALMA HAYEK—has that spread in Vogue and the accompanying write-up notes that she "oversees every minute of Senator Clinton's day." Every single minute? Even Gayle King takes a break now and then! (PS: If I called for comment, Hillary's camp would surely say, "Just because two powerful women are closer than sardines doesn't make them dykes." And that's so true. Look at MATT and BEN. But now that Crowley has dubbed me the head of Huma Resources, I'm going to pursue this story with every cojone I've got.)

That story is from August, so the timing makes sense, at least.

Then again, 1) gays think everyone is gay, 2) gossip columnists think everyone is gay, and 3) gay gossip columnists think even industrial robots are gay.

Gennifer Flowers claimed it was true:

"There's something you need to know. I've been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman." I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn't believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny. "Honey," he said, "she's probably eaten more pussy than I have."

Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn't really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him. She didn't like to experiment and insisted on the missionary position and nothing else. Because she wasn't enjoying herself; neither was he. Sex with her became a duty; nothing more."
-- Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.42]

Then again, that's quoting Bill Clinton. I'm sure he had a lot of excuses for cheating on his wife, including "she's a dyke," "she's a man," and "she died fourteen years ago, God bless her soul, Oh God, I miss her more every day that passes."

Oh The Huma-nity: This NY Observer article clears up absolutely none of the mystery surrounding Hillary's "glamorous" Gal Friday.

Hillary’s Mystery Woman: Who is Huma?

Senator Clinton’s closest aide, Ms. Abedin never sweats; Oscar de la Renta wants to dress her


Which gets at another facet of the cult of Huma: She’s something of a mystery, even to the people who have worked in her proximity for years.

Very little is publicly known about her, which of course leaves plenty to talk about. And the rumors abound. According to various accounts from Huma acquaintances interviewed for this story: She’s Lebanese, she’s Jordanian, she’s Iranian, she’s 26, she’s 36, she has two children, she lives with the Clintons.

“No one knows anything about her,” said one political aide. “She’s like Hillary’s secret weapon.”


“I don’t really know much about her history,” said Mr. [Oscar] de la Renta, “because Huma is not such a talkative girl.”

Other political players with Clinton connections were just as effusive—and just as vague on the personal details.


Ms. Abedin recently bought an apartment in the vicinity of 12th and U streets in Washington, D.C. When she comes to New York, she stays with her sister, who has an apartment in Manhattan—not, as one popular rumor has it, in Chappaqua with the Clintons. She has no children and has never been married. She’s single.


This is a particuarly damning quote:

According to a friend, her favorite designers are Mr. de la Renta, Catherine Malandrino, Charles Nolan and Prada. “And she has a weakness for Marc Jacobs bags,” said the friend. “She is known for her bags

Ouch! Hillary can't be happy with that reference.


A Special Category


“Huma is an example of why more people, particularly in Washington, need to understand the rest of the world, need to recognize what an asset it is to have cross-cultural experiences,” wrote Queen Noor of Jordan in an e-mail. “She is loyal, intelligent, diplomatic, energetic and brings a broader understanding to the table—one that I wish there was more of in the world. It is this sensibility that has contributed to her being an enormous asset to Hillary in Washington and New York and now in this next endeavor, and I am proud of her.”

And so, apparently, is the boss.


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Claim: Gonzo Car-Kitter Can Convert Big Sedans To Get 100 MPG, While Cutting Emissions 80% *and* Doubling Their Horsepower
— Ace

This reads like total crap to me. Like the guys who produce oil from chicken gizzards.

But it's a big grabby story, so whatev's.

“Check it out. It's actually a jet engine," says Johnathan Goodwin, with a low whistle. "This thing is gonna be even cooler than I thought." We're hunched on the floor of Goodwin's gleaming workshop in Wichita, Kansas, surrounded by the shards of a wooden packing crate. Inside the wreckage sits his latest toy--a 1985-issue turbine engine originally designed for the military. It can spin at a blistering 60,000 rpm and burn almost any fuel. And Goodwin has some startling plans for this esoteric piece of hardware: He's going to use it to create the most fuel-efficient Hummer in history.


Goodwin leads me over to a red 2005 H3 Hummer that's up on jacks, its mechanicals removed. He aims to use the turbine to turn the Hummer into a tricked-out electric hybrid. Like most hybrids, it'll have two engines, including an electric motor. But in this case, the second will be the turbine, Goodwin's secret ingredient. Whenever the truck's juice runs low, the turbine will roar into action for a few seconds, powering a generator with such gusto that it'll recharge a set of "supercapacitor" batteries in seconds. This means the H3's electric motor will be able to perform awesome feats of acceleration and power over and over again, like a Prius on steroids. What's more, the turbine will burn biodiesel, a renewable fuel with much lower emissions than normal diesel; a hydrogen-injection system will then cut those low emissions in half. And when it's time to fill the tank, he'll be able to just pull up to the back of a diner and dump in its excess french-fry grease--as he does with his many other Hummers. Oh, yeah, he adds, the horsepower will double--from 300 to 600.

"Conservatively," Goodwin muses, scratching his chin, "it'll get 60 miles to the gallon. With 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. You'll be able to smoke the tires. And it's going to be superefficient."

He laughs. "Think about it: a 5,000-pound vehicle that gets 60 miles to the gallon and does zero to 60 in five seconds!"

This is the sort of work that's making Goodwin famous in the world of underground car modders. He is a virtuoso of fuel economy. He takes the hugest American cars on the road and rejiggers them to get up to quadruple their normal mileage and burn low-emission renewable fuels grown on U.S. soil--all while doubling their horsepower. The result thrills eco-evangelists and red-meat Americans alike: a vehicle that's simultaneously green and mean. And word's getting out. In the corner of his office sits Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 Jeep Wagoneer, which Goodwin is converting to biodiesel; soon, Neil Young will be shipping him a 1960 Lincoln Continental to transform into a biodiesel--electric hybrid.

His target for Young's car? One hundred miles per gallon.

What say the car enthusiasts? Bullshit... or Not?

Man, I wish Halloween was every month.

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Breaking: Jury Awards Family Whose Funeral Was Disrupted By Fred Phelps' Westboro Church $2.9 Million
— Ace


Alas, their assets consist solely of a $13,000 worth of hardcore gay pornography and six serpents they handle in their various rituals.

Update: The snakes, all male, say that Fred Phelps and family routinely molest them. They are also planning a lawsuit.

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"Suicide Blonde" Model Attempts Suicide By Motor Vehicle Crash; Kills Three Innocent Bystanders
— Ace

Story runs with an obligatory cheesecake picture of her -- Not Quite Safe For Work, but probably worth being fired over.

Killed three people. Just killed them. Trying to kill herself.

I'm sure there's no way a model could have gotten her hands on a large quantity of prescription pills or anything.

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Scary Monsters
— Ace

John Hawkins once again gets a list completely wrong in noting the supposed "Top Ten Horror Villains."

Many of you might remember Korla Pundit's classic post showing Democrats as separated-at-birth from monsters featured on magazines like Fangoria or Monsters of Filmland.

Well, he's done a sequel, just in time for Halloween.

And I'm sure it will surprise none of you learn that Hillary Clinton has been determined to be the scariest political mask this Halloween.

Awesome: Dumb ghost pictures. So why is it awesome? Because I remember a lot of these from my childhood, from In Search Of and all the various "real ghosts!" books in the school library.

Thanks to Hot Air.

Also Hot Air reminded me of this, my favorite "re-cut trailer" clip of all time. I've posted it before -- twice, I think -- but no one seemed as jazzed about it as I was. I think it's brilliant.

It's frickin' scary.

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Rumors, Rumors
— Ace

Ron Rosenbaum's tease may have been an attempt to be responsible -- even while airing, sort of, dirty laundry of an anonymous person in need of cleaner clothes -- but the practical effect is now every single candidate who can be charitably called a "leading" candidate is now being gossiped about.

I floated 20 year old rumors about John McCain yesterday, for example. (Readers tell me he's admitted many of these, and apologized for them, in his books, so this seems like a drier hole than it seemed even before, and it seemed pretty dry already.)

So. For what it's worth, and this is all so shaky I really should say nothing at all, but whatever. If this is what the MSM is gossiping about, why not have it out there?

From one guy I hear Edwards, but not THE Edwards rumor. Another one. How good is this tip? Not terribly good; it's third-hand, and I can't get a firm vouching for the guy next along the telephone line, and besides that, his only source is the South Carolina rumor mill.

From someone else I hear Bill Clinton. Which would hardly be the surprise of the decade, now would it? We pretty much know he's been dating (dating, yeah, while married) a wealthy Canadian broad, or "canoodling" with her at least, as Page 6 might say. This particular rumor jibes with the LAT's questions about the "relevance" of the rumor, as Bill himself is not quite running, but does suggest something about the "judgment" of Hillary, which is the story hook the LAT would hang the story on, if it ran it all.

It would also jibe with Rosenbaum's caveat that he hadn't heard the rumor in this form before. Which is him saying that it's already out there, mostly; it's just in a somewhat different form, with different details, than previously run in the tabloids.

Finally it could sort of explain Rosenbaum's mention of the oddly-distorted coverage of the Bill factor in Hillary's campaign.

I don't have anything even close to firm for either of these. Caveat emptor.

Ron Rosenbaum: Confess. Your attempt to say something while not saying is actually stirring up more rumors.

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McCain Poll Claim: I Win Against Hillary In States Where Giuliani Loses
— Ace

...and the claim goes that Giuliani only does better where he's only going to lose less dramatically, in true-blue states like NY and CA.

The McCain boomlet continues.

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Sowell on Driving While Black: Lose The Persectuion Complex
— Ace

Pretty much true.

For what it's worth, I got pulled over speeding in Connecticut from Boston to NY a couple of nights before Thanksgiving. The roads were pretty dense with traffic and, per my custom, I was speeding, but speeding less than most people in the left lane.

The cop was black. I got a ticket, despite many cars flying by 10 or 15 or 20 miles an hour faster than me.

Yes, I did immediately decide he gave me the ticket because I was white. Despite the fact that there was a better reason: I had out-of-state plates.

Furthermore, whether or not I was one of the stealth speeders, I was, in fact, doing almost 80 on 65 road.

It's a pretty common response for everyone to spring to the defense of bias and selective enforcement when they get pulled over by a cop, or ticketed for, say, having an open container while walking down the street. Sometimes there may be bias involved. Most often, I'm thinking, there's not, and it would behoove us to keep in mind that whether there are worse offenders out there or not, we wouldn't have gotten hasselled if we weren't in fact breaking the law.

And yeah, as Sowell notes: Attitude has a lot to do with whether you get a ticket or a warning. Or just a semi-friendly reminder. You don't have to kiss a cop's ass, but dealing with the situation in calm way makes the cop's night easier, and in turn, hell, he might make your night easier too.

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